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  • New Ways to Store Your Beauty Products

    by Jenna Rosenstein

    Allure StaffAllure Staff Let it be known that I am no Martha Stewart, even if I do pin fun home-improvement projects on my Pinterest board from time to time. Last week, however, I embarked on my big resolution for the new year: I'm going to do a life cleanse (my trendy name for decluttering my apartment), starting with my beauty shelves (above). I was inspired by some of the crazy "beauty rooms"--whole bedrooms dedicated to beauty stashes--I've seen on Instagram and Pinterest. Though I don't have quite that much space to work with, I did learn a thing or two in the process.

    Throw it out: Seriously, if you've held on to a product for more a year, you need to let it go. If something is unopened and still usable, donate it to a charity. Be realistic about what you will and won't use. Nobody on earth needs 12 dry shampoos (even though I really want them all!). And organizing at the beginning of each year will help you remember what you've held on to since that last time you organized.


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  • Stretchy Jeans Almost Killed the Dollar Bill

    by Ramona Emerson

    Dominique MaitreDominique Maitre We all know thigh-slimming, butt-lifting, everything-smoothing, skin-tight jeans are money, but you probably didn't know that curve-hugging denim almost caused the extinction of American currency.

    Almost 30 percent of the very special cotton blend that makes up our dolla dolla bills is made out of recycled denim scraps, according to an article in the Washington Post.

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    This was all fine and good until the 1990s, when a little something called spandex began popping up in jeans. While the stretchy fiber looks great on behinds, it's hell on the other bottom line: A single strand of spandex can ruin an entire batch of currency paper. And at this point you'd be hard-pressed to find a pair of jeans that doesn't have at least a little spandex-induced stretch.

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  • Makeup Ideas: Three New Year's Eve Beauty Looks

    by Sophia Panych

    Getty ImagesGetty Images
    Unless your plans are watching the ball drop wearing pajamas (which I fully condone), there's quite a lot of planning that goes into New Year's Eve. While I can't help you with the dress--I'm still trying to figure that out myself--I can provide makeup inspiration courtesy of three sexy celebrities. Even better is that they're super simple, so you can spend less time primping and more time popping bottles.

    Bright Pink Lipstick.
    This is hands down the prettiest fuchsia lipstick look I have ever seen--and I've seen quite a few. I think it's the freshness of Kate Bosworth's skin, the creaminess of the formula she's wearing, and the darkness of her lashes. For a similar lip shade, try MAC Lipstick in Girl About Town, CoverGirl Lip Perfection lipstick in Eternal, or Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in L'Exubérante. Swipe it on straight from the tube, but then take a Q-tip and run it along the perimeter of your mouth. It sounds odd but stay with me here: Makeup artists use thisRead More »from Makeup Ideas: Three New Year's Eve Beauty Looks

  • The Top 5 Movie Hair and Makeup Moments in 2013

    by Catherine Q. O'Neill

    Courtesy of LionsgateCourtesy of Lionsgate Between the lavish 1920s flappers in The Great Gatsby and the futuristic beauty addicts in Catching Fire, this was a jaw-dropping year for hair and makeup in movies. These are our five favorites:

    Catching Fire. (above) Sure, they've got some pretty backwards politics, but you have to admit: those Capitol citizens know how to party. Jennifer Lawrence's look here was just futuristic enough without being crazy. And we can only imagine how many makeup artists it took to apply all those sequins, colored hair extensions, and wild eyeshadows to 100-plus extras at the victors' celebration, but we're glad they did. The looks were so inspiring, CoverGirl even launched a collection based on them.

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    Courtesy of Warner Bros.Courtesy of Warner Bros.
    The Great Gatsby. The diamond hair accessories (replicas of actual 1920s Tiffany pieces) were so over-the-top, they even called in extra security to protect them on set. And we couldn't get enough of the

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  • How to Winterize Your Skin-Care Routine

    by Sophia Panych

    Michael ThompsonMichael ThompsonWhen it's snowing in the Middle East, you know that it's gotten really, really cold. And what happens when temperatures take a nose dive? So do your skin's moisture levels. But frigid weather is only part of the problem: Long, hot showers, sweltering offices, and harsh soaps are also to blame. Luckily, dry skin can often be alleviated by winterproofing your skin-care routine. Here's a few ways to start.

    Exfoliate. It sounds counterintuitive, but gently scrubbing (and we mean very gently) will actually help your lotions and creams work better. As your skin dries out, dead skin cells stop shedding, keeping moisturizer from fully sinking in. Rev up the process by using a mild exfoliant, like a jojoba-bead scrub or a cleanser with fruit enzymes. I'm a big fan of Aveeno Positively Ageless Resurfacing Scrub.

