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  • Do You Love or Hate Your Nose?

    By Alison Caporimo, Allure magazine

    As a member of the broken nose club (twice broken actually: once from a bad horseback riding accident and again from an overly clean-aka invisible-glass door run-in on my 18th birthday), I know what it feels like to avoid pictures taken of your profile and consider the appeal of rhinoplasty. The love/hate with my nose, which has a slight bend and bump to it, went on for most of my childhood.

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    My mother told me that it made me look unique, that it was beautiful-but pictures of button-nosed Britney Spears and Mandy Moore told a different tale. I considered getting a nose job in college (I knew of friends who had gotten them and were very pleased with their results), but the thought of surgery and the unknown outcome made me think twice. I guess I felt that my nose told a story-even if it was one that involved a crazy horse and my first strong martini-that was more interesting than the prologue: "So I went to a plastic

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  • Wedding Beauty Tips Fit for a (Future?) Queen

    By Sophia Panych, Allure magazine

    Looks like my childhood fantasy of becoming a princess was crushed with the official announcement of Prince William's engagement to long-time girlfriend Kate (now to be known as Catherine) Middleton...tear. While I will be spending the next couple of months coming to terms with the reality of the situation, I'm sure Middleton will be busy planning her royal nuptials--and while things like the location and a majority of the guests will be chosen for her, she'll get to make the decisions on her hair, makeup, and nails.

    She has great taste, and she'll be getting the best of the best to help beautify her for the special day-but for us commoners, the process isn't always easy. Here are a few expert tips on how to prep for your wedding day, that even a prospective princess should follow:

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    Hair. Book a consultation and a trial beforehand so you know exactly what to expect. After the initial appointment you should

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  • What's Your Biggest Teenage Embarrassment?

    By Elizabeth Angell, Allure magazine

    There's something about the insults we hear during puberty that stay with us for the rest of our lives. You'd think the adoration of millions would ease the sting, but even celebrities remember those taunts vividly. This week, Queen Latifah spoke out about bullying and said that, as a teenager, she was picked on because she developed large breasts early.

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    Latifah got the weirdness of being a teenage girl just right when she joked that "Later, I found that having big breasts was a really good thing." Janet Jackson also revealed that she suffered similar criticism when she was a child actress in the late '70s. "When I did Good Times, they used to bind my chest because I was developing breasts at a young age," said Jackson, who was 11 at the time. "It immediately makes you think, 'The way I am isn't good enough.' They thought I was too heavy and that I needed to lose weight. When I look back at the show, I was

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  • Would You Wear 3-D Nails?

    By Sarah Wexler, Allure magazine

    A few weeks back, both in her amazing video for Whip My Hair and on Access Hollywood, Willow Smith wore crazy nails,each one painted a different color and adorned with 3-D snails and strawberries.

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    They're the bizarre beauty craftsmanship of Luca Harino, a Los Angeles-based nail designer who has also worked on Rihanna for the BET awards. Harino says this type of crystallized, chunky, 3-D nail art has been popular in Japan for years, and is just starting to take off stateside.

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    Personally, I'm all for bold, creative nail designs--my next manicure will likely be black and gold plaid or leopard-print from Minx-and I think these are cool for kids like Smith, because it's basically a charm bracelet for your fingers. That said, I think the look isn't appropriate for adults: the baubles and sparkles are too little-girl cutesy, not to mention that the rash of crystal bumps kind of

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  • Is It Hard to Be Hot?

    By Kate Sullivan, Allure magazine

    Back in 2007, Michelle Pfeiffer took some flack for telling Allure that she had a hard time booking serious roles as a young actress in the character-driven 1970s film world because she was too pretty. "...When I went into an audition, I felt I had to be better because I was beautiful," she said.

    Now, Natalie Portman is the latest celebrity to say that good looks are sometimes a burden. While Portman says that attractiveness helps actresses get work, she implies that that's a negative thing. And she adds that a lovely face or a hot bod can too often become the focus of personal relationships.

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    "Beauty can be a hindrance, especially if that's the only thing that matters to other people," Portman said. "Beauty can be boring if you're with a guy who is focused on his looks or your looks all the time."

