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  • 8 Foods that Give You Gorgeous Skin

    BeetsGive your topical creams some backup, and care for your face naturally, as well. Nutritionist Dana James shared her favorite things to eat for a flawless complexion.

    1. Papaya
    You've probably used papaya in a facial scrub, but are you eating it, too? The fruit is a vitamin C serum and exfoliant all-in-one. It contains two days' worth of vitamin C, which helps to brighten and tighten skin. It's packed with vitamin A compounds, which regulate cell turnover in much the same way that a topical retinol-A does, albeit gentler. Papaya also contains the digestive enzyme, papain, which helps decrease redness in the skin by combating inflammation.

    The Easy Recipes: A golden smoothie made with papaya, almond milk, and raw honey is a skin elixir. Or try fish topped with a papaya, carrot, and cilantro salsa.

    2. Coconut Kefir
    You've heard of coconut water. Now it's time to get acquainted with its even richer counterpart, coconut kefir, which is made by fermenting coconut water with beneficial

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  • The Best Celebrity Pixie Cuts of All Time

    It has such a sweet little name, but it has been worn by some of the biggest, boldest, and bravest stars throughout history. Here, we round up the women who have inspired us with this short hairstyle over the decades.


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    How to Get the Hair You Want

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  • 6 Easy Steps for Repairing Damaged Hair

    Follow these easy steps to repair damaged strands.You've received the distress signals: dull color, brittle ends, frizz, and breakage. Having too much fun in the sun and saltwater? Chemically overtreating or overstyling your hair? Either way, answer the S.O.S. by following these pro tips for restoring healthy locks.

    1. Switch Up Your Shampoo
    First off, start with the basics. Swap your go-to shampoo for one with added moisturizing and nourishing benefits, keeping an eye out for ingredients such as natural oils and silk extracts. Ojon Dry Recovery Hydrating Shampoo contains blue agave nectar and macadamia, jojoba, and babassu oils. And the number one rule in sudsing up?

    "Wash your hair less," says hairstylist Oscar Blandi. "Washing your hair too frequently can strip it of its essential oils." Repeat after us: Oils are your friends. They prevent further dryness and can help to make your strands happy again. If you are worried about your hair becoming greasy in between shampoo sessions, use dry shampoo. Blandi's own Pronto Dry Shampoo

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  • How to Choose the Perfect Red Lipstick

    Picking the perfect red lipstickPoppy King knows a thing or two about picking the perfect lipstick. When the entrepreneurial Aussie was 18 and couldn't find the right shade, she decided to start a line of her own. Twenty years later, King's passion for producing everything from vibrant, sheer shades to bold, matte colors for her Lipstick Queen brand is unwavering-so much so that she has even written a book about it, Lessons of a Lipstick Queen, which chronicles her adventures. Since choosing the perfect red can feel next to impossible-and "nothing is as empowering or as glamorous as lipstick," in King's own words-we turned to the queen herself for her golden rules.‬

    How much does skin tone come into play when choosing a red lipstick?
    Your skin tone is not so much of a factor in itself as it is in terms of your overall coloring. The most helpful rule of thumb when it comes to choosing a red lipstick is that the fairer your coloring is (hair, skin, eyes) the more orange-based reds will suit you. People with darker

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  • 10 Stud Earrings to Shop Now

    Studs are the new statement earrings. Get creative-mix and match your lucky numbers with your beau's initials. The more playful the combination, the better. (Warning: This story may lead you straight to the piercing parlor. With this trend, there's no reason to stick to a simple pair.)


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  • The Health Risks of Genetically Modified Corn

    The health risks of genetically modified cornThe office of allergist Paris Mansmann, MD, sits on a grassy slope overlooking the Royal River, a wide waterway that originates in inland Maine and winds down across farmland and under train tracks until it hits the coastal town of Yarmouth, where it sloshes into the Atlantic Ocean. When I first came to Mansmann in February 2011, the river was covered with ice, and bare trees stood silver sentry on its shores. I was 36. I'd been sick for three and a half years.

