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  • 7 Bathing Suits That Raise the Swim-Up Bar

    Hey, Marco Polo, we're talking to you. Grab your gear and get ready for some pool-time hijinks.

    American Eagle Striped String Halter Bikini

    The nautical trend hasn't set sail yet. This striped bikini looks both stylish and seaworthy.

    Available at, top, $24.50; bottom, $24.50.


    Roxy Tankini Top and '70s Low-Rider Bottoms

    The canary yellow color calls for a little fun in the sun.

    Available at, top, $52; bottom, $34.

    Old Navy Embroidered Eyelet String Bikini

    Bright party frocks and flip-flops? Check. Your white-hot essential? Check.

    Available at, top, $19.50; bottom, $19.50.


    J.Crew Polka Dot Bandeau Top and Shorts

    Go a little 'Gidget' in this retro-inspired suit with charming grommet details.

    Available at, top, $46; bottom, $50.

    Urban Outfitters Printed Romper Cover-Up

    A pretty floral print to take you from beach-side to the barbecue.

    Available at, $49.

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  • Find Your Next Signature Scent

    Lucky Scent manager Steven Gontarski smells smells all day. We put his discerning sniffer to use and asked him to describe a few of his favorite scents.

    At the Beach 1966 by CB I Hate Perfume

    "A scent trigger can create an impossibly detailed impression of a moment from long ago, as though no time has passed at all. At the Beach 1966 recalls lying in the sun, glistening with Coppertone, basking in the lazy days of summer vacation," Gontarski says.

    Available at, $70.


    Kyoto by Comme des Garcons Series 3

    "Wafts of Japanese incense burned during holy ceremonies mingle with the cedar soaking tubs used in bathing rituals," Gontarski says.

    Available at, $80.


    10 Corso Como by 10 Corso Como

    "It's named after the address of the fashion house in Milan. It has an effervescent, feminine wood fragrance. This perfume has a large, faithful following around the world based on word-of-mouth

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  • 6 Bright Home Accessories to Welcome Spring

    Color-block patterns take your home from Blandsville to Squaresville. (And that's a good thing.)
    Pinch-and-Pour Prep Bowls

    Give 'em a little squeeze and these dishes sprout a spout. If only your cooking skills were as magical.

    Available at, $15.


    LED Multidisplay Alarm Clock

    Running late looks all the more lovely in Technicolor digits.

    Available at, $6.


    Junior Pink Tonal Square Rug

    This llama-wool rug just goes to show that a sweet dwelling starts from the floor up.

    Available at, $650.

    Rice dk Tiered Square Food Containers

    A step above the rest, Rice dk's microwave- and dishwasher-safe stacked lunch box will make eating at your desk feel like a picnic.

    Available at, $15.

    Linen Cocktail Napkins

    The dark-chocolate dribble oozing from the left corner of our mouth is obviously intentional: We'll do anything for a reason to

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  • We Road Test Diaper Bags for Moms on the Go

    We're not sure if it's hormones or the inability to accessorize with a belt, but nothing comes between a mom-to-be and her quest for the perfect diaper bag.

    Here are four carryalls that have this road test in the bag.

    Nest Bleecker
    Load capacity: The sophisticated and polished exterior opens wide for a roomy catchall. Plus, interior pockets are lined with water-resistant nylon in case of spills.
    Celebrity look-alike: Kate Middleton
    Pocket you'll love most: The zippered bottom compartment that becomes a changing station.
    Cost: $150


    storksak jools diaper bag!Storksak Jools
    Load capacity: Designed for quick, run-to-class outings, it easily fits two diapers, a pack of wipes, butt balm, one sippy, hand sanitizer, snacks, and the wallet without losing its discreet no-way-that's-a-diaper-bag profile.
    Celebrity look-alike: J.Lo
    Pocket you'll love most: The vertical front pocket that's the perfect place to not lose your iPhone.
    Cost: $158

    skip hop bento diaper bag!Skip Hop Bento

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  • Great Products for Pets and the People Who Love Them

    Good Karma Rope Toys

    Not only are Jax & Bones dog toys ecofriendly, the company also donates a portion of profits to animal rescue. We love looking at the uncommon designs (crab, penguin, lobster, camel) as much as our pups love to chew them.

    Available at, $8.50-$16.

    Big Dog Treats

    Twice a year, when we visit our grandma in Alabama, we eat biscuits and gravy, which is why it comforts us to reward our top dog with Big Dog gourmet treats in that very flavor. We know Nana would approve.

    Available at, $7 for a twelve-ounce box.

    Show Dogs iPad App

    It took two years to produce the images for Show Dogs: a Photographic Breed Guide by Kate Lacey. Now the eye-popping book is an iPad app, complete with breed pictures, facts, and trivia. Download it and you'll never feel confused about that Dandie Dinmont at the dog park again.

