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  • Want a Tattoo that Tingles when Your Phone Rings?

    Question: Would you get a tattoo? No? OK, let's try sweetening the deal. Would you get a tattoo if it let you know when your phone rang?

    Seems that the brainiacs at Nokia have invented a magical tattoo that tingles when someone calls you. To do this, they're using "haptic feedback" (communication via touch) which is the same way that, say, a Nintendo Wii controller works.

    12 Beauty Breakthroughs You Must Try in 2012

    The technology isn't available quite yet -- the Finnish cell phone giant only recently submitted the patent application -- but, when it is, this is how it'll work:

    You get your butt (or your arm or leg or what have you) to your local tattoo parlor for some ink. Once your rose, dragon, M.O.M., etc. heals, you get it magnetized using the new technology. And from then on, whenever your phone jingles, you tingle.

    Of course, there are all sorts of vibrator-type jokes being made at the mere mention of such a thing, and those are just the

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  • The Yoga DVD that Works -- Fast

    I love yoga. I love the feeling I have when I roll out my mat and wonder what poses I will do. I love the way it forces me to quiet my mind and drop all the drama that unfolded during my day. I love the way I feel when I leave class and the lessons I take with me off the mat (and yes, I realize I sound like I drank the yoga Kool-Aid).

    What I don't love about yoga? The crazy-high price tag.

    My credit card's "annual summary" landed in my e-mail inbox a few months ago and I had a decidedly un-zen-like reaction when I saw how much I dropped on yoga classes over the course of a year. Let's just say when I realized it was more than what I spent on organic groceries, I felt the need to look into some alternatives.

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    And I came up with a real winner. Want to see which at-home yoga DVD helped me drop 10 pounds and tone up? Here's my story …

    The DVD: "Yogalosophy"

    My starting point:

    Height: 5'3"

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  • 8 Beauty Products You Should Stash at the Office

    I love checking out other companies' offices. It's right up there with my HGTV obsession -- is there anything better than peering inside strangers' houses? But I digress.

    Just yesterday, I was at a makeup brand's headquarters and found myself fascinated by the beauty tips they had decaled on the windows, the inspiration boards featuring Kate Middleton's wedding makeup, and, most of all, the in-house manicurist! (Employees are encouraged to take a break and stop by for a polish change whenever they need it -- I'm not kidding.)

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    While the nail station was cool, all the other beauty products scattered on the workers' desks were from that one brand. As far as desk voyeurism is concerned, I prefer to poke around other beauty editors' desks. What I discovered from years of spying is that we all keep a lot of the same things at our cubicles. We hoard our favorite lip glosses, fill our pencil jars with eyeliners, and always have

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  • 7 Apps That'll Help You Lose Weight -- Fast

    I'm a sucker for deals. I singlehandedly discovered this drugstore eye cream that works just like La Mer; I'm the queen of designer finds at thrift stores; and I'm all over Groupon like smoked gouda cheese on a whole wheat cracker.

    And my latest dollar stretcher? These 7 fitness apps.

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    Thanks to the entrepreneurial brilliance of app creators, we now have access to the same fitness tools that the rich and famous use all with a swipe of our fingers -- and for a fraction of the cost. These 7 apps have the latest in GPS, motion sensor, and bar scanning technology to give you the tools you need to get in the best shape of your life -- without draining your wallet. See them now.


    Sure, Adriana Lima and Rihanna have amazing bodies. They also have amazing personal trainers. And now we can, too. Thanks to Nike Training Club, you can get exclusive workouts from celebrities like Lea Michele, athletes likeRead More »from 7 Apps That'll Help You Lose Weight -- Fast
  • Are You Doing the Right Workout for Your Age?

    This weekend, I dared to do what women everywhere hate to do: I pulled out my favorite pair of skin-tight skinny jeans from the deep recesses of my closet to see how they fit.

    Why would I put myself through that kind of self-inflicted torture? Because I've been working out like an animal since January 1, logging more miles on the treadmill in the last three months than I have my whole life.

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    And every time I wanted to ditch the gym, or bail halfway through my workout to meet up with my besties for cocktails and fried appetizers, I thought of those skinny jeans and how they leave red marks on my stomach. And so I'd endure my sweat sessions.

    Which is why I had high hopes as I slipped one foot in, then another. And when I could barely squeeze those damn jeans over my butt, I was seriously pissed.

