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  • 5 Surprising Ways to Cook with Strawberries

    Fresh Summer StrawberriesThe season has come when strawberries are once again affordable and abundant in the store. But are you tired of the same old strawberries and cream? Or maybe you just want to try something new and interesting with your box o' berries? Here are 5 surprising new ways you can prepare strawberries to impress your family, friends, and even dinner party guests.

    1. Roasted Strawberries: Did you know that you can cook strawberries in the oven? They get just as juicy, sweet, and sticky as they do on the stove top, but keep their shape much better. The flavors seem more concentrated too. Just line a jelly-roll pan with parchment paper (for easy cleanup!) and toss 1 lb. strawberries, hulled and halved, with 2 tsp. olive oil and 1 tsp. sugar. Roast for 20 to 30 minutes in a 400 degree oven. Perfect as an accent to your cheese plate, topping for ice cream, or swirled into yogurt.

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    2. Pickled Strawberries: Just because strawberries are super sweet,

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  • 5 Quick Backyard Spruce-Ups for Your Memorial Day BBQ

    Outdoor tableclothGot company coming over for the holiday weekend? Here are some quick change-outs that can turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis.

    1. Outdoor Tablecloths: One of the quickest ways to make your table really stand out is to dress it with an attractive outdoor tablecloth. Among our favorites: The Bardwill Indoor/Outdoor tablecloth. In our tests it was great at repelling liquids so you can wipe up a spilled Coke before it absorbs into and dirties the cloth. The soft to the touch material comes in stripes and traditional floral and tropical prints. If you're looking for a modern print, check out Hen House Linens. It carries an assortment of 100% cotton tablecloths in a variety of bright colors, geometric prints, and bold stripes.

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    Outdoor chair cushions2. Outdoor Cushions: Make your guests comfortable with new patio cushions. We found JCPenney's Outdoor Oasis Double Welt Seat Cushion incredibly comfy and resistant to backyard stains like ketchup

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  • How to Remove the Top 10 Cookout Stains

    Picnic StainsBarbecue sauce: Working from the inside of the shirt or pants, flush with cold water. (One way to flush: Put a clean pad or layer of paper towels under the spot, then spray with water - the idea is that this will "transfer" the stain. Or hold the fabric under the faucet and let tap water rush through it.) Pretreat with a liquid laundry detergent, then "tamp" the spot to break up the stain. (To tamp, tap the splotch with a soft-bristle brush. Don't scrub.) Let stand for several minutes; rinse well. Sponge the stain with white vinegar; rinse again. Pretreat again and launder. If that doesn't do the trick, rub with a liquid laundry detergent and soak in warm water for up to 30 minutes. Wash again with bleach, if doing so won't damage the fabric.

    Beer: Sponge the spot with cool water or soak for about 30 minutes in a basin of cool water. Treat with a prewash stain remover; launder with bleach, if fabric-appropriate.

    Blueberries: Flush with cool water. Then mix 1 tablespoon white

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  • Meatless Memorial Day Menu

    Good friends are coming over for a Memorial Day BBQ and one of them doesn't eat red meat. I tend to associate this holiday with burgers and hot dogs, and I want to keep the same spirit of the festivities without beef. Here are 3 delicious red-meat-less items for the celebration:

    Turkey BurgerTurkey Burger

    Turkey Burgers: Yes, she does eat turkey. But the natural flavor of turkey doesn't quite hold up on its own the way ground chuck does. This super-tasty version is loaded with other fresh ingredients that make the burger succulent and flavorful.

    Glazed Grilled SalmonGlazed Grilled Salmon

    Glazed Salmon: The sweet and sticky glaze is reminiscent of classic American BBQ sauce and it tastes great on succulent salmon.

    Zucchini Pizza
    : Grilled pizza is so delicious! And it's even better when topped with grilled zucchini and a blend of three cheeses.

    To round out the menu, I'm going to grill a ton of veggies (check out this vegetable grilling guide for expert help) and make lots of salads.

    -By Genevieve Ko

    More from Good

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  • Our Favorite Hot Sauces

    hot saucesWe're hot sauce fiends here in the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen. Not in the hotter-the-better sense - after all, we still need to be able to taste the recipes that we're featuring in the magazine. But we love the nuanced flavors that a good hot sauce can give to a dish, while adding, of course, some tongue-tingling spice.

