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  • 10 Things You Should Know About Wrinkles

    Got Wrinkles? If your skin smarts aren't at genius level (whose are?), then read on for expert answers to women's skin care and anti-aging questions.

    Q. Are smile lines caused by smiling?

    A. Not entirely. "Smile lines are the result of age-related collagen loss, which causes cheeks to lose elasticity and sag, producing those telltale folds," says Boston dermatologist Ranella Hirsch, M.D. "But repeated muscle movements exaggerate them." A skin doc can inject hyaluronic acid fillers to lift the cheek; or, for a quick, temporary fix, use a topical wrinkle filler. One to try: Boots No7 Instant Illusion Wrinkle Filler ($19, Target).

    Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle RepairQ. When is the best time of year to start using a retinoid?

    A. Spring or summer. This gold standard wrinkle reducer is often irritating, an effect that can be exacerbated by dry air and cold temperatures. Your skin is better able to tolerate the powerful ingredient in moister, warmer weather, but keep in mind that retinoids increase sun sensitivity, so slather

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  • The Best Free Shopping and Deal Apps

    Stop weighing down your wallet with coupons and loyalty cards and forget the hours of Internet searches trying to find the best deal. With just your GPS, these handy smartphone apps promise to help you find great deals, and keep them all organized and at your fingertips.

    Amazon Price Check1. Amazon Price Check

    No need to second guess a low-price guarantee with Amazon Price Check. This free app lets you hunt by product name to search its expansive database of brick and mortar stores and e-tailer prices. Less reliable, but very impressive, you can also find a product by scanning its barcode, snapping a picture of it, or even saying the name aloud into your phone. If you find a price that's lower than any listed in the app, you can share it with Amazon Price Check to improve its listings even more. While it doesn't offer coupon offerings like many similar price check apps out there, Amazon's excellent database and search capabilities left us impressed.

    Platforms: iOS, Android

    GeoQpons2. Geoqpons

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  • 6 Things You Should Know About Olive Oil

    What does While extra virgin olive oil has become such a commonplace ingredient in American pantries, there's still so much to learn. Here are 6 things I never knew about extra virgin olive oil (the extremely abridged version!):

    1. Exactly what "extra virgin" means:

    Generally, the term "extra virgin" means an overall higher quality flavor.

    Specifically, it means a few things. The first is an "acidity" level of less than 0.8%. Keep in mind this doesn't refer to acidity in the taste (like lemons or vinegar), bur rather in the chemical structure of the oil. Lower acidity levels indicate less of a deterioration of the oil, which means a better flavor.

    Secondly, the term "extra virgin" means that the oil was extracted from the olives solely through mechanical means, like pressing or grinding the olives to release the oils. This is opposed to using chemicals and solvents to extract and refine the oils.

    Lastly, being labeled "extra virgin" means that there are no significant

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  • Could a Petri Dish Save Your Life?

    Today, a slight curling of her hands is the only trace of Molly Foley's severe illness Shortly after Molly Foley and her husband returned from a 2006 trip to Ireland, she noticed that her hands were stiff and tingly. Darn. Carpal tunnel, Foley thought, blaming the eight hours a day she spent at her computer as an economic development consultant in Rock Island, IL. Foley, then 33, made an appointment with her general practitioner, who agreed that Foley probably had a repetitive-stress injury and prescribed wrist splints. Foley wore them religiously, but her fingers quickly became so stiff, she couldn't straighten out her hands. Worse, the rigidity was spreading to other parts of her body - her shoulders, her back, even her face - and her skin was becoming hard and shiny. Foley returned to her doctor, who now suspected rheumatoid arthritis and referred her to a rheumatologist, a physician specializing in autoimmune disorders.

    The rheumatologist took one look at Foley's skin and said he didn't think it was arthritis. He thought what she had was worse - much worse.

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  • How to Stop Emotional Eating

    Emotional eating can be the reason for weight gain Did you buy six boxes of Girl Scout cookies this year because you couldn't say no to the world's cutest 7-year-old in a Brownie uniform? Did you take that extra helping of your sister-in-law's whole wheat carob cake because you didn't want to hurt her feelings? When your BFF is waffling over ordering dessert, do you agree to share it with her even though you don't want it - and then match her bite for bite?

    If you could answer yes to any of these questions, you may suffer from sociotropy - the scientific term for having the need to please others. While that might make you the right candidate to broker peace in the Mideast, excessive niceness is a recipe for excessive girth. And it's only one of the character traits that can lead to unhappy mornings on the scale.