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    Why am I not seeing results? Dan Trink, director of

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  • 5 Ways to Wear Neon Makeup Without Looking Crazy

    As far as I'm concerned, there are only three appropriate ways to wear neon after the age of 12:

    1. Pink or lime green Nike running shoes

    2. A neon headband for "Disco Night" at the roller rink

    3. Glow stick bracelets at a New Year's Eve party

    Anything else looks tacky and unflattering. But lately, neon has been cropping up in places other than parties and athletic stores. It's been showing up on grown women's faces.

    Neon makeup sounds like a 5-year-old's dream -- not a mature woman's -- but the runways seem to be bent on proving me wrong. Every new nail polish has a neon finish and hot pink lips are becoming a street-wear norm, so I reluctantly decided to give neon makeup a whirl.

    And … I kind of love it.

    8 Daring Color Trends Everyone Can Pull Off

    If you're wary of neon makeup hues like I was, check out these 5 makeup looks from pro artists. They give feedback on everything from finding the right neon colors for your skin tone to

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  • 12 Worst Hair Conditioners

    While some women commit their lives to rearing children, establishing their career, or finding the perfect male specimen to marry, I've dedicated the majority of my life to one mission: Finding a conditioner that'll turn my weed-like hair into spun silk.

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    Is it really too much to ask for a conditioner to do as it claims? To give me soft and shiny hair that tumbles gently over my shoulders, instead of a tangled, out-of-control mess that sticks up every which way?

    I think not.

    But sadly, I've spent a small fortune on conditioners that did absolutely nothing to tame my rat's nest of a head. And I don't want you to repeat my money-sucking, let-down inducing mistakes.

    That's why, with the help of our readers, I compiled the 12 worst hair conditioners ever. Women say these left their hair greasy, dirty, and even more tangled than when they started. Read on to see which bottles you should avoid.

    No. 12: Lush Jungle

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  • 7 Makeup Colors that Work on Everyone

    If you took a look at my Pinterest boards, you wouldn't see recipes for cake pops or DIY wax seals. No, you'd see pins of gorgeous, wild makeup: pictures of shockingly pink lips, dramatic smoky eyes, and bright rosy cheeks. All of the colors are so bold, so fresh, so … not anything I ever wear. Ever.

    Why? Because I've logged enough hours in Sephora, trying and re-trying samples of all my dream makeup colors, to know that the shades that look amazing on the models in magazines do not look amazing on me. I may dream of Technicolor makeup, but I always end up with the same, basic, safe palette.

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    But according to celebrity makeup artists David Maderich and Christina Guerra, safe doesn't have to equal boring. In fact, these experts call on just a handful of makeup products when working on all of their star clients, from pale-skinned Julianne Moore to chocolate-complexioned Kerri Washington. The colors of

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  • BB Cream: "Miracle in a Bottle" or Pure Hype?

    In the last six months, every person I know has asked me for a BB cream recommendation. I haven't seen a beauty product become this wildly popular since the Topsy Tail circa 1991.

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    If you've been living in a parallel universe devoid of magazines, websites, and Sephora, I'll break it down for you: BB stands for "beauty balm" or "blemish balm," and these creams have been huge in Asia for years. They recently arrived in the U.S., and they're being touted as "all-in-one miracle creams" that combine skin-care ingredients with SPF and a tint for coverage.

    Unfortunately, it's mostly marketing hype. "There's nothing magical about a BB cream," says Washington D.C.-based dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi. But if you're looking for a new tinted moisturizer -- and you're not opposed to paying $35+ -- there are plenty of options.

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    However, if you're more of a foundation girl, BB

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  • The Secret to Looking Beautiful at Every Age

    It's no secret that we're a society obsessed with youth. We sign up for baby Botox at the sign of our first wrinkle, plonk down our plastic at the dermatologist's office for that laser therapy insurance won't cover, and collectively spend an estimated $115.5 billion per year on anti-aging products.

    So it's somewhat shocking that it took a 90-year-old fashionista to remind us that beauty isn't only reserved for the 25-year-olds: "We have an insane love affair for youth," says Iris Apfel, MAC Cosmetics' newest spokesperson. "Youth is lovely and wonderful, but … life doesn't stop when you're 30."

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    Apfel may describe herself as a "geriatric starlet," but according to MAC, her face is selling just as much product as Gaga these days.

    "I find it pitiful that people lie about their age. What's wrong with getting old? I think if you're lucky enough to get old, you should celebrate," says Apfel.


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