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  • 9 Free Deals for Father's Day 2012

    Father's DayFather's DayFather's Day is only a few days away. Still trying to figure out what to do for dad this weekend? Check out these deals that are too good to pass up - all available nationwide.

    • This Friday and Saturday, Michaels Craft Stores are welcoming kids to make a Duct Tape wallet or design a t-shirt or tie for their dads.

    • T-Mobile has created a Father's Day promotion offering you the chance to get a 4G smartphone and select broadband devices for free with qualifying plans this Friday and Saturday.

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    • If your pop's a major carnivore, reserve a table at Smith & Wollensky for Sunday. Along with his steak, he'll receive a complimentary sleeve of special-edition golf balls.

    • Make dad feel like a king with a free royal dinner at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.

    • At IKEA, pop can have a small breakfast on the house on his special day.

    • Treat dad to brunch at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and he'll receive a $25 Dining Card
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  • Our Tips and Recipes for Preparing Canned Black Beans

    Ortega Black Beans Ortega Black Beans For this month's issue of Good Housekeeping, we conducted a taste test of canned black beans, a convenience ingredient we never feel guilty about using.

    In our test of 10 nationally available products, Ortega emerged as the winner. As I was tallying the results and reading over tasters' comments, I picked up on a pattern. Tasters were craving salt and Ortega, while it contains an average amount of sodium, definitely tasted the saltiest. It's really no wonder the tasters preferred a saltier bean. When salt is cooked into the bean, the result is a much tastier, "beani-er" flavor. This can't be replicated by simply adding more salt to your final dish. The beans will still taste flat if they weren't seasoned properly before being canned.

    Of course, if you're watching your sodium intake, there are reduced sodium and low sodium options out there. Here in the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen, we like Goya's Low Sodium line of beans, but if you need to cut even more sodium go for "No

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  • What You Need to Know About Minimalist Shoes

    Nike Free Run SneakerNike Free Run SneakerWhen it comes to minimalist shoes, just as the name suggests, less is more. As an alternative to the barefoot running craze, companies have come out with shoes that mimic barefoot running but also protect your feet. Yes, the category includes those wacky shoes with toes but it also encompasses others as well. Almost every major athletic shoe brand has at least one version of a "minimalist" shoe but the shoes differ greatly from company to company. Some offer a lighter version of traditional running shoes while others have designed shoes that are more like gloves for your feet, giving your feet only basic protection from the ground. Ready to jump on this trend? Here's what you need to know.

    What You'll Find One key component of minimalist shoes is that they're lighter. Companies have reduced the amount of material in the upper part of the shoe, substituting mesh (or another lightweight material) for leather, and reducing the thickness of the sole by decreasing cushioning

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  • How to Get the Haircut You Want

    Great Hair HandbookGreat Hair Handbook

    It's like a bad dream. You know how you want to look - but as soon as you sit in the hairdresser's chair, you somehow can't find the right words. You're talking, but he doesn't seem to be getting the message - and once you see the finished product, you know he didn't.

    Now you'll never have to live that nightmare again. Whether you're trying to telegraph "straight but not flat but not frizzy" or "curly but nicer than my natural curls," you can get what you really want. The secret: Learn to speak stylist. We consulted top pros to find out the right words to say and, even better, we got them to spill the steps for re-creating the looks at home. Bonus: All these styles work on a range of hair lengths and textures.

    Dove Styling Foam and Goody Round BrushDove Styling Foam and Goody Round Brush

    You want: Hair that's smooth but not stick straight -you like a little volume
    Ask Your Hairstylist for:
    The cut to ask for: Shoulder-length or longer works best
    The styling to ask for: "A blowout with bend"
    DIY directions: While hair is wet, apply mousse for

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  • 30 Days to a Better Butt

    Glutes, derriere - whatever name we use, we often forget the butt is actually a group of muscles that can be shaped and toned. "You already use these muscles every day," explains Lakey Evans, a personal trainer at New York City's Reebok Sports Club who developed this routine. "So it doesn't take much to firm them up."

    Before starting the program, warm up for five minutes by jogging in place. Start with 15 repetitions of each exercise two times per week, then increase to three. Stay with it, and you'll see results in just a month.

    Sideways Step Move ASideways Step, Starting Position

    1. Starting position: Stand with feet slightly apart. Bend your knees and lean forward into a crouching position. Click arrow to see the next step.

    Sideways Step, The Move (a)

    2a. The move: Staying in the crouch position, take a fast step to the side with your left foot. Click arrow to see the next step

    Sideways Step Move B

    Sideways Step, The Move (b)

    2b. Quickly bring your right foot over to meet

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  • 5 Best Kitchen Gifts for Father's Day

    Father's day is fast approaching. This year, don't make dad settle for another grilling apron. Here are the five best kitchen gifts for Father's Day- sure to delight even the fussiest dads.

