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  • Why Your Exercise Excuses are Wrong

    Exercise is probably one of the most common New Year's resolutions-- and one of the most broken. Are you guilty of sabotaging your own workout?

    Grocery Store Myths Revealed

    Spring is here and you know what that means-- it won't be long before you'll be itching to hit the beach and soak up the summer sun. If you haven't already made a New Year's Resolution to bust out your sneakers and hit the gym, then we're betting that the warm weather has made the thought cross your mind. However, we're also willing to guess that there are about twenty other things you'd rather do than break a sweat. From busy schedules to financial obstacles, we've compiled a list of the top ten excuses not to exercise. Are you guilty of one of them? With our suggestions, you'll not only find helpful resources, but motivation to get in shape.

    1. "I hate exercising because it's boring."
    This is probably the number one excuse-- and it has the easiest solution. Understandably, exercising can get a little monotonous.

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  • Secrets to Getting Effortless Model Style

    Check Out These 6 Hot Models-Turned-Actresses

    In our Devil Wears Prada brainwashed minds, models carry "It" bags and wear stacked heels that never get stuck in subway grates or cobbled roads-- they are fundamentally very well-dressed, photogenic robots.

    However, there is more to being a model than having a naturally edgy look that seems immaculately styled. Models need to be dressed well enough to inspire trends, but simply enough to be a canvas for designers' and editors' visions. Executive director of Models International New York, Catherine Fellows explains what a model should really wear to be both on-trend and ready for castings.

    SC: Do models really wear heels around the clock? Should models wear heels to castings?

    CF: Most models carry their heels in their bags and slip them on right before they walk into a job casting waiting room. In my opinion, they should wear them as much as possible. If it's their job to walk in them, they should want to seem as elegant as possible.

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  • 5 Side Dishes That Celebrate Spring Veggies

    How to Survive the Airport Food Court

    Last Saturday marked the beginning of spring-- finally. In celebration of the new season, why not host a dinner party to welcome in the sunshine, chirping birds, greenery, and, of course, your new spring wardrobe? Impress your guests with a menu incorporating in-season veggies like peas, asparagus, avocado (okay, we know it's technically a fruit), zucchini, and watercress. Here are 5 easy side dishes that put these vegetables to good use and will complement any meal.

    1. Asaparagus: Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto (above)


    • 1 pound asparagus (about 19 stalks), trimmed
    • 1 tbsp olive oil
    • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
    • 6 to 8 paper-thin slices prosciutto, halved lengthwise


    Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

    Snap the dry stem ends off of each asparagus and place on a heavy baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and toss. Roast until the asparagus is

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  • Think Blue Eye Shadow is Tacky? Think Again!

    A Bare Escentuals beauty expert shows us how to add a little flirty color to our lids.

    Makeup Expert Carmindy on How to Get an Airbrushed Glow

    Circa 1995, Mimi from The Drew Carey Show made it impossible for any real woman to confidently wear blue eyeshadow-- due to the plaguing dread of offhand comparisons to the heavily made-up lady.

    However, blue and other colored eyeshadows are a serious warm weather trend for spring 2010. Alas, to keep you from looking like a makeup don't, Bare Escentuals' resident makeup artist, Alexandra Pappas, teaches us her foolproof technique for applying the pretty shade.

    Step 1:

    Start with an eyeshadow primer to give the lid a nice grip-- to extend the shadow's wear. Prime Time by Bare Escentuals is shown here.

    Step 2:

    Apply a neutral base eyeshadow that is close to your own skin tone, all over the lid-- from the base to the brow bone.

    Real Women Weigh in On the Hair Color Trend

    Step 3:

    Sweep a pale, light blue eyeshadow from the lash line to the crease.

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  • 5 Ways to Spice Up a Simple Spring Maxi Dress

    Rain Gear That Won't Cramp Your Style

    Maxi dresses are tricky to style because we tend to automatically box ourselves into thinking they are meant to be worn alone-- no layering allowed. Alas, we have to strategically plan out when we're wearing our maxi dress because we don't want people to think we only own one dress-- they are quite memorable.

    However, this fantastic red maxi dress by Miguelina is too incredible to save for only certain dates. Here are a few suggestions on how you can style your maxi dress a little differently and diversify your wardrobe.

    Outfit #1 (above):
    A belt is an obvious choice when it comes to taming your maxi dress. Here, the crew neck t-shirt and scarf complete the look and make the dress feel less naked.

    White crew neck by American Apparel; Brown scarf by A Peace Treaty; Brown belt by American Eagle Outfitters; Brown sandals by Cole Haan.

    Outfit #2:

    Add a slouchy short sleeve cardigan (or pashmina) for a breezy addition to the dress.

