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  • 5 Snacks That Taste Fatty But Keep You Skinny

    I'm sorry, but when I want to snack, I want whatever it is I'm shoveling into my mouth to be crazy delicious -- to taste "fatty."

    Anybody who says it's fun to snack on celery and hard-boiled eggs is lying. This is America, people, where Frito Bandito and Chester the Cheetah reign king.

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    While this might be considered a reign of terror -- after all, our love of salt-laced, carb-heavy, "empty calorie" snacks is evident in our ever-growing waistlines -- snacking in general is not inherently evil. But you have to know what to snack on.

    And because I, like most people, want my snacks to taste fatty but not actually make me a big fatty, I've compiled some of the tastiest low-cal snack recipes from Canyon Ranch's "Nourish" by Scott Uehlein. His "indulgently healthy cuisine" will fill you up with fiber, keep added sugar and salt to a minimum, balance portions of protein and carbs, and keep healthy fats in moderation.

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  • 8 Hair "Rules" You Have to Break. Right. Now.

    So, I'm freakin' out.

    Seriously, it feels like Santa and each one of his reindeers were just shot dead in front me (Donner AND Blitzen).

    What's happened? And why am I bringing up Santa in October? Because everything I thought to be true and real in this world is false. Well, at least everything I thought I knew about hair care is totally, utterly, and completely false. My very own nightmare before Christmas …

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    I just got off the phone with the best in the hair biz -- celebrity hair and scalp expert Philip B., Pantene Principal Scientist Jeni Thomas, and celebrity hairstylist David Babaii (he does Kate Hudson's gorgeous hair) -- and asked them to fill me in on the biggest hair mistakes women make.

    Turns out these "hair rules" we've all been following since we were kids -- like conditioning after shampooing and combing hair from ends to roots -- are actually wrong. And worse, they're doing serious damage. Don't believe

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  • 6 Hilarious Makeup Tutorials About to Go Viral (Video)

    There's that special moment in your day when you open your inbox and find a gem. Buried between the Viagra ads, Groupons, and email chains from your mom, is a treasure -- a shared video so ridiculous and hilarious that you want everyone you've ever met to see it.

    Love that part of your day as much as I do? Well get excited, because I am about to blow your viral video-loving mind. Not once, but six times.

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    I'm sharing with you the most ridiculous/crazy/vapid/choke-on-your-morning-coffee hilarious makeup videos you've ever seen. Whether they are intentionally absurd doesn't matter. These YouTube videos are pure entertainment gold. Feel free to judge … and forward.

    Best mascara how-to

    Remember when makeup companies thought it was a great idea to come out with vibrating mascaras, lip glosses, and even foundation? Little did they know, we savvy consumers see past the hype. We don't need fancy battery-fueled

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  • Sexy Makeup You Can Do Behind the Wheel

    Last weekend I met my friend Lisa for brunch. In typical fashion, I had woken up, thrown my hair into one these messy-chic ponies, and hopped in the car. I arrived wearing the yoga pants I slept in (classy, I know) and no makeup.

    Lisa showed up looking just about the same -- except she had a full face of makeup on and looked decidedly cuter than I did. Um, wasn't this breaking a cardinal rule of brunch: No waking up early to primp? Her response: She did all her makeup in the car, at stoplights, using this advice. I was intrigued.

    I've always been wary of beautifying while driving, but Lisa assured me it was easy and reasonably safe (as long as the car isn't moving). Here are her top tips. Check out more expert tips for doing your makeup behind the wheel here.

    1. Stick with compact foundation -- way less messy than liquid or loose powder.

    2. Multi-use cheek and lip products are a lifesaver. You can apply this one on your eyelids, apples of your cheeks, and lips and

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  • The Most Insane Tattoo Video Ever (You Seriously Have to See This)

    Despite my one-of-a-kind, march-to-my-own-drum kind of ways, I got a celebrity-inspired tattoo on my 18th birthday. Go ahead, call me a cliché. But I fell in love with this pretty tattoo Victoria Beckham has on the nape of her neck and decided to get my own version of it.

    Of course, I then had to hide it from my parents. And the minute I mindlessly tossed my hair into a ponytail, my mom was shrieking and my dad was yelling. If only I had seen this video ...

    Rick Genest, the (scarily) inked up dude from the Lady Gaga music video who's got a full body of tattoos, gets them completely covered using this amazing product from Dermablend. You'd never know he had any tats at all. And even though I'm well past the point of trying to hide my 18th birthday present from me to me, I can think of a few times this product would come in handy:

    1. If you get a seriously regrettable tattoo like one of these and need to cover it up while you save for laser tattoo removal.

