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  • Why Are Bald Guys Using Latisse?

    By Sarah Wexler, Allure magazine

    Apparently men are starting to use Latisse, the glaucoma medicine that's now an FDA-approved drug to grow longer eyelashes, to fight their receding hairlines. (I'm dubious about this new beauty trend because I think some men look better bald anyway, like Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio or America's Next Top Model's Nigel Barker.)

    The thinking is, when used off-label, Latisse dabbed along the hairline or on bald spots can stimulate hair growth there just as well. "Where patients were applying Latisse, especially in areas where the hair was thinner and wispier and less pigmented, the hair grew thicker, stronger and healthier," Dr. Alan Bauman, a dermatologist and hair-restoration specialist, told the New York Times; he says it's worked for 70 percent of his patients.

    But before you imagine a world where you'll never see another cueball, know that Latisse, like Rogaine and Propecia has limitations: while it can make hair grow thicker, darker, and stronger

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  • Even Madonna Has Fat Days

    By Sarah Wexler, Allure magazine

    If you've ever needed proof that you're not alone in experiencing the occasional "fat day", take note: even Madonna, the ropey-armed glamazon who's starting a chain of gyms, the woman who we once lambasted for working out too much has them! At Monday's Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute gala, she wore a body-skimming Stella McCartney dress that looked amazing on her. But on the red carpet, she admitted to reporters, "I feel fat in my dress." We feel ya, Madge.

    On "fat days", you may feel like you weigh a million pounds even if you look like a million bucks-but to any outsider, you don't look any different than the day before. How to deal with this psychological hang-up?

    One of my friends responds by taking action-she goes for a run or takes her dog on an extra-long walk to feel like she's doing something to battle her imagined bulges. Other friends go into "sad recluse" mode, eating more, wearing baggier clothes, and even canceling plans

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  • Prom Beauty: Top Trends to Embrace—And Avoid

    By Kate Sullivan, Allure magazine

    The night of my senior prom, a friend's mother took mine aside and paid me a hilarious compliment, one I've never forgotten. With true admiration in her voice, she told my bemused mom, "Katelyn looks like she died on the Titanic."

    What she meant was that I had gone with a classic look for the dance: Simple up-do, makeup with just a tad more glitz and finish than my weekend look, a short-nail DIY manicure with clear nail polish. That year, dark makeup, butterfly hair clips, and French mannies with colored tips were all the rage, and they were worn with neon dresses with stomach cutouts-yeah, I didn't wear one of those either. I had learned from the comically dated prom photos of others, that what's too cool today, looks like Romy and Michele's High School Reunion tomorrow. Bad prom pictures are hilarious-so long as they're not yours.

    Now, I know, you crazy kids think the latest trends will never go out of style, but please read this post. To guide

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  • Is Botox Essential to Your Grooming Routine?

    By Elizabeth Angell, Allure magazine

    Anyone with a fear of needles might want to steer clear of the Logo network tomorrow night at 8. The network is airing a new show called Pretty Hurts, about "injector to the stars" Rand Rusher. Rusher is a nurse and, along with plastic surgeon Norman Leaf, runs a Beverly Hills-based clinic. Over the course of each episode, he treats a steady stream of people who come to him for fillers and Botox. A few patients have never submitted themselves to injectables before, while others have that slightly puffy, startled look of someone who's been in his chair a few too many times.

    It's mesmerizing to watch him asses each face for its flaws and manage the expectations of people desperate for the faces they had a decade ago-or may never have had. Rusher's job is part knowledgeable expert-he's obviously deft with a needle-and part counselor. He knows as well as his audience that he's not treating disease, and he regularly talks clients out of going

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  • Allure Exclusive: How to Get Gwyneth's Met-Ball Hair

    By Sophia Panych, Allure magazine

    Love the perfectly coiffed waves that Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the Met Ball last night? Here's how her longtime hairstylist David Babaii created them:

    "I wanted it to look slightly undone, like she just got out of the water and there's a little frizz and texture on the bottom," Babaii says. "And you won't believe me, but there was no hairspray, gel, or lotion used at all."