    We all know the major triggers of emotional eating: anger, loneliness, rejection, guilt. Most of us, at one time or another, have taken out our fury on a bag of crunchy corn chips or tried to beat the blues with a

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  • Will You Have Enough Money to Retire?

    Can you retire at 65?Today, many of us are thinking, I'll never be able to stop working, and for good reason: In the 1970s, most Americans working full-time had access to pensions, which promised payments (after a certain number of working years) of up to 100% of your salary for nearly the rest of your life. That was on top of Social Security benefits. Today, only around 20% of Americans have access to a pension plan, and that percentage continues to decrease. But don't panic: What's required is a retirement rethink. By changing your expectations somewhat - and altering your saving and spending habits - you can have a secure and comfortable life after age 65.

    Old Think: Retirement means I'll never have to work again

    While for the lucky few with a large pension, this may hold true, those older than 65 are the fastest-growing group of workers - more than 7 million Americans over 65 are employed. This may be due to financial necessity in some cases, but also as we live longer, age 65 seems less

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  • 5 Dangers in Your Laundry Room

    Laundry RoomLaundry Room

    Hidden dangers could be lurking in your your laundry room if you're not following your appliances' crucial safety reminders. Here are the most important laundry room dangers to be aware of:

    1. Lint build-up It's no secret that lint collects in and around the dryer and these accumulations can ignite and engulf a dryer, or worse your home, in flames. Be vigilant about cleaning the lint screen after every load and regularly vacuuming the filter chamber to remove clumps of lint trapped there. To better access lint stuck deep inside the chamber, try the Lint Lizard. It's one of our favorite infomercial products. It's thin plastic tube attaches to your vacuum cleaner and is neater and easier to use than any brush we've tried. Only a technician can disassemble and clean a dryer's motor, but at least once per year move your dryer away from the wall, disconnect the vent duct and vacuum the back of the dryer and as far into each end (indoors and outdoors) of the duct as you can

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  • How to Appreciate the Small Things

    Gretchen RubinGretchen Rubin

    In college, a friend told me about what he called the "Lost Wallet Syndrome." "No matter what's happening in your life," he explained, "if you lose your wallet, you think, How happy I would be if I could only find my wallet! I'd be happy forever! But when you find it, you're happy for about two minutes, and then you're right back where you started."

    Far too often, it takes a catastrophe to make us appreciate what we had. For that reason, one of the central aims of my happiness project is to appreciate what I have, now, while I still have it. I've long been haunted by the words of the French writer Colette: "What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner." That quote is why I've been working hard at finding happiness in the small, ordinary details in life and appreciating the adventure of everyday existence.

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    Multiple studies have shown that gratitude is key to a happy life: People who cultivate gratitude get a

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  • 3 Bouclé Jackets We Love

    It's a chic Parisian classic, but this nubby blazer needs a fitted, less boxy cut to be flattering. Choose refined colors and subtle details (no big gold buttons, s'il vous plaît).

    Nautical Jacket and ChinosSmooth Sailing

    Chinos and a sailor tee get instant sophistication with this natty topper.

    Striped tee, $50, Nautica; Jacket, $35, Merona for Target; Chinos, $78, Nautica. Flats, $27, Christian Siriano for Payless;

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    Zip Front Jacket and Pencil SkirtOn the Job

    The new way to suit up: a zip-front jacket that means business, plus a sleek skirt.

    Shirt, $65, Coldwater Creek; Grace fit jacket, $189, Talbots; Skirt, $45, Worthington; Bag, $129, Simply Vera Vera Wang; Autumn paisley scarf, $38, Echo; Pumps, $99, Circa Joan & David;

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    Aqua Flecked Jacket and JeansLean Lines

    Pair this slim aqua-flecked jacket with straight-leg jeans and high-heeled

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  • 5 Top Safety Tips for Halloween Costumes

    Halloween costume safetyAccording to a recent National Retail Federation (NRF) survey, Americans are expected to spend $2.87 billion on Halloween costumes for adults, children, and pets this year. The NRF reported witches, vampires, pirates, Batman characters, and zombies will be the top Halloween costumes for adults, but I'm sure there will be no shortage of Presidential candidates, Olympians, and pop singers. Little trick or treaters are most likely to be dressed up as princesses, Batman, Spiderman, witches, and Disney princesses. Personally I'm a big fan of DIY costumes. Whether you're making a costume or buying one, keep the safety tips below in mind.

    1. Read the label. Look for labels on the costume that say flame resistant. While this doesn't mean the costume won't catch on fire, it does mean that it won't ignite easily and if it does, it'll self-extinguish

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    2. Check the material. Some fabrics are more flammable than others. Cotton, linen, jute,

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