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  • Discontinued Lipsticks Come Back from the Grave

    by Ramona Emerson

    CN Digital StudioCN Digital StudioMAC recently announced a contest that has fans voting on which discontinued 90s lipsticks they would like to see brought back to life. Out of six choices, the three that get the most votes will be reissued this winter. This is all well and good, but who wants to be at the mercy of the crowd? I recently discovered a makeup company, Three Custom Color, that creates (nearly) exact copies of long-gone lipsticks.

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    You can either send them a dime-sized sample of an old favorite, if you happen to have one, or head to their website to search a library of more than 10,000 discontinued colors going back to the 1930s. For instance, those cult M.A.C. colors from the 90s? Custom Color has all but one of them archived at their New York City headquarters.

    No fancy gadgets here, all of the lipsticks are made by hand and matched by eye. "We've found that computers don't do a good job at matching color, because they can't pick up on

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  • Feel the Burn (Literally)—Spray Sunscreens Are Catching Fire

    by Alexandra Owens

    Getty ImagesGetty Images Ever wonder what seemingly innocuous thing scientists are going to find out is terrifyingly dangerous in five years? Today we can add aerosol sunscreen to the list. NPR reports that the Food and Drug Administration recorded five incidents during 2012 in which people suffered burns from their aerosol sunscreen catching fire while performing activities like cooking on an open grill, lighting a cigarette, or standing near a candle. And we don't mean they sprayed the can directly into a flame--they caught fire seconds or minutes later, while the liquid was still wet on their skin.

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    Bursting into flames like a vampire on True Blood is pretty much the last thing you would expect from responsibly wearing sunscreen like you've been programmed to do, but this terrifying mental image makes perfect sense. Spray-on suncreens contain flammable ingredients like alcohol, and when exposed to flame, alcohol catches fire.

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  • Beauty Lessons I've Learned from Watching Way Too Much Reality TV

    by Shannon Ray

    Getty ImagesGetty Images You guys, my TV-viewing life is a hot ham sandwich of mess, because I can't stop OD-ing on reality shows. I watch pretty much any insane combination of the train wrecks that are available for my viewing pleasure. It's a real life problem. In fact, I should probably be on some kind of OWN network self-help reality show for this. Or maybe My Strange Addiction. But there is one tiny pot o' gold at the end of my crazy-train rainbow: I've actually picked up some beauty lessons from the roughly 23,450,808 hours of (possible trash) TV that I've consumed over the past several years, and I will share my non-wisdoms with you.

    Wear a red lip when you'll be confronting a frenemy. Thanks to The Real Housewives of Orange County, I know that when you are faced with a shindig at which certain unsavory characters will be present, it is always appropriate to bring the makeup drama. And the shouting drama, if you're nasty. Let your bold red lips do the verbal slapping. Bonus points if you

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  • SPF You Can Eat

    by Alexandra Owens

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesAs someone whose DNA combines all the palest regions of Western Europe, I'm constantly looking for new ways to layer on the SPF. According to Jessica Wu, Los Angeles dermatologist and author of Feed Your Face (St. Martin's Press), I've been forgetting one of the most important: ingesting it. Can certain foods actually help guard you from the sun? Of course sunscreen is the first line of protection against UV rays, but some foods can definitely act as back-up. Patients have told me that they get burned even with sunscreen on or it rubs off. So in general it's a good idea to be as safe as you can, especially in the summer.

    How do these foods protect you exactly? Foods like fruits and vegetables contain a mixture of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which fight inflammation and the free radicals formed by UV rays that attack your DNA, skin collagen, and tissue, and lead to skin cancer and pre-mature aging. In studies, it's easier to measure the effects of

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  • BBQ Beauty: Sun, Smoke, and You

    by Alexandra Owens

    photo by George Chinseephoto by George ChinseeSummer barbecues are a tricky business. You want to look pulled-together (no, sloppy ponytails and ripped shorts don't cut it) but not fussy. You're going to be outdoors near an open flame, after all, and eating a hot dog in a full face of makeup might just be the picture of high maintenance. Here are a few tips to keep it real--and pretty--in the smoke-filled air.

