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  • Is 40 Too Old to Wear Shorts?

    There's a whisper going around among women over 40. Perhaps you aren't there yet. Perhaps, owing to some wonderful cornucopia of self-esteem, you never will be. But for the rest of us, there's the question that cannot be stopped: "Can I still wear shorts?"

    Even in shorts that don't do more than expose the bottom half of one's leg, it's still a minefield. Sure, knees are adorable on toddlers, are hopefully functional on athletes, and are what separate us from cacti, but can anyone say they're attractive?

    Depending on genetics and lifestyle choices, when you no longer have just the Not-Very-Attractive knee, you reach the age of the NVA knee with newly flaccid skin above it. You're standing there, waiting for your dry cleaning or your number to come up at the deli, and you look down to see - aaarh! - the dermatological version of an origami crane. But it's the last warm day of autumn, so you cover up and try to forget.

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    Then it gets warm

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  • 7 Smart Ways to Save More at Outlets

    Ahh, the simple pleasures of summer: ice cream, sand between your toes - and hitting the outlet mall while you're on vacation. Try these smart but simple strategies for getting the very best deals; they'll have you snagging unbelievable bargains - up to 90 percent off. (Bonus: They work year-round, so tuck them away for holiday shopping.)

    1. Cash in on Coupons

    Who knew? Most outlets trim at least 25 to 65 percent off retail, but you can also score coupons on top of that - ka-ching! Visit the outlet center's website (two websites that serve multiple outlets are and to print out savings offers for favorite stores. For instance, I printed a 15-percent-off Kate Spade coupon for both sale and full-price merchandise before I left for a mega-outlet mall. When I got there, I saw the beautiful sparkle tights I had seen on a couple of months before but resisted buying because they were $32 a pair. The outlet store was having an

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  • How to Self-Tan Like a Pro

    Nothing says you've embraced summer like a sun-kissed glow, and we've got all the best DIY self-tanning tips to achieve it. Going the tan-from-a-tube route may even help protect you from sun damage, recent research shows: Beachgoers educated in self-tan techniques and the dangers of UV rays were less likely to sit in the sun without protection and experienced fewer sunburns over the course of the summer than their nontrained fellow loungers. (It's not that self-tanners contain SPF - most don't; rather, bronzing safely can change your sunbathing habits.) Read on for the pros' product picks and techniques for believable color (no orange tans here).

    Prep Skin

    1. Test it out
    "Self-tanners rely on the ingredient dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, a potential irritant," says Sinead Norenius, founder of faux-glow maker Beautisol. "Over the years, I've found that roughly one in 10 people can't tolerate it. The day before you self-tan for the first time, test a silver dollar-size area

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  • 5 Easy Steps for Cleaner Laundry

    If your clothing isn't coming out clean, there are simple changes you can make in your laundry routine to fix the problem. Rather than wasting more time and money rewashing your load, follow my advice below to get great cleaning results the first time.

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    1. Sort laundry properly. In addition to separating items by cycle, water temperature, and color, keep items that shed lint, like towels, away from those that attract it, like knits and corduroy pieces.
    2. To save energy, it's best to wash full loads, but always avoid overloading the machine. For the best cleaning performance, stick to a medium-sized load.
    3. If you have a high-efficiency top-loading washer, push buoyant items like pillows to the the base of the washtub. If you don't, they'll float at the top when the washer fills with water and won't get clean.
    4. Be sure to use the correct detergent and the correct amount of detergent. Traditional laundry detergents
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  • 5 Probiotic Products That Really Work

    In recent years, much of the biggest news in food sales has focused on probiotics, microbes that benefit your health. But now they're not the only "biotic" generating headlines. Prebiotics are showing up in health bars, cereals, and more. These are not microbes, but a type of soluble fiber that nourishes the good bacteria in your gut. Prebiotics are often added to foods billed as "high in fiber" (they may be listed on the label as inulin or chicory root extract). But what do probiotics and prebiotics do for you? How do you know whether to try them, or which to choose?

