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  • The Only 6 Beauty Treatments You Need to Try in 2012

    I have dark circles so dark that on some mornings, my co-workers steal worried glances at me and wonder if I ever sleep. My circles are that bad.

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    That's why I'm constantly searching for -- and spending a hefty chunk of change on -- products that claim to lighten said darkness. And with every new package I open, I have hope. Hope that this product just might be the miracle I'm after. Hope that I may finally be able to look like I got a full-night's sleep, just once.

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    If you've got dark circles, acne, wrinkles, fill-in-your-particular-beauty-bummer here, I bet you can relate. And like me, you probably have a bathroom cabinet full of products you bought with the kind of hope I'm talking about here -- hope that's dashed when you're left amazingly underwhelmed.

    It's a frustrating journey, but thankfully the beauty industry is constantly coming out with

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  • I'm Stumped for a New Year's Eve Look. Which One Should I Choose?

    Last week was a whirlwind of end-of-the-year projects at work, elbowing people in the mall because I procrastinated on my Christmas shopping again, and doubling up on therapy before going home for the holidays.

    After surviving Secret Santa with the fam and enduring my mother's incessant pleas for grandchildren, I'm finally back home in my nice, quiet apartment.

    And I just realized New Year's Eve is only a few days away.

    And I haven't even thought about buying a new dress.

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    There's no way I'm hitting the mall during post-Christmas return-a-palooza, so it looks like I'll be re-wearing my always-reliable LBD. And since I'd like to hide the fact that I wore this same dress last year, I found some red carpet hair and makeup looks that'll keep my friends staring at my gorgeous hair and face.

    Here are my top five options. Which hair and makeup combo should I try?

    Chanel ImanChanel Iman

    Chanel Iman

    Iman's double-winged tip is

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  • 2011's Biggest Hairstyle Fails

    You know that yearbook photo -- the one where you're nothing but big teeth, brows, and hair -- that you look at disbelievingly and wonder, "What the holy Henry was I thinking?"

    We all have that photo. Heck, some of us have entire albums full of them. And that's OK. They represent a certain time in our lives. A gentler, more naïve time. A time when people clearly didn't know anything about hairstyles. Or so we tell ourselves.

    Here's the thing: As life goes on, we amass more and more such photos and always wonder why we looked so lame then when right now we're so fabulous. Then it hits you. "Aack. Will I soon reflect on my current fabulous hair and think it's completely unfortunate in a few years?" Probably. And, that's good news, because you can always chalk up unflattering beauty judgments to a "sign of the times" and escape 100 percent blameless.

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    Take these 5 celeb hairstyles that we've culled from

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  • What's the Best Diet You've Ever Done?

    OK, I need some help. Each year my resolution is to "lose weight and get in shape."

    And it's always a disaster.

    Last year I tried this detox diet, and while I lost 5 pounds in a week, I also passed out in the shower. In 2010 it was Atkins, which worked … until I went on a bender at Panera Bread.

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    So I'm turning to you. I want to know the foolproof, can't-screw-it-up, easiest-to-follow diet that you swear by. The one that actually has a shot of working for me this year. To kick-start the search, I asked readers for their go-to weight loss plans:

    "Low carb, I lost 70 pounds and it's easy to maintain. You're not hungry, plus I gained muscle and my blood pressure and cholesterol have gotten much better." -- Josie K.

    "Eat seven small meals a day. Lost 50 pounds. And I don't feel deprived." -- KayCee T.

    "Anti-inflammatory diet. No processed food, no sugar, no dairy, all natural foods. I have lost 29

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  • 3 Products That'll Make a Zit Disappear Instantly

    Why is it that on the mornings when I most need to look and feel great (say, when I'm meeting my boyfriend's parents for brunch or I've got a huge presentation at work) I wake up with a fatty zit between my brows?

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    Indulge me in my whining for a moment. I thought acne was supposed to be relegated to my awkward teen years. Shouldn't it have been banished from my world like my braces, ugly glasses, and those horrible '90s hairstyles? Are you with me?

    At least back in the day, a good 80 percent of my friends were also making a beeline for the Clearasil aisle. Now, I always feel like the lone "grown-up" who's still seeing spots. Which is why I make it a point to be up on the products that will make those spots disappear. Immediately.

    Want to know the fastest-working acne products on the market? As well as the ones that don't work at all? Keep reading.


