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  • Madonna vs. Lady Gaga: Can You Guess Who Said What?

    For a long time, Madonna was pretty much unrivaled in the crazy hair, makeup and clothing department. As far as popstars went, she was the most creative and outlandish one out there in MTV-land. Then, along came Lady Gaga in all of her avant-garde glory (and trendy, tacky and wacky nails) to give Madge a run for her money. And, has she ever.

    The compelling thing about comparing the two is that even though Madonna's old enough to be Gaga's mom, they have a heckofa lot in common. They're both from modest means, both went to Catholic school, both have experimented with innumerable blonde hairstyles, both got their start in downtown New York City and both seem to be lacking that brain-pausing mechanism that keeps most of us from blurting out our most outrageous thoughts. Thing is, that what does come out of their mouths is amazingly similar -- it's like they truly were separated at birth.

    Dubious? Try and see if you can figure out which of the mega stars said the following quotes.

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  • Models aren't Perfect -- Steal the Tricks They Use to Get Gorgeous

    Listening to the backstage beauty tips from runway makeup and hairstylist pros, you might momentarily be convinced that models are ugly.

    Hearing them rattle off expert tips for things the models are dealing with like dark circles, split ends, chapped lips, dull complexions, etc., etc., you want to kind of shake them and be like: "These are models! MODELS! They don't suffer like us real people."

    Then you realize that you don't want a restraining order and that models are really just like us, with possibly slightly better bone structure and an unmentionably smaller waistline. They just get access to the best beauty tips -- the beauty tips that make models look like glamazon goddesses.

    Here are some tips from the pros so you too can look like a model:

    Get expensive-looking hair

    In order to create hair that looks healthy, full and shiny (AKA "rich girl hair" as designer Zac Posen calls it), follow these quick steps:

    • Blow dry your hair using a combination of mousse

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  • How to Spring Clean and Organize Your Makeup Like a Pro

    Quiz time! Please answer the following questions honestly:

    Is your makeup bag a mess?
    Yes/ No

    Have you ever had to jam your bathroom drawer shut because it was filled to the brim? Yes/ No

    Is that lipstick you loved in 2006 still around? Yes/ No

    Have you ever considered just throwing out all your makeup because you feel overwhelmed by it? Yes/ No

    If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, then it's time to get it together, woman. I know you probably cringe when you hear spring-cleaning rhetoric, so I'm sorry, but now is the time for you to get your (beauty product) life together.

    To ease your cleaning anxiety, here are some of the makeup organizing tips Raychel Wade, New York City makeup artist, and Justin Klosky of The O.C.D. Experience (Organize and Create Discipline) shared with me:

    Tip 1: Evaluate the situation

    In order to tackle any organization project without getting overwhelmed, you need to start by assessing the situation. "Pile

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  • The Grossest Spa Treatment Ever

    When you work in the beauty business, some pretty weird products (and tips) come across your desk and inbox. But, accustomed as I may be to gross, I mean "interesting" ingredients and bizarre plastic surgeries; nothing prepared me for the email alert from Living Social that I received today about a Spa-Lami package. That's right, spa-lami as in salami.

    Intrigued by the headline, I clicked. And, lo and behold, there it was. Something that far surpassed even the most outrageous beauty products or treatments I'd ever heard of. An offer to get a "Spa-Lami Ultimate Protein Package" that included a "prosciutto neck wrap," "ground beef compress" and "Swedish meatball massage." Um, I'm not vegetarian, but gag me.

    And, even if I were anti-meat, I was in luck because "Porkland" offers a "menu of vegetarian and vegan options." Truly something for everyone. Or, no one.

    But, much like the people lining up to see the trainwreck that is Charlie Sheen in concert, I was compelled to send

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  • 11 Cities with the Best Hair

    Beautiful hair is hereditary right? Well -- sorta.

    While hair texture and type is a "no return policy" gift from good ol' ma and pa, women that do possess perfectly gorgeous hair, must practice healthy hair habits like these, and live in a city that doesn't suck the life out of it (like these 13 worst cities for your hair).

    So to find which city your hair looks the best in (so you can pick up and move there, maybe?), we looked at humidity levels, pollution, rainfall, average wind speeds, water hardness, demographics and the number of beauty salons per capita to find which cities have the best conditions for healthy, stylish hair.

    Here's what we found:

    No. 11: Chicago

    Chicago has a young population with an average age of 22, plus an unusually high number of beauty salons per capita. So despite its wind and low temperatures (which can dry out hair), the odds are strongly in your favor here to have great hair. Perhaps why it also landed on the list of

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  • The Truth About Botox and Fillers

    I fear that the inevitable is upon me. My fine lines have graduated into full-blown wrinkles and no topical anti-aging skin care cream is going to erase them -- it's time to call in the big guns. But which facial filler is right for me?

