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  • This Just In: Your Face Wash is so 10 Minutes Ago

    I like to pride myself on being up on skin care trends: BB Creams, face oils, daytime retinols -- my vanity is chock full with all the latest must-haves. But this week one trend caught me completely by surprise. Apparently everyone has jumped off the face wash band wagon and taken to cleansing with bar soap. Retro much?

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    According to an article in The New York Times many of us are opting to use Dove, Kiss My Face, and Lush beauty bars in lieu of those fancy, fruity face cleansers.

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    Why? It turns out many bar soap brands -- once marked as outdated and too drying on skin -- have undergone a successful makeover. The irritating preservatives, chemicals, fragrances, and chalky residue of old have been replaced with organic, all natural ingredients. Plus, there's the extra bonus that bar soaps are less expensive than liquid washes and the packaging tends to be a lot more eco-friendly.


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  • 13 Money-Saving Beauty Products You Should Swipe from Your Guy

    Hey beauty junkie, I feel your pain.

    Like me, your bathroom is bursting with products from your costly beauty binges; you've tried the best cleansers, eye creams, and deodorants; and have more nail accessories than your local mani/pedi place. It's a problem. Your collection's growing while your bottom line's shrinking. You need help and it's time to take the first step … into the men's aisle of your local drugstore.

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    What? You think men don't know the first thing about beauty products? Well, you may be right but, they do care about getting rid of wrinkles and puffy eyes, and having soft, clean skin -- and, what do you know?, their grooming products are formulated to do all those things. They even have face washes that're tough enough to eliminate a whole day's worth of dirt, sweat, and grime without being too harsh or irritating.

    See where I'm going with this?

    The best part is that men's grooming products are not only efficient, they're

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  • Think Bald Guys Are Hot? You're so Not Alone

    Hey all you George Costanzas of the world rejoice! Apparently ladies really dig bald guys.

    According to a new study published in the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science, researcher Alfred Mannes found that we think men with shaved heads are more "manly" than their floppy haired counterparts.

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    During the study, participants were shown pictures of men with receding hairlines and men with full heads of hair, the baldies were ranked higher for "masculinity, strength, dominance, and leadership potential."

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    But here's the real kicker: Shaving all of their hair off makes them even hotter to us. Mannes explains that shaving your head is viewed as an audacious act that enhances attractiveness.

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    Makes sense -- just look at Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, and Samuel L Jackson. Talk about bald

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  • Bargain Beauties Beware: Your Cheap Beauty Buy is Probably a Fake

    I love me a good bargain. So when I want to try out the newest Bobbi Brown lip gloss or restock my go-to MAC foundation, I don't head to Sephora. I go to eBay and Amazon to find the same exact products for a fraction of the price. Thrifty? Yes. Safe? Maybe not.

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    With online-savvy beauty junkies (like me) eagerly buying makeup products from the Internet, more counterfeit products are flooding the discount sites of eBay and Amazon. To see just how badly we're being duped, reporters from the Daily Mail bought 80 designer beauty products over two weeks. Then they asked The Staffordshire Scientific Services to compare the stuff they bought online to the originals. The findings will shock any fellow online beauty shopper: One out of 10 products purchased online were fake.

    But here's the real kicker: These knock-offs not only had different formulas than the originals, but they also contained carcinogenic ingredients, including lead, copper,

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  • New Study Reveals Blondes Are More Likely to Cheat -- Surprised?

    Blondes really do have more fun according to a new study conducted by, "the world's largest cheater database." The findings reveal that 42 percent of female cheaters are blonde -- more than all the other shades combined.

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    Now, the website concedes that the numbers are solely based on anecdotal evidence and that they have not taken either baldness or ethnicity into account. But James McGibney, founder of CheaterVille, says the findings can give more insight when you're looking for love.

    "From Veronica vs. Betty to Ginger vs. Mary Anne, we've always favored one look over another. But now our research gives us a tempting look at how hair color might play a role in infidelity, and that's nothing to brush off," said McGibney.

