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  • Flash Mob Robbers Steal $3,000 from Chicago Store. What Happened to Happy Dancing?

    The owner of MildBlend Supply Co. in Chicago posted this surveillance video of a flash mob robbing his store on Saturday. (Photo: YouTube/Mildblendtube)People put a positive spin on the idea of mob mentality with flash mobs, happy groups that came together in a public place to surprise crowds with choreographed dance moves and songs. Then came cash mobs, when well-intentioned consumers boosted sales at a local store by buying up whatever was in stock. Now the flash mob has taken a sinister turn: A Chicago store owner says his shop is the latest to be robbed by a flash mob, when a group of young adults showed up all at once and stole more than $3,000 worth of merchandise.

    According to the Chicago Sun Times, at around 6:40 p.m. on Saturday about 20 people entered the Mildblend Supply Co., a clothing store in a trendy part of Chicago, and started scooping up $200-a-pair jeans -- and then walked out of the store without paying for them.

    "I see a group of kids. They're coming in the store in a marching way, like a team," the store's owner, Luke Cho, told the newspaper. "After the 15th or 16th teenager was inside I knew something bad was

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  • Chick-fil-A Alternative: DIY Fried Chicken Sandwiches at Home

    You can make this Chick-fil-A-Copycat fried chicken sandwich at home, thanks to fans have been tearfully vowing to stop eating at the fast food chain since the privately owned company's president, Dan Cathy, told a religious newspaper that he and his company are against gay marriage.

    "Guilty as charged," Cathy said. "We are very much supportive of the family--the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that."

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    "We know that it might not be popular with everyone," he added, "but thank the Lord, we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles."

    Cathy's stance has sparked a debate about what constitutes "Biblical principles" -- ("No women will be hired, he will use slave labor, no shellfish on the menu, uniforms cannot be cotton-poly blends, women will not be served unless in the company of a man... you mean those biblical

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  • Sally Ride, First American Woman in Space, Dies at 61

    Sally ride on the flight deck of the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1983. (Photo: AP and NASA)Sally Ride -- the first American woman and the youngest American ever to travel into space -- has died at her home near San Diego, California. She was 61.

    She had been battling pancreatic cancer for 17 months, her company, Sally Ride Science, said on its website. A private person, she had told only a handful of people about her illness; NASA complied with her request to keep her health issues a secret.

    Ride rode the space shuttle Columbia in 1983 when she was just 32. She was a physicist, a science writer, a children's book author, a physics professor, and an inspiration to a generation of women.

    "As the first American woman to travel into space, Sally was a national hero and a powerful role model," President Barak Obama said in a statement. "She inspired generations of young girls to reach for the stars and later fought tirelessly to help them get there by advocating for a greater focus on science and math in our schools. Sally's life showed us that there are no limits to what we

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  • 10 Events for Your Own Backyard Olympics

    Make a hula-hoop contest part of your own backyard Olympics.One of the ironies of the Summer Olympics is that so many sports fans show their support for U.S. athletes by gluing themselves to the TV and turning into couch potatoes for the duration of the games. Sure, getting together with friends and neighbors to watch the Olympics is great, but you can bring the fun and fitness to a higher level by hosting your own backyard Olympic games as well.

    WATCH: Raising an Olympian: Lolo Jones

    "Let's support Team USA not just by cheering them on at home, but by striving to live up to the examples they set," the first lady said last week in a video message. "Let's encourage our children to get active just like their Olympic heroes."

    Nearly 200 communities have signed on Saturday's Let's Move! meetup, which coincides with the first day of Olympic competition in London. If you can't coordinate with other local families to cheer on America's athletes, though, you can still join the fun at home. Here are 10 events

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  • Penn State Football Sanctions: Fair, Too Far, or Not Far Enough?

    Penn State students and employees reacts as they listen to a television report about the NCAA sanctions. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)On Monday, the NCAA announced that it would punish Penn State's football program for protecting assistant coach Jerry Sandusky and allowing his sexual abuse of children to continue unchecked for years. The sanctions -- among the harshest ever handed down by the organization -- include eliminating scholarships, banning post-season activities, vacating all of the team's victories from 1998 to 2011, and imposing a $60 million fine.

    Paterno gets fired, football fans riot. Where's the outrage over the rape of a child?

    "[The penalties] reflect the magnitude of these terrible acts but also assures Penn state will rebuild an athletic culture that went horribly awry," NCAA president Mark Emmert said at a press conference in Indianapolis. "Football will never be put ahead of educating, protecting and nurturing young people."

    The University accepted the sanctions without question.

