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  • Allure Cover Girl Lauren Conrad's Eyeliner Secrets

    by Danielle Pergament

    Alexi LubomirskiAlexi Lubomirski
    Lauren Conrad isn't one to take wild beauty risks. The celebrity/businesswoman/designer has the California beach-girl look down pat and knows what she likes: "Eyeshadow doesn't look good on me--it makes my eyes look tiny," she says. For our April cover, we pushed Conrad out of her comfort zone with big hair and, yes, lots of eyeshadow. (Pretty sure we proved her wrong.)

    Still, the eye-shadow belief led her to liquid eyeliner, which she wears on a near-daily basis. We asked for a tutorial in her signature winged look:

    1. Find a liquid liner you're comfortable with. "I use Mark," she says. "I order them in bulk and keep them in my refrigerator. I go through one a month."

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    2. Lean on a counter. "Rest your hand to be steady," says Conrad, demonstrating by leaning on our table and holding an invisible liquid eyeliner an inch from her lashes.

    3. Start at the outside of your iris. Or, as Conrad says, "about

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  • Divergent's Top 5 Beauty Moments

    by Catherine Q. O'Neill


    Divergent isn't known for its wild beauty looks (à la The Hunger Games). But that doesn't mean the futuristic sci-fi thriller doesn't have some gorgeous--if sometimes puzzling--ones. These are my favorites from the film, which hits theaters tonight at midnight.

    1. That Perfect Bun
    Though Shailene Woodley's character Beatrice (Tris) spends most of the film in some form of a messy ponytail, she's first introduced wearing one of the most perfect buns I've ever seen--styled by her mother (above). A little height on the top, big full volume in the twist, and not a single flyaway. Maybe her mom secretly moonlighted as a hairstylist.

    2. Idiot-Proof Tattoos
    The futuristic application process in this film is, in a word, awesome. The tattoo artist simply places a template (below) over the skin, covers it with a glowing blue device, then removes it to reveal perfect ink. It completely eliminates the possibility of tattoo-artist error--which is probably a good

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  • Girls Beauty: Shoshanna's Best Hair Looks

    by Alexandra Tunell

    Courtesy of HBOCourtesy of HBO

    After three seasons, we're no longer fazed by the nudity and awkward sex on Girls. But Shoshanna's wild hairstyles still have shock value. Giant sock buns, cornrow braids, intricate twists--if there's a trend, past or present, she's owned it. "She does the crazy styles with incredible intention," says actress Zosia Mamet, who plays Shoshanna. "She won't show up at a party and take her hair out if someone doesn't like it."

    And where does she get her hair inspiration? From us, surprisingly. "She's looking at fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Allure, and trying to do her hair the way she imagines runway models would," says Sherry Heart, the head of the hair department for Girls. But it doesn't exactly translate. "Shoshanna sees everything through a kaleidoscope, so an image in a magazine is going to be re-created in an entirely different way on her head," says Mamet. (Take, for example, the off-kilter sock bun above.) In honor of this Sunday's season

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  • Try This Spring Trend: Gold Shadow

    by Elizabeth Siegel

    Kyle Ericksen/WWDKyle Ericksen/WWD
    Gold was everywhere backstage at the spring shows--and I mean everywhere. Models wore bright gold leaf in their hair at Dries van Noten, and their eyebrows were obscured by brilliant gold pigment at Dior. "Raf [Simons] was obsessed with gold, and he wanted us to play with it," said makeup artist Pat McGrath of Dior's designer. And there was plenty of gold eye shadow on lids. Two of my favorites: Jason Wu (above), where makeup artist Diane Kendal blended the metallic with brown for a rich look, and Gucci, where McGrath swept gold around the inner corners of the eyes (and copper along the lids) to make them look huge.

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    As long as you stick to the lids, gold shadow is one of spring's most wearable and prettiest makeup trends. "It puts the focus on the eyes, reflects the light, and gives you a feeling of summer," said Kendal backstage at Jason Wu, where the eyes matched gold accents (barrettes, hardwear on the

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  • Alison Sweeney Shares Beauty Tips (and One Amazing Recipe)

    by Lexi Novak

    Courtesy of Alison SweeneyCourtesy of Alison Sweeney
    Whether you own up to it or not, we've all gone through a soap phase: Dark Shadows for my mom, Hollyoaks for my coworker, and Days of Our Lives for me. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to speak with actress Alison Sweeney--soap star, author, mother, host of NBC's The Biggest Loser, and spokesperson for Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant--about her life and career.

    What are the best beauty tips you've learned over the years?
    "The most important ones are the simplest. My mother always taught me to use sunscreen every day. Another is to take care of my smile. I think it's one of the first things people notice about you."

