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  • Alcohol and Calories: Does Drinking Cause Weight Gain?

    New research suggests that drinking may pack on the pounds even more than you thought

    Alcohol and CaloriesAlcohol and Calories

    So I was driving along in my car, listening to National Public Radio, shaking my head at the reports on Afghanistan and the economy, when suddenly I was assaulted with the worst news ever: "Having a mere three ounces of alcohol," intoned a diet book author being interviewed, "reduces fat-burning by about a third." Now, if there are two things I love in life, it's drinking wine and burning fat. Hearing they were in opposition was like when I heard Jon and Kate were splitting up: How could you choose between the two when they're both so delightful? The author continued, "If you're trying to lose weight, you probably need to stop drinking alcohol. You booze, you don't lose."

    It's not like I thought cabernet was made with Splenda. I knew it was calorific, but the idea that it was double-crossing me by slowing my body's ability to burn fat was almost too much to bear. I normally believe anything NPR

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  • The 6 Best Destination Spas

    From an ease-your-heartbreak hotel to a sexy love shack, these ELLE-approved spas will take your relationship to the next level.


    Mend a Broken Heart
    Even fashion editors get dumped. And when they do, they head to this Caribbean classic. Ayurvedic Dr. Feel Good Saraswati Dwarakanath will ensure you're too busy to mope by packing your schedule with several hours a day devoted to yoga or Pilates.
    Top Treatment: Choose between Drs. Hauschka or Perricone for a glow-getter facial, then try some herbal refreshment with a hot-oil abhyanga massage.


    Where the Boys Are
    This newly renovated grande dame has made more appearances in rom-coms than Matthew McConaughey. Executive-produce your own love story: After a complimentary glass of wine at Caudalíe Vinothérapie Spa, head down to the Oak Room, where banker bachelors blow their bonuses like it's 2007.
    Top Treatment: Real grape seeds smooth skin

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  • The 10 Most Unforgettable Onstage Grammy Fashions

    A look back at the show's most memorable-and outrageous-costumes

    Tina Turner, 1985

    At the end of every three-hour show on Tina Turner's 1993 What's Love tour, the leg-insured singer had to be dragged offstage, kicking her stilettos behind her. So it comes as no surprise that when the newly-divorced Turner burned up the Grammy stage almost ten years earlier, she howled "What's Love Got To Do With It" in a fire-red mini dress and five-inchers.

    Whitney Houston, 1985

    Though she sang about being all dressed up with nowhere to go ("I'd rather be home feeling blue," she crooned), Whitney Houston was every bit the Cinderella of the music industry's biggest ball, performing "Saving All My Loving For You"-and accepting her first Grammy award- in tiers of amber organza, poofy enough to offset her oh-so-Eighties hair.

    The Ladies of Lady Marmalade, 2002

    When Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, Pink, and Missy Elliott teamed up with the original Lady Marmalade, Patti LaBelle, to cover her 1974

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  • Hair Trend: Grown-Out Bob

    Emily BluntEmily Blunt

    Growing out an asymmetrical bob requires patience and tolerance; even when the front section has finally surpassed the collarbone, the bulk of it still hovers at the shoulders. Now, however, the formerly bobbed can hold their mismatched heads of hair high: The grown-out look is in, be it highlights ( Rachel Bilson got foils at Andy Lecompte Salon on Monday, inches away from her part) or haircuts. Examples of the latter include Ashley Olsen and Emily Blunt, who snipped her long strands into a faux outgrown bob last Friday. Laini Reeves, her longtime stylist, reveals why Blunt's coif is a do.

    Who should get this hairstyle?
    Someone who wants the best of both worlds-you get the shape of a shorter cut but the longer length allows you to still wear your hair in a pony. Though there's about a two-inch difference in length between the front and the back, the asymmetry is just barely noticeable. It's very much a grown-out look. We wanted it to appear as though it'd been cut a few

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  • At-Home Hair Color Secrets from a Hollywood Pro

    Scarlett JohanssonScarlett Johansson

    Celebrity hair pro Lorri Goddard-Clark is colorist to Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, and Reese Witherspoon. She is also the author of The Hair Color Mix Book: More Than 150 Recipes for Salon-Perfect Color At Home. Here, her must-see tips for DIY hair coloring.

    How do you pick the most flattering hair color for your skin tone and eyes?
    If you look into your eyes you will see little flecks. If they are golden or yellow, a natural match would be warmer hair colors. If they are bluer or deep bluish black then a natural match would be neutral or cooler tones. To enhance your skin tone, never go more than two shades lighter or darker-this guarantees that you won't fade or wash away your natural beauty.

