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  • What to Do Once She's Gone

    She's Gone. Now What?She's Gone. Now What?

    By Jake Albright for

    Three years, five months and 11 days. That was the length of the relationship. A good healthy loving relationship right up until the moment that it wasn't. Things were bad and needed to end, but when she left, I still felt painful amounts of loneliness.

    There are lots of men like me who've committed themselves to a partner only to see them disappear into the ether. Fortunately for me, there was no cheating or deception, just a slowly expanding void that eventually became too wide for us to manage. The weekends we spent at the beach just a short walk from our apartment in LA, were replaced with her solo shopping trips and my golf game. We started to habitualize our separation, and in doing so allowed our connection to fizzle. Eventually the light went out.

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    A few weeks after she left I decided I needed to move locations. I'll be honest, the move was partly stemming from the

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  • Should We Really Be Ourselves on a First Date?

    To Thy Own Self Be True?To Thy Own Self Be True?

    By James Lane for

    We all have many different personalities. The one we use at the office with our co-workers. The one we have with our parents and friends, who know us better than anyone. The one we have when it is just us, alone, at home. And the one we have on our dates. Usually, our personalities shift a bit with each different circumstance, but we always stay true to ourselves. Don't we?

    When it comes to dating, should we be our real, true self on the first date?

    Whether you meet them in a bar, a coffee shop, or online, you did something right enough to have them ask you out on a first date. That, my friends is half the battle. The second (and more important half) is conquering the first date.

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    I don't need to tell you how important the first date is. By now, most have us have been dating for well over ten years, so we know first impressions make lasting impressions. But what

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  • Is Your Girlfriend Just One of the Guys?

    The Myth of the Guys GirlThe Myth of the Guys Girl

    By Frederick Reese for

    One of my best friends is a woman I have known since freshman orientation in college. She is one of the very few that have out-drunk me before (it took a beer ball to do it and I was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, but she was still on her feet when I passed out singing the theme song to Fraggle Rock). She used to be my wingman at the bars. She explained the infield fly rule to me. I lost $1,000 to her betting on the NFL. I once had to bail her out of jail for racing between the lights in a hospital zone.

    In other words, she is one of my best guy friends.

    At no time did I ever doubt her sincerity. I believe that she loves football for more than the millionaires running around in skin-tight elastics. I believe that she drinks beer because she loves the taste, or the cheap buzz. I believe that she was willing to serve as my wingman partly because she wanted to hook up with some young female hottie herself.

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  • Who Are Your Relationship Role Models?

    Who Do You Look Up To When It Comes To Love?Who Do You Look Up To When It Comes To Love?

    By James Lane for

    When it comes to a relationship, we all usually model our behavior off of someone we know, whether it be consciously or unconsciously. There is always that great relationship, that wonderful bond, we observe that makes us want to mold and shape our relationship into.
    It could be our parents, best friends, a celebrity couple, or even two characters from a prime time television show. But whoever they are, they have done something right.

    As children, we watch our parents' marriage and think either of two things: "I want a marriage just like my parents" or "I hope I never end up like my parents". The positive relationship between our mother and father reinforces in us that it is possible to meet someone, grow together, and have a long, healthy, and happy union. The negative aspects we may see in our parents relationship teach us what not to do, how not to behave, and what not to say during an argument to our significant other.


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  • 8 Signs This New Love May or May Not Be the One

    Could this one be THE one?

    By Alex Johnson for

    There are signs everywhere. Most signs are designed to help us navigate through life with no harm to ourselves and others around us. There is the crosswalk sign telling us when to cross the street, the highway sign telling us when our exit is approaching, and the many caution signs telling us that danger is ahead or to proceed with caution.

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    In relationships, if it were only that easy to have signs to help to warn us that there might be heartbreak ahead or to merge ahead because this person holds the key to our heart. Instead, we are left going with our "gut instinct" or "discussing over cocktails with your friends." Luckily for all of us, there have been enough books, movies, T.V. shows and life experiences to provide us with a little guidance to avoid the heartbreak and focus on the happily ever after. However, there still are some folks out there that are just starting out in the

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  • Can We Heal Without Hating Our Ex?

