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  • Pregnant Olivia Wilde Talks Beauty, Aging, and the Two Products She Steals from Fiancé Jason Sudeikis

    by Catherine Q. O'Neill

    Scott Rudd/WWDScott Rudd/WWDOlivia Wilde has a lot of reasons to be glowing this year: She's engaged to Jason Sudeikis, is expecting a baby, has four films on the horizon, and now she's the face of Revlon's new Age Defying Makeup. But as she tells us, it really all comes down to water, diligent moisturizing, and a good Pilates session. We sat down with the (hardly aging) 29-year-old to find out her other beauty secrets.

    You're the face of Revlon's new anti-aging makeup line. Did anyone warn you about what to expect as you get older?
    "Young people always go after their acne like crazy and we destroy ourselves and have scars. I wish someone had told me to be really careful with my skin. My mom tried. She was always honest about SPF, moisturizing, and not doing too much to it. You realize later that all you want is to get that 10-year-old-girl skin back."

    What do you like about aging?
    "Getting older is the process of understanding what makes you the best version of you now. None of

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  • Beyoncé Pulls Back the Curtain with Pretty Hurts

    by Kirsten Chilstrom

    photo: Allure Staffphoto: Allure StaffClad in a hot yellow swimsuit and draped in a shiny pageant sash, Beyoncé radiates perfection as she waves to the imaginary audience in her new video for Pretty Hurts--one of 17 clips she released all at once last week. This is the Beyoncé that fans know best: face, hair, smile, all buffed to a flawless perfection. Her song, though, is about just the opposite. "Miss 3rd Ward," as her sash reads in the video, is delivering the message that being beautiful is about being yourself.

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    The six-minute video takes viewers behind the scenes of a beauty contest, where we see pill popping, disordered eating, and excessive exercise. All the smiling and mugging onstage is a facade; backstage, Bey is quiet and questioning in the midst of a cutthroat competition. At one point, she stands Chorus Line-style with other contestants as a man measures her waist, slaps her thigh, and calculates her weight. "Perfection is a

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  • And the Ultimate Nail-Salon Faux Pas Is

    by Alexandra Owens

    Getty ImagesGetty Images We've all been in a nail salon when someone disturbs our serenity by jabbering too loudly on a cellphone or bogarting Essie Mademoiselle. But I encountered a faux pas the other day that made me feel more confusion than annoyance. A man came over to the pedicure station, stuck his feet in the tub, then right as the aesthetician set to work, he pulled out a Chipotle burrito bowl and went to town. (I know, the look that's probably on your face was my reaction, too.)

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    The truly terrifying part was that from eavesdropping, I realized that this dinner/pedi combo was a regular occurrence. Why the smell of acetone makes him work up an appetite, I'm not exactly sure. Don't get me wrong: Chipotle and pedicures are both on my top-ten list of favorite things, although I now realize they were not made to go together. But even if they were, I think that eating--and remember, barbacoa can be pretty potent--in an environment

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  • Holiday Hair Ideas: Put Some Bling on It

    by Stephanie Saltzman

    Giovanni GiannoniGiovanni Giannoni The holiday season is the perfect excuse (if you need one) to bedeck yourself with the sparkliest of hair accessories, the ones usually reserved for brides and the Toddlers and Tiaras set. But there's a difference between adding a festive touch and looking like a Christmas tree. I spoke to celebrity hairstylists Harry Josh and Jen Atkin (the talents behind some of the most gorgeous red-carpet looks of the past year) about how to bling out your look the right way.

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    Don't break the bank--but make sure it looks like you did.
    "If you're 13, it's OK to have glued-on rhinestones on your head, but if you're a grown woman, you want something that reads luxury," says Josh. That doesn't mean you're limited to Harry Winston, though. Both he and Atkin recommend Jennifer Behr's accessories (which have a cult celebrity following because they're oh-so-pretty). "They could make a gym ponytail look amazing," says Josh.

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  • Holiday Hair Ideas: Accessorize Your Hair...With Your Jewelry

    by Sophia Panych

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesDecember tends to be an expensive month. Instead of buying a new hair accessory for your party circuit, take a tip from celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak and dig around in your jewelry drawer. "I bring a slew of hair accessories when doing red carpet, but often times we end up using a brooch or a vintage earring that the stylist brought," she says. "You just need to have the right pins, and you can make anything work." Below, two of Roszak's favorite pieces to repurpose, plus one of my own.

    A brooch. "These are the easiest to put in your hair," says Roszak, who used one in Nicole Kidman's updo at the Oscars last year. "There's usually a clasp at the back. You just weave it through the hair like you would a pin, and then secure it with a pin or two to make sure it won't slip out."

