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  • 8 Makeup Finds Under $20

    The new crop of lipsticks, blushes, and more comes with rock-bottom price tags and hard-to-beat performance

  • 4 Oscar Movie-Inspired Menus

    By Jessica Fox

    Oscar night menusOscar night menusWhether or not you're planning on throwing an Oscar party this Sunday, cook up a meal in honor of your Best Picture pick. Here are our nominees:

    For fans of The Descendants, a Hawaiian luau:
    Oven-Barbecued Hawaiian Chicken
    Cool Blue Hawaiian cocktail
    Shrimp and Pineapple Stir-Fry
    Pineapple-Citrus Smoothie
    Soy-Honey Pork with Sweet Potatoes

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    In honor of The Help, some down home Southern cooking:
    Buttermilk Biscuits
    Glazed Ham with Apricots
    Classic Fried Chicken
    Dark Chocolate Walnut Caramel Pie
    Pimento Studded Deviled Eggs
    Collard Greens with Bacon and Cider Vinegar
    Baked Black-Eyed Peas

    Rooting for Moneyball? Best eats from the ballpark?
    Mini Corn Dogs with Honey-Mustard Sauce
    Grilled Sausages with Mix & Match Toppings
    Caramel Crunch

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    Chomping at the bit for War Horse to win the prize? Have a farmhouse feast:
    Peppered Honey Turnips
    Roasted Potatoes & Rutabaga
    Crispy Roasted Goose with Orange Sauce

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  • 4 Ways to Boost the Health Benefits of Caffeine

    Your favorite A.M. beverage

    By Rachel Meltzer Warren, M.S., R.D.

    Coffee or tea - take your pick. New research shows that both deliver unexpected health pluses. A 2011 Harvard study, for example, found that female coffee drinkers who averaged four cups a day cut their risk of endometrial cancer 25% and, with more than three cups of caffeinated java, lowered their odds of basal-cell carcinoma 20%. Tea, too, contains cancer-fighting antioxidants. The beverages may also be mood boosters, with coffee linked to a decreased risk of depression and tea to less anxiety. To get the most from your morning mug:

    The health bonuses haven't been found as consistently in decaf versions of coffee and tea. But since regular coffee can pack as much as 200 mg of caffeine per eight-ounce cup (depending on the bean and the way it's brewed) and tea can go up to 60 mg per cup, stick with decaf if you have a GI issue like irritable bowel syndrome or acid reflux. Ditto if you suffer

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  • 5 Best Valentine's Day Beauty Tips

    V-Day Beauty Tips

    1. Create a Glow

    For a lit-from-within radiance, apply a liquid highlighter under your foundation. "The combo lets just enough shimmer through for a natural-looking glow," says Cory Bishop, Temptu makeup artist. We like the dual-purpose Tarte Maracuja Blush & Glow Brightening Luminizer and Cheek Tint in Candlelight ($32, Sephora).

    2. Deepen Your Blush

    Re-create a first-date flush by using a cheek color that's one shade darker than your everyday hue. "Blush should be more dramatic for evening, especially if you'll be in a dimly lit place," says Bishop. If your go-to shade is a rosy pink, try MAC Cosmetics Powder Blush in Dollymix ($19.50, MAC stores).

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    3. Color in the Lines

    Give tired eyes a lift at the end of a long day with a plum or green liner, says Bishop. Try Sonia Kashuk Eye Definer in Purple Passion or Olive Suede ($6, Target). "Their blue undertones make the whites of your eyes pop so you look fresh and

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  • Kelly: Live & Uncensored

    By Cortney Pellettieri

    Kelly RipaKelly RipaShe's said bye-bye to Regis, hello to being mom of a teen, and "Not now" to getaways with her husband. Here, Kelly Ripa tells how she powers through her days, what keeps her so slim - and the one question that keeps her up at night.

    What she misses about Regis: His funny stories. He's a great storyteller. There was always something going wrong in his life, and that was always very funny. Nobody has luck that bad.

