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  • Cher Is Tweeting Beauty Tips!

    Somewhere between Moonstruck and Kathy Griffin's hilarious story about visiting Cher's house, we fell in love with the singer and Oscar-winning actress. How could we not? Cher wore an 800-feather headdress on the red carpet. She danced on a battleship. And now she's giving beauty product recommendations on her Twitter page.

    And she is not doing it casually, as she Tweeted yesterday: "I'll Never recommend anything Unless I Know it works! I've been around 100 yrs I know a Gazzilion cool things! I'm pass'n it on xxme."

    She gives props to Proactiv, Jan Marini, and even Olay Regenerist (can you imagine running into Cher at the drugstore?) Check out Cher's thoughts on some of her other favorites:

    M.A.C. Microfine Refinisher Gommage: "Pretentious name but it kicks ass! Oily Skins...Use [a] couple times a week then moisturize like hell!"

    Fekkai Advanced Full Blown Volume Shampoo and Conditioner: "4 fine hair."

    Hanky Panky lingerie: "Ok Best G Strings Ever "Hanky Panky" been wear'n em 4 ever!

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  • How to Deal With Unruly Bangs

    If you find yourself constantly reaching for a headband-or restraining yourself from reaching for a pair of kitchen scissors-then chances are you have issues with your bangs. (They're too long! They're curling up! They're glued to my face! Sound familiar?) So before summer goes into full swing and the hairs on your forehead become a greasy, tangled spider web, check out these quick tips for keeping your bangs in order.

    Snip, Snip:
    Though cutting our own hair usually results in a what-the-heck-were-we-thinking moment, we've found that minimally snipping our own bangs is easy to do between salon visits. To trim your own bangs, first get a pair of professional hair-cutting scissors (your kid's Crayola variety won't cut it. And nail scissors? They'll give your hair a dorky curve). Then divide dry bangs into three even sections. Lift each section straight up, twist it, and cut into just the very ends; never cut straight across. This will give you a modern, piece-y finish.

    Flat Line:
    A mini

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  • Would You Take a Job With Beauty Requirements?

    American Apparel is known for a few things: That it sells clothing items made in America; that many of those clothing items are gold lamé bandeau tops; and that it's helmed by pervy owner Dov Charney. Now comes word that Charney has been handing down very specific new "head to toe" beauty requirements for his employees.

    A recent memo from management instructed staffers that "makeup is to be kept to a minimal [sic]...liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and eyeshadow are advised against; mascara must look very natural (ie. should not be clumpy)." The decree goes on to say that hair shouldn't be blow-dried (it causes unpretty damage), that eyebrows "must not be overplucked," and that bangs "are advised against."

    New recruits even need to send in a photo to ensure their look makes the cut before they can be hired (yesterday American Apparel rebutted this, saying they "do not hire or retain applicants based on beauty," but "on style"). So is it fair to tell their employees how to do their

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  • Do You Wish Your Man Shaved His Back?

    Sales of body shavers have surpassed $10 million, according to The New York Times, in large part due to a surge in man-hair maintenance. Sixty-one percent of men between the ages of 18 and 29 now do some below-the-neck tidying-in order of popularity, at the groin, the armpits, the chest, and the back. Sometimes they even do it with hilariously bro-named apparatuses such as the Mangroomer.

    With price tags for shavers ranging from $39.99 to $69.99, it's no wonder this is big business. But like so many men's grooming topics, it's also treated like it's hilarious business. (See every recent Axe or Old Spice commercial, and Gilette's well-done instructional YouTube videos on man-shaving.) Throughout the Times story, are humorous quotes such as a wife declaring that her blond husband "doesn't look like a big hairy ape, but he does look like a golden retriever" and a product developer at Remington joking that, "You haven't lived until you've been in a bathroom with a man watching him shave

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  • You Have a Mustache (And So Do I)

    A friend called me recently, quite worked up about the subject of mustaches. Not only did one of her co-workers have the temerity to inform her that she had one (and should do something about it), when she ventured out of her cubicle in search of a little sympathy, other co-workers merely said, "It's okay-we all have mustaches."

    For the benefit of mustache-removing virgins like my friend, (and I'm not claiming to be one), we asked dermatologist Jeannette Graf for a few tips for first timers.

    1. Get waxed by a pro. "If you're new to waxing, see how it's done before trying it at home,"; Graf says. "Method aside, there are a lot of wax products out there, and an aesthetician can give you an idea of which type of wax is best for your skin."

