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  • Accept the Truth when it Comes to Your Break-up

    Accept the Truth...With No ExceptionsAccept the Truth...With No Exceptions

    Posted by James Lane for

    When we breakup with someone, we don't want to believe we did anything wrong. That we may have been the cause of this tumultuous down fall that has led us to be single, yet again. Instead, we try to shift the blame on our partner, our friends, and even our work. It is so hard for us to accept the truth that the reason the relationship ended was solely because of something we said or something we did.

    It may have a lot to do with our egos, and it may have a lot to do with being naive, but realizing that we were at fault is a hard pill to swallow. We will recount the story to our family and close friends, leaving out important, detrimental facts such as "I always started the fights", "I was jealous", or "I cheated". We cannot have anyone else looking down on us and thinking we were the bad guy, so we tell them everything...except the truth.

    What we must remember is that being honest with our friends is important, but

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  • 5 Great Dates for Fall

    Fall in Love this SeasonFall in Love this Season

    Posted by Alex Johnson for

    Here we are. Another season is about to bestowed upon us. It is a season that most welcome and that season is what we all refer to as fall. With this season comes so many wonderful things, you get to debut the new wardrobe, grabbing your first of many pumpkin spiced lattes at your local Starbucks and of course the leaves changing all around you. Now that we have the wardrobe, the latte and nature all under in motion, the new season also brings up the concept of dating.

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    For those that are already attached or for those out there that are about to discover what dating is like during this season, I would like to share 5 of the Best Dates for the Fall season. Let's let the leaves fall shall we?

    1. Apple Picking: Those that live even in the big cities where orchards are not within arm's length venture out to the nearest apple picking farms. This is a fun date because not only can the

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  • Friendship to Relationship...Can It Work?

    Should Friends Date? Should Friends Date?

    Posted by James Lane for

    Good friends are hard to come by. Great friends are even harder. It takes so long to build that special bond we have with our friends; from those secret inside jokes to the comfort and security that they provide us. But what happens when we change the dynamic of our relationship from friends to dating. Is it ever a good idea?

    If you have ever watched the show "Friends" you will know that Chandler and Monica and Ross and Rachel were all friends before they got together. (Spoiler alert if you haven't seen the show). They were the best friends who just so happened fall in love. And they made it work. Does this happen with every situation? Well, unless your relationship plays out in a studio in Burbank, California, then yes. Otherwise, not so much.

    We know we already love our friends. We trust them. We care for them. But sometimes taking the "next step" and becoming a couple can hinder the relationship you took so long to

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  • 3 Simple Rules on Moving in Together

    How to Survive the First Months of Living TogetherHow to Survive the First Months of Living Together

    Posted by Alex Johnson for

    We all have lived with someone else. Whether it be sharing a room with your siblings, your college roommate or even your very first apartment in the big city where you shared a studio apartment with four other people. It is one thing to live with friends or a stranger you met through Craigslist. It is quite another thing to live with someone that you are in a romantic relationship with.

    When you are dating in the beginning and have your separate homes that you can both retreat back to when you need some air, some time to do your own thing, or simply want control of the remote, those are the moments to cherish, because once you move in with your loved one, things will change. However, rather than viewing moving in with someone as prison or some cruel punishment, turn that situation around and consider how lucky you both are to be experiencing this journey together.

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  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Give Your Ex Another Chance

    Getting Back With Your Ex: Good Idea or Horrible Mistake? Getting Back With Your Ex: Good Idea or Horrible Mistake?

    Posted by Alex Johnson for

    A lot can be said about the idea of getting back together with an ex. Most of the time what is being said is with a negative tone. I can almost hear what my friends would say to me if they knew I was thinking about getting back together with an ex of mine: "Once a cheater-always a cheater." Or the popular, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

    While it is great to have these cliche quotes to remind us of potentially making a fatal mistake, I must ask the question…When is it a good idea to get back together with an ex?

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    As they say, the only two people to ever know what really goes on in the relationship are the two people involved. You usually tend to only hear your friend's side of the story or vice versa, but it is rare that you will have both parties explain the reasons why they ended. So you are left to give your opinions based on one

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  • Is Your Sexual Partner Number Really that Important?

    What's Your Number?What's Your Number?