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    Get twisted. Braids are an easy and elegant way to beat the summer humidity--not to mention keep your hair our of your face while you're going Animal Planet on a burger. We like the "feminine, simple, and '70s beautiful" ones Guido created for Valentino's spring 2011 show. Just part your hair where it falls naturally, back-comb a section at the crown for volume, and braid softly at the nape of your neck. "Be careful not to pull too tight, or you'll lose the height you created at the crown," says Guido. Free a few small strands of hair around your face for a softer, more

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  • 3 Subtle Ways to Wear Gold Glitter

    by Jenna Rosenstein

    photo by Henry Clarkephoto by Henry Clarke There was a time (let's call it the '90s) when I would regularly break the tops of roll-on scented body glitter so that I could pour it all over my ponytail more efficiently. Yes, you read that right. Though I grew out of the allover body glitter habit (I blame gymnastics), I've come to realize that just a hint of gold shimmer can give your skin, hair, and cheekbones a healthy but subtle glow. Here, three products to try:

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    1. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure HairTherapy Oil Potion Gold Shimmer Treatment. Everyone wants shiny hair, but this treatment goes a step further with a formula infused with tiny specks of gold shimmer. Leave the oil-infused mask in your hair for a few minutes (you'll notice the shimmer on your hands, too). Once you rinse it out, hair has the lightest dusting of gold shimmer and smells amazing, too.

    2. Kardashian Beauty K24 Prime Golden Makeup Priming Gelee.
    Yes, this is a Kardashian product. And

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  • Colored Mascara (and the One Crazy Color Men Actually Like)

    by Sophia Panych

    photo by David Cookphoto by David CookTwo seasons ago at Stella McCartney's fall show, makeup artist Pat McGrath painted the models' lashes an electric shade of blue. In short order, brands like Dior and M.A.C. launched cobalt mascaras of their own, and magazines began featuring models with brightly colored lashes in crazy hues like hot pink and lime green. Thus, a new makeup trend was born.

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    Now you can find technicolor mascaras on the shelves at just about every drug and department store. Bare Minerals has its turquoise-colored Flawless Definition Mascara in Aqua Blast. Givenchy came out with Noir Couture Waterproof Mascara in Purple Velvet. Anastasia Beverly Hills has three Hypercolor Brow and Lash Tints in Pink, Purple, and Blue. And Chanel's summer collection features yellow, sea-foam green, and royal blue versions of its famed Inimitable formula.

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    Like neon lipstick and superdark nail polish, colored mascara must be

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  • Perfumes that Are Made in the U.S.A

    by Anne-Marie Guarnieri

    Courtesy of ABLCourtesy of ABL The French are extremely proud of their perfumery heritage--and for good reason (Chanel No. 5). But there's also a robust fragrance tradition being built right here in the U.S. of A., right now. Allow me to introduce you to three companies that are creating some captivating scents chez nous.

    ABL Brands, New Jersey
    Noteworthy scent: NO Eau de Parfum; spicy-sweet and mysterious, with lots of patchouli.
    Whenever a bottle is sold, $10 goes to, which gives assistance to victims of sexual assault. "It was never in doubt that we would develop and blend our fragrances within our own studio. We can do small runs, try different blends, and use the retail store as our 'lab,'" says Anthony Artur, A Beautiful Life's president and nose. "One of our main inspirations is a Texas-based perfumer named Susan Owens, the creator of CHILD Perfume. Susan maintains personal control over her company, keeping it manageable when she probably could've cashed in ten times over.

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  • Blake Lively Trims Her Own Split Ends...But Maybe She Shouldn't

    by Grace Clarke

    Getty ImagesGetty Images For something that takes all of 20 minutes, regular hair trims have a bad rap. They're groaned at, rescheduled, or avoided entirely. Of course, put it off long enough and your hair starts to cut itself for you (split ends, anyone?). When I read Glamour's interview with Blake Lively in the July issue, I thought that maybe the ideal compromise was at hand. Lively, reigning queen of my Hair Inspo board, admitted to going years without a trim. Instead, she says she braids her hair into small sections and neatly prunes the bits sticking out. Intrigued, I called up hairstylist Clyde Elezi, owner and creative director of the Drawing Room salon in New York City, to ask if this method works (spoiler alert: neverrr). Elezi, who had no idea I'd already tried the method out on my own blonde braid--oops!--gave me three irrefutable reasons to put down the scissors.

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    This isn't even technically a trim. Lively's number-one rationale

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  • Debra Messing Suffers from Allergy Face, Too—Steal Her Skin-Soothing Tips

    by Catherine Q. O'Neill

    photo by Katie Jonesphoto by Katie Jones Oh, pollen season. That bittersweet time of year when spring has sprung and antihistamine is the first step in your beauty routine. Actress (and allergy sufferer) Debra Messing knows it well, and that's why she's teaming up with Zyrtec to help women find a solution to the dreaded--not to mention ruddy, sneezy, and puffy--"allergy face." We sat down with the actress for her tips on getting through the season with, well, grace:

    Have your allergies ever affected you on set? "When I was shooting The Wedding Date, everyone had been instructed not to wear floral perfume because I'm really allergic. And a woman was brought in as an extra makeup artist, and she had rose essence on. My entire face turned bright red, my eyes watered, and my throat started to close up. We had to shut down production for several hours. It was embarrassing."

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    How do you avoid outbreaks now--especially during allergy season? "When I found Zyrtec, it

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