    Compassion Party For ... OneCompassion Party For ... One

    By Patia Braithwaite for

    Have you ever been to a passion party? A friend throws a party and a sex toy consultant comes and shows you how to add spice to your sex life. These are generally awkward but funny experiences where you buy something in a fit of ambition that you never use (or that you use all the time). But I digress...

    Today, I'm inviting you to a COMPassion party. I'm your expert and I'm hoping to give you some tips and tools that will help you spice up your post-break up life. When we don't have compassion for ourselves and others, we rob ourselves of being fully awake in our lives. So here are a few tips to help us forgive our exes and free our hearts for bigger and better things:

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    Letters: Whether it's an angry letter, forgiveness letter, a letter addressed to your ex, or to yourself, letter writing is a powerful way to check in with your feelings. Take a deep breath and let the words flow you

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  • Forgive, Yes...But Should We Ever Forget?

    Can you ever really forgive if you can't forget? Can you ever really forgive if you can't forget?

    By Alex Johnson for

    They say an elephant never forgets. Who knew that the same concept could potentially be said for humans?

    There will come a time in life when we will be faced with someone apologizing to us or we will be the ones asking for forgiveness. For either scenario, when you are asking for forgiveness, it is rare that you will also ask the person to forget about what happened, your main concern is just saying you are sorry (which can be a difficult task in itself). Which leads to the question of…can you forgive if you never forget?

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    Every single one of us has those "deal breakers" in which we will tolerate what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to having people in our lives. Some live by the rule of, "three strikes and you're out," while some give you "one chance and one chance only. " When it comes to making an important decision in life it is often best to weigh out the pro's and con's to each

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  • Don't Fear the Changes in Your Relationship...Embrace Them!

    Change can be positive. So be positive about it!Change can be positive. So be positive about it!

    By Kelli Cooper for

    Change. For many of us, it is a dirty word. We do not like it one bit. We get very comfortable in our current situations. We are very attached to certain situations, people and ways of operating. We form very firm pictures of what the future will hold based on our current reality. We are happy the way things are and change is painful.

    We do not like uncertainty. We do not like not knowing what is going to happen. Sometimes change naturally occurs and we cannot avoid it, such as eventually graduating high school or college. We know it is coming, but that often does not make it easier. Other times, unexpected change is thrust upon us. A relationship that we thought we would have the rest of our life, ends suddenly. Your once thriving company decides to downsize and you find yourself out of a job. Your partner gets a great job offer, but it requires moving clear across the country where you do not know another soul.


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  • 5 Signs You're Taking Your Dates Too Seriously

    When It Comes to Dating, Don't Take It So Seriously When It Comes to Dating, Don't Take It So Seriously

    By Tolani Osan for

    I had a friend in college who, as gregarious and gorgeous as she was, had some difficulty dating. My girlfriends and I were all surprised to hear that by the end of a particular date, the guy was quiet and aloof. Then she told us, of course, what the topic of conversation was for the night. She presented him with a laundry list of things she wanted in a guy, from career all the way down to creed! While she may not have presented it as a laundry list per se, we gathered that by the end of the night, he was likely feeling intimated and overwhelmed.

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    Unfortunately this is a trend in dating and both genders are guilty. A lot of you are far too serious about dating- when nothing is mandatory, when actually there's nothing to take so seriously. Nothing is written in stone and most rewarding, you have the opportunity to just have fun, with no strings attached. If you catch yourself

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  • 5 Rainy Day Dates to Do with Your Partner

    Don't Let the Weather Rain on Your Date!Don't Let the Weather Rain on Your Date!

    By Tolani Osan for

    It can be infuriating when inclement weather ruins your plans. With weathermen predicting one of the rainiest summer seasons yet, its very possible for your sunny dates to get rained out. Don't let the rain "rain" on your parade! Instead, go for one of these 5 inexpensive dates just for rainy days.

    1. Build a Fort

    Something about the rain just brings us back to our childhood; those days when our fun plans got rained out and we had to find something fun to do inside which of course calls for some creativity. Building a fort with chairs and blankets is not only creative and fun but can also be very intimate. In a fort anything goes: snuggle up to a book, make shadow animals or play flashlight tag, or let the pitter patter of the rain soothe you to sleep.

    2. Movie Marathon

    I think we can all agree that sometimes the rain excuses us from our busy lives. So a bum out session is an essential rainy date. Order some pizza,

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