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  • How Not to Gain Weight While Traveling

    Last year I made the trek from Los Angeles to Toronto to visit my boyfriend's family for Christmas. This journey involved a cab ride, a five-hour flight, a three-hour layover in Philadelphia, an hour-long flight in a terrifyingly small plane, and more McDonald's value meals than my already-growing-holiday-belly-pooch needed.

    When we arrived, I was bombarded by well-meaning relatives trying to cram every manner of fruitcake, frosted cookie, and roast beef sandwich down my throat.

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    Then it was onto the couch, where we sat for hours watching old home movies (have to admit, my BF was a pretty cute kid) and eating chocolate truffles (apparently, the go-to gift for who-knows-if-this-chick-is-going-to-stick girlfriends).

    No wonder I could barely zip my jeans for the flight home.

    I have a funny feeling that this year will be no different, but at least I've come up with a plan to beat the bulge that happens when you

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  • How to Look Good when You Feel like Crap

    My cube-mate is reliable for two things: Getting sick right before the holidays and getting me sick right before the holidays, ruining my much-anticipated vacay.

    This year is no different. On Friday, she started sniffling. Today, she's hacking away at her desk and I'm wishing she'd choke on her Ricola.

    Look, I'm not an unsympathetic, horrible person. It's just that I would appreciate not having to breathe in her contaminated air -- especially since downing orange juice and willing myself to not get sick doesn't usually help my cause.

    And there's only one thing I hate even more than being sick: looking sick.

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    So when the inevitable happens in a few days, and I'm sniffling and coughing too (I can already feel a little tickle in my throat), I'm going to use these expert makeup and skin care tips to bypass the red nose and other sick giveaways.

    Need to look great even if you feel like crap? Check out

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  • Monday Mornings Suck. Your Makeup Doesn't Have To

    What is it about Monday mornings that make me feel exactly how Carrie Bradshaw looks on this cover -- in other words, like total crap?

    Maybe it's because the weekend always feels too short. Or perhaps it's because after 48 hours of not checking my work e-mail, I can count on somewhere between 80 and 120 unread messages waiting for me when I flip on my computer.

    Or maybe it's because I hit the snooze button so many times on Monday morning that I end up with 15 minutes to jump in the shower and throw my hair into a ponytail, which means I roll into the office not only feeling like crap but looking like it, too.

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    That's why I tried these easy beauty tricks this morning, which talented makeup artists claim make you look well-rested and like you're loving life, even if you're not. Want to see how I put on a happy face today? Check out my new beauty pick-me-ups below.

    Pick-Me-Up No. 1: Wear an under-eye mask on your way to

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  • 5 Ways You Should Be Wearing Your Eyeliner

    I recently had to admit to the cold, hard truth about myself: I'm slightly obsessive compulsive.

    Exhibit A: When I like a song, I play it on repeat from 9 to 5 for a week straight. (This week it's been Bruno Mar's "It Will Rain." OK, so it was the Twilight theme song -- don't judge.)

    Exhibit B: I like my office supplies to sit in alphabetical order on my desk: antibacterial hand gel, pens, ruler, scissors, scotch tape, stapler, and whiteout. (Go ahead and judge me on that one. Heck, I judge me for that one.)

    Exhibit C: When I finally figured out how to master the perfect winged tip, I worked that bad boy for months.

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    But while I figured I shouldn't mess with a good thing, my snarky cube-mate had other thoughts about my new go-to eye makeup. "Do you ever wash your face?" she asked in that I'm-joking-but-not-really tone. "Is that eyeliner tattooed on or something?" She had a point.

    So, true to my obsessive compulsive

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  • How to Fix Your Botched At-Home Dye Job

    Few things can reduce an otherwise accomplished, self-assured woman to a neurotic, fumbling mess than trying to color her own hair.

    There's choosing the right shade (am I cool or warm?), selecting the proper formula (do I want semi-permanent or am I ready for more of a commitment?), having the patience for the "strand test" (yeah, um, no), and, yes, reconciling yourself to the fact that you're never going to look anything like the chick on the box -- even if your hair turns out great. Which it won't.

    Sounds about right, no?

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    Thing is, as anyone who colors their hair properly can tell you, it really is not molecular biology. And if you equip yourself with pro tips like these from Clairol's Color Director, Marie Robinson, you can solve even the most horrendous mis-steps (and, even better, learn how to prevent them in the future).

    Problem: Green hair
    Fast Fix: Ketchup
    Blondes may have more fun, but not when

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