    1. A Great Grill If you're really in the mood to splurge on dad this year, consider getting him a brand new grill. Our favorites include the Weber Genesis ($849) or Kenmore 4-Burner #16135 ($389). If your father loves cooking with charcoal, take a look at the MasterForge with JetLight ($159 at Lowes).

    Weber Grill for Dad

    2. Cookbooks on his Favorite Subjects Weber's Smoke by Jamie Purviance does a beautiful job of illustrating the art of cooking with smoke, whether he uses a smoker or a traditional gas or charcoal grill. To help dad butcher like a pro, give him The Art of Beef Cutting by Kari Underly, an excellent resource for cutting meat.

    Beef Cutting

    Related: Grilling Tool Guide

    3. Beautiful Cutting Board Once your pop's finished cooking all that

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  • How to Make the Most of Your Money

    Model of a House Our personal-finance pro answers your money questions:

    Q: I know I can earn a bit more interest with an online bank, but I'm worried about security. What do you think?

    A. I've read the same scary hacking news stories you have. But think of it this way: The biggest business threat to any online bank is losing the security of your information and holdings, so protecting that is its number one job. "Banks offer software that can prevent malware from infecting end users' machines in the first place and from stealing their information when they bank online and use other websites," says Yishay Yovel, VP of marketing for Trusteer, a security firm that works with more than 200 banks and credit unions.

    Also know that banks confirm your identity with a username/password system and may ask security questions if they don't recognize your device's unique IP address. Tip: As I've been telling folks for years, the best way to protect

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  • 3 New Chocolate-Hazelnut Spreads Tasted

    Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut ButterI'll never forget the first time I tasted Nutella: It was smeared all over a warm crepe and topped with sliced banana. And it was one of the most delicious things I had ever tasted. I decided then and there that that first trip to Paris wouldn't be my last. Because I had to go back for more Nutella. Nowadays, Nutella's sold everywhere in the US and, in fact, has trademarked itself as "the original hazelnut spread." But we knew hazelnut spread really hit the mainstream when we received a package from Jif the other week with their new version of chocolate-hazelnut spread. Here's more on that new item and two other hazelnut spread options:

    Jif Chocolate Hazelnut Spread 1. Jif's Chocolate Flavored Hazelnut Spread: Sweet, sweet, sweet. When we tasted this item in the test kitchen, we were all overwhelmed by how sugary this smooth, glossy spread is. It doesn't deliver much hazelnut flavor, but its consistency would make it spreadable enough for frosting cake or filling cookies.

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  • Slash Your Texting Charges to Zilch

    TextingIn 2011, 2.3 trillion text messages were sent nation-wide, according to the Wireless Association (CTIA). While this number is astounding, it is expected to nearly quadruple by the end of 2012. Due to advancements in technology, texting has become one of the preeminent forms of communication all over the world. From letting our friends know we can meet for lunch to telling our children that we'll pick them up from the train station, we've forgone phone calls for text messages. And though text messaging is an efficient way to deliver information, it can get costly quickly. To eliminate this problem, dozens of apps have been created that offer free text messaging services!

    One of my favorites is WhatsApp Messenger ($0.99, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Nokia). It's a cross-platform smartphone messenger that allows you to text all over the world. Some of its standout features:

    • Free, Unlimited, and Global: WhatsApp uses WiFi or your existing data plan (3G) to let you send and
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  • 7 Common Style Problems - Solved!

    Readers came to our Facebook page with their toughest what-to-wear questions. Try these solutions for all your hot-weather getting-dressed dilemmas.

    Eshakti sleeveless dressEshakti sleeveless dress"I'm plus-sized. How can I feel comfy but not look sloppy?"

    Slip on this slimming sleeveless sundress. Adaptable to any occasion, with ruching that visually whittles your middle, it's customizable for free - you can change the neckline or hemline to suit your exact shape.

    Dress, $60, Eshakti; Julie tote, $69, Apt. 9; Wrap bracelets, $64 each, Raven + Lily;

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    Tribal pull-on trouser"I can never find pants that really fit! Do they exist?"

    Yes - and these yoga-pant-easy pull-on navy trousers are proof. Stretchy and sleek, with a flattering boot-cut leg, they're sophisticated enough to hit the town with a seersucker blazer.

    Blazer, $130, Tommy Hilfiger; Top, $25; available at T.J. Maxx. Pants, $54, Tribal; 888-584-4225. Mary Jane

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