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  • Feeling Chubby? Pop in "Paranormal Activity"

    Calling all couch potatoes: This is the moment you've been waiting for. It turns out that sitting on your bum isn't necessarily as unhealthy as scientists have led us to believe -- as long as what you're watching scares the (too tight) pants off of you.

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    A new study commissioned by a video rental company has found that participants burned an average of 113 calories while viewing a 90-minute horror flick. That's the same calorie expenditure as a 30-minute walk! And, some movies (like "The Shining") are so scary that they'll burn up as much as 184 calories in one viewing.

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    What gives? "As the pulse quickens and blood pumps around the body faster, the body experiences a surge in adrenalin," explains Dr. Richard Mackenzie, a specialist in cell metabolism. "It is this release of fast-acting adrenalin, produced during short bursts of intense stress (or in this case,

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  • Jeans that Cure Dry Skin? Coming Soon to a Mall Near You

    Just when I thought I'd found the perfect pair in my new Gap skinny jeans, comes word that there's a new crop of denim winding its way to market that could very well have me shedding my skinnies in no time. Sure, their slimming effect is great but these new jeans have upped the ante -- they promise to forever cure me of my dry, itchy winter skin.

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    No, your brain did not miscompute that last phrase, these new jeans from both Wrangler and Mohicano pack a beauty bonus called "denim therapies," which claims to moisturize your skin and help improve cell turnover while you wear them.

    As with most mind-blowing concepts, I was skeptical. Yet the "how it works" turns out to be pretty simple. The secret ingredient is none other than the skin-healing miracle worker aloe vera. By infusing nanoparticles of the wonder plant into the cotton fibers of the denim, the jeans moisturize your legs with essential nutrients like vitamin E, amino acids,

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  • Will Robert Pattinson Pull a Brad Pitt? We Hope So!

    I'll admit the moment I read the buzz that Robert Pattinson could be named Dior's new fragrance spokesperson, I immediately thought: Here's hoping for a Brad Pitt repeat.

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    If you haven't had the chance to see Pitt's Chanel No. 5 commercial, in which the actor bizarrely waxes on about life and love (I think, it's hard to tell) -- no need. All you really need to see is the hilarious spoof Saturday Night Live did, or perhaps the dog interpretation video, which went viral.

    My point is that when a celebrity endorses a product, they've got to walk a fine line of cheesy and classy. And when the celeb takes himself too seriously, it's pop culture gold (thank you, Mr. Pitt).

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    Look, Pattinson has had a tough year, what with the whole girlfriend (Kristen Stewart) cheating on him and all. So if anyone needs some positive buzz, it's him. But is it just me, or

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  • Your Makeup is Making You Pretty -- and Encouraging Early Menopause

    There was a time when several of my favorite cosmetics came under fire for containing some random chemicals that "studies" revealed were killing me. Still, I clung dearly to my Urban Decay nude palette and slathered on my Stila lip gloss. My thinking? We're all going to die anyway, might as well look good in the meantime. Maybe not the most mature tack to take but lo and behold, I'm still kicking, shiny lips and all.

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    But now, there's a new study that may just convince me to loosen my grip on my makeup bag once and for all. I mean, chemical poisoning is one thing, but early menopause? Count me out. Here's the scoop: New research from Washington University's School of Medicine found that phthalates -- chemicals that are common in cosmetics, plastics, and household cleaners -- could be affecting ovarian function and human reproduction.

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    The study examined phthalate levels in the blood and urine of 5,700 women.

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  • Are You Wearing the Right Sneakers for Your Workout?

    Fact: I love shoes.

    I'd never dream of dropping $200 on a new leather jacket or an anti-aging face serum. But when it comes to Stuart Weitzman's new thigh-highs or an incredibly cute pair of bowed leather Oxfords, I hand over the plastic. Which means I've got far too many shoes -- too-trendy cutout platforms to work-appropriate pumps and flats.

    But, it turns out I've overlooked one important category: workout shoes.

    Fitness experts say that you shouldn't take a one-size-fits-all approach when buying workout shoes. What you're supposed to do is choose a pair that's built for your specific exercise. Are you heading to the gym in the shoes that are best for your go-to workouts? See the best shoes for your workout now.

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  • Want to Get Rid of Your Wrinkles? You Need a $350 Slap in the Face

    San Francisco ChronicleSan Francisco ChronicleThe search for the next, best wrinkle-zapping treatment is always on. But it turns out the fountain of youth has been in our hands all along. Or actually, in Tata's hands, the first Thai masseuse to bring the ancient beauty art of face-slapping to the U.S.

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    Yes, face-slapping.

    For a mere $350, Tata will hit you with "targeted smacks" across your cheeks, chin, and forehead to "move the muscle and fat around" so that you see a noticeable difference (and not just in the shape of a red hand print). Mawan Sombuntham, Tata's husband and co-owner of the salon, says Tata can smack your face so hard it'll "help with wrinkles, make your face slimmer, and make your pores smaller."

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    We've got one disclaimer for you, though: This treatment is also 100 percent void of any scientific support. (And, you know, basic reasoning and common sense.)

    And it gets better. Tata is returning to Thailand

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  • Halloween Makeup for the Costume Procrastinators

    Halloween is officially one week away, and if you're still dragging your heels on figuring out a costume, we're about to make your day.

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    Forget those ratty-looking costumes that come in plastic bags (sexy firefighter, anyone?) or topical ideas that are guaranteed to be out in full force (like "binders full of women" and unemployed Big Bird). These DIY costumes don't require anything other than lipstick, eyeliner, and face paint.

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    So, retire those tired cat ears and go for one of these.

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  • 10 Holiday Nail Collections to Buy Right Now

    The holidays are supposed to be all about giving. But every time I see the launch of a new holiday nail polish collection, I get a little selfish -- and this season's collections are no exception. From super-pigmented shades to new textures (sequins anyone?) to the ubiquitous holiday glitter, there's something for everyone. Check out our 10 faves now.

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  • LA Trend of the Moment: The $1,500 G-Spot Filler

    The question has stumped everyone, from life-long bachelors to world-class scientists to women themselves: Where is the G-Spot and does it even exist?

    There are magazine articles explaining what it is, YouTube tutorials on how to find it, and entire books dedicated to helping men and women alike understand the ever-elusive anatomy of the female sex organ.

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    And now, from the land of Botox (and the duck lips to prove it), comes an injectable that supposedly makes the great G-Spot much easier to find. Docs in Los Angeles are now giving women the G-Shot, a hyaluronan filler injected into the G-spot area that increases the size of a woman's G-Spot. The result? More intense, multiple orgasms.

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    At $1,500 a pop this shot to your lady parts doesn't come cheap. But thanks to the wonders of local anesthesia, it is reportedly painless. Plus, it lasts four months and it's a simple

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  • Scientists Say PMS is a Figment of Our Imagination – Wanna Bet They're Male?

    I like to think of myself as a generally happy, rational, even-keeled person. But once a month, like clockwork, there's a night when I stay up late crying and blogging about some sad cat video or a random guy who's not texting me back. Woe is seriously me at those low points. And, every time, again like clockwork, when my period hits a week later, I experience a wave of relief that, phew, I'm not a crazy person and it's just my out-of-whack hormones that make me act and feel like one.

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    So, imagine my dismay in reading this new study that says that the PMS symptoms you and I feel are actually not real. Suckawhat?

    A group of Canadian researchers - whom, bummer of bummers are female - failed to find "clear evidence in support of the existence of a specific premenstrual negative mood syndrome" after reviewing 47 in-depth studies on menstruation.

    The research, published in the journal "Gender Medicine," doesn't refute the

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