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  • Miranda Kerr on Fashion, Motherhood, and Yorkies

    by Lexi Novak

    photo by Allure Staffphoto by Allure Staff

    Just in case you were wondering: Yes, Miranda Kerr is as superhumanly gorgeous and cheerfully likeable in person as she seems. And yes, her Australian accent is awesome. I sat down with the model-mom-entrepreneur extraordinaire at New York City's Bowery Hotel to talk about fashion, beauty, and her role as the new face of ShopStyle.

    How have you carved out your own personal style since working in the fashion industry?
    "I like to keep it classic with well-tailored pieces. I love white on white. I love the floral trend. And metallics add a little flash of fun. That's the thing about fashion--it's a way to express yourself and be creative. No rules. Just have fun!"

    Tell me about your role as a spokeswoman for ShopStyle.
    "I had already been using the website. It's so convenient, especially for someone like me who's so busy. You can select exactly what you want and what price point. And the emails give you little alerts, which I really like."

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  • The Most Regrettable Makeup Mistakes…And How to Fix Them

    by Cara Brook

    Cara BrookCara Brook
    Whenever some new drastic trend comes along, I have to wonder, are we going to regret this one later? Are we going to cringe when we see our ombre hair in photos? Are we going to be wishing be didn't go so bold with our lip colors? But in the end, I can't see the future, so I don't know which ones we will regret later on because I think they all look great now!

    The problem is...I'm pretty sure everyone thought these were great at the time as well:

    - Unblended brown lip liner (as shown above)
    When I see photos of this, I just want to reach into 1991 and blend!!!! I think I know where they were going with it, a little lip contouring perhaps? Which can be done well, as long as you use a fleshy tone lip liner and blend until the line disappears. That's the way to do it so it looks natural, and I don't think natural can go out of style.

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    - Contouring with bright pink blush
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  • Hair Ideas: How to Make This Braided Ponytail into a Perfect Date Look

    by Catherine Q. O'Neill

    Getty ImagesGetty Images

    Last summer, I learned so much about soooo many hairstyles that Adir Abergel gave me an honorary hairstylist's license. The reason? I was interviewing him (and others) while writing about (and testing!) all the looks in our new special issue, Allure Hair: The Ultimate Hair How-To Guide. And out of those 41 looks, there was one that really took me by surprise (above). At first, I thought this braided ponytail wasn't necessarily my style, a little too cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs--but it actually became my favorite of the issue. I loved it so much, I even invented a spin-off.

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    So the original recipe calls for these steps:
    - Part your hair down the center and section off all the hair that's two inches from your hairline, ear to ear.
    - Gather the rest of the hair in a ponytail at the nape of the neck.
    - Separate the front section of hair into four equal parts and braid them all toward the back of the head.
    - Pin the top

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  • Hot Rollers: Not Just for Grannies

    by Catherine Q. O'Neill

    I hadn't used hot rollers in over a decade when I found a set under my mom's bathroom sink. Did they look retro? Yes. But did they create the sleek, glamorous waves I was desperate for (since I'd left my curling iron at home)? Also yes. And I'm not the only one who's hooked: "Hot rollers are one of my favorite tools," says hairstylist Mark Townsend, whose eureka moment came when he broke a finger and couldn't wield a round brush. Here, four versions we love for creating lush, beautiful bends.

    InfinitiPro by Conair Instant Heat 20 Ceramic Flocked Rollers
    These are the ones I almost stole from Mom. For gorgeous waves, try this trick from Townsend: Hold the roller at the scalp and point it at the ceiling (so it's vertical, rather than parallel to the floor), then wrap a section of hair around it, instead of twirling up from ends to roots. Alternate directions as you move around the head.

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    Caruso Professional Molecular

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  • A Surprising Way to Treat Chapped Lips

    by Elizabeth Siegel

    Getty ImagesGetty Images
    Here's something really surprising that I learned recently: "Eating a lot of citrus fruits in the winter can make it harder to heal chapped lips, because juice from oranges and grapefruits irritates them," says Jeanette Graf, a dermatologist in Great Neck, New York. "The same goes for certain toothpastes." Use a lip balm right after you brush your teeth or eat an orange, and your lips won't become as dry. And then there are two more things you should know about treating chapped lips, including the fastest way to rehab them:

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    Soothe chronically chapped lips, fast. "The quickest way to fix them is by dabbing on an over-the counter hydrocortisone cream before bed, and then smoothing on Aquaphor the next morning," says Graf. "Keep using the Aquaphor morning and night until your lips are back to normal."