    (I may be ready for Botox, are you? Take this quiz to find out.)

    That's the thing about Botox, Juvederm, Restylane and the rest of the non-surgical anti-aging options available to us today. With so many to choose from and so much info about them floating around out there, the myths and the facts get muddled.

    For instance…

    #1 Did you know that Botox and fillers don't work the same way? It's true. Many people think they perform the same basic function of filling in wrinkles, but they don't. It's true that they lessen the appearance of wrinkles, but many people don't realize that they work quite differently.

    Dr. Derek Jones, Associate Professor of Dermatology at UCLA and Founder and Medical Director of the Skin Care and Laser

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  • 6 Things Your Nail Salon Doesn't Want You to Know

    Whenever I get a manicure, I'm always on the lookout for the telltale signs of a clean nail salon. Is there pre-existing white residue on the "clean" emery board? Did the manicurist wash her hands before touching mine?

    Coming from a girl who witnessed a Los Angeles nail technician hide her tools in her purse when the salon got word that a health inspector was on their way in, I have a right to be wary. And guess what? You should be too. Especially after reading the secrets that nails salons don't want you to know, which both nail technicians and doctors advised me on. Check them out:

    You are always at risk

    Podiatrist Dr. Robert Spalding, author of "Death by Pedicure," states that "at this time, an estimated one million unsuspecting clients walk out of their chosen salon with infections -- bacterial, viral and fungal." And no matter which salon you go to, there is always a risk of infection. He claims that in his research "75 percent of salons in the United

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  • 10 Makeup Felonies You May Be Guilty Of

    It's always puzzled me that, despite the fact that they have stylists and hair and makeup people, celebs can sometimes look downright scary (see photo evidence here). I'm not talking about snafus like when Nicole Kidman and Uma Thurman were snapped with way too much powder on their faces. I'm referring to makeup felonies so egregious that you almost think they must be kidding. (And, don't even get me started on the really bad celebrity plastic surgeries.)

    It's not just because they're wearing, say, the worst eyeshadows or used the most terrible mascara, it's because they've made some fundamental makeup application errors.

    If you want to avoid the same pitfalls, take a minute to ensure you're not committing any of these cosmetic crimes. Makeup artist to the (well made up) stars, Fiona Stiles, helps us navigate the oft tricky waters …

    Makeup Felony #1 -- Overplucked Eyebrows

    Problem: Too thin, unflattering brows.

    Solution: You need to let your eyebrows grow back in

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  • 13 Lip Glosses You Should Avoid

    Lip gloss is the ultimate makeup staple which is why women, and especially beauty editors, go above and beyond to find the very best ones (like these).

    It's the perfect no-fail makeup look -- for example, when was the last time you looked at a celeb and thought: "Wow, she really messed up that lip gloss" or "She would have looked great, but her lip gloss was a mess!"? Probably never, or at least not as often as you see and judge other scary celebrity makeup looks.

    Which is why when it comes to lip gloss, it's the formula that dictates whether it's your new favorite item or if it's a gloppy, gooey waste of space in your purse. To help you weed out the losers, we compiled this list of the 13 lip glosses women hate.

    Here are some of them:

    No. 13: LORAC Lip Polish, $17.50 average member rating: 5.9*

    Why: Readers say this product is "somewhat sticky, not very long lasting," and "not worth the price." One woman says, "this lip

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  • Would You Apply Pee to Your Face if It Cured Acne? See Other Weirdo Beauty Tips Our Readers Have Heard

    As women we are bombarded with wacky beauty tips -- legendary heroes of beauty trials and tribulations that are passed down from our great aunts or whispered between ladies during lunch. Most are random, wacky-sounding DIY tricks that supposedly solve all your biggest beauty problems from acne to puffy eyes to frizz.

    But if you are like me, you constantly wonder: Just because my mother wholeheartedly believes that hemorrhoid cream is the perfect solution for saggy eyes, and has been using it for years, does that mean it really works?

    Which is why I asked readers on our Facebook page to share the weirdest beauty tips they have ever heard. That way, I could take them to beauty experts to find out if they actually work or are total wives tales. Here is what the experts said about some of them:

    Dry hair

    Weird Tip: I heard mayo is a good deep conditioner for your hair. Does it really work? -- MaryAnn via Facebook

    Expert answer: "With all the good products out there, why

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