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    An earring. It's best to use dangly or clip-on earrings rather than studs. Clip-ons work just like a bobby pin or barrette, while

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  • Give Your Lipstick the Finger (Not like That!)

    by Elizabeth Siegel

    WWD/Robert MitraWWD/Robert Mitra Want to look as cool as the girl in the biker jacket? Go for purposefully imperfect lipstick, like the models at Rachel Zoe's spring show wore (left). First, toss your lip liner. Next, swipe the color on straight from the bullet. Finally, press a clean finger along the edges of your lip line to soften up the entire look.

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    "Blurred lips are the way to go right now," says makeup artist Kate Lee, who likes the effect using vivid pink shades. "It makes your lipstick look more youthful." Everything else is gravy, as far as I'm concerned. But it's worth noting that a blurred lip is much easier to achieve than a well-defined one. "A lot of women feel like they have to line their lips and then fill them in," says makeup artist Dick Page. "It gets technical, and it's unnecessary." He likes swiping bold colors, like red, over the center of the lips, and then blending toward the edges with a lip brush for an even more

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  • Last-Minute Holiday Hairstyles You Can Do at Your Desk

    by Lexi Novak

    Steve EichnerSteve EichnerThe annual Allure holiday party is tonight, which means we all get to show off our snowflake manicures, smoky-eye makeup mastery, and...something cool with our hair. Turning day-old office hair into a fun party style means something as good-looking as a fishtail braid with all the effort of a ponytail. We want sophisticated. We want easy. We want Jessica Alba's stunning wrapped topknot. But since we don't have an hour to create an elaborate look, celebrity hairstylist Julien Farel gave us three ridiculously quick ways to spice up our hair without leaving our desks.

    The bun. "A low bun can be both casual and elegant," says Farel, but it can also veer into librarian territory. Add plenty of volume on top to keep the style youthful and fun. Center part your hair just in the front, backcomb the roots at the crown, gather everything at the nape of your neck--strands should cover your ears--and pin into a loose bun.

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    50 Beauty Products to Try Before You Die

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  • For Last-Minute Shoppers: Definitely-Not-Boring Gift Candles

    /by Jenna Rosenstein

    Courtesy of Ricky'sCourtesy of Ricky's So you left your present-hunting to the last minute (again) and now you're standing on your hostess's doorstep with a Yankee Candle. There's nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that it's wholly unoriginal (though I do love the Christmas Cookie scent). So I went on the hunt for more inspired options. I found them in the RickyHome collection, which includes a line of New York City-inspired scented candles. Care to gift a whiff of Street Meat?

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    Yes… Street Meat. The candles also come in scents like Banker Husband (he apparently smells like fir needles, lemon drops, and musks), Taco Tuesday (coconut, red pepper, coriander, cumin), and Drunk Brunch (white peach, pineapple, sandalwood). My personal favorite is Walk of Shame. The citrusy orange and lemon notes are balanced by Lily of the Valley, musk, and white woods--it's cheery, but not intense enough to aggravate a hangover headache. And even a vegan could Read More »from For Last-Minute Shoppers: Definitely-Not-Boring Gift Candles
  • 4 Gift Sets that Are Actually Chic (Very, Very Chic)

    by Sophia Panych My usual stance on holiday gift sets: Please, please spare me. (I hope my boyfriend is reading this.) They're cheesy, contain more packaging than products, and you're lucky if they include one item that you actually like. This holiday season, however, I'm making four exceptions. Several beauty brands have stepped up their game with some seriously chic, luxurious gift sets that I would be thrilled to find under the tree. They don't come cheap, but hey, isn't that what wish lists are for?

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    Carven Le Parfum Gift Set, $119. This year, Parisian fashion house Carven launched a brand-new fragrance created by French perfume master Francis Kurkdjian. I'm obsessed. Maybe it's because I feel like a French girl when I wear it, but it's also just the perfect mix of fresh, sweet, and flowery. The holiday set includes a full-size fragrance plus a shower gel and body milk so you can enjoy the scent all day long. Buy

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  • The Vitamin C Shower Filter, a Good Gift for Someone Who Prefers to Ignore Science

    by Ramona Emerson

    Getty ImagesGetty Images You could drink your orange juice and eat your guavas, but where's the fun in that? The new way to get vitamin C is to bathe in it. A company called Vitashower (it also makes deluxe boat seats, by the way) claims that their Vitamin C Shower Filter will make your skin soft and your hair glossy. The $40 device attaches to your showerhead and infuses the water with "pharmaceutical grade vitamin C," which purportedly neutralizes chlorine.

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    While it's true that vitamin C can benefit your skin--the antioxidant can be found in a ton of skin-care products--according to dermatologist Doris Day, there's no evidence that showering in vitamin-enriched water has any effect on your skin or hair. "While it may neutralize some of the chlorine in the water, there's no direct skin benefit," she says. "The amount of chlorine in tap water is there to protect against disease, and is at levels that are considered safe by the

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