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  • 5 Ways to Fake Healthy Hair

    The motto "fake it till you make it" may have a questionable success rate when it comes to a job, but it can work wonders on unwashed, untrimmed, unruly hair. Beyond what we've told you at least a zillion times before-to use a rich conditioner regularly-these are the Allure beauty department's top tips for faking healthy hair till you make it truly healthy again.

    1. Split ends are a dead giveaway of damage. To mend them temporarily, rub a dab of non-liquidy styling cream between your fingers and pinch it over frayed pieces. Hand cream also does the trick; if you've got nothing else, conditioner will work, but only use the teeniest-tiniest dab or your ends will look stringy.

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    2. When your roots are oily and there's no time to shower, nothing sops up the sebum as well as dry shampoo. Powders are less sticky and a bit easier to apply than sprays, but they can result in white patches on your scalp. To ensure an even application,

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  • The 5 Biggest Winter Sun Myths

    It may be freezing outside, but that's no reason to stash away your sunblock with your beach towels. We chatted with Ariel Ostad, a New York City dermatologist, to find out the most common misconceptions about wearing sunscreen in the colder months.

    THE MYTH: My makeup contains SPF 15, so I'm protected from the sun.

    THE TRUTH: "Makeup with SPF won't fully protect your skin unless you really cake it on, so you're getting a false sense of security," says Ostad. "Science has shown that for you to get an adequate amount of protection you need a teaspoon or two of sunscreen just for your face. Then, a shot glass full for your arms, another for your chest and abdomen, and so on," he says.

    How to Keep Your Lips Safe From the Sun.

    THE MYTH: The sun is the only way to get enough Vitamin D.

    "This is one of the biggest controversies," says Ostad. "As a dermatologist, 99% of the skin cancer that I see is due to sun exposure. People do need vitamin D for bone loss, but

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  • Would You Wear a Rented Designer Dress?

    Fashion truants have been doing it for ages: "Borrowing" the latest clothes by buying them, wearing them once with the tags discretely tucked away, and then returning them. While this is both unethical and also a little gross, we'll admit that we have often wished we could have access to an expensive dress for just a day or two (for, say, a high school reunion or an ex-boyfriend's wedding)-and somehow avoid the massive price tag. That's precisely the idea behind, a just-launched site that allows you to lease a designer dress for anywhere from $50 to $200. You get to keep it for four nights and then return it in a prepaid bag. What do you think: Would you want to borrow some designer style for a night or two, or is it better to invest in quality pieces that you'll have for ages?

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  • Are Child Beauty Pageants Ugly?

    PHOTO: FROM HIGH GLITZ BY SUSAN ANDERSON, PUBLISHED BY POWERHOUSE BOOKSPHOTO: FROM HIGH GLITZ BY SUSAN ANDERSON, PUBLISHED BY POWERHOUSE BOOKSAnyone who's seen the spray-tanning, trowel makeup application, and Aquanet bangs on Toddlers in Tiaras knows that child pageants are an abuse of beauty products, but are they child abuse?

    Susan Anderson, the photographer who shot High Glitz, a new book of pageant portraits, says her project isn't her personal answer to that question, but a collection of facts. Still, Salon wonders if the photos aren't just another way to objectify these little girls, who for most of their young lives have been judged by their looks. And then Salon posted a slideshow of the photos for millions of people gawk at.

    A new type of beauty pageant promotes transgender acceptance.

    We understand where the Salon editors are coming from. There is something fascinating about the images-and the whole kiddie pageant scene in general. Last year, Allure interviewed drag star RuPaul, and found we shared an obsession with child pageant documentaries. We vividly recall HBO's Living Dolls, while Ru likes to

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  • How to Get the Hottest Red Lips

    Backstage at runway shows, makeup artists just looooooovvve to mix up the perfect lip color that we can't wait to try-but with, like, 20 unmarked shades from their palettes. That's why, after seeing the hot-hot-hot orange-red lips at the Prada spring show, we asked makeup artist Pat McGrath to share her recipe. Delicious!

