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  • Do You Sleep With Your Makeup On?

    By Sarah Wexler, Allure magazine

    Recently Lady Gaga told People that starting when she was as young as four years old, her mother would put lipstick on her and talk to her about beauty.

    The best tip? "Ivory soap to wash your face." But apparently Mama Gaga didn't teach her rock star daughter everything: Lady Gaga admits that as an adult, she goes to bed with her makeup on seven nights a week. "That's not good for your skin," she acknowledges, "but I'm blessed with good genes." (Lucky for her!)

    If you've watched even a single episode of Jersey Shore, you know that all the girls are also guilty of falling asleep-or at least passing out-with a full face of makeup on. Maybe it's because in junior high I bad breakouts, but I would rather slack off in any other before-bed category (brushing teeth, changing into pajamas) than not wash my face; I literally can't remember the last time I went to bed with makeup on because I'm so concerned about breaking out. And according to dermatologists,

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  • Hairstylist Eva Scrivo's Best Tips From Her New Book

    By Heather Muir, Allure magazine

    Hairstylist Eva Scrivo owns a luxe salon on Bond Street in New York City, but her life wasn't always so glamorous. "I started doing hair 20 years ago in my fourth floor walk-up apartment in the East Village," she laughs. After working with both celebrities (Martha Stewart's a client!) and real women every day for the last two decades, Scrivo has a lot to say about hair. So she bottled up her greatest tricks of the trade (or "craft," as she calls it) and wrote a book, out this week, called Eva Scrivo On Beauty: The Tools, Techniques, And Insider Knowledge Every Woman Needs To Be Her Most Beautiful, Confident Self (Atria Books).

    And while the book is chock-full of hair secrets, like how to give yourself the perfect blowout and finding the most flattering hair color, Scrivo also offers up advice on skin-care, makeup, fashion, and wellness. "I chose to pull together the whole picture," explains Scrivo, who's hosted a weekly radio show on Sirius Satellite

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  • Reese Witherspoon Talks Fragrance, Workouts, and 1930s Beauty

    By Kate Sullivan, Allure magazine

    It seems like the pink-loving Elle Woods would approve: This week's People magazine shows photos of the newly married Reese Witherspoon in a "blush"-colored Monique L'Huillier wedding gown. (She saved the white dress, a Monique L'Huillier silk mini, for the reception.) We had a chance to chat with the actress before her nuptials, and while we didn't talk wedding day beauty, we sure covered everything else.

    When were you first allowed to wear perfume?
    "Not until I was like 16, when I went to dances my mom would let me wear perfume. I wore something really fruity and vanilla-y and cakelike from Bath & Body Works. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup until I was 14."

    Was the makeup thing a bit of a battle-did you want to wear it younger?
    "No, I didn't really. But it's so funny, as a teenager I wore so much more makeup than I do now. Why is it that young girls wear pile on makeup when they're probably looking their best? That's probably the best their skin

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  • How to Get The Hair Cut (And Color) You Want

    By Elizabeth Angell, Allure magazine

    I complimented a friend on her haircut recently and she gave me one of those scrunched up I-hate-it-but-thank-you-for-saying-you-like-it looks. She told me that she always asks her stylist to keep the layers long in front but he never seems to listen. "I wish I knew what to say so he'd give me what I want!" she wailed.

    I hate to see a friend in distress, so I asked around-and here's what I learned:

    Show, not tell:
    Show the stylist exactly where you want the layers to hit, says Tommy Buckett of the Marie Robinson salon. If you want layers that will go back into a ponytail, make sure he pulls those front pieces back to where you'd secure your ponytail and then checks that point again in the front, so he knows exactly how long they need to be.

    If you're still not getting a haircut you love-and you're feeling loyal enough to give him another try-Buckett recommends changing up the time of your appointment. Maybe he's a morning person and you've been

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  • How to Get a Natural-Looking Self-Tan

    By Victoria Land, Allure magazine

    Seeing photos of Kathy Griffin's pale, almost ghostly, complexion on the beach in Florida this week reminded me that I really need to get some (fake!) color before I jet off for my own vacation soon. But to make sure I don't over do it-and end up looking orange-I gathered some of the best expert tanning tips that have been featured in Allure. Here, a few of our favorite secrets for self-tanning success:

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    Don't go too deep. "Go for a tanner that's no more than a shade darker than your natural color," says makeup artist Scott Barnes. "When skin is too tan, it looks dirty, not radiant."

