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  • Skinny Models Airbrushed to Look HEAVIER. Refreshing or Equally Disturbing?

    Most of us have long agreed that it's ridiculous for fashion magazines to Photoshop their already starved models to even more skeletal figures, and it seems that magazines have finally started to see things our way.

    First, her royal magazineness, Anna Wintour, banned size 0 models from appearing on the pages of "Vogue," which was met with public applause from readers and fashion bigwigs alike.

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    Then a 14-year-old blogger named Julia Bluhm, launched a national petition asking "Seventeen" magazine to feature real girls -- and got the bigwig editors to capitulate.

    And now, in an effort to embrace the "real women" community, magazines have jumped on a whole new bandwagon called reverse retouching.

    Instead of using the magic of Photoshop and other such tools to make models look skinnier, magazines like "SELF," "Cosmo," and "British Vogue" have admitted to digitally fattening them up by making the models larger and curvier to

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  • Amazing Invention We Want Now: The Invisible Bike Helmet

    Confession: I ride my bike without wearing a helmet.

    Before you get all judgy McJudgerson on me, fess up: You skip the mushroom-shaped hard hat sometimes, too. Sure, safety should be first and all, but let's face it: Bike helmets are where cute hair goes to die.

    Until now.

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    Two women in Sweden spent the last seven years coming up with the world's first invisible helmet.

    It's called the Hövding, and it's a black nylon collar that wraps around your neck like an oversized scarf. Sensors in the collar detect any sudden, unusual movements (like the ones you'd make if you were about to have a bike accident), and that triggers an air bag to inflate and envelope your head in a mere tenth of a second.

    Want to see exactly how it works? Watch this video.

    The Hövding is sold in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark and costs 3,998 SEK, or approximately $600 U.S. dollars.

    Spendy? Sure. The new wave in bike safety?

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  • New Jersey Mayor Gets Secret Late Night Mani/Pedis

    You gotta love a man who raves about the transformative power of a pedi.

    That's one of the reasons we are all about Newark, New Jersey Mayor, Corey Booker. He recently confessed that he sneaks off in the middle of the night to get his fingers and toes buffed and polished at a local 24-hour salon.

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    First of all bravo, dude! If only the guys we know would take note and put their gnarly, yellowed, and chipped toenails in the hands of a pro. Just think how much more bearable flip-flop season would be.

    But why in the middle of the night, Mr. Mayor? Real men get their toes done in broad daylight! Don't believe me? Just look at Tim Tebow, Dwayne Wade, and P Diddy. Even Justin Bieber has his own nail polish collection.

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    So, fear not Corey Booker. You're in good company. Perhaps you and your fellow nail salon-loving bros can get together -- start a mini male movement.

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  • Kendall Jenner's Tanlines: Tacky or Typical?

    We've all been there: After a few hours in the sun, you look down and oops, your feet now have a distinct criss-cross effect, your thighs are two-tone, or your décolletage has a bikini-shaped imprint.

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    While tan lines are as ubiquitous as sunglasses and flip-flops in the summer, they're not exactly ideal. For starters, they're a reminder that you're this-much-closer to sun damage or worse, skin cancer later on. And let's face it -- that string-bikini tan line isn't ever going to class-up an outfit.

    Case in point: Kendall Jenner. Over the weekend, the 16-year-old model displayed some eye-catching bikini tan lines at a magazine signing.

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    Kendall isn't the first member of the Kardashian clan to show off harsh tan lines. We all remember when older sister Kim tweeted a picture of her lobster-red complexion and extreme sunglasses stamp.

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  • Ariel Gets a Much-Needed Boob Job. Wait, What?

    I've always had a love/hate relationship with Disney characters.

    I mean, who doesn't want a drop-dead gorgeous (albeit two-dimensional) prince to charge to her rescue from a fire-breathing dragon?

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    But until the little redhead chick in "Brave" showed up, it seems like young girls everywhere were idolizing Disney princesses who either a) needed a man (or 7 little men) to save them or b) wore incredibly revealing clothes to seduce the aforementioned men (hello, Jasmine from "Aladdin").

