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  • 7 Best and Worst Mom Cuts of All Time

    When I was a freshman in high school -- when looking cool was vital -- I did what all kids do at some point: I asked my mom to drop me off a block away from the school entrance. It wasn't because I didn't want my friends to see me hopping out of her Honda minivan. It was my mom's hair.

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    My mom had one of those hideous cuts that was too short in the front and too long in the back, and her bangs always looked like she got caught in the rain and had to dry her hair under a bathroom hand dryer.

    Was I a brat? Yes. Did my mom's hair look god-awful? Hell yes.

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    Since then, I've become less self-conscious -- and my mom has thankfully found a more flattering 'do. But looking at other moms (even those on the red carpet), I get the sense that a bad short haircut is like a rite of passage to mommy-hood.

    So, for this Mother's Day, I decided to help by rounding up the 7 best and worst celeb mom cuts. This

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  • 5 Mother's Day Gifts Your Mom Would Never Buy Herself

    I ended up with a great mom.

    Some of you will hate on me for this statement. Some of you will chime in below about how you also scored a stellar mother. And those of you in my "I've got an awesome mom" camp will probably agree with me when I say this: Much of what makes my mom so amazingly and completely awesome is that she's the most selfless person I know.

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    Cart my 4th grade butt to the science fair, then karate, then ballet class, then soccer practice? Check.

    Ignore my attitude problem during those awkward, rebellious teenage years? Mmmhmm.

    Be the one person I wanted to call when things took a turn for the crappy, like when I got dumped by my first love and demoted at work when the economy tanked? She answered and said all the right things.

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    And here's the thing about those great, selfless mothers: They're so busy thinking about how everyone else is doing that they end up

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  • 6 Best Brow Growth Serums

    Back in the '90s, pencil thin was in when it came to eyebrows. I was obsessed with keeping mine as slender as possible so I tweezed, waxed, and threaded my brows until they were barely there.

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    Then Jennifer Lopez came on the scene, and one of the first things I noticed about the singer was her thicker arches. She became my inspiration to finally put down the tweezers and cancel my weekly waxing appointments.

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    I've got one little problem, though: My eyebrows are still struggling to grow back after years of plucking. So I've learned to fake it. Gels, pencils, and powders -- I've tried them all. But these imitations just don't look as good as the real deal; my drawn in arches look fake and simply can't compare to the natural bush seen on all of the runways and magazine spreads these days.

    Which is why I decided to put down the pencil, and pick up a growth serum. We rounded up

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  • 8 Essentials for the "No Makeup" Makeup Look

    I'm always game to try out the latest hair and makeup trends, but one that I just can't seem to master is the "no-makeup" makeup look.

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    Every spring, fresh face models parade down the catwalks and appear in magazine spreads looking like they don't have a stitch of makeup on. And every year, I try this "less is more" look and end up looking like an even pastier-pale version of myself.

    As any makeup artist who's any good will tell you, the minimal makeup look takes a lot of effort. You can't just slap on a hint of tinted moisturizer and a swipe of nude lipstick and call it a day.

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    So, what is the secret to that barely-there, I-look-like-I-just-had-great-sex glowy makeup? These 8 products, and the expert tips that'll help you use them.


    The less makeup you have on, the more natural your look; so if your skin is in good condition, feel free to skip

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  • The 10-Second Secret to Clear, Glowing Skin

    When I was a teenager dealing with hyperactive hormones (and a hyperactive case of breakouts), I conducted a massive oil purge in my beauty products. If it didn't say "oil-free" and "non-comedogenic" on the label, I wasn't letting it near my face.

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    I kept up my Great Oil Expulsion of '99, even after experts said oil was the key to beautiful hair, strong nails, and a perfect complexion.

    I said hogwash.

    Even as oil became the new hero of the beauty industry, I still couldn't shake my high school bias. Oil clogged my pores, caused my breakouts, and left me looking sweaty instead of dewy … right?

