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  • What's the Deal with Gluten-Free Beauty Products?

    by Alexandra Tunell

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    Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed the recent boom in gluten-free foods--bread! Pretzels! Pasta!--as well as gluten-free friends, using the diet fad to slim down. But we were still surprised to see the latest gluten-free products. Because instead of snacks, they're hand soaps, shampoos, body washes, and face creams.

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    Wait... Beauty products have gluten? And that's a problem? "Skin care products aren't typically loaded with wheat-based ingredients, so [gluten-free] is an easy claim to make," says cosmetic chemist Ni'Kita Wilson. But, "hair care products are more likely to contain [them]."

    Okay, but gluten intolerance--a reaction to grains like wheat, barley, and rye--occurs in the small intestine, and we're not drinking our shampoo, right? I asked Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at New York City's Mount Sinai Hospital, if

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  • View from the Red Carpet: How Will Your Feet Feel at Midnight?

    by Jeffrey Slonim

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    Despite the strides toward more comfortable attire that women have made in recent years, if they want to tower over the red carpet in four-inch heels, agony remains a given. In fact, running to all the parties during Oscar week, even my feet were killing me, and I'm a guy (who, unlike Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club, sticks to flats). To investigate just how painful spiky heels really are during the awards' season finale marathon--including at the Academy Awards, the QVC Red Carpet Style event, the Fiji Water's Spirit Independent Awards, Perrier Jouet and MAC cocktails for Women in Hollywood, Essence magazine's Black Women in Hollywood lunch, and the Fiji and Moet Dinner for Sony Oscar nominees--we asked: How will your feet feel at midnight?

    Jaime King: "Honey, my shoes are going to be off my feet at midnight. They already hurt. My knees are killing me. Oh, my Gosh, I never wear heels, only on the red carpet."

    Christin Milioti (The Wolf of Wall Street):

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  • “Princeton Mom” Says Plastic Surgery in High School and Husband Hunting in College

    by Lexi Novak

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    A year ago this month, Princeton alum Susan Patton wrote an open letter to young ladies that ran in the Daily Princetonian newspaper. In it, the 1977 graduate advised: "Forget about having it all, or not having it all, leaning in or leaning out.... Find a husband on campus before you graduate." And now, Patton's progressive nuggets of wisdom have been released in her new book, Marry Smart: Advice for Finding the One.

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    Some of her recommendations are just silly, like "learn how to bake bread." (Patton apparently thinks grocery stores will cease to exist in a few years.) Some are wildly biased and outdated: "College-age women...have to start putting in place plans for their personal happiness, because they will never again have this concentration of extraordinary men to choose from." First, that's assuming a husband is the only means to personal happiness. And a "concentration of extraordinary men to choose

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  • Turn Your Instagram Photos into Nail Art

    by Stephanie Saltzman

    We're pretty big Instagram fans here at Allure. And we're also pretty excited about nail art. So when we found out about NailSnaps, a new Kickstarter campaign that combines the two, we were intrigued (and, no, we have no financial stake in this whatsoever).

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    NailSnaps is free mobile app lets you select an Instagram image and adjust it to the correct size and shape to be converted into nail wraps. NailSnaps produces the "high-quality nail polish stickers" and ships them to you, while you wait excitedly at home. The standard nail wrap rules apply: no dry time, no curing, no waiting--just stick them to your nails and file away the excess.

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    So far the Kickstarter campaign has raised about $7,600 (their goal is $47,381). But there's still time! We're crossing our (now sadly Instagram-less) fingers that NailSnaps becomes a reality. Hey, it worked for

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  • Kristen Bell on the 'Veronica Mars' Movie, Her "Tortured" Haircut, and Early-2000s Fashion

    by Stephanie Saltzman

    Donato SardellaDonato Sardella

    Attention, Marshmallows (and if you don't know what that is, don't worry about it): Teenage-private-investigator/all-around-badass Veronica Mars is back! But she's no longer in high school, and she's no longer limited to the small screen. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, a devoted cast, and a whole lot of obsessive fans, the TV show that went off the air in 2007 is getting a movie re-boot. Yes, people: in theaters this Friday.

    In case it's not obvious, we dug the show for its witty dialogue, whodunnit storylines, and, of course, love triangles. So we spoke to the film's star Kristen Bell about the styles from the show that make her cringe and a certain genius makeup trick. Yes, Bell is just as cute and endearing in real life as she was during that whole sloth freakout on Ellen.