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    Upgrade your moisturizer. Many of us need richer face and body creams during the winter. When shopping around, look for

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  • Preventing Holiday-Travel Meltdowns (at Least for Your Skin)

    by Elizabeth Siegel

    Nicolas MooreNicolas Moore I learned a valuable lesson at Thanksgiving, and it had nothing to do with gratitude (meh, I never said I was perfect): My skin freaks out when I travel. As in red, dry, dull, and blemished. Awesome combo, right? So I called up Joshua Zeichner, a dermatologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, and Francesca Fusco, a dermatologist in New York City, to find out if I can keep my complexion in check during the final leg of the holidays...or if I just have to stay put in Brooklyn. Here's the advice they gave me (fingers crossed!):

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    9 Style Trends to Retire in 2014

    Moisturize before you fly, no matter your skin type.
    "The dry air on planes does more than dry out your skin," says Zeichner. "It also disrupts your skin's natural barrier, which leads to redness, inflammation, and even pimples." Smooth on a moisturizer with barrier-boosting ceramides and sunscreen, like CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion AM SPF 30 ("You're at 10,000 feet or more above the ground; Read More »from Preventing Holiday-Travel Meltdowns (at Least for Your Skin)

  • Allure Cover Girl Penelope Cruz's Beauty Secrets

    by Elizabeth Siegel

    Mario TestinoMario TestinoHere's something I bet you didn't know about Penelope Cruz: She wears a different fragrance for every character she plays. And her awesome take on method acting makes total sense when you learn about her relationship with beauty. These are Cruz's beauty secrets, as told to contributing editor David DeNicolo, who interviewed her for our January cover story.

    She may choose a new fragrance for every role, but there's one scent she can't live without: "Trésor. I have used it since I was 13, and now I'm the spokesperson for it. I love it. It's been the fragrance that I've used the most in my life. I have so many memories related to this scent."

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    The best hair trick she's learned from a stylist is way more advanced than the usual teasing: "My parents owned a hair salon, so I learned a few tricks there. I can cut people's hair--if they let me." Awesome.

    Cruz joked to DeNicolo that her Nine costar, Sophia

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  • Sk8er Girl Goes Glam: Avril Lavigne Gets an Allure Makeover

    by Jenna Rosenstein

    Sebastian KimSebastian KimAt any given moment during my middle-school years, one could spot an Avril Lavigne clone roaming the halls. The telltale signs: heavy black eyeliner; Converse sneakers; long, stick-straight hair; and a haphazardly looped necktie. But while most of my peers fell out of their punk-rock phase, Lavigne dug in, moving on to pink hair and an undercut in recent years. For our January issue, we gave the star a fresh, feminine makeover. (And she gave us tips for achieving those signature smoked-out eyes.) Check out snippets from her interview with contributing editor Danielle Pergament and a video clip from her makeover shoot.

    On her current style: "I rock black leather jackets a lot. I go for a more sophisticated rocker versus the tomboy I started out as."

    On doing her own hair and makeup: "I wear the black eyeliner--M.A.C. Smolder--pretty much every day. I do it when I'm just at home."

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    On agreeing to a makeover:

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  • Is Waterproof Nail Polish Worth the Hype?

    by Catherine Q. O'Neill

    David CookDavid CookAsk any manicurist and they'll tell you: Water is the enemy. The wetter you get your freshly polished hands, the faster the lacquer will fade, shrink, or chip. So when I heard that Sally Hansen claimed that their new Triple Shine polish had a special polymer blend that withstands water (and also makes the polish ridiculously shiny), I put it to the ultimate test by sending it to a group of shampooers at my local blow-dry bar.

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    I asked the shampooers to paint one hand with the Sally Hansen Triple Shine and the other with a regular polish and topcoat. Five days (and nearly 100 shampoos each!) later, the winner was crystal clear: Sally Hansen. "I had almost zero chips and the polish stayed much shinier," said one shampooer. "My client even commented on how clean my nails looked."

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    As for me, I can't get enough of Red Snapper (far right) and Oyster

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  • The Biggest Beauty Moments of 2013: #10 Kate Moss's Playboy Cover

    by Patrick Rogers

    MARCJACOBS.COMMARCJACOBS.COMIn her much-anticipated pictorial in December, 40-year-old Kate Moss made Playboy seem ground-breaking, sophisticated and actually sexy for the first time in years. The pictures--dozens of them--were erotic, not crass, classic but not cliché, and already the stuff of posters and a T-shirt by Marc Jacobs (left).

    But we must admit Kate had us scratching our heads. Don't get us wrong; we're huge fans. She's been on the cover of Allure no fewer than 9 times. But Playboy? Take a look at the list of the 50 or so other celebs who have answered the call to bare all for the men's magazine over the years, and it's not hard to imaging the thought process: Some arguably had something to prove (Farrah Fawcett at age 48), some were perhaps seduced by vanity (Denise Richards, Carmen Electra), and one in particular (Pamela Anderson, who has appeared a total of 13 times) clearly had nothing else better to do.

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    What did

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