    Pick the right lip balm for everyday. One that's creamy or viscous penetrates and heals the cracks in your lips better

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  • Do You Have Acne…In Your Ears?

    by Sophia Panych

    Getty ImagesGetty Images
    The other day I got a facial with a fancy aesthetician. It started out like any other: relaxing massaging, gentle scrubbing, a bit of steam before the extractions. Then, all of sudden, my aesthetician said with a little disgust, "Have you always had so many blackheads in your ears?" What? Wait! In my ears? I'd never heard of such a thing. But there I was, having someone scraping the insides of my ears with a diamond-tip microdermabrasion wand. How long had they been there? Could people see them? What caused them? It's the earbuds; it has to be those filthy earbuds!

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    Well, although this is a gross beauty issue, it's not exactly a rare one. A quick Google search (which I reeeeally don't recommending doing) brings about thousands of results on how to get rid of them, including lots of popping videos that are the equivalent of zit popper's porn. Also, none of the dermatologists I talked to seemed all that fazed by my problem.

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  • Think You Slept Well? Then You Did!

    by Jenny Bailly

    Getty ImagesGetty Images
    I have sleep deprivation on the brain these days. So I was thrilled by this news: Simply believing you're well-rested is enough to make you feel that way. That's right--you can get placebo sleep.

    In a Colorado College study, just published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, participants were hooked up to a machine that measures brain-wave frequency and told that it could assess their sleep quality from the previous night. (It could do no such thing.) The group that was informed their sleep had been above average performed significantly better on a subsequent test than the group that was told their sleep was subpar.

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    The takeaway? Clearly, we all need to stop whining--or bragging, or both--about how exhausted we are. Instead, let's start one-upping each other with tales of how wonderfully we slept, how sweetly we dreamed, how utterly refreshed we feel. Productivity levels may just skyrocket (as latte bills plummet).

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  • 6 Pretty, Sheer Pink Blushes

    Pink! Bows! Hearts! Flowers! The new crop of blushes might look like cute overload in the package, but on your cheeks, they're subtle and sophisticated.
    by Alexandra Tunell

    David CookDavid Cook
    This peachy pink blush has a hint of gold running through it, "which softens the punch," says makeup artist Susie Sobol.
    David CookDavid Cook
    We love the heart-shaped macaroon box this blush comes in almost as much as the pretty, natural-looking flush we get from blending all three shimmery shades together.
    David CookDavid Cook
    No fingers, brush, or sponge required--just dab Guerlain's blush straight from the tub onto the apples of your cheeks. Bonus: It smells just like bubble gum.

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    34 Hair Ideas for 2014

    David CookDavid Cook
    The blush's floral pattern is more than just a cheery design; the two shades warm up skin for a fresh, healthy glow.
    David CookDavid Cook
    Dior's apricot blush flatters

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  • Our Favorite Candle This Winter Smells Like...Tomatoes?

    by Catherine Q. O'Neill

    John MannoJohn Manno

    There's a candle on my desk that I. Cannot. Stop. Smelling. Seriously, I want to put one in every room of my house and light them all at once. (If my landlord is reading this: don't worry, I won't actually do that.) But here's the strange part: this candle doesn't smell like vanilla, amber, or Frasier fur. It smells like tomatoes.

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    Green Tomato Leaf is just one of the four candles in Charlotte Stockdale's line for Jo Malone London. The devastatingly cool stylist (she's best friends with Azzedine Alaia, regularly consults for Karl Lagerfeld, and works with every major photographer in the business) wanted to create something that reminded her, she said, of "my mother and her greenhouse and my childhood." And yes, if you're wondering, it does smell like a tomato plant--but with musky and sweet notes that make it a cool, complex scent for indoors. To me, it brings me back to those first special dates at "our spot," an Italian Read More »from Our Favorite Candle This Winter Smells Like...Tomatoes?
  • Let’s Talk About (Rebound) Sex, Baby

    by Lexi Novak

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesWe've all heard of it. Many of us have considered it. And some may have had it. But new research reveals that rebound sex isn't just Sunday brunch lore--it's a real, quantifiable phenomenon.

    "People really do use sex as a way to get over or get back at their ex-partner in the aftermath of a breakup," study researcher Lynne Cooper said in a LiveScience article. To confirm this, she and colleague Lindsay Barber tracked the emotions and behaviors of 170 post-breakup college students for about three months. Here are some of the highlights from their findings:

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    * 35 percent engaged in rebound sex to "get over their ex."
    * 25 percent did it as a form of revenge.
    * Dumpees were more likely than dumpers to have rebound/revenge sex (no duh).
    * The desire to seek solace in an alternate sexual partner begins to wane by the five-month mark.

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