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  • 5 Steps to Take on the Road to Heartbreak Recovery

    Healing That Broken Heart of Yours Healing That Broken Heart of Yours

    Posted Alex Johnson for

    Let's face it. One time or another in our lives, we will be faced with heartbreak and the end of that meaningful or not so meaningful relationship. We will wonder what went wrong or we actually already know what broke the relationship.

    Regardless of the situation, it is always nice to know there are few survival guidelines to help us ease the pain and move forward with our lives. Below are five steps to lead you to the road for heartbreak recovery.

    1. Reflect:
    It is never a bad idea that after the tears have subsided, to reflect on the relationship. To think about the things that went wrong and even review the things that actually worked. Looking back on these things will help you not only grow on an individual level, but will also prepare you for when you are ready for your next relationship. Bringing to the table your experience will help define what you want and don't want from the next relationship.


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  • Breaking the Post Break-Up Behavior

    Take Off the Sweats and Put the Ice Cream AwayTake Off the Sweats and Put the Ice Cream Away

    Posted by Madeleine Harrington for

    A young woman is sprawled heavily across the sofa, surrounded by a dense forest of empty (insert caloric and processed food here) boxes. She is grasping desperately to the television remote, her facial features soiled by a sloppy stream of mascara darkened tears. Her body is hidden by a large t-shirt and patterned pajama pants, and the voice of Ryan Gosling or a young Leonardo DiCaprio is audible from the television set. This is the image of a woman experiencing a break-up, according to an infinite number of media outlets. This is what we should look like when we grieve.

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    When we are in a state of mourning, our bodies, suddenly fragile and confused, seek a sense of familiarity in the same way a lost child looks for their mother's hand in a crowd of strangers. Hence, whether or not it's what we really want, it makes sense that we find fleeting solace in the

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  • What Love Feels like for Those Who've Never Been

    What Exactly Is Love?What Exactly Is Love?

    By Elle Cameron for

    The quote "You complete me" is an all-too-familiar line delivered by Tom Cruise in the 90's romantic flick Jerry Maguire. For the pure and utter hopeless romantic, and for those yearning to know what love feels like, this line gives a snapshot of what love is: as something beautiful or magical. And at the same time, something rooted in dependence. It's a line which appeals to those who've actually been in love. Contrarily, for those of us who have never been in love, the line is a tease - a fantasy yet to be fulfilled.

    Love is something one strives for and pursues. It is understood to be a necessary component to life, not unlike having a career or a family. People get hurt, torn and battered in the throes of love. Whatever the downside to love, people always go back, more determined to find it.

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    But for those of us who have never been in love, there's a curiosity which

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  • When Your Kids Don't like Your New Partner

    Making the children comfortable around your new boyfriend or girlfriend. Making the children comfortable around your new boyfriend or girlfriend.

    By Shanika Sealy for

    The divorce/relationship is over. A new charming guy/gal has brought back the smiles and happiness. The chemistry is excellent. He or she is adventurous, caring, and sweet. Everyday the relationship gets more exciting and creates room to take more steps towards a potential relationship but the children aren't feeling the same excitement.

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    Children tend to have several reasons for hating their parent's new significant other. When conducting interviews to parents, most answers given were: the children did not like the idea of their parent having a new beau/gal, someday hoping their parents will reunite, and missing the parent spending all their time with them.

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    Some marriages/relationships have lasted for centuries whereas some have last for 72 days. During the marriages, children become attached to the commitment

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  • Breaking Up with Your Partner is like Losing Your Best Friend

    Losing Your Friend, TooLosing Your Friend, Too

    By Nicholas Lizardi for

    We all grow up with this concept of wanting to date someone who is a friend first. This is a great idea but sometimes it doesn't work out and sadly the relationship ends. Now both friends and even the ones who weren't involved in the relationship have to deal with the aftermath. It can be pretty rough (but by all means do not think this means dating a friend isn't worth it--sometimes it can end amazingly) but here are some options you might have to deal with when coping.

    Try not to rock the boat.

