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  • 5 Online Dating Messages to Reel Them In!

    Use These Opening Liners To Ensure a Date!Use These Opening Liners To Ensure a Date!

    Posted by Tolani Osan for

    Dating for the most part is a social game. It's not always who the prettiest person is or who has the most money or best job. Sometimes it's simply about who has the most compelling, and yet sincere, reason for you to take a chance on them. Online dating is pretty much the same. Though your information-likes, dislikes, ambitions and goals-is available upfront, you still have to make an effort to sell yourself. That's where the messages come in. You already know what NOT to say, now lets talk about what you should to get a response.


    Hi I'm Tolani. You seem like a cool person to grab some coffee with! Would you like to chat some time?

    Very simple; Introduce yourself and maybe throw in a compliment but don't let the conversation dangle. Often times you could get a message but there's no incentive for you to answer because there isn't much more than "Hi, you're cool." Ask a question that shows your

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  • 3 Reasons Why Unhappy Couples Stay Together

    What Exactly Are You Staying Together For?

    Posted by Demetri Raftopoulos for

    I never understood why two people, unhappy with each other and their relationship, stayed together. It boggled my mind. Well -- up until now. Dig deep enough, you'll find what you are looking for. Talk to an abundance of people and you'll uncover manifold ways the mind works. Be around it and you're indulged.

    Ultimately, if you are unhappy there should be no reason to stick around. That's the narrow-minded, one-sided, and trapped in a box way to look at it. If life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? If you're unhappy do something about it, right?

    Right. But, as is everything else in life, sticking around is situational and relational. You obviously stick around for a reason. Here is a look at three huge reasons why people stick around and stay together.

    The Kids

    This may very well be the most obvious of the reasons. Kids open up your eyes, giving you a whole different perspective on

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  • 5 Subtle Signs that Show They Love You

    How Can You Know For Sure That They Love You?How Can You Know For Sure That They Love You?

    Posted by Jesse De La Hoz for

    How do you know? I mean, it's not like a clear sign has been handed down from generation to generation, at least not in my family. But how do you, as a person, know? How can you tell someone loves you? Use these 5 subtle clues to know that he or she may have fallen in love with you.

    1. You light up my life

    Have you noticed every time you enter a room, your special person has an instant smile on their face? Do they continue to talk to you and tell you to hurry back when you are leaving? Don't dismiss this as a honeymoon phase. These could be signs that their feelings for you are stronger than you think.

    2. How are you doing?

    Does he or she always want to let you know what's going on in their life? One would think that a person would constantly ask how your day is going to show interest. But by them letting you know how their day went, they are including you in what's going on in their life because

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  • Moving on After a Break Up: How Soon is Too Soon?

    How Much Time Does it Take To Heal Your Heart?

    Posted by Olga Melman for

    Okay, so you have already broken up with your partner. The tough part is over and it's time to move on! However, you might need some time to heal and reconnect with yourself before the next best thing comes along. Jumping right into the dating pool might be daunting. So the question is how long should you wait before trying something new? Here are some suggestions:


    This really depends on the intensity of the fling. For some, the encounter is so strong and deep that it may take a while to get over. Other relationhips are less powerful and meaningful and require less time. Regardless of the nature of the fling, it is best to move on when you are no longer happy with that situation and it no longer fulfills you.

    Related: What Can We Learn About Our Failed Relationships?


    If your relationship is no longer functional, it needs to end. From that point, you can assess the damage

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  • Take Your Time when it Comes to Falling in Love

    Don't Be in a Rush to Find LoveDon't Be in a Rush to Find Love

    Posted by Madeleine Harrington for

    The race to find a significant other begins at an alarmingly young age. It starts when we first begin to glamorize the image of a wedding, dressing up as brides, fantasizing about locations and the size of our bouquet. We then grow into shy and anxious teenagers, attending dances, shutting our eyes through first kisses, dating before we even understand the word, exposing our vulnerability to someone else before we've even looked in the mirror and showed it to ourselves.

    Dating, the embarking on a relationship, has always been closely intertwined with the concept of growing up. When our bodies develop, we are inevitably sexualized and romanticized, believing that the only light at the end of the tunnel is to embark on girlfriend-hood, wifehood, and of course, motherhood. We are ready to be touched, to be taken care of, to become one half of something larger. At least this is what we believe.


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  • The Rules on Cheating: What Counts & What's Fair Game

    How Do You Know If You've Gone Too Far?How Do You Know If You've Gone Too Far?