    Book, available at, $17; app, available at, $5.

    Chelsea Dog Collar


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  • DIY Spray Tan

    If you've been through a rough winter, it's likely your legs, arms, stomach, and back haven't seen the light of day for ages. Don't be self-conscious to show skin again: Banish the pale with a DIY tan. Good results are guaranteed if you follow the simple steps below.


    General Rules:

    Use an aerosol self tanner -- the fine mist yields a more flawless, even cover and will be less likely to streak.
    Before you start, shower, shave or wax, and lightly exfoliate. Don't apply moisturizer -- it will act as a barrier on your skin.
    Always hold the bottle about 6 inches away from your body.

    Applying tanner to your face and neck: Gently close your eyes, hold your breath, and spray for no more than 30 seconds. Don't squint or you'll wind up with streaks. Spray each side, making sure to get into your hairline so you don't have a white scalp. Apply the tanner in the same way to the front and back of the neck. If you spray tan every week, you'll want to use a towel to

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  • Get Your Gold On

    Get gilt to the hilt with these heavy-metal contenders.
    Submerged Treasure Ring

    This shiny gold doubloon of a ring backs up your "I was raised by pirates" schtick.

    Available at, $38.

    23 Rock-Solid Engagement Rings

    Leather Stash Sack

    Ain't nothing but a gold digger? Then you'll feel right at home excavating personals from this pouch.

    Available at, $30.

    Dolce & Gabbana Shine Lipstick

    Up your smooch factor with semisheer lipsticks that add a touch of shine to your pucker.

    Available at, $30.

    Classic Lipsticks Colors

    Butter London Nail Polish

    Butter's West End Wonderland glitter polish is jazz hands in a bottle.

    Available at, $14.

    48 Nail Polishes for Mani Maniacs

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  • Trying on the Bright Makeup Trend

    Quit waving that white flag and side with spring's bright makeup trend.

    Red lips come out of the shadows and into the light for spring.

    Clinique Chubby Stick in chunky cherry, available at, $15. Tom Ford Beauty Private Blend in cherry lush, available at, $45.


    Don't discount the classics (or the cliches). Let your kisser be pretty in pink.

    Piret & Tamara Lip Slip in strawberry, available at, $25. Lime Crime Countessa Fluorescent opaque lipstick, available at, $16. YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Le Fuchsia, available at, $30. Covergirl Lip Perfection lipstick in Spellbound, available at, $6.

    Give Crayola a run for its money with cheerily hued peepers.

    Napoleon Perdis Color Discs in Tequila Sunrise, Pink Slink, and Scarlet Woman, available at, $25 each.


    Cure your makeup boredom with

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  • Spring Trends: Everything's Coming Up Roses

    One of favorite trends for spring is the floral prints. Get a head start on the season by trying on these blossom-covered finds.

    J.Crew Swimsuit

    Everyone needs a good wedgie-free one-piece that makes her feel as giddy as Gidget.

    Available at, $138.

    Topshop Satin Underwear

    Save the cotton briefs for Mondays through Thursdays, and whip out teeny side-tie panties on Fridays.

    Available at, $8.


    Cheer up, buttercup. These flowery tights will put a spring in your step.

    Available at, $12.

    Motel Romper

    The trend that can't be killed (rainbow leopard rompers, really?) looks surprisingly palatable.

    Available at, $68.

    Free People Miniskirt

    A seemingly mom-approved mini that scrunches up to show off miles of leg reminds us of the good old sneaking-out-of-the-house days.

    Available at, $48.

    Old Navy Scarf

    Make like Grace Kelly and knot a scarf around your head.

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  • Spring Trend Alert: How to Wear the Fruit Trend

    Vibrant prints on the spring 2011 Stella McCartney, Prada, Suno, and Z Spoke by Zac Posen runways leave us hungry for more fruit-flavored inspiration. Check out these budget-friendly ways to work the latest trend into your wardrobe.

    Strawberry-Print Scarf

    A statement scarf for the Strawberry Shortcake set.

    Available at, $28.

    The Creme Shop Nail Decals

    Plaster fingertips with miniature slices of apple, kiwi, watermelon, and lime from The Crème Shop.

    Available at, $12.

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    Banana Necklace

    Hump Day becomes Fun Day when a low-hanging banana necklace is your go-to accessory.

    Available at, $20.

    Cherry Earrings

    Bright baubles won't weigh down your lobes.

    Available at, $6.

    Red Delicious Ring

    Although totally inedible (and made from brass), this shiny little ring will be the apple of your eye.

    Available at, $48.

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