    When is it okay to do at-home highlights and when should you go to the salon?
    When you're going for a look close to your natural color-for example, you have naturally light brown hair and want some pale honey highlights-DIY kits are fine. But if you want highlights

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  • Hair Tip: DIY Bangs

    A-list hairstylists reveal the right way to cut fringe at home Keira Knightley Celebrity BangsKeira Knightley Celebrity Bangs

    Whether you prefer to wear bangs blunt, sideswept, or both (as Keira Knightley often does) snipping your own fringe requires a steady hand, patience, and proper technique. "Begin by taking a sharp hair scissor or nail scissor and point the tips down toward your nose," says hairstylist Patrick Melville. "Position scissors below the brow and cut vertically in little choppy pieces, slowly chipping away from one side of the face to the other." For longer, sideswept bangs, apply the same vertical cutting motion, but gradually leave pieces longer and longer as you move at a downward slope from the eye toward the opposite ear.

    To avoid the nightmare of watching your wet, freshly-cut bangs shrink upward as they dry hairstylist Ted Gibson recommends snipping strands in their natural state. Also, Melville says to avoid razors, since scissors allow for more precision and control.

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  • Beauty Tip: Shiny Hair Secret

    Celebrity hairstylists reveal a surefire path to silky success celebrity hairstylescelebrity hairstyles

    Still in search of shiny, silky tresses? If you've tried every type of deep conditioning spray, cream, and serum with lackluster results (literally), then a semipermanent glaze could be your answer. "There are a lot of conditioners in it that make the hair supershiny," says Victoria Beckham's colorist, Jessica Galvan.

    Available in clear and pigmented formulas, a glaze can pump up your shine, color, or both. "Even over top of highlights I always finish with a glaze, whether it's clear or tinted to add warmth and sparkle," says colorist Rick Wellman of Patrick Melville Salon (celebrity clients include Petra Nemcova and Brooke Shields). "Whenever you use lighteners, you're opening up the cuticle-a glaze brings hair back to its natural state and helps seal in color."

    To get warm, lustrous locks at home, colorist Jason Backe, co-owner of Ted Gibson Salon, recommends using a drugstore demipermanent product. "Leave it

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  • Hand Care: Must-See Tips for Smooth Skin

    Beauty expert Nonie Creme's advice for battling dry winter skin ManicureManicure

    Don't make moisture-starved hands a winter mainstay. Here, Nonie Creme, creative director for Butter London and Fashion Week regular (she manicured nails at Jenni Kayne and Vena Cava's spring 2010 shows), shares her smooth-skin secrets.

    What ingredients should you look for in a winter hand cream?
    A healthy dose of Shea butter ensures that the product can seal in and help retain moisture. Also, look out for natural oils like avocado oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil, which moisturize and heal using the power of nature.

    Any at-home tips for maintaining smooth cuticles?
    After a hot bath or shower gently push back cuticles using an orange wood stick or cuticle tool. Next, stimulate blood flow by vigorously rubbing cuticles with a clean, dry towel until pink and exfoliated. Then spend five minutes rubbing in some organic olive oil from the kitchen. It's salon perfection at no cost!

    If you get dry

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  • Makeup Trend: Lush Lashes

    How to take your lashes from brittle to bold

    By Emily Hebert Kim KardashianKim Kardashian

    From the runway to the red carpet, one thing is clear: Lush, Kim Kardashian-esque lashes are in. Pat McGrath, who framed eyes with bold bursts of fringe at multiple fall 2009 and spring 2010 fashion shows, created "lots of lashes" by coating follicles with not one, but two, mascaras (one for volume, one for length). Celebrity makeup artist Matin-clients include Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Connelly-does the same, using Neutrogena Healthy Volume and Neutrogena Healthy Length (on shelves in January) to enhance lashes without making them brittle.

    "Healthy Volume has olive oil in it, which helps fatten and condition the lashes. And Healthy Length has rice protein, which helps lengthen and condition," says Matin, who helped formulate each product. "I wanted to make mascaras that benefited the lashes because I have six sisters-I've seen what mascara can do," he laughs. "Girls are born with the same lashes as boys but by the

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  • Lipstick Tip: Go Matte Without Looking Chapped

    Forget that puckered, lined look - here's how to master the matte-lip trend

    By Emily Hebert

    Fashion Model Elie SaabFashion Model Elie Saab

    Matte lips are en vogue for fall and winter, as are matte faces. But pulling off a buffed pucker is tough-especially when blustery winds and dry air threaten your less-than-lustrous finish. "Matte lipsticks contain more waxes than oils in order to make the lips less shiny-they take moisture from the skin," says celebrity makeup artist Jim Crawford, who works with Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, and Rachel Bilson. "Some waxes are good, but matte lipsticks are made specifically to make your lips look dry. Wearing matte color for too long will cause your lips to pucker-up and dry out."

    That's why-in order to create a matte surface-Pat McGrath, global creative design director for P&G Beauty and Fashion Week regular, prefers to work with non-matte lipsticks. "There are ways to make your everyday lipstick look matte," she says. To achieve "rich, velvety color," the makeup maven uses concealer

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