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    For prebiotics, answers are still coming. Research suggests they may help increase calcium absorption, protect against traveler's diarrhea, and play a role in preventing colon cancer. What we do know: Taken in a high enough dose - five to eight grams a day - they can bump up the count of beneficial bacteria already in your digestive tract, says probiotic expert and industry

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  • Alison Sweeney's New Diet Just for Moms

    Alison Sweeney, host of America's favorite slim-down show, The Biggest Loser, is serving up a similar brand of diet inspiration designed with the busy mom in mind in her new book, The Mommy Diet. Having faced a very public struggle with her own weight, Sweeney knows firsthand how challenging it is to stick with a food and fitness plan, especially while also juggling the demands of work and motherhood. We talked to the svelte Sweeney to find out the get-healthy tip that worked for her, her favorite low-cal snacks, and the single-most important piece of slim-down advice she can give.

    Good Housekeeping: What is your advice to moms who have trouble finding the time to work out?

    Alison Sweeney: Making the time is the most crucial aspect of weight loss and the thing no one else can do for you. You can get all the advice, [all the] information you want, but if you don't take the time to actually follow through with it, you're going to end up frustrated and disappointed. It's easier

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  • 10 Great Freebies for Mother's Day!

    Mother's Day CalendarMother's Day CalendarStill don't know what to do for mom this Sunday? Check out these Mother's Day deals and treats that are too good to pass up.

    1. On May 7th, Lowe's home improvement store is offering a free workshop where a kid can make his or her mother a special Heart Flower Vase. Simply register a child for the Build and Grow Clinic at your local Lowe's. On the same day, The Home Depot has a free Kids Workshop (ages 5-12) for making mom a Tulip Planter.
    2. TCBY will be giving moms a free cup or cone of frozen yogurt in their flavor of choice on Sunday.
    3. Help mom get more organized with a free 1-year subscription to PlumLife, a smart organizational calender that can manage all of her life details, work and home, in one place. (This offer is only available on Sunday, May 8th -- promotion code: LOVEMYMOM).
    4. At Ikea, not only can mom enjoy scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, and coffee gratis, but the rest of the family can too if you get there before 11 a.m.
    5. To get your mother a free
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  • 3 Tasty Twists on the Classic Bloody Mary

    For the longest time, I hated Bloody Marys. "Ach, this tastes like bad gazpacho!" I would shout whenever I tried one, until I had my first really, really good Bloody Mary. From that point on, I've been a convert.

    The proselytizing Bloody Mary was consumed at PJ Clarke's, an old New York City institution dating back to 1884 (complete with scuffed mahogany bar and tin ceilings). If there was ever a place to have a good, classic Bloody Mary, it would be at PJ Clarke's. The key to PJ Clarke's Bloody Mary is that perfectly balanced trifecta of acidity, salinity, and heat. The original recipe gets these from tomato and lemon juices, Worcestershire sauce, and a one-two punch of Tabasco and horseradish (a fiery collaboration between warm heat and sharp heat).

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    For a pitcher of classic Bloody Marys,
    stir together: 1 cup vodka, 2 ½ cups tomato juice, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 2 teaspoons horseradish, 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce, ½

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  • What the Heck is Resolution Anyway?

    resolutionResolutionResolution is a specification often listed for TV's, phone displays, or any electronic screen. Generally, it's believed that bigger is better, and while this is usually true it helps to understand what resolution is so you can make an informed decision about what you need.

    What is resolution?

    Digital images are made up of thousands of tiny squares called pixels. Resolution is simply the number of pixels in the screen area (or the dimensions vertical-by-horizontal). The higher the resolution, the smaller the pixels, the more detail you can see in the image, and the more the image looks like the real thing. Some of the screens we use today, like the one on the iPhone 4, have pixels so small the human eye can't even distinguish them.

    How is resolution measured?

    It's usually given as the count of a single vertical line of pixels (ie. 1,080).

    Televisions: Usually we're given the vertical dimension of the screen but occasionally, we hear talk about the aspect ratio,

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  • Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts

    If you've left shopping for your mama this Mother's Day until now, don't feel badly. We assure you-there are MANY others in the same boat. Here, our top picks for gifts a mother can love, even at the last minute.

    1. If mom loves plants, but doesn