    "The NCAA ruling holds the University accountable for the failure of those in power to protect children and

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  • Giuliana Rancic on Fitness, Recovering from Cancer, and Looking Forward to Motherhood

    Guiliana Rancic and her husband, Bill, at the Gracie Awards Gala on May 22, 2012 in Los Angeles. (Photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)She's dealt with infertility, triumphed over breast cancer, and recovered from a double mastectomy. Now, E! News anchor and Style Network star Giuliana Rancic is getting ready for her next challenge: juggling her career and motherhood.

    Her son is due to make his debut just six weeks from now, via a gestational surrogate.
    While the Rancics haven't decided whether to let their baby appear on their reality TV show "Giuliana & Bill," a few guest spots are not out of the question.

    "We want our viewers to meet the baby and see the baby," she told Yahoo! Shine in an interview on Thursday. "We're not going to be those people who took the viewers on a journey and then that's it, cameras off."

    But until he gets here, Rancic is focusing on fitness.

    "I used to spend a lot of time on the treadmill, and I would be running for up to an hour at a time," she says. "It was incredibly boring, and caused a lot of joint pain, pain in the lower back, my neck would hurt."

    She's switched in intervals on

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  • How Much Caffeine Are You Consuming?

    How much caffeine do you consume each day?If you've been drinking green tea for its health benefits, you may be in for a jittery surprise: ounce for ounce, it has more caffeine than a can of Classic Coke. Trying to stay awake? Many energy drinks are all hype, with less caffeine per can than a cup of regular coffee.

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    According to Energy Fiend, a site that tracks listed and unlisted caffeine content in food and drinks, some of the most popular drinks out there have far more -- or far less -- caffeine than you might think.

    Coca-cola classic has 2.8 mg of caffeine per ounce, while generic green tea (that you brew yourself at home, loose or from a tea bag) has about 3.1 mg of caffeine per ounce. In addition to checking out the caffeine content of sodas, coffees, and teas, the site also analyzed energy drinks and energy shots. Those concentrated shots, obviously, pack the biggest caffeine punch: 5-hour energy has about 69 milligrams of caffeine per fluid ounce, and Redline Power Rush has about twice

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  • Boy Scouts Decide to Uphold Policy Against Gays. Does This Go Against What They Claim to Stand For?

    The Boy Scouts will continue to ban openly gay people from being members or volunteers. (Photo: Thinkstock)After two years of review, the Boy Scouts of America announced today that they will uphold their policy of banning homosexuals from volunteering with or being members of the organization.

    "After careful consideration of a resolution asking the Boy Scouts of America to reconsider its longstanding membership standards policy, today the organization affirmed its current policy, stating that it remains in the best interest of Scouting and that there will be no further action taken on the resolution," the BSA said in a statement.

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    The decision was made by an 11-member special committee, whom the organization refused to identify, saying only that the committee members "included a diversity of perspectives and opinions" and their decision "reflects the beliefs and perspectives of the BSA's members, thereby allowing Scouting to remain focused on its mission and the work it is doing to serve more youth."

    "With the country moving toward

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  • Public Display of Presidential Affection: The Obamas on the Kiss Cam

    The President and the First Lady's very public display of affection. (Photos: AP)

    In a very public display of affection, President Barack Obama leaned in to give First Lady Michelle Obama a sweet smooch when they discovered themselves featured on the Kiss Cam at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. on Monday. The lovebirds were there to watch the U.S. men's national team play Brazil in a pre-Olympic exposition game (daughter, Malia, came along, as did Vice President Joe Biden).

    (Photo: Pablo Martinez/AP)(Photo: Pablo Martinez/AP)

  • What Does it Take to Get People Outraged Over Sexual Assault?

    Liz Gorman's post about being sexually assaulted has sparked a new debate about what women should tolerate. (Photo: Courtesy of Liz Gorman via The Washington Post)From guys who insist that "no" doesn't really mean "no" to lawmakers who say that women should stay in abusive marriages and institutions that discourage victims from reporting rape, society seems to say that domestic abuse and sexual assault are things women are supposed to grade along a curve and tolerate, depending on the severity of the situation. When saying "no" isn't an option -- as was the case for many of the women who were assaulted by higher-ranking soldiers at Lackland Airforce Base in San Antonio, Texas -- keeping silent can seem easier, a way to limit the damage or avoid another violation.

    But when Liz Gorman, a 25-year-old photographer in Washington, D.C., was groped by a stranger in broad daylight last week, she fought back with a personal essay that has sparked a new debate about why women put up with sexual assault at all.

    Related: Lauren Luke's powerful PSA urges victims of domestic violence not to cover it up

    "I was in Dupont Circle at 3:30 p.m. yesterday and was

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