    Portman appears to be generalizing about bad dates or set interactions with actors, some of whom "are

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  • Alicia Silverstone's Secrets to Green Beauty

    By Sophia Panych, Allure magazine

    Ok, so while we know Kermit wasn't talking about beauty when he uttered his now cliché "It's not easy being green," the sentiment does capture what many women feel about maintaining a natural beauty regimen.

    But according to Alicia Silverstone-the unofficial queen of eco-friendly everything, whom I met her last night at the launch event for her Spring 2011 collection for ecoTools-the most important thing is simply to try: "Everything in my routine matters. I try to be as pure and organic as I can every day, but if there's something you can't avoid or if you accidently slip up, you can't go beating yourself up about it," she said.

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    "Being green is about being a better you-it shouldn't be shoving anything down anyone's throat." Her April 2011 ecoTools line includes five new cruelty-free makeup brushes and six embroidered cosmetic cases made from hemp and recycled plastics. Silverstone helped develop the

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  • Does Weight Decide Elections?

    By Sarah Wexler, Allure magazine

    I hope New Jersey Governor Chris Christie never becomes our nation's President, because of his record of sketchy fraud settlements, offering no-bid contracts to friends, and ideas about paying teachers based on test scores. Yet there's another reason some say Christie could never win-because he's fat.

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    In a recent TV interview, Marc Lamont Hill, a professor of Education and African American Studies at Columbia University, said Christie "doesn't have the body type to win...he's fat." Sure, looks matter: We've long heard that the taller candidate tends to win, and physical attractiveness goes a long way in gaining popularity (Exhibit A: John F. Kennedy; Exhibit B: Sarah Palin).

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    But it seems that fat-bashing is the last publicly "acceptable" type of prejudice; if during the lead-up to the 2008 elections people said Hilary Clinton was unelectable because she was a woman, or Barack

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  • Should There Be Tanning Beds in Prison?

    By Alison Caporimo, Allure magazine

    In the olden days, being sent to prison was synonymous with never seeing the light of day...ever again. Well not anymore, thanks to the wonder of tanning beds! Sergei Telyatnikov, head of notorious Russian prison Butyrka, told a radio station that he will soon install tanning beds in the jail to improve the health of its inmates.

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    The sunbeds, which Telyatnikov said would be used "for medical purposes," will be installed by the end of the year, the state-run RIA news agency said. And that's not all. Butyrka innates can expect spa facilities (such a mud baths) in the future. Now, it's worth noting that this prison has been home to a number of people who didn't deserve to be in jail in the first place, such as Soviet-era writers Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Isaak Babel. Still, with other stories in the news-like the Massachusetts transgender prisoner who was the recipient of makeup and electrolysis treatments for

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  • Makeup Ideas: The Prettiest Natural Makeup

    By Sophia Panych, Allure magazine

    At the Nashville premiere of Leighton Meester's new movie, Country Strong, the actress wore natural, beautiful makeup to match her relaxed chignon and crocheted gown. The look is incredibly simple: brushed brows, beige shadow, black liquid liner, a hint of mauve blush, and nude lipgloss. With the parade of heavy smoky eyes and bold statement lips that celebrities have been rocking lately, Meester's fresh face is a nice break.

    Don't get me wrong; I'm a huge lipstick fanatic, and could never part from my Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Smoky Eyes, but here is a great example of how it's not always necessary to layer on the makeup to look gorgeous.

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    Meester isn't the only one that has taken the lighter route lately: Elizabeth Taylor look-a-like Camilla Belle also appeared at an event over the weekend with a little liner and natural-colored lips to complement her neutral, sparkly gown; Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of the

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  • Kate Walsh's New Scent—And Beauty Secrets

    By Elizabeth Angell, Allure magazine

    When my co-workers found out Kate Walsh from Private Practice was coming into the office to talk about her new fragrance collection, Boyfriend, almost everyone said the same thing: "She is so beautiful. And she seems so nice." I can confirm that it's all true. She looks great and she was funny and low-key, and even gamely drank a cup of our office coffee. (I offered her Starbucks, I swear).

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    The Boyfriend collection, which goes on sale on HSN this week and will be in Sephora stores in February, was inspired by (you guessed it) an ex. Walsh says she realized that what she missed most was the scent her boyfriend left behind. "But you don't want to wear his cologne," she says. "You just want that feeling, that combination o excitement and security. It's cozy but still sexy." The result is woodsy and warm, but still feminine. Walsh also stars in a series of promotional films that she hopes will go

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