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    Some of the study findings include:

    • 40 percent of male, self-professed cheaters have brown hair. Black hair accounted for 32
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  • The Ultimate List of "It Doesn't Count" Diet Excuses

    "Diet starts Monday!"

    That is my go-to excuse when I'm nabbing a second cupcake or polishing off a bag of Doritos.

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    My silly excuse may not be original, but then again, whose excuses for gorging on junk food really are? How many times have you played along when your friend tried to justify that "chocolate is actually good for you" and "wine totally helps your heart health."

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    At least those have some scientific backing. Most "It doesn't count if . . ." explanations are downright ludicrous. That's why someone finally put some of them into one hysterical supercut. A few highlights from the viral video:

    "It doesn't count if you're watching that bit in 'The Notebook' when it's raining," or "It doesn't count if you drink green tea afterwards," and "It doesn't count if you've just been to the gym, are going to the gym, or are just in gym clothes."

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  • What Does Shedding 160 Pounds Really Look Like? This

    Like every other woman in America, I love a good weight loss story. They're so inspiring, and they always make me so hopeful that I'll be able to shed my own extra 10 pounds.

    And while most of the world is currently obsessed with Jessica Simpson's latest get-fit adventure, I'm in awe of Julia Kozerski, who dropped a whopping 160 pounds in one year and posted pictures of her ever-svelter self on her blog along the way.

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    First, you've got to have some chutzpah to take (and post!) a picture of yourself when you don't love the way you look. But it takes a serious set of cahones to take that picture in the confidence-destroying torture chamber known as the department store dressing room.

    Even though Kozerski knew those bad fluorescent lights would emphasize every last unflattering roll, she snapped away. And from the nearly 200 pictures she took, here are a few that give you an idea of what losing 160 pounds really looks like.

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  • The New App That'll Give You Wrinkles -- Literally

    It's time for me to fess-up with something that's going to make you think less of me as a beauty editor: I'm a sun worshipper.

    Now, before you send me hate mail and vow to discount any of my future beauty editor advice, you should know that I am fully aware of the costs of too much sun exposure: premature wrinkles, age spots, skin cancer, the list goes on.

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    And yet, I live in my two-piece all summer long and plot as many hot-weather vacations as I can afford throughout the year. I love having a little color, what can I say?

    But, I just used a new app that inspired me to raid our beauty closet and start stockpiling the SPF. Upload a photo of yourself to Burnometer, answer a few questions about your sunbathing habits, and it'll transform your snapshot into a picture of what you'll look like in 5, 15, and 25 years based on your current habits.

    Let me be the first to tell you, the results ain't pretty.

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  • Coolest Manicure Ever? Katy Perry's Hand-Painted "Daria" Nails

    tbtb2012 has been an epic year for celebrity nail effects -- especially at the major award shows. Remember Adele's glittery Grammy "Louboutin" mani and Rihanna's 24 karat gold nail polish?

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    And, of course the stars leveraged exposure from last weekend's Emmy awards to display some truly copycat-worthy nail art. Everyone's favorite "adorkable" actress, Zooey Deschanel, showcased miniature televisions on her thumbs (almost as cool as the tuxedo manicure she wore at the Golden Globes) and Kelly Osbourne (in all her gray/purple haired glory) went with a jaw-dropping $250, 000 nail polish made from black diamonds.

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    And, although she wasn't at the Emmy's, Katy Perry -- who regularly tweets photos of her outrageous nail art, including decals of her now ex-husband Russell Brand, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and even the Smurfs -- kept the TV theme going when she

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  • Must See Images from Beard and Moustache Competition

    This morning everyone else may be buzzing about the best beauty looks from last night's Emmy awards, but in the meantime, another group of hairstyles has caught my attention. Take a look at a few of the contestants from the 2012 European Beard and Moustache Championships that took place in France over the weekend -- who knew? Did your jaw just drop? Yeah, mine's down there too.

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    I had no idea this event even existed, or that facial hair could be tweaked and curled to such extremes, but color me impressed. I mean, check out the dude with the two-toned beard that spans past his shoulders (far left, second from the bottom)!

    Which photo is your favorite? Cast your vote in the comments below.

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