    On parenting with husband Mark Consuelos: He's more apt to dole out discipline, but my punishments are real. I'll take away my son's iPod if he's fresh. When we're traveling, Mark will say, "If you don't stop, I'm going to have the pilot turn this plane around." I'll whisper to him, "They know you can't do that. The airline isn't going to turn this plane around because you're punishing the kids. You need to come up with something real."

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    On her sleeping habits: I typically go to bed at 1:00 A.M. Then I wake up around

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  • 10 Cooking Tips from Restaurant Chefs

    By Jennifer Sweenie

     Learn secrets from top chefs Learn secrets from top chefsThere's an expression used to define what goes on behind-the-scenes in a restaurant kitchen-"choreographed chaos". An efficient kitchen staff operates quickly, quietly, and keeps up with the dance. To accomplish this, chefs have many tricks to produce a quality, tasty dish with minimal mess and high efficiency. Below is a list of some of their secrets that will benefit any home cook:

    1. Mise en place
    This might be the most important tip of all. "Mise en place" is French for "everything in place". What it means to a chef? Before you cook have everything measured, peeled, chopped, pans greased, etc. and within reach. This will keep you from running around looking for the dried basil while your sauce is on the brink of burning.

    2. A sharp knife is essential

    Sharpen it on a regular basis and hone in between sharpening. Dull knives are dangerous and make cutting much more difficult.

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    3. Taste as you go
    You should know what

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  • 5 Ways to Get Bigger, Thicker Hair

    Get fuller hair at home Get fuller hair at home 1. Condition correctly.
    If you've got fine hair, swap your conditioner for a leave-in spray version -- it's lighter than a standard smoother, says Newport, RI, stylist and salon owner Frank Barbosa. Just apply and rinse like a regular conditioner. Our pick: L'Oréal Paris EverCrème Nourishing Leave-In Spray ($9, drugstores).

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    2. Multitask with dry shampoo.
    Score mega volume with this pro trick: Flip your head upside down and mist dry shampoo at the roots, then tousle with your fingers. The powder particles add heft to hair. Try: Dove Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo ($4, in drugstores this month).

    3. Boost your blowout.
    Build volume as you blow-dry: Turn your head upside down, then brush hair and focus the dryer starting at the roots and moving down the length of a section. The heat will help set the roots so that when you flip your head back up, they'll stay lifted.

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    4. Skip the hairspray.
    Over-spritzing your

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  • 10 Tips for Winter Beauty

    By Nina Judar
    10 tips for winter beauty10 tips for winter beautyNot only is the weather outside frightful, as the holiday song goes, but it can also make you look frightful. Between the icy dry air and wind outdoors and the hot dry air indoors, you may be contending with flaky skin, chapped lips, parched locks, raw hands, and more. Send those winter beauty woes packing with these head-to-toe pro tips and product picks.

    1. SPEED-SHOWER It's counterintuitive, but getting soaked in water sucks the moisture out of skin. Stick to a five-minute shower to help prevent dryness. "Get in, get out," advises Ranella Hirsch, M.D., a dermatologist in Boston.Aveeno, Neutrogena, and Nivea productsAveeno, Neutrogena, and Nivea products

    2. DON'T DRY OFF COMPLETELY "The emollient in lotion seals in skin's own moisture," explains Dr. Hirsch, "so slather it on slightly damp skin. For an extra boost, look for a lotion with a humectant like glycerin, which simultaneously attracts moisture to skin." Try Nivea Express Hydration Daily Lotion with Hydra IQ ($9, drugstores).

    3. SOOTHE WITH OATMEAL It's an anti-inflammatory that's gentle

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  • 5 Special Valentine's Day Cards

    By Jamie Ueda

    It's only the first day of February and already I've been asked, "What are you doing for Valentine's Day?" and have had multiple conversations with friends and colleagues about their plans and what gift they're giving and hoping to receive. While I take a low key approach to Valentine's Day, I do love giving and getting unique handwritten cards. I scoured through hundreds to find unusual choices to recommend to you.

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  • 10 Kisses You've Never Tried

    Does kissing your spouse mean a quick peck on the lips before you leave for the office? Spice up your love life with these 10 new kisses to try. Get ready to pucker up!


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