    2. Test first or cry later."Depilatories aren't dangerous, but because they are made with chemicals, they can irritate the skin more than other removal methods. Even if you're using a cream that's especially for sensitive skin, test it on a

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  • The New Joan Rivers Documentary: Her Beauty Revelations

    Joan Rivers is brave. A new film documenting a year in her life, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, opening this weekend, begins with a closeup of the 77-year-old without makeup-a vision light years beyond the Today show's recent no-makeup day.

    "Be kind. Not too close," pleads Rivers to the cameraman, who zooms in, magnifying every pore. "The hard part is seeing yourself without makeup. It gives you the willies," Rivers observes.

    She could have insisted that the scene be cut. But she didn't. And the stark honesty sets the tone for a tragic-comic biography of a once-homely girl, striving for success in the macho world of standup comedy, and for love in the real world where beauty is rewarded.

    "People want to look at pretty women," says the comedienne in one scene. To improve her looks, she has admitted to going to surgeons almost as regularly as others go to the gym. In spite of all the Botox and beyond, she says, "Age is a mountain you can't overcome." But she doesn't want to retire. So

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  • What Do You Want Your Man to Smell Like?

    It's hard to get a man excited about grooming products. I should know, since my shower is stocked like a Sephora (female visitors scream with delight and male visitors ask me which of the 8,000 bottles is regular old shampoo).

    But men might get a whole lot more into soap thanks to these beer-scented bars from Oregon-based Soap Dreams. They're made with-and smell like-Red Stripe, Guinness, Sierra Nevada, Corona, and Blue Moon. This is probably your boyfriend's dream.

    But if you could pick anything for the man in your life to smell like, what would it be? (By the way, I vote for fresh cut grass/campfire/clean laundry.)

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  • How to Channel Cleopatra

    Angelina Jolie may be on her way to having as many children as Elizabeth Taylor has had husbands (current tally: Jolie - 6, Taylor - 7). They also might soon have a movie role in common: The New York Daily News reports Mrs. Brad Pitt has been nudged to play Queen Cleopatra of Egypt in a Scott Rudin produced bio-pic. This news is to liquid eyeliner what Dynasty was to shoulder pads and clip-on earrings. So if you'd like to start practicing the regal eye makeup look, here's a quick crib sheet on the basics:

    1. Pick a Thick Tip:
    Use a black liquid liner with a wide felt tip; this will give you a nice thick line without having to paint your lash line over and over and over again. We like Revlon's ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in Black.

    2. Cast a Shadow:
    Though Cleopatra favored turquoise in the 1960s film, the more modern option is light, shimmery taupe eye shadow. We love Sonia Kashuk Eye Shadow Quad in Four Your Eyes Only.

    3. Win, Lose, Keep Drawing:
    First line your upper and lower lashes

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  • Are Gray Beards the New Salt-and-Pepper Hair?

    We know there's a ton of attention on Brad Pitt's newly groomed facial hair, and we're as thrilled to see that bone structure reemerge as the next gal. But we have to ask, what gives with the graying beards? Two of Hollywood's biggest heartthrobs, Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt, have defied all men's grooming logic by maintaining youthful color up top while growing prominent, gray scruff.

    Now, we're all for distinguished salt-and-pepper hair-no one is arguing that George Clooney is past his prime. However, silvery stubble has a decidedly more aging effect and, when paired with a full head of brown or blond hair, is just plain confusing (are we supposed to think that gray only grows in on the face?). What do you think, is the style sophisticated or a little too senior?

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  • Walk of Shame? Make That a Walk of Pride!

    When pictures surfaced last week of January Jones doing the walk of shame after a World Oceans Day event at LA's Sunset Tower hotel, we knew what she was going through. (Stars-they're just like us!) So for every woman out there who's ever not made it home, we assembled a list of the top tips on pulling yourself together after a long night-so next time you can walk proud.

    The biggest giveaway that you never made it home,
    besides the fact that you're wearing cocktail attire at seven in the morning, is serious bed head. Allure beauty director Amy Keller Laird says to skip any attempt at reviving your blowout, and simply pull hair into a neat updo. Sweep it straight back into a tight ponytail at the middle of the back of your head, secure it with an elastic (this is key-so go stash one in your wallet right now), and stop three quarters of the way through on the last loop so your hair puffs up a bit at the top and the ends splay downward.

    Chances are you slept in your makeup. That's

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