    To get the look, he started by parting Paltrow's hair in the middle, then prepped it with Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment ("It absorbs quickly to give strands a burst of shine," he says). Then, keeping the top part of her head flat and smooth, he curled her hair, going from her jawline to the ends, alternating with one- and two-inch curling irons. Twisting sections in both directions at random, he loosely wrapped them around the iron without clamping, tugging on them slightly as they cooled. "I just left each section around the barrel for a few seconds, it was more like a quick

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  • Two Body Parts That Could Be Making You Look Older

    By Heather Muir, Allure magazine

    After reading this blog title, you're probably expecting the following paragraph to be about how your hands can age you, right? We all know the importance of protecting them from pesky brown spots to keep them looking young. But last week at an SK-II product launch event, makeup artist Dotti (who has worked with Cate Blanchett for almost 15 years) revealed yet another set on the body that can make women look older:

    "Your ears-women tend to neglect them," she said. "I work with beautiful actresses, and you can tell the ones who don't pay attention to their ears." Really? So now there's something else we have to worry about in order to look better, longer?

    "The ears are prone to sun exposure, plus the skin on them is very thin, similar to the skin on the tip of your nose," Dotti said. "Treat them like you would the rest of your face-cleanse, moisturize, and when you have a little extra serum or cream on your hands, smooth it over them." Then,

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  • What's Your Number-One Skin Sin?

    By Kate Sullivan, Allure magazine

    I just touched my ancient computer mouse, my phone, and my face-in that order. I know I touch my face too much. Way more often than someone on multiple adult acne prescriptions should. Maybe I need to get hypnotized to stop-or have a swear-jar-esque collection plate on my desk so I have to pay up every time my index finger strays to the small blemish just south of my chin.

    In Allure's May story, "The 7 Biggest Skin Sins" by Theresa O'Rourke, dermatologist Jeannette Graf says adults with acne "overwash, they overtreat, and they overtouch." Guilty as charged.

    Graf may not be able to hypnotize me out of touching my face, but in the article, she and other dermatologists offers helpful tips for controlling adult acne, like switching to a gentler benzoyl peroxide solution such as Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment, and following our evening retinols with a mild moisturizer like CeraVe PM. "It contains niacinamide, which helps reduce sebum and redness

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  • Is It Ever OK to Show Skin at Work?

    By Sarah Wexler, Allure magazine

    Assuming your place of work is not a strip club, the obvious answer is no. It seems like common sense-in a professional setting, keep your clothing professional.

    Yet most offices have someone who's worn a low-cut top or upper-thigh-grazing skirt. And when that office is the buttoned-up British Parliament, showing skin gets even more controversial. Recently, a mystery woman was called out by a Telegraph editor who circled her cleavage in a photo and posted it online, saying,"There was an awful lot of cleavage on [the Prime Minister's meeting] today...whose boobs are these?"

    Turns out the cleavage-shower is super-accomplished Lisa Nandy; she's a labor representative who advocates for children's rights and has a master's degree in public policy. And though she was wearing a blazer on top, her corset-ish under shirt was unbuttoned to show at least three or four inches of cleavage. (Here's the pic if you want to see her outfit for yourself.)


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  • Kate Middleton Wears Essie's Allure-Inspired Nail Polish

    By Sophia Panych, Allure magazine

    Allure didn't just have a front row seat at Westminster Abbey this morning, we made an appearance right at the altar-in the form of Kate Middleton's freshly painted monarchical manicure. To our surprise, and delight, the news broke this morning that for the most watched wedding in the world, manicurist Marina Sandoval used a mix of Bourjois So Laque Nail Enamel in Rose Lounge (a very pale pink) and Essie Nail Polish in Allure, a beige polish Essie Weingarten created for the magazine almost 15 years ago.

    "I am so excited, you have no idea," Weingarten told us this morning over the phone. "I was screaming when I found out. You have the most perfect nude on the most perfect manicured nails and we're so fortunate that the royals chose to wear it on the most important day of their lives." An interesting tidbit? Essie polish has been the go-to nail product for every royal ceremony that Weingarten can remember.

    So how did this now-legendary shade come to

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  • Beauty Experts Weigh In On Kate Middleton's Wedding Look

    By Heather Muir, Allure magazine
    As young girls, many of us dreamed of becoming a princess, but today, Kate Middleton-in true fairy-tale style-made that fantasy a reality after tying the knot with Prince William.


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