    Beige cardigan by

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  • Would You Try the Colored Hair Trend? Real Women Weigh In!

    Beauty Blunders That Men Notice Most!

    One of the most talked about trends from the Spring 2010 shows was seen on the heads of models at Proenza Schouler's and Chanel Couture's runways. Proenza's surfer-inspired look rebelled against Karl Lagerfeld's prim ladies, but they all had one thing in common-- colored hair streaks.

    We've already seen this trend take to the streets-- Kate Moss added grey streaks to her blond locks for the launch of her Longchamp line, and Ashley Olsen turned up at the Tim Burton tribute at the MoMA with blue and green hues in her hair. We polled our Facebook Fans to see if they would ever dare to try this bold trend-- as we suspected, 71 percent said no, with just a brave few declaring yes. Below, we show you a few easy, and temporary ways to try the trend.

    Blonde, red, or brown streaks:

    If you want to try the trend but you're a little timid, the best way to go is with streaks that complement your hair color (like Ri Ri, who is often seen with bold blond

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  • Quick-Fix Decorating Tips to Spruce Up Your Space

    7 Things in Your Apartment That Will Scare a Guy Away

    1. Paint
    Never leave your walls painted standard white-- it's the easiest way to create a feeling of ownership in your new environment. Choose your own specific colors in each room. Do not feel like you are forced to go bold-- even a variety of neutral shades will make a huge difference. Most paint companies have over 30 shades of off-white-- there is no excuse to not experiment!

    2. Paint Application
    Rather than just painting the walls, mix it up by painting either your floor, one statement wall, or even your ceiling. Stripes-- painted horizontally or vertically-- are a great way to get creative in your space and add an interesting twist that your guests would never expect.

    3. Layering
    Don't shy away from layering different styles from different eras. It is all about creating your own style through curating the individual pieces you love. If you have an ethnic carpet that you adore, refresh the look by

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  • Get Kristen Stewart's Look from "The Runaways"

    How to DJ a Killer Party

    In honor of last weekend's release of the film The Runaways, a rock biopic starring Kristen Stewart as the band's trend-setting lead singer Joan Jett, we thought we would put our own spin on outfits inspired by our favorite rocker chicks. Starting with the "Crimson and Clover" rocker herself, see who else we deemed some of the most fashionable ladies behind the mic. Time to break out those combat boots!

    1. Joan Jett (above)
    If you're a lead singer for a '70s all-girl rock band, you better look the part. Think of Ms. Jett's aesthetic as just that-- jet black. From her inky mop, to her famous pleather leggings, smudgy eyes, and dark form-fitting tops-- the girl basically wrote the handbook on the rockstar aesthetic. While we love the leather details and strong shoulders that were the singer's signatures, try wearing your leather in a bright color like yellow for a spring look that doesn't lose its edge.

    Leather pants by Alexander McQueen; Asymmetrical yellow

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  • The Beauty Blunders Men Notice Most!

    Don't worry-- we'll tell you what you can do to prevent them.

    The Best Hair Accessories of the Season!

    As girls, it's pretty much our job to obsess over the smallest details-- like the wrinkles that we swear we see at the corners of our eyes. Furthermore, we naturally assume that everyone else is judging us just as harshly. Because, obviously, the guy at the bar is totally staring at our minute eye wrinkles.

    Since warm weather is slowly moving in, and summer is all about relaxation-- we want you to stop sweating the small stuff (as they say) and focus on what you can do to make yourself feel more beautiful.

    Below is our list of beauty flaws that are a total turn-off, and what you can do to fix them.

    Bad Roots

    Guys don't notice a lot about hair-- as long as it's soft and they can run their fingers through it-- they're happy. But, if you happen to have a bad dye job (like if it's suddenly bright orange)-- they'll notice. Or, if you've put off getting your highlights touched-up--

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  • A Sexy Alternative to Smoky Eyes

    How to Wear Purple Eyeshadow for Spring

    Dear Beauty Banter,

    I love making my eye makeup more dramatic for night, but sometimes I tire of the often-seen smoky eye. What are some other fun ways to make eyes stand out for a night out?

    Bored With My Makeup

    Dear Bored,

    Dramatic doesn't always have to mean dark-- blow the smoke away and opt for a shimmery champagne or platinum color, to be worn on the eyelids only. Or, line the top and bottom of the eyes with a black or deep brown pencil-- work very close to the lash line and fill in the space in between the lashes-- then slightly blend the edge. Go over the pencil with a matching eyeshadow to keep it in place-- finish with several sweeps of black mascara. This look will really define the eyes while keeping them looking bright and open. You can also opt for liner inside the upper and lower lids for extra drama. And, with spring arriving, why not try a more vibrant pastel eyeshadow? Some great colors this spring are lilac or

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