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  • 7 Truths About Your Mom and Your Relationships

    By Tracy Verrett, BounceBack Relationship & Transition Expert

    Remember being a kid and learning that "Mom spells 'wow' upside-down?" Sometimes though, our moms don't wow us in a good way. They may annoy us or embarrass us to the point that we're left saying, "Wow, Mom, please stop before you make it worse!"

    In tribute to Mother's Day, May 9, here are seven humorous (or not-so-humorous) truths about our moms and our relationships. Whether these make you smile or cringe, we all know that these nuggets of truth make Moms who they are.

    1. Mom wants a wedding. Now.

    Mom wants us to get married WAY before we may have even uttered the word to the person we're dating. It's as if her role as Mom isn't complete without a walk down the aisle. One BounceBack member's mother told her, "You're better off married than successful in your career. A career will never cook you dinner." Hmmm. We could argue that a spouse is no guarantee to pay the bills, but let's just stop at the

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  • Can't Hit Mom's Closet Anymore? Find What You Love on 3 Vintage Fashion Sites

    By Terry Lyons, BounceBack Fashion & Style Expert

    It all started when we emerged from our mothers' closets, slowly dragging her heels across the green carpet, dripping in pearls while swimming in her summer dress. We delighted at the sight of ourselves in rouge and red lipstick, and the miniature version of us fell in love with her wardrobe and playing dress up. We fell in love with being a girl.

    Decades later, we're still playing dress up. As a nod to the women who taught us about fashion, we can snag beautiful pieces from their timeless closets without ever leaving our home.

    As Mother's Day rolls around this year, if you can't get to your parents' home to hit up your mother's actual closet, here are our favorite online vintage websites. Break out the costume jewelry and begin your journey into fashion's past.

    If you can't find it on ebay, it may not exist. Ebay is a vintage lover's utopia. The site has an entire section dedicated to vintage clothing from closets

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  • Newly-Single Mom? Make the Most of Mother's Day

    By Mary Darling Montero, BounceBack Therapy Expert

    If you're a newly-single mom, chances are you've been dealing with some tough emotions. The end of a relationship is hard enough; throw in worrying about how your kids are coping and wondering how you'll co-parent with your ex, and you're in stress-overload mode. With Mother's Day coming up, why not take advantage of this day dedicated to you, and spend some time focusing on and appreciating what motherhood means to you. It's a perfect opportunity to set aside your broken heart and honor the strength it requires to be a mom.

    As Mother's Day approaches, take some time to read the following quotes about motherhood, and write down your personal reactions. Whatever you end up doing to celebrate the day (spending time with family or friends, taking your kids to a park for a picnic), keep in mind everything you've accomplished, survived, and done well as a mom.

    "The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She

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  • The 10 BEST Ways to Break up with Someone

    We wrote an article a few weeks ago called "The Ten Worst Ways to Break Up With Someone," based on actual submissions from our BounceBack members, who have stories from their personal breakups and divorces that take the cake - literally. One member had her now-ex-boyfriend leave her on Valentine's Day and take her freshly baked "I Love You" cupcakes with him. Come on.

    At multiple requests from our members and BounceBack community, we've been asked to follow-up that piece with "The Ten Best Ways to Break Up With Someone." The fact is, not every relationship works, and it's much better to end things than string someone along dishonestly and unfairly. However, when the decision is made and the time comes to split, there is definitely a way to do things right, just as there's a way to do things wrong.

    If you aren't happy in your relationship and are planning on breaking things off, know that it's going to be tough. Here are 10 tips that will hopefully make this easier on

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  • Stop and Smell the Roses...and then Take a Picture!

    By Meghan Stroebel, BounceBack Posh & Penniless Expert

    In our homes, we surround ourselves with images from our childhood, of our family, friends, and significant others. We place this images in little frames and hang them up for all to see. However, sometimes these pictures meant to bring us happiness can turn into painful, constant reminders of a lost love.

    Instead of throwing away every frame in your house every time you go through a break-up, start surrounding yourself with images that make you feel great, no matter what your relationship status is. With today's technology, almost anyone can become an amateur photographer (and framed photography is an inexpensive way to fill up that empty wall). There are so many great photo-editing programs that you can buy or download. An easy one to start with is Picasa, a photo editing program created by Google. Not only is this program super user-friendly - it is also free!