    Try to avoid doing things just to get a rise out of your ex. Chances are if this person is within your friendship circle you will see them almost daily. It will be a tough balancing act of getting over your ex and not wanting to make your friends feel uncomfortable. You don't want to create a scene just to cause a rise out of your ex because your friends will no doubt be involved. Pushing your friends away isn't a way to

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  • 5 Empowering Movies to Watch Post Break-Up

    Not Your Typical Break-Up MoviesNot Your Typical Break-Up Movies

    Posted by Maggie McGee for

    Instead of eating a carton of Ben &Jerry's ice cream and popping a cliché love story into your DVD player, try these five movies that will make you want to get back into the swing of things. Each film mixes action and inspiration for a combination that is perfect if you are feeling down. Avoid cheesy romance movies that might remind you of your ex and watch these five empowering movies instead.

    The Hunger Games

    Based on the popular book series, this film is a cleverly crafted adaptation from the novel. Set in a futuristic dystopia called Panem, children and teenagers are randomly picked annually from each of the 12 Districts to compete and fight to the death in a competition called The Hunger Games. When Katnis' (Jennifer Lawrence) younger sister, Primrose is picked, she volunteers herself to play the deadly game. The male chosen from District 12 is Peeta Mellark who fights alongside Katnis.

    The film is

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  • How Important is a Friend's Opinion when it Comes to Our Relationships?

    Should We Always Listen To Our Friend's Advice?Should We Always Listen To Our Friend's Advice?

    By James Lane for

    Our friends. Some would say they are the most important people in our lives. They are the ones we stay in the closest contact with, whether it is texting the entire day, e-mailing while at work, or setting up that once a week phone date just to stay in touch. They are also the ones we spend all of our free time with: Dinners, movies, bars, you name it. Our friends are always by our side. So there is no doubt that we value or friendships…but do we value their opinion?

    I know someone who listens to their best friend's opinion on everything. Where to get the best sushi, which movies are worth the money to go see, even which brand of laundry detergent works the best. She listens to all of her best friend's advice, except when it comes to love.

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    They say an outsider really has no idea what goes on in a relationship, and I believe some of that to be true. But I

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  • The Good & Bad of Having a "Bed Friend"

    No Strings Attached...Right?No Strings Attached...Right?

    By Alex Johnson for

    Okay. Admit it. There has been a time where you are in between relationships and you have become…well…how we shall say this…frisky. You have called, emailed or text messaged a certain someone to deliver the goods. This person is usually known as your "Bed Friend".

    The "Bed Friend" is someone that you probably went on one or two dates with, or even just had one date with and ended up sleeping together. The action in the bedroom was exciting but outside the bedroom things were not so hot. So, you keep this person around to take care of things while you are still out searching for your next relationship.

    There have been a few movies about this type of relationship, "Friends with Benefits," and "No Strings Attached," however, in these movies, things always get complicated and no one really knows how to deal with the messiness that can come with having a "Bed Friend."

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    Let's take

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  • What Can We Learn from Our Past Relationships?

    Learning Curves on LoveLearning Curves on Love

    By Samantha Laratta for

    There should be an operation manual for falling in love, staying in love, and walking away from love with something resembling dignity (preferably the real thing, but a no-frills jump-start kit would be equally useful during the first few weeks). I have yet to meet anyone who has all the right answers or anyone who can honestly admit to practicing what he or she preaches. Nobody seems to have it all figured out.

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    My first shot at being in love was tricky and confusing. I mean, was it love or just a crush, and is there a litmus test for this? My high school sweetheart was just that- he was an absolute sweetheart and we were in high school. This was my first real attempt at a relationship. Suffice it to say that I failed with flying colors. We dated, went to prom, after which I dumped him (well, I made us dump the label but we continued to date and make out

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  • Find Love when You Aren't Looking

    The Best Love Comes When You Least Expect ItThe Best Love Comes When You Least Expect It

    By James Lane for

    While surfing the internet the other day, I came across a quote that read: "The best love comes when you aren't looking for it". Don't' ask why I was looking for quotes on love in my spare time - it's been a pretty slow week. But, upon reading that, it got me thinking. If we are so consumed with finding the right person, and so desperately want to be in a relationship, we will stop at nothing to make it happen. We will read way too much into minute details of a first date, we will start seeking out prospects everywhere, all the while trying to ignore the small warning signs that should tell us they aren't the right one.

    We've all been there. Maybe it is more prevalent and important in the winter and holiday season when we all NEED a companion to get through Christmas and New Year's, but as it turns out, looking for love is a year-round sensation - a sensation that we are becoming obsessed with.

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