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  • Male Cosmetic Surgeries on the Rise: Which Gender is Really More Vain?

    Last Saturday night I got into a "discussion" with my boyfriend. It started when I was in front of my vanity, carefully applying Step 7 of my makeup routine (highlighter above my cheekbones), and my S.O. yelled, "Are you ready yet? How long does it take to put on some lipstick?"

    OK, so curling my hair and perfecting my cat-eye takes longer than slapping on some Chapstick. But am I the only high-maintenance one in this relationship?

    I. Think. Not.

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    I reminded my boyfriend (in my most snarky tone) how often he whines about his "not balding, but slightly thinning" hair and big ears he wishes he could pin back.

    Since my boyfriend -- and really, much of the male race -- won't acknowledge how much they really care about their appearance, I'll do it for them.

    First up: A recent "20/20" episode that highlighted a growing cosmetic surgery fad this year, one that's not for women.

    While Tom Cruise has his loafer lifts

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  • 7 Fancy Braids for Dummies

    I am many things -- a good cook, a decent artist, a fair-to-middling linguist -- but coordinated I am not. Sure, I can hit a tennis ball with some power and can carve my way around a ski slope, but basic hand/eye coordination has never been my forte.

    That's why I suck at applying makeup. And also why I'm beyond hopeless at trying my hand at any of those newfangled braids that are all the rage these days.

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    For most people, being utterly inept at things like creating a smoky eye or waterfall braid is no big deal. As a beauty editor however, it's alternately humbling and humiliating. This is why I surround myself with the best people in hair and makeup and pump them for tips on how to best fake being less of a lost cause.

    Take these easy-to-follow tips for recreating eight of the coolest new braids out there. They're succinct, thorough, and simple enough for even me to achieve -- and that's saying a lot.


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  • 10 New Workouts that Don't Feel like Work

    If you had to sum up your current exercise routine with two words, what would they be?

    I'll give you mine: ho and hum.

    It's not that it's a bad workout routine; it's just that it's gotten as predictable as the plotline of "Glee." Maybe that's one of the reasons I (and a lot of my fellow Americans) tend to give up on my exercise efforts. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that only 18.8 percent of us meet the physical activity guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening physical activity. Maybe we just need our routines jazzed up a little.

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    "People are used to thinking of exercise as something that has to fit into certain parameters: has to be in a gym, or you have to be wearing athletic clothing," says Maria Brilaki, founder of, a fitness habits website. "All those rules burden exercise and limit creativity. They make working out so complicated!"


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  • 7 Celebrity Beauty Lies You Should Never Believe

    I love celebrities. "US Weekly" is my holy grail and I devour for breakfast with my morning cup of Joe. So when Zooey Deschanel says it's her $4 Rimmel mascara that gives her falsie-looking lashes and not actual falsies, I will go to CVS and buy a tube. And when Reese Witherspoon says her blemish-free skin is due to adding a tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll to her water cup, I'll keep a bottle of the stuff next to the office water cooler.

    It's not that I'm a gullible person. I'm aware that celebrities have entire teams of trainers, dermatologists, and stylists, but I still think if I can copy just some of their tricks then I, too, can have abs of steel, wake up with perfectly tousled hair, and sport flawless skin.

    But, as you can probably guess, that never actually happens. Instead, I look exactly the same, just with a few less dollars in my wallet.

    Well, no more! I asked experts to bust some of the beauty lies that Hollywood's biggest A-listers

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  • Jennifer Aniston's $141,037 Beauty Routine

    Say what you will, but I've always rooted for Team Jen. My love for Jennifer Aniston started during her days as the annoying but oh-so-loveable Rachel Green, and her recent impression of Chelsea Handler on "After Lately" only solidified my girl crush. She's funny, she's hot, and she's only getting better with age.

    The star is 43 years old. For-ty-three. So of course, I want to know how the heck she keeps her skin looking more youthful and flawless than my supposedly-at-peak-20-something complexion. That's why I was all ears when the intrepid beauty reporter -- aka Conan O'Brien -- found out.

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    On his late-night TV show, Conan asked the star how she keeps her skin so flawless. Her response: "I'm obsessed with laser porn."

    Come again, Jen?

