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  • Shopping the "Ethnic Beauty" Aisle

    By Sarah Wexler, Allure magazine

    Hairstylist Ryan Trygstad's trick for making Kim Cattrall's blonde hair look smooth and shiny is a product that certainly wasn't made for blondes. Before blowdrying, he slathers her damp hair in Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion, formulated for African-American hair.

    Trygstad says he uses it as a mousse because it never gets crunchy and doesn't damage even brittle hair: "Since African-American hair tends to not produce much oil, the alcohol that's in most hair products would be extra drying, and Motions has less alcohol than anything I've seen out there."

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    No matter your skin color, you can snag great hair products from the drugstore aisle that's often labeled "ethnic beauty." Some of Allure's favorites include:

    1. Curls Milkshake
    Designed for "multi-ethnic women," this de-frizzes your strands without feeling heavy, oily, or sticky (and actually smells exactly like a vanilla

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  • Oscars Beauty Secrets: 5 Hot Red Carpet Looks

    By Sophia Panych, Allure magazine

    With all the gorgeous women nominated for Oscars this year, we couldn't resist making a few predictions about their beauty looks. I've followed each of these nominated actresses during this year's award season so far and figured out what we might expect (or hope to see) on Hollywood's biggest night of the year:

    Natalie Portman. Black Swan may win Portman her first Oscar, but it's also given her the inspiration for her red carpet style. Running with the ballerina theme, she's kept her hair pulled back in either a low chignon (at the SAGs), or a classic French twist (at the Golden Globes)-always sleek, and always with a side part. For Sunday, I'm guessing she won't stray from her newfound fascination with all things dance (especially with her ballerino boyfriend on her arm), and keep her hair and makeup classic and simple, especially since she's the top choice to win. The hairstyle from Oscar de la Renta's Spring 2011 show would be a perfect

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  • Oscars Beauty Secrets: Celebrity Makeup Tricks

    By Heather Muir, Allure magazine

    With the Oscars coming this Sunday, the anticipation builds: Who will be the big winners? What will the celebrities wear-and more importantly (to us), what will their beauty looks be? With cameras flashing all night, along with a little eating, drinking, crying, and kissing, how do the stars maintain their makeup into the wee hours of the night?

    We asked celebrity makeup artists Matin (who works with leading ladies like Amy Adams and Claire Danes) and Mai Quynh (who was responsible for Emma Stone's sun-kissed Golden Globes look, left) for their best secrets. After all, even if you're not taking home a golden statue anytime soon, you still want makeup to stay perfect for hours on end.

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    Quench your skin. "The trick to making your makeup last is well-moisturized skin," explains Matin. "When it's dehydrated, it eats up the makeup. The night before an award show, I have my clients sleep with the

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  • Allure Exclusive! The Secrets Behind Jennifer Aniston's New 'Do: Chris McMillan Tells All!

    By Amy Keller Laird, Allure magazine

    I'm not one of those "just a trim" types of girls. I love a real haircut-a juicy change, a major chop, something noticeable. So I was psyched to see Jennifer Aniston lose her long, beachy layers for a crisp, angular bob (want other opinions? Check the Twitterverse: it blew up when Aniston debuted the cut yesterday). Obviously, I had to know the details. So I called Chris McMillan, her longtime hairstylist and an Allure contributor, who explained his inspiration, how you can get the cut-and the reality TV show that reignited his love for the bob.

    Tell me about the cut. What inspired it?
    "I call it a hairline bob that follows the jawline down. It's shortened in back and longer in front. It's angled and inspired by Vidal Sassoon haircuts and Julie Christie from Shampoo."

    Why now?
    "It was just time for a change. We had a blast doing it. And we've always liked this haircut. It's about keeping things simple. The way Celine and

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  • Motherhood: The End of Primping?

    By Elizabeth Angell, Allure magazine

    Kate Hudson, a second time mom-to-be, recently told Britain's OK magazine that she doesn't wear much makeup any more. "Who has got the time when you have kids? You'd rather be doing other things," she said. This is certainly in-keeping with the stereotype of the harried, multi-tasking mother (or in her case jetsetting-and-rock-star-dating mother) who always leaves the house with her hair in a ponytail and her face makeup free. As the mother of a toddler, I am the first to admit to a few less-than-glamorous grocery-store runs, but I can also attest to a few beauty benefits to motherhood. And I'm not alone:

    Sometimes multitasking isn't the enemy.
    "My morning routines are more hectic, but I've found that letting my hair air dry for a little while before blowing it out makes it look much shinier and gives it more volume," says Allure's Public Relations Manager, Elizabeth Bliss May. "I wash my hair, feed my son breakfast, then finish with the

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  • The 4 Top Sunscreens to Get This Spring

    By Elizabeth Angell, Allure magazine

    You might think that knowing about a family history of skin cancer would make you wary of the sun. You'd be wrong. In a new study published in the journal BMC Public Health, researchers found that people who had a family history of melanoma (the most dangerous form of skin cancer) did not use an SPF when they sunbathed even though they knew that sunscreen could protect them against cancer and premature aging. What's more, the younger women in the study still thought of a tan as being healthy and were the most unlikely to use sunscreen.