    Try a puff. "I don't like to squirt self-tanner right on the skin," says makeup artist Jillian Dempsey. "If you have a dry spot, it will attach to that." Instead, she pumps tanner onto a round velour puff (like you'd use for face powder), and then swirls it over the skin in circular motions. "Run the puff over the elbows and

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  • Is Your Waxer a Blabbermouth?

    By Sarah Wexler, Allure magazine

    I was interviewing a bikini waxer for a story recently when, out of the blue, she started telling me anecdotes about her clients. Her topics included what pubic hair shape they like, their grooming habits, who goes fully bare-and she identified several of these clients by their full names! Most horrifyingly of all, I knew one of them personally, and may never be able to make eye contact with this coworker again. How mortified would she be if she knew her waxer was talking about the exact state of her bush all over town?

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    It's not the first time I've had a waxer tell me stories about other clients, though it was the first time one used their names. Unlike doctors, aestheticians don't sign a HIPAA privacy agreement, and technically they're not really giving our your medical information...just your super-embarrassing pubic hair details. Still, it's not surprising that we expect them to behave as professionally as

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  • Allure Exclusive: First Look at New Cosmetic Surgery Stats

    By Joan Kron, Allure magazine

    Clap if you think J.Lo and Beyoncé deserve a commission on the 40 percent rise in butt augmentations performed between 2009 and 2010-a figure (pardon the pun) released today in the 2010 Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics collected by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Butt augmentations, the study found, are most popular with 19- to 34-year-olds. Butt lifts, which have increased by almost 30 percent, appeal more to the 35- to 50-year-old set (not a major shocker, because what 20-something has a saggy rear?).

    Both procedures are up a full 100 percent since 1997, when neither was even on the radar. This data confirms one of the interesting findings in Allure's new Beauty Survey: that these days, ahem, the ass is class-or, put another way, a curvy caboose is a desired asset (get it? Other fascinating new ASAPS stats:

    - In 2010, Americans spent $10.7 billion on cosmetic beautification.

    - There were 10.6

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  • What to Do With a Few Gray Hairs

    By Kate Sullivan, Allure magazine

    I have had a small number of stark white strands in my hair since I was 14. Since I come from early-graying roots (jokes!), I wasn't surprised by their appearance, but have marveled at their lack of progress. They're not clustered together, and are only noticed by other people every once in a great while. They've never bothered me, perhaps in part because they're a rather pretty white. (If this is the way my full head is going to be in 20 or 30 years-great.)

    But I recently overheard someone lamenting a slightly different situation. She, too, has only a few white hairs (defined by her as about 10 or 15) but they're front and center framing her face. It's not a X-Men's Rogue or Bride of Frankenstein situation where there's one white patch, but they're all nearby each other, and she feels like they're aging her prematurely. She wondered, "Is this too much to yank out, or is it time to color?" We asked colorist Rita Hazan of Rita Hazan New York for

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  • The Makeup Debate: Is It Appropriate to Come to Work Not Wearing Any?

    By Heather Muir, Allure magazine

    At Allure, we live and breathe beauty products, but that doesn't mean all of us put on our faces everyday to come to the office. (Though, truth be told, the beauty dept is always pretty decked.) Yes, the makeup/no makeup debate continues: Is it appropriate to come to work sans makeup? Here's what women in different professions have to say about the topic right now:

    "I teach five year olds and when I don't wear any makeup, they notice and aren't afraid to say, 'why do you look different today?' So I tend to put on the basics (some blush and lip gloss), even on my laziest days." -elementary school teacher

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    "From a managerial perspective, I wouldn't come down on someone on my team for not wearing makeup. I'd be harder on them if they came to the office inappropriately dressed. They shouldn't come in with messy hair or mascara under their eyes from the night before, but I think a

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  • Remembering, Elizabeth Taylor, Beauty Icon

    By Kate Sullivan, Allure magazine

    Elizabeth Taylor died of congestive heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles today, after battling the condition since 2004. In losing Taylor, we have lost one of our few living beauty icons; known for her "violet" eyes, she also had an arsenal of celebrity fragrances long before it was in vogue. In fact, White Diamonds, released in 1991, was still the most globally successful celebrity fragrance in 2008.

    Taylor's successful transition from child star to Oscar winner, many marriages, and pricey jewelry collection have made her a favorite of Allure's Beauty by Numbers page for years. It actually became a joke between editors when she would be absent from the beauty timeline ("What, no Elizabeth Taylor? How is that possible?").

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    Taylor will still be making her appearances on the page; she's already in the July text for a sunbathing incident that her former lover

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