    Aniston said she uses laser therapy to zap away the age spots from her Cali-bred complexion. She also revealed that she loves chemical peels. "It's extremely

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  • One Way ANYONE Can Look like Sofia Vergara

    I'm on a mission to look like Sofia Vergara. But don't worry, not in the Heidi Montag, Freakenstein kind of way.

    It's not that I want Sofia's whole body -- I just want her best feature. You know what I'm talking about. They are rounded just right, and line up perfectly. Plus, unlike so many other celebs out there, hers aren't too big or too small -- they're just the right manageable size.

    Wouldn't you agree Sofia's most beautiful feature is her teeth? (C'mon, what did you think I was talking about?!)

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    Well, even if they're not what you're obsessed with, her teeth are the one feature I can actually, feasibly, copy. And I found a way to get her sterling white smile without coughing up three months' rent. I talked to the best and the brightest (pun intended) dentists across the country to find out how to avoid all the surprising things ruining my smile. And they shared genius tips on how to whiten my teeth without

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  • 5 Best Body Washes for Men

    Question: What smells worse than a teenage boy?

    Answer: A teenage boy doused in Axe body spray.

    Every time I visit my nephew, a cloud of Axe meets me at the front door. The poor boy is starting high school, which means he's growing out of the adorable kid stage, and into the acne-covered, awkwardly tall, and smelly stage.

    His penchant for the awful-smelling grooming products only makes his puberty-inflicted odor worse, but he's convinced the overpowering scent will get him the ladies.

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    And while my impressionable nephew will probably figure out that spraying Axe or using a pheromone-infused product won't make the girls' clothes come off, a team of lawyers in San Diego is making sure he (and everyone else) knows definitively. They're filing a class action suit against Dial Corp., claiming the company is fibbing about Dial for Men Magnetic body wash's lady-luring abilities. The soap is advertised to be

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  • 10 New Weight Loss Myths and Facts

    Even though we all know that the best way to stay healthy and physically fit is to eat well-rounded, nutritionally sound meals and exercise for at least 20 minutes a day, it's human nature to seek out better, "cutting-edge," get-thin-quick fads and glom onto them like they're gospel. Don't eat after 8 p.m.? You got it. Wash down an acai berry with fish oil? Sign me up.

    But what if those new fangled discoveries and quick fixes were steeped in misinformation and could actually be making you gain weight or harm your health? Oh, no thank you very much.

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    In an effort to clear the air and get back to solid basics, we decided to tackle the most prevalent weight loss "facts" out there and reveal them as the myths they are. See the 10 biggest weight loss myths and facts now.


    Myth or Fact: Myth
    It's not when you eat, it's what (and how much) you eat. The reason some diets

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  • Have a Hot Date? Steal These Sexy Celeb-Inspired Looks

    For me, the happiest four words in the English language are: I have a date.

    Hey, hey, don't judge. I'm not some brainless, desperate woman whose sole goal in life is landing a man but, when you've been single as long as I have, getting asked out by someone who is bona fide boyfriend material is great news -- and that's exactly what happened to me on Wednesday at precisely 4:41 p.m.

    Because this happens with much less regularity than I care to admit, I want to look perfect for this date. Besides, there's something about the whole ritual of preparing to go out that factors into making it an exciting evening. That's why I've carved out two whole hours to get ready so that I'll be able to pull off more than my default office-chic bun and chapstick look.

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    Here's the thing though, much as I wish I was one of those girls who effortlessly recreates Adele's stellar cat-eye or Scarjo's perfect pout with the flick of an eyeliner

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  • Table for One? 6 Great Meals to Eat by Yourself

    Last night after work, I popped into my favorite Chinese restaurant to grab some takeout for dinner. Again. I know it was "again" because the very nice owner smiled and greeted me with, "Hello! The usual?"

    OK, so I'm a creature of habit, but can you blame me? I live alone and it's hard to get motivated to prepare a healthy, gourmet meal when I'm the only one who's going to be eating it.

    Unfortunately, dining on takeout (or, my other default staple, frozen dinners) is not the most healthy, or even delicious, way to cap off a long day. But a lot of us -- 73 percent of people living in single-person households, according to the United States Department of Agriculture -- do it anyway.

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    And, it's not hard to figure out why … we're hard-pressed to find the inspiration to cook a healthy meal for ourselves. Plain and simple, it's easy to eat badly when no one's watching because you have no one to call you out on your

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