    Look, we're sympathetic: Unlike other known carcinogens (like cigarettes), you can't avoid the sun completely. And after this winter, we're looking forward to feeling some warm rays on our faces, too-while we're protected with sunscreen, that is. Here are the five newest, hottest sunscreens we'll be wearing this spring.

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    1. Own Active

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  • Exclusive Celebrity Beauty: Victoria Beckham's Must-Haves

    By Alison Caporimo, Allure magazine

    As the beauty expert, we at Allure take pride in getting the scoop on today's most-loved products-especially if they've found their way into the hearts of stunning celebrities. From the lipgloss that shines on the red carpet to the hairspray that stays true while dodging the paparazzi, celebrity-owned beauty items are tested in ways that we can't even begin to imagine.

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    This month, we were thrilled when Victoria Beckham sat down with writer Brooke Hauser for a beauty tell-all-check out her routine (and a great tip about how to use baby wipes!) and see her on the March cover of Allure, on newsstands now.

    Skincare: "I take my makeup off with Johnson's baby wipes-they're always around because of the kids."

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    Makeup: "I never wear makeup, when I'm home, but when I do wear makeup, I really like Stila. The foundation is great, and

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  • Exclusive! Lauren Conrad's New Fashion Line and Biggest Hair Color Regrets

    By Kate Sullivan, Allure magazine

    While at Coterie, the fashion trade show at New York City's Pier 94, mentally assembling our dream wardrobe this weekend (Theory pants, Elizabeth and James jacket...), we noticed a booth coming up on our left that had boutique buyers circling like sharks. It was Paper Crown, Lauren Conrad's new (non-Kohl's) fashion line. Conrad herself was there to explain the line, wearing high-waisted leather shorts from the collection and '60s winged liner. We chatted with her about her favorite Paper Crown look and her all-time beauty hits and hair color misses.

    Why the name Paper Crown? When I was little I used to go to my grandmother's and we would always play dress-up; but when I would go there, I wouldn't have my dress-up trunk with me, so we'd make these paper crowns. That was our way of creating our own glamour-and that's what we wanted the line to be like.

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    Do you have a

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  • Is There Really Such a Thing as a Pregnant Glow?

    By Elizabeth Angell, Allure magazine

    Perhaps this is what they mean by a pregnancy glow: Victoria Beckham (who graces our March cover!) apparently credits her fourth pregnancy with doing more to improve her skin than any treatment or product ever has. Lucky her-plenty of women experience just the opposite. The rush of new hormones causes breakouts, spider veins, and even melasma (a nice word for unsightly discoloration). Here, a few other myths and truths of pregnancy beauty.

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    Your hair gets thicker. This one is true-with a significant "but." Normally your hair alternates between an active growing phase a resting phase. During pregnancy, more hair enters the resting phase, which means it won't be falling out to make room for new hair growth. The result is thicker hair. Here's the "but:" the end of pregnancy means your hair will probably go back to its usual pattern. Don't be surprised if you notice more hair than usual in your brush.


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  • Are Stars What They Proclaim to Eat?

    By Kate Sullivan, Allure magazine

    This week, the New York Times examined the phenomenon of actresses chowing down in front of magazine interviewers, and asked if the basket of fried calamari is too obviously part of a show-both the actress branding herself as a sexy, no-holds-barred kind of gal and a preemptive strike against accusations that she earned her slim figure with some disordered, un-American eating. Well, duh. But that doesn't necessarily mean the "show" is fictional.

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    Some people want you to believe a certain thing about them because it's true-gasp! Yes, for every salad with dressing on the side, messenger-delivered diet meal, or juice cleanse description in celeb stories (we've had 'em!) there seems to be 20 descriptions of overflowing pasta bowls or mega-fatty burgers and a plate stacked high with fries. But it might be that those foods simply sound better described. (I eat oatmeal with raisins every

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