    Are there any products you can't live without?
    "I don't travel without my eyelash curler. Mandatory."

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    Do you have a favorite workout?
    "It's always good to shake up your routine and try different things. I love to run outside, so when I can, I hit the trail."

    I have so much respect

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  • It’s Not You, It’s Your Eyelid: Why Your Liner Skips Out on You

    by Jenna Rosenstein

    Delphine Achard/WWDDelphine Achard/WWDYou know that scene in Mean Girls, where The Plastics stand in front of the bedroom mirror and criticize their weird hairlines, bad morning breath, and sucky nail beds? If I was in that scene, you would see me with one eye shut, whining about my oily eyelids. (Hey--don't laugh. They constantly sabotage my makeup.) Last week, I learned from makeup artist Chrisanne Davis that the right eyeliner could change everything. Let me explain.

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    It turns out that choosing the right liner isn't just about your skill level, budget, or formula preference. You have to look at your entire complexion. "Ask yourself: do you have an oily lid or do you have dry skin?" says Davis. "It's the key factor in determining how long the liner is going to last without being retouched."

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    Those with dry skin can use all the oil-based pencils and cream liners they want, she says. But

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  • A Weird New Use for Latex Makeup Paint

    by Sophia Panych

    David StesnerDavid Stesner
    Last night, I got a spray tan that started out just like any other spray tan. I got naked, slipped on a paper thong, tucked my hair into a shower cap, and waited for my spray tanner, Natalie Cupid, to come in and find me standing there awkwardly. But then Cupid broke out something I had never seen before during a spray tan: Ben Nye Latex Paint. "This is for your nails," she said, as she started brushing the gooey stuff on my fingers and toes as if it were nail polish. Just like barrier cream or regular lotion, the latex paint protects your nails from staining, Cupid explained; it just does a much better job. And once you're sprayed and waiting to dry, all you have to do it peel the stuff off with your fingers, kind of like the glue on the back of credit cards (sometimes called "booger glue," I found out after a quick online search).

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    Latex makeup paint is primarily used by special-effects makeup artists to

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  • Tequila: Your New Sugar Substitute?

    by Ramona Emerson

    Getty ImagesGetty Images
    Unless your doctor got her degree from Hollywood Upstairs Medical College, this isn't going to have her writing you a prescription for Jose Cuervo, but here goes: A new study shows that agavins, sugars found in the agave plant from which tequila is made, may actually help people lose weight.

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    In the study, when Mexican researchers fed mice their regular diet but added agavins to their water (don't worry, no animals had fun in the making of this experiment), the mice had lower blood-sugar levels and ate less overall. The effects were stronger than with the artificial sweetener aspartame or with sucrose. Because of their long, chainlike molecular structure, agavins can't be digested by the body, which is why they don't raise blood sugar or pack on the pounds.

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    There isn't an easily accessible form of agavins on the market yet, but I predict some clever

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  • Cosmetic Surgery Trends: The Winner Is...Breast Augmentation!

    by Joan Kron

    Getty ImagesGetty Images
    Gravity won big at the Oscars, but the American public parted with more than $12 billion last year trying to defy it. According to figures to be released today by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), spending on plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures has increased by nearly $1.5 billion. Slightly less popular than the previous year--but still the number-one operation among women--was breast augmentation, with 313,000 surgeries. Liposuction came in second (312,000 procedures) among women, followed by tummy tucks (151,000), breast lifts (137,000), and eye lifts (133,000).

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    It was also a good year for face-lifts. Although that particular surgery has not been in the top five for years, in 2013 the number of procedures jumped from 107,000 to 117,000--the highest number ever recorded--and that in spite of the ready availability of filler injections that can refresh the face without incisions.

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  • Finally, a Gymless Workout You Can Do Anywhere

    by Lexi Novak

    Maybe it's just spring-cleaning fever, or maybe it's the sobering reality that puffy coats will soon be replaced with nothing-to-hide-behind swimsuits, but everyone--myself included--seems to be on a workout bender. And when life inevitably disrupts my newly enthusiastic gym attendance, I will finally have a contingency plan: Ballet Beautiful.

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    "Ballet was just something that I always wanted to do," says founder Mary Helen Bowers, who uses her background as a professional ballerina to create quick, do-at-home videos that can be streamed from just about anywhere. Bikini Blast in a hotel room? Absolutely. Backstage Abs before bed? Totally. (I may have even done Swan Arms The Classic at my desk once.) The routines can be customized based on focus, such as Fat Blaster or Legs & Butt, and tailored to how much time per week you're willing to commit.

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    Admittedly, if

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