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    Not quite. According to the experts, you just have to find the right oil for your skin. I recently decided to try one called Sundari Essential Oil for Oily Skin. The formula was extremely light, the instructions called for only two drops (how much damage could that do?), and the website explained that the

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  • The Products Eco-Experts Choose and Use

    When it comes to buying natural beauty products, I'm a sucker who falls for any thing that's labeled "organic" or has a pretty leaf or flower on the package. Why? Truth is that despite my extensive beauty background, I find myself in the embarrassing (yet so common) position of being unable to decipher "good" ingredients from the "bad" (although this guide has helped a lot). Label reading is downright confusing, not to mention intimidating.

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    Of course, buying every so-called natural product is a less than stellar strategy to employ when seeking out what's truly good for you and the planet. So, in my effort to go green the right way, I thought I'd try to find out which products people in the know snatch up. So, I made a few calls, cashed in some favors and got the chance to peek inside the medicine cabinets of three top eco experts: Tata Harper, Josie Maran, and Yael Alkalay. Each of these planet-loving, successful women founded

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  • Do Teen Magazines Have a Responsibility to Feature REAL Girls in Their Pages?

    As a tween/teen back in the '80s, I was a semi-regular model for "Seventeen" magazine. I never made the cover or anything highfaluting like that, but they used me a lot for beauty shoots, exercise demos, fashion spreads, and the like. This, of course, was back when actresses acted and models modeled -- none of that crossover craziness had begun as of yet.

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    This was also way before PhotoShop existed. (It was probably even before the dude at Adobe who invented PhotoShop existed.) But, for a teen magazine, that was probably a good thing. Girls from all around the country could look at us, the "models," and see that we were pretty much like the rest of them -- just with better lighting, and pro hair and makeup folks gussying us up behind the scenes.

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    My how times have changed. These days, if you flip through a copy of "Seventeen" or "Teen Vogue" or any other glossy kids book, you'll be

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  • 30 Days to a Bikini-ready Belly

    Summer is almost here, and while most women are welcoming the new season by stocking up on sunscreen and buying new bikinis, I'm spending my time trying to find cute cover-ups and one-piece suits that don't expose my midriff.

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    You see, even though I know the time for pool parties and beach BBQs is upon us, I'm still not finding the time to use my gym membership. Instead, I'm still wearing my comfy, bulky sweaters that also conveniently hide my excess weight. The problem? In just a couple weeks I'm not going to look so hot in my drenched-with-sweat knitwear.

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    But instead of expecting myself to make a dramatic lifestyle change (since, let's face it, that's not happening anytime soon), I found a simple workout plan that'll help me shed my love handles in a month. That gives me just enough time before my first pool party to get in shape -- and ditch my maillot for a new bikini. Want

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  • Which Celebrity is Your Style Icon?

    When I was 14, I was obsessed with Audrey Hepburn. "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "Funny Face," and "Sabrina" were always in heavy rotation in my house. I had posters covering the walls, devoured every biography and style book written on the actress, and ballet flats were my go-to shoe (still are!).

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    Today, my fierce love affair with Ms. Hepburn continues. While I don't wear a tiara to the office, I'm not ashamed to admit I do sleep in a replica of Holly Golightly's glittery aqua eye mask. Go ahead and giggle, but I know I am not alone in my life-long admiration of Audrey.

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    Celebrities have always inspired beauty trends, but only a select few, like Audrey, have managed to continue to do so for generations. Here are three our readers love most -- plus easy ways to add a modern take to their iconic looks. Now tell us -- who is your style icon?


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  • How to Lose Those Last 5 Pounds

    In an age where children are being raised in SpongeBob SquarePants' hyperactive sea instead of Mister Rogers' calm neighborhood, it's no surprise that Generation Y has a very short attention span -- and zero patience.

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    At least that's what I'm blaming for my aversion to exercising. It's not my fault running on the treadmill and doing the Downward Dog bores me -- it's my upbringing! (Although, truth be told, SpongeBob came after my youth.) Yet no matter what I point my lazy finger at, the result is the same: I can't seem to lose weight.

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    So I decided to do something about it. I channeled my energy and resources into finding out how I can lose 5 pounds fast. Did I succeed? Not only did I find a quick fix, I found a routine that has a good shot at keeping the weight off.

    And no, there's no starving or feeding myself through tubes. Check it out:


    Who knew your favorite

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