    So, you've found your digital camera buried in your sock drawer,

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  • 5 Key Things To Expect From Your Divorce Attorney

    By Kimberly Waletich, BounceBack Divorce Attorney

    So, you found an attorney you trust, have confidence in, and that you can afford -- now what? A common misconception is that law is "As Seen on TV": a quick 60-minute storyline in which a hero has been wronged, his lawyer works the case and conducts a few interviews, culminating in a courtroom proceeding complete with dramatic objections, closing arguments and the proverbial "gotcha" moment where the hero is vindicated. In reality, this is far from what you can and should expect.

    Here are 5 key things you should expect from your divorce attorney:

    Education on the relevant laws:

    Your lawyer should educate you about the laws, codes, and regulations in your state related to divorce, custody, and the distribution of property. She should tell you if you or your spouse is in violation of any of those laws. Your lawyer should also educate you about your rights under the law, and what you're entitled to receive upon

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  • By Sarah Daly, BounceBack Home Design and Everyday Entertaining Expert

    Getting together with friends and family is always good for the soul - but especially when going through a break-up or divorce. Why not host a gathering and lift your spirits?

    If you don't feel like getting out and hitting the town when you're heartbroken, here are 3 great ways to reconnect with your friends in the comforts of your own home:


    It's not too early, like breakfast, and it's not as boring as lunch - brunch is a fun, economical way to host friends for a meal. Dinner parties can really add up between all the different ingredients and drinks, but brunch is inherently cheaper - serve up a simple quiche, some cut fruit, a tossed salad, and finger sandwiches: voila, it's a party! Of course, mimosas always add a festive touch, but a non-alcoholic punch would also be great.

    A Clothing Swap

    Why not get re-organized, clean out the clutter, and have a good time too? It's

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  • Are You Obsessing Over A Breakup? Stop! Here's How...

    By Mary Darling Montero, BounceBack Therapy Expert

    A lot of people wonder how to start feeling better when they can't stop thinking about a breakup. Some have even used the word "obsessed" to describe the way a breakup dominates their thoughts.

    Scientists who study the brain have found that different thoughts and feelings create specific chemical reactions in the brain, and that the more these reactions happen the more the brain becomes "wired" to think and feel that way. In other words, if you obsess about the negative thoughts and feelings related to a breakup, they can literally take over your brain.

    So how do you stop negative post-breakup thoughts and feelings from running your life? The key is striking a balance between proactively dealing with them and distracting yourself from them.

    The first is necessary because if you don't deal with the breakup it will likely find a home in the back of your mind and sit, stubbornly festering away.

    Distracting yourself is crucial as

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  • 5 Go-To “Breakup Foods” - and Their Best Substitutes

    When you go through a breakup, while it may be your heart that's hurting, it's more often than not your stomach that truly pays the price. Right now, if you are recalling an image of yourself crying on your couch halfway through a pint of Haagen-Daz Chocolate-Chocolate Chip, or realizing you ate an entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritos while recounting your breakup story with your friend on the phone, keep reading. We can help.

    The go-to food remedies for heartbreak are usually more about short-term distraction than true relief. And, they tend to cause more damage than anything else - weight gain, bad skin and feeling lethargic, among others. There's a reason they're called "comfort" foods, but the temporary high doesn't last forever. However, the effects on your body will.

    Although the list is long, we've narrowed it to the top 5 most common culprits that attempt to "comfort," but really hurt you in the long run - and 5 healthy alternatives to each.



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  • Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Fashion

    Above look from Standard Finery's Spring 2010 Collection.

    Make a pledge to celebrate this Earth Day, April 22nd, by going green in a new area of your life. Going green is no longer just a trend, it is an incredibly important, full-on movement. Every individual must take responsibility for his or her own environmental impact if we want future generations to enjoy this planet the way that we do.

    There are the obvious rules: recycle, eat organic and locally grown food, and drive a smaller car (if you have to drive one at all). Then, there are less obvious options in areas like home design (install solar panels on your roof), beauty (use organic products), and fashion (buy vintage clothes and support environmentally conscious designers). Eco-friendly fashion may raise a few eyebrows at first mention, but it is no longer just about hemp skirts and crunchy organic tee-shirts. These days, there are dozens of great designers and brands who utilize organic fabrics and

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