    1. Apply Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer over the lips, especially along the outer edges, so the lipstick color "will have a crisp contrast to the skin surrounding it," McGrath says.
    2. Draw Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain in Coy Coral around the perimeter of the mouth, and lightly blend it inward to give lips a bold, warm red base that will last for hours longer than the lipstick itself.
    3. Mix together a one to one ratio of Laura Mercier Lip Colour Crème lipstick in Truly Red and Make Up For Ever Lacquered Lipstick in Fluorescent Orange. Apply the mix to your lips, blot, reapply, and blot again.
    4. Slick Make Up For Ever Glossy Full Couleur Gloss #2 on top
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  • Demi Moore Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

    Photo: WWDPhoto: WWDDemi Moore turns 47 today, giving us all hope that flawless skin, luscious hair, and a jaw-dropping figure are possible no matter what your age. We recently met up with the superstar to talk about her new fragrance, Helena Rubinstein Wanted, a rich, sensual blend of ylang ylang, magnolia, and iris which hit stores this month. During our chat, she opened up about some of the tricks and products she relies on to keep up her look:

    SKIN: "My skin is very sensitive, so I use only fragrance-free, simple, pure products. And I moisturize, moisturize, moisturize-that's the most important lesson my mother passed on to me, and I say it to my daughters all the time. No matter how late of a night it is, when I get home, I take the time to clean and moisturize my face. I'm a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, your skin will be balanced, and then you really won't need a lot of makeup."

    The Top 9 Anti-Aging Skin Tricks

    HAIR: "If I'm not working or going to an event, I don't

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  • 5 Ways to Get Happy Right Now

    We'll buy a puffer to protect us from the cold this winter-and to protect us from the winter blues? Research shows, more than ever, that there are easy ways to boost our mood:

    1. Don't dwell. "Rumination-whether rehashing things from the past or worrying about the future-worsens and lengthens periods of depression and can make everyday bad moods more intense," says Susan Nolen-Hoeksena, professor of psychology at Yale. Break the bad mood cycle by doing something constructive: Go for a run, get a manicure, play with your dog-and really get into whatever you're doing.

    Cheap Trick: How to Save On Your Nails

    2. Act the part. While crawling out your warm bed might not sound appealing, meeting up with friends can really pay off. "Anything we do to promote our social relationships is a great way to achieve happiness," says Elizabeth Daum, assistant professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia. Oh, and when you see those friends? Be nice. "If you want to be happy,

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  • Our Favorite Hand Sanitizers

    The best way to stay germ-free is to wash your hands regularly. But when soap and a sink are nowhere in sight, hand sanitizer is the next best thing. These are the favorites around our office (and handbags):

    "I like the Bath & Body Works PocketBac Deep Cleansing Hand Gels. They're super-small-and I just happen to find miniature things adorable-come in a variety of scents, and only cost $1.50! Plus, they don't leave your hands cracked and dry, thanks to skin-soothing vitamins." -Amy Keller Laird, beauty director

    "I love the Noodle & Boo Instant Hand Sanitizer. Since I'm pregnant (and since I'd rather not get swine flu), I've become obsessed with sanitizing my hands constantly. I don't like the alcohol-y smell you're usually left with-but this one smells great, soft and powdery." -Alyssa Hertzig, beauty news editor.

    "I keep Herban Essentials Lemon Towelettes in my bag. They're individually wrapped, so you can fit several of them into even the tiniest clutch or your coat

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  • How to Avoid a Bad Haircut

    Over on Lemondrop, Brooke Van Poppelen wondered if karma played a role in her hairdresser getting hit by a car (okay, tapped by a car) shortly after giving her a bad haircut. Brooke was almost pleased by this, and asked, "Am I the worst person ever?"

    Erm, let us get back to you on that. What we can tell you all is that bad cuts are avoidable. Here's what stylist Edward Tricomi of the Warren-Tricomi salon in New York City told us about getting the right cut. Study up, and you won't leave the salon hoping a Chrysler sloppily pulls out of a parking lot when your stylist runs to get his or her third Starbucks.

    The 10 Biggest Short Hair Mistakes

    1. Act it out. "Avoid talking in terms of inches. Measurements might be scientific, but they're subjective when no one is pulling out a ruler. If you have hair to your collarbone and want it cut to shoulder length, pull your hair up to that exact point."

    2. Show more than tell. "Stylists are visual people. Showing a photo or a magazine

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  • Mad Men Style Bras Selling Out in England, Would You Wear a Pointy Bra?

    Curves! Controlled curls! Liquor at the office! The show makes the 1960s seem awfully appealing in some ways, and not so much in others. There's the show's depiction of racism and sexism...and on the lighter side, fashion. For one, the period-perfect details mean all the women are decked out in awfully pointy bras. And now in England, sales of Joan-esque bras have increased by ten percent at department store John Lewis in the past week alone. Would you ever go for the conical look? Or is it best left across the pond?

    Seriously, a bra that could save your life!

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