    Posted by Alex Johnson for

    Rules. They are applied in our daily lives constantly. There are rules that are utilized in sports, rules in law, rules that are used in board games and of course, there is the ever popular dating book...The Rules by Ellen Fein & Sherri Schneider, which took the dating world by storm. However, with all of these, "Rules," it got me thinking about the flip-side of things. When it comes to relationships…what are the Cheating Rules?

    Below are a few examples of what might or might not constitute as cheating in relationships:

    What's Fair Game?

    • Innocent flirting to get that free latte at your local coffee shop
    • Getting reacquainted with your former flame from high school over Facebook
    • Having that, "work wife/husband" at the office
    • Going on dates, while seeing someone, even though the relationship hasn't been made official

    What Counts?

    • Having sex with someone else
    • "Sexting"

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  • 5 Ways to Bounce Back from Disrespect

    How to Handle DisrepectHow to Handle Disrepect

    Posted by Elle Cameron for

    Often times, it's the people who we love the most who hurt us the worst. None such a statement could be so true as when applied to those with whom we are romantically involved with. Here's a 5-step plan for responding to a partner's disrespectful words or behavior:

    1. Acknowledge that there has been disrespect

    When a partner is disrespectful, we may initially be in denial. For a plethora of reasons, whether it's because of embarrassment, deep sadness or utter disbelief, we are inclined to reject the reality of a negative tone or action aimed at us.

    Whatever the reason, it's necessary to first be honest about the disrespect. It's helpful to first make a statement of fact (i.e. My husband/wife disrespected me.) followed by an honest emotion about the statement (i.e. His/her words hurt.).

    2. Peel back some layers!

    Okay, before this sounds like a Dr. Phil moment, peeling back layers of emotion

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  • Is Having a Relationship with Your Ex's Family Okay?

    Breaking Up With the Family Can Be the Hardest PartBreaking Up With the Family Can Be the Hardest Part

    Posted by Maggie McGee for

    The answer to this question is like a pair of jeans: one size does not fit all.

    After dating someone for an extended period of time, not only do you become integrated into his or her family and vice versa, often spending numerous holidays, vacations, and countless hours together, but you may also develop loving relationships and affections for your partner's loved ones.

    Therefore, this question can be very tricky and many factors affect the appropriate reaction to your break up. Knowing your relationship and place within your ex's family is the biggest factor of them all. Other important factors include, how and why the breakup occurred, if there are children involved, and how your ex feels about you continuing the relationship with his or her relatives.

    The Amicable Breakup

    If your breakup was amicable, then yes it may be okay, but depending. If you and your ex are on "good terms" then it is okay to

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  • Smart Phones Smart Enough to Find a Mate?

    So Many Phone Applications to Find LoveSo Many Phone Applications to Find Love

    Posted by Nicholas Lizardi for

    We all have seen those and EHarmony commercials. According to 1 in 5 relationships start on an online dating site. Everyone seems to have a stigma of dating online but according to 40 million Americans have tried online dating out of the 54 million single Americans.

    Related: Is Online Dating a Must These Days?

    Now, with technology we even have dating applications for our phone. Dating is becoming more than just meeting at a bar. With online dating, you can preselect who you meet (no more trying to get away from weird people at bars) and best of all, you can do it from the comfort of anywhere you bring your smart phone. Here's a list of the most popular dating apps in America and some key information about them. has over 20 million members with a 49/51 male/female ratio (suitable for gay relationships as well). The problem with is you

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  • 7 Online Dating Messages Least Likely to Get a Reply

    The Worst Messages to Get While Online DatingThe Worst Messages to Get While Online Dating

    Posted by Tolani Osan for

    So you're new to the online dating scene. Your friends may have told you it works magic and in some cases it does but not if you're uneducated about online dating messaging etiquette. The first message is the most important part. So make a good impression and avoid the following!


    "Hey. Get at me. Here's my number again. Stop being shy"

    Not too, too terrible but what if this is the second, third or fourth message you're sending?! Lets face it, not every message is going to get an answer. So if after the first time you send a message you don't receive one back, move on.


    "Heeeey. Luv ur profile. U seem like kewl ppl. Wud luv 2 chat wit u."

    Before you send a message like this, please consider who you are sending it to. If there is "teacher", "writer" or "professional" written somewhere in their profile, you should probably go back and proofread!

    Over it

    "You're really cute

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