    In our opinion, you can't just go dousing your food willy-nilly. Certain sauces pair best with particular foods, and of course, we each have our favorites:


    Garden Rice & Red BeansSusan in particular is the Tabasco nut, with 3 or 4 varieties in rotation all the time. She uses the slightly milder jalapeño in her guacamole, and the smoky chipotle for bean dips and Bloody Marys. She's also a big fan of the newest flavor: raspberry chipotle (available at, especially on cream cheese. Since my return from a wonderful (and sinus-clearing trip) to visit the home of Tabasco, courtesy of McIlhenny Company, I often find myself dosing my pizza with a hefty shot of

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  • How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

    Raised Garden BedAfter years of apartment living, my wife and I were thrilled to move into a house with a backyard. We dreamt of growing fruits and veggies and planting flowers, but shortly after moving in, we had our soil tested by a local agriculture school. It was an easy process, we mailed in several scoops of dirt taken from 6 spots in our yard and had them analyzed. The results showed our soil was highly acidic and contained lead, which made it unsuitable for fruits and vegetables. We learned this is a common problem, which means it's a good idea to test your soil, especially in urban areas. We thought all was lost, until someone suggested we use raised beds with fresh soil for crops we'd be eating. The design can be extremely simple and it doesn't require any special tools, which makes it a perfect DIY project.

    Design: Make your life easy by choosing a design that's either a square or rectangle. When it comes to materials, regular lumber won't hold up to rain and moisture. Opt for vinyl

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  • Our Favorite Fresh Costco Buys for Big Summer Parties

    CheeseI've become a weekly big box store shopper for my regular feeding-my-growing-family provisions. Now that summer is coming - and with it, summer parties! - I'm stocking up more and more. I'm a Costco member, so that's where I head for party needs. In addition to the snacks I keep on hand for impromptu playmates (giant packs of Angie's Kettle Corn, Pop Chips, Pop Corners, Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips, Kirkland Lavash Chips, Utz Pretzels), I like getting fresh items for cookouts. It's more convenient to buy big and more budget-friendly too. Here's a breakdown of my party picks:

    For cocktails and drinks:

    Vitamix Blender1. Limes: To make summer coolers like mojitos and limeade, I use lots and lots of limes. This hefty bag goes fast!

    2. POM: I often associate this juice with winter drinks, but found it's great in summer cocktails too. This big bottle is an ideal quick mixer for lemonade, seltzer, and green tea.

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    3. Vitamix Blender:

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  • 5 Best Sunscreens for Your Skin Type

    Find the best sun-protection product for your specific type of skin.

    Sunscreen for Oily SkinSunscreen for Oily Skin


    Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Sun-screen SPF 70 ($12.50, drugstores) won't cause acne.

    For Anti-AgingFor Anti-Aging


    La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Primer ($39.50, CVS) helps protect skin with antioxidants.


    Coppertone Sport Pro Series with DuraFlex SPF 50+ ($11, drugstores) stays put for 80 minutes.
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    Sensitive SkinSensitive Skin


    Kiss My Face Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40 ($17, Whole Foods) is gentle and nonirritating.


    Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30 ($9, drugstores) has glycerin for thirsty skin.

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  • 3 Surprising Uses for Everyday Cleaning Products

    Every month in Good Housekeeping magazine, we feature what we call a "double-duty." It's an innovative or unusual use for a gadget or product that you have around the house. Here are my favorite alternative uses for three products likely stashed in your cleaning cabinet. Hopefully, you'll find them both surprising and helpful.

    Stickers1. Remove Stickers with Laundry Stain Remover Next time you have to remove a stubborn price sticker or its gooey residue from a vase, glass, dish or other hard, non-porous surface, head to your laundry room. The same pre-treater that erases spots and stains from fabric will also dissolve the black, tacky adhesive and bits of paper that often get left behind when you try to peel off a label. Simply saturate the sticker with the spray and work it in with your finger. Let it sit about 30 seconds, then scrape the softened gunk off with your fingernail. Wash the item in hot sudsy water.

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    Espadrilles2. Clean Summer Espadrilles

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  • Delicious $3 Dinners

    Cut your food bill with these dollar-stretching suppers - loaded with peak-season produce, they cost pennies per person.

    Veggie TartVeggie TartQuick Summery Veggie Tart

    Refrigerated ready-to-unroll piecrust is the shortcut secret to this savory tart (pictured). Slathered with basil cream cheese, it's filled with squash, peppers, and zucchini.
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    Beer Brat Skewers with Spicy Slaw

    Bite-size bratwurst slices alternate with veggies in this kebab version of the Sheboygan, WI, classic, which is basted in a beer - brown sugar sauce.
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    Southwestern Tortilla Pizzas

    Layer budget-smart black beans, cut-from-the-cob corn, and Cheddar cheese to create these oven-roasted open-faced tacos. Top with red cabbage and cilantro for color and a crispy crunch.
    Get the recipe

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    Pizza TossPizza Toss
    Rustic Pasta Toss with Tuna & Tomatoes

    This pasta salad (pictured) is loaded with farm-stand squash and zucchini - and two pounds of tomatoes. Just

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