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    So I guess this ad by a plastic surgery center in Venezuela shouldn't exactly shock me. In it, Ariel from "Little Mermaid" gets everything she ever wanted: legs instead of fins, perfectly-arched brows, and ginormous breasts that rival a desperate housewife's. The slogan on the ad campaign? "We make fairy tales come true."

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    What do

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  • From Olympians to Glamazons: What the 5 Most Beautiful Olympians Are Up to Now

    Though the Olympics are officially over, I am nowhere near done staring at Lochte's abs or Gabby's hair. That's because the athletes are now turning their gold medals into serious cash.

    Instead of the pool, Michael Phelps jumped into a tub with his new bestie, Louis Vuitton.

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    Gabby Douglas scored the cover of Kellogg's cereal box and is making the media appearance rounds looking cuter than ever, thanks in part to a new hairdo by celeb stylist Ted Gibson.

    And like every other straight woman in America, I'm actually going to watch "90210" this fall because a shirtless Ryan Lochte will make cameo.

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    So while the games are over, I'm still watching these amazing Olympians. Who's your fave?

    No. 1: Michael Phelps

    The greatest Olympian of all time is swapping the pool for a tub in his new Louis Vuitton ad for the designer handbag. As long as he's in his

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  • Kim Kardashian's Beauty Routine Costs $103,534

    It is a rite of passage now: Become a global beauty icon, have your grooming routine analyzed down to the last cent you spend on pedicures. Sure, it's a little silly to investigate a celebrity's annual beauty budget, but so are the pricey treatments they use to stay so flawless.

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    First there was Jennifer Aniston's alleged $141,037 beauty routine, which included $450 facials, $920 haircuts, and $900 weekly yoga sessions.

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    Of course, only royalty could top that kind of luxe grooming, right? Actually, Kate Middleton's primping treatments are only (ha, only!) estimated at around $37,728. Her routine includes $250 bee-venom facials and $60 manicures.

    Now, "The Daily Mail" has published an estimate for reality TV princess Kim Kardashian, who reportedly spends a whopping $103, 534 a year on looking that good.

    Her 24-carat gold facials cost $800 a pop; she also

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  • 8 Best Makeup Picks from the Fall Collections

    Want to know what I hate most about magazines? Even more than the overly-photoshopped models and impossibly high price tags on all the cutest clothes, I hate that when I go to Sephora to actually buy some of the beauty products mentioned in those fat September issues, they're sold out.

    Which is why I decided to give you this, a list of the most amazing picks from the Fall makeup lines. Buy 'em now. Wear 'em before Labor Day (they're so gorg you'll want to). And consider yourself warned: These are the products that won't stay on Sephora's shelves for long.

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  • Think You're Fat? it Could Be Why You Can't Lose Weight

    What is it about being a woman that makes most of us predisposed to focus on the negative -- especially when it comes to our bodies?

    That body that just birthed a baby? Yeah, we see flabbier arms and a softer belly. That body that just bent in 80 different directions in yoga? All we can think about is how those love handles are getting in the way of a perfect seated twist.

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    Most of us do this. And here's a good reason to stop: New research shows that focusing on your flabbier bits can actually make you gain weight.

    Norwegian researchers polled 1,200 healthy people in their teens and followed up with them 11 years later. They found a whopping 60 percent of normal-sized girls who classified themselves as "chubby" or "very fat" went on to become overweight women in their 20s.

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    The researchers say the weight gain is likely due to the bad

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  • What Victoria's Secret Models REALLY Look Like

    Ever wonder how those pouty, impossibly perfect Victoria's Secret Angels look when the wind machine's off and the Photoshop wand has yet to be wielded?

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but, guess what? They still look awesome.

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    Some untouched (read: not Photoshopped into pore-less oblivion) photos of VS star Doutzen Kroes have just surfaced online and unlike all those "stars without makeup" tabloid stories, this time, the truth isn't ugly at all.

    She's smoking hot. Flaws and all. Go figure.

    Fashion Spot posted the raw pictures of Kroes' photo shoot that have yet to make their way to the VS website. And, as always, these pictures don't lie. The supermodel has wrinkles between her eyebrows, scars on her legs, folds in her skin, and unshaven armpits! Oh, the horror. But, the best part? These "imperfections" only serve to make her more beautiful.

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