    Allure: How has Veronica changed since the show?
    Kristen Bell
    : "When we meet her in the movie, she's living in New York, trying to be normal. She's decided that her old life

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  • Want to Boost Your Brain Power? Walk More

    by Elizabeth Siegel

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    Now that it's finally starting to warm up, you may be thinking about dragging yourself to the gym. But if you're into baby steps, simply walking has its own benefits, especially where memory is concerned.

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    This really surprised me: Walking 40 minutes four times a week changed the size and organization of participants' brains in one year, resulting in the formation of new neurons and larger memory centers, according to a study from the University of Illinois. Walking has also been shown to reduce mild cognitive impairment (a precursor to Alzheimer's and dementia) after six months, reported a study from the University of British Columbia. Participants whose exercise routine entailed walking outside or weight training enjoyed improved memory and learning skills after just six months. Balance and toning exercises like yoga and Pilates, on the other hand, didn't boost their cognitive performance. I wouldn't give

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  • The $1 At-Home LED Facial

    by Elizabeth Siegel


    If you haven't had an anti-aging LED facial, the experience can be unnerving at first: You wear special sunglasses while a panel of bright red LED lights wraps around your face. And, of course, just one session can cost hundreds of dollars. But devotees (including top facialists, their celebrity clients, and even some dermatologists) swear that the machines make skin firmer and glowier, and that the more often you get the treatments, the better they work. Now, a company called Illumask is selling an at-home version.

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    The Illumask Anti-aging Phototherapy Mask looks like a hockey mask and has built-in glasses and LED bulbs; it's also got a price tag of $29.99. For that you get 30 preprogrammed treatments. (It's available at Ulta, Target, and Walgreens.) "Theoretically, the red LED lights are anti-inflammatory and stimulate the production of more collagen, reducing wrinkles. Just be careful not to play with the Read More »from The $1 At-Home LED Facial
  • The New Barbie, She's Just like Us!

    by Ramona Emerson


    With child's size 3 feet and a waist so tiny she couldn't digest anything more significant than a crouton, a real-life Barbie would not be alive for long. This is why artist Nickolay Lamm created Lammily, a realistically proportioned alternative to the blonde nymph we all played with as children.

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    "Rather than just criticizing Barbie, I wanted to make an alternative," says Lamm. "A lot of people have said, 'It's just a doll. Who cares?' but my opinion is that if there is even a chance of it negatively influencing young girls then why not make another option?"

    Lamm wanted the doll to look realistic and designed her body using CDC data on average measurements of American women--the CDC has stats on everything from height and weight to forearm length. But, "it's a stylized average," admits the 25-year-old Pittsburgh artist. "I wanted her to look like the girl next door, sweet and wholesome." This kind of sounds

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  • New Study: Is Barbie's Dream House Keeping Girls from Their Dream Job?

    by Lexi Novak

    John AquinoJohn Aquino
    We know we've been talking about a certain leggy, blonde figurine a lot lately--and her "girl next door" counterpart--but we can't ignore the latest breaking Barbie news: A new study has found a relationship between girls playing with the doll and perceiving fewer career opportunities for themselves.

    Researchers asked a group of girls ages 4 to 7 to play with either a fashionable Barbie, one dressed as a doctor, or a Mrs. Potato Head. Then they showed the girls pictures of 11 different work environments. For each image, the girls had to state whether they thought that as an adult they could do the depicted job and if they thought a boy could. Participants in both Barbie groups felt they could hold fewer careers than males. Those playing with a Mrs. Potato Head reported a near equal job opportunity.

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    Celebrity Hairstyles That Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger

    I know what you may be thinking: "But Dr. Barbie has a lab coat and stethoscope and

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  • Perfume-Friendly Skin: Fact or Fiction?

    by Alexandra Owens

    Getty ImagesGetty Images When you work in beauty, you become accustomed to hearing critiques of everything from the gap in a model's teeth to the way a woman walks. But it wasn't until the other day, as I was meeting with a fragrance expert, that I knew one could scrutinize the skin's ability to make a perfume smell good.

    Say what? Here's what went down: I was testing scents on my skin--all of which smelled perfectly fine to me, if a bit faint--with an individual who shall remain nameless. He informed me that my skin wasn't "perfume-friendly" and suggested that my body somehow distorts the way perfumes are supposed to smell. Furthermore, he guessed this about me the moment I walked in the door, when he spotted my fair skin and blue eyes.

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    Normally I would dismiss all this as totally insanity, but I had heard talk before about the effect of things like diet and body temperature on fragrance. So I asked Dawn

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