    2. You need a new

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  • 5 High-End Hair Products Worth Every Penny

    My shopping philosophy? The more something costs, the more it has to wow me. I don't expect much from the lip gloss I got from the Target dollar aisle, but this insanely expensive gloss has to give me lips worthy of kissing Brad Pitt if I'm going to buy it.

    Same goes for hair products. Why would I spend $50 on this deep conditioning treatment, when there's a $5 one at the drugstore that works just as well? Of course, there are some pricey products that are truly worth the extra cash. Take the ones on this list. I have yet to find cheapie substitutes that can give me the same results (and believe me, I've looked!). So while it pains me to part with a large chunk of change, it's worth it when I can have hair that looks like this.

    Five of my favorites can be found below, or you can see the full list here. And tell me, which beauty products do you think are worth their premium price tags?

    More from

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  • Drunkorexia: The Insane, Shocking Trend College Girls Are Trying

    College is a time of many bad decisions. "Accidently" sleeping with that gross jerk from Alpha Omega Assholes, thinking Adderall and Red Bull will solve your midterm cram jam problems, majoring in Latin … the list goes on. Hey, when you're young and indestructible, it's easy not to think about long-term consequences.

    Which is why, as a former college partier/bad-decision-maker myself, I wasn't surprised to hear about a "new" phenomenon sweeping the nation's campuses.

    According to a new study from the University of Missouri, 16 percent of college students (three times as many females as males) are starving themselves -- not just to stay thin, but so they can get drunker faster.

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    That's right, "Drunkorexia" is a disorder affecting young women who think their daily caloric intake is better allotted to booze than food. Because you know, who cares about nourishing your body when you can get wasted and have thin thighs?

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  • Swallowable Perfume: Would You Try It? (VIDEO)

    I will try anything once. Well, at least when it comes to beauty.

    Lip Tattoos? Sure, why not. Serums that make my lashes grow? I'll swipe that on every night. The Bumpit? I wore it to the grocery store … once.

    I'm game for anything. Well, at least I thought I was.

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    My all-or-nothing, take one for the team, go-getter attitude towards beauty products is being tested by a new perfume. That you swallow. Like, literally, you eat it and then sweat it out. Intrigued? See it for yourself:

    Don't believe me? I'll quote the manufacturer: "Swallowable Parfum is essentially a capsule containing synthetic fragrant lipid molecules that mimic the structure of the fat molecules naturally found in the body. When those lipids get metabolized by the body's enzymes, fragrant molecules are released and excreted through the skin's surface through perspiration. The strength of the resulting scent is determined by the

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  • The Skin Care Advice That's Actually Ruining Your Face

    I've heard some pretty stupid "beauty tips" in my time. Everything from my mom telling me to pop my zits (along with this other beauty advice that sucks) to a rumor that my grilled cheese sandwich is causing this scary skin condition (say it ain't so!).

    However, I thought I was pretty good at weeding through the crappy advice and knowing what was right for my skin. I was wrong. So wrong.

    After talking to a few dermatologists, I learned that some of the "good" skin care advice I've been following for years is the real reason I break out and am already starting to see some wrinkles. In a nutshell, everything I was doing was wrong -- and I'm willing to bet you're in the habit of following some of this bad beauty advice, too. Sucks, doesn't it?

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    Luckily, I've got the truth about these oh-so-not-helpful skin care tips, and the deal on what we should be doing instead. Check out the full list here.

    More from

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  • 8 Breast Cancer Myths We All Believe, But Shouldn't

    We're just about halfway through October and as usual, it's like Pepto-Bismol has thrown up all over the country.

    Need a new shampoo/lotion/mascara? Buy the new BCA edition. In the market for a vibrator or hunting rifle? Don't you worry, there's a pink version out there so you can show your support.

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    The advantage of pink products and guns? Besides making Palin proud, it often encourages us to wonder, "What's my real risk of getting this scary disease? And what behaviors could be upping my chances of the big C?"

    I've heard everything from my French fry addiction to my Blackberry causing imminent cancer death, but I want to know -- especially now -- what should I really spend my time worrying about? Luckily, Dr. Ruemu E. Birhiray, MD, a leading oncologist in Indianapolis, debunks some of the most widespread myths about what causes breast cancer, so we can focus on the risk factors that matter most.

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