    Posted by Demetri Raftopoulos for

    I've never shared it with anyone. I've never seen the point to. It's as relevant to me as the Boston Red Sox. What could it possibly determine? What could it possibly mean? I've had a lot of partners? Yeah -- so what? Who hasn't?

    I don't share my number because I don't even know it. That isn't because my number is some insane, incalculable amount. I remember the good ones, I remember what's important, and what actually meant something.

    But as for my number, it means nothing, and yours should not either. The same goes for your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/prospective lover.

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    Most people get ridiculed day after day because of a silly number. Regardless of if you've had sex with supermodels or Alex Rodriguez, the present is what matters; the present meaning -- today. You're not going to marry A-Rod or Gisele, I mean, unless you're Tom Brady of course but

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  • Should a Man Always Pay?

    Are Men Still Expected to Pay in Today's Society?Are Men Still Expected to Pay in Today's Society?

    Posted by Ginny Humber for

    Dating is tricky. And money makes people touchy. When the two combine, there's lots of room for stressful wallet fidgeting. So what is a modern girl to do when the check drops? It's not an easy question to answer.

    When my parents got married in the late seventies, my dad was 27 to my mom's 20. All during their courtship, he paid for everything. This continued until she graduated from college two years after the wedding, and finally got her own job. I asked her what would have happened if she had tried to pay for dinner some time, and she said it would probably have hurt Dad's feelings, not to mention his pride.

    It had a lot to do with their age differences and the fact that he was the one with the higher-paying job, but even so, that was just the way things were done back then, and few questioned it. Today, with women earning as much as or more than men, at least percentage-wise, things are very different. However, the

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  • We Are Never (Ever) Getting Back Together

    Dating Your Ex is Never the Best Idea. Ever. Dating Your Ex is Never the Best Idea. Ever.

    Posted by James Lane for

    Taylor Swift has it right. When it comes to getting back with an ex, it's always better to write a song about it than actually doing it.

    Why do we even think about getting back with our exes? Is it because we miss the memories we made? Is it because we were so comfortable with them? Is it because they made us feel special? Or is it because we are just plain lonely?

    I'm going to have to agree with the latter.

    Bringing our ex back into our life is damaging. Does it work out occasionally? Sure, but I don't like the chances of "occasionally". Just because it worked out on a TV show or with your best friends second cousins' next door neighbor, does not mean that it will work out for you. I was in this same situation a few months ago. I missed my ex and decided to grab coffee together to see if the feelings were still there. Stupid stupid.

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  • 5 Reasons Why It's Great to Be Single!

    Embrace the Positives of Being Single!Embrace the Positives of Being Single!

    Posted by James Lane for

    In celebration of National Singles Week, when everyone is looking at their single life with a glass half empty view, we have discovered so many reasons why it is just awesome to be single.

    1. Enjoying your free time

    When you are single, you have more time to focus on your friends, read a great novel, or watch your favorite television show. It is a time for you to relax and not have to worry about someone else for a change. You can wake up when you want, go to brunch with some friends, and then come home and watch the Kardashian marathon, with no guilty conscious.

    2. Experience new things

    Especially if you are young, being single is the best opportunity to experience all new things! A new city or a new job. You aren't tied down to anything, so if you want, you can get up and move cities and start a new life. You get to know yourself in a totally new way; a way you wouldn't if you were in a relationship.

    3. You are

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  • Is it Better to Be Single or in a Relationship?

    Single Life Has Its Benefits Single Life Has Its Benefits

    Posted by James Lane for

    In honor of National Singles Week, we at took a poll to find the answer to the question: is it better to be single or in a relationship?

    When I checked the results this morning, I have to admit, I was very surprised that 90% of the answers was to be single. I was stunned because I honestly thought it was going to be a unanimous vote of "in a relationship".

    In my mind, influenced by everyone I know, being in a relationship is the way to go. Hell, half of my high school graduating class is already married (and some with kids) while I am living in New York City, unattached and childless…well, that I know of.

    I always felt like the odd man out, not wanting to be in a relationship at all. I enjoy my freedom, my friendships, and yes, even my selfishness. The fact that I can wake up on a Saturday morning whenever I want and do my own thing is priceless to me.

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