    During that time, when I wasn't working as a writer and theater director or being a wife and mother, I visited doctors and had tests. I told few friends or members of my extended family how ill I was, because I didn't have any way to explain what was wrong. I had no diagnosis, just a collection of weird symptoms: tight, achy pain that radiated through my body and caused me to hobble around (my ankles, I'd joke to my husband, Dan, felt like they'd been "Kathy Batesed," à la the movie Misery); burning rashes that splashed

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  • 8 Wallet-Friendly Getaways

    BelizeWe've rounded up more affordable alternatives to pricey vacation destinations around the world, from the new European Riviera to the fashion set's Mexican beach spot.

    1. Belize Instead of Hawaii

    Looking for an exotic beach getaway with dramatic natural scenery and a side of adventure? Our (limited) money is on Belize. Start in the jungle at Ka'ana (from $195 per night), an ELLE Decor-worthy home base for days of cave tubing, zip-lining, and exploring underground rivers. Kick it like Indiana Jones at Actun Tunichil Muknal, crossing rivers and swimming through turquoise pools to the mouth of a cave littered with the remains of ancient Mayan human sacrifices. Then it's off to capture the Aloha spirit Central America-style at Matachica (from $195 per night), a thatched-roof hideaway amid the powdery white beaches fronting the world's second largest coral reef on Ambergris Caye.

    2. Croatia Instead of the Côte d'Azur
    Many of the yachts that once anchored along Italy's Amalfi Coast and

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  • 8 Girl Code Rules to Live By

    What is Girl Code, Exactly?Here's the BLC-Basic Lady Code: Never hate a woman you've never met, never date a friend's ex, never reveal another female's secret, never leave an inebriated friend alone at a bar, never invite a friend's enemy to a party, never dine alone with a friend's boyfriend (unless it's his last meal and he's being shot at dawn).

    So much for the elemental stuff; as for those famous "lines" that "shouldn't be crossed" by girlfriends, here's the AWC-Advanced Woman Code:

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    1. Never stay silent when a friend is falling for an asshole.

    2. Never favorite a best friend's bon mot. Always retweet it.

    3. Never trust a girlfriend who dates a married man.

    4. Never refuse to write a recommendation for the offspring of a friend (no matter how big an idiot the kid is).

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    5. Never steal your friend's thunder at a dinner party-when she's on, give her room! Pound the table! Bang your glass with a spoon!

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  • 5 Nail Art Looks Perfect for Every Summer Party

    ELLE tapped manicurist Miss Pop to paint a collection of nail designs inspired by some of our favorite seasonal outings, from picnics to beach bonfires. Switch out your basic polish for one of these creations, and let the fun begin.


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    How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

    Mani-Pedi Combos

    The Best Shadows for Your Eye Color

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  • 6 Steps to Get Rid of Under-Eye Circles

    There are many different causes of dark under-eye circles.Dark shadows, be gone! We spoke to the experts, and got their tips on how to minimize discoloration.

    There are many different causes of dark under-eye circles. Dermatologist Rebecca Baxt, MD, noted that genetics often play a role in discoloration-if your parents both have hyperpigmentation in the area, you could, too. According to dermatologist Heidi Waldorf, MD, aging can also cause volume depletion under the eyes, resulting in hollowed-out shadows. Some people, especially those with thin, pale skin, have superficial blood vessels, which results in a reddish-purple hue showing through. Allergies are also a big culprit, and frequent rubbing of the eyes can result in thickening and darkening in the area. But all hope is not lost!

    1. Get enough sleep
    While you can't totally prevent dark under-eye circles, you can minimize them, according to the dermatologists. First: Get enough sleep. Also, put down the champagne. Too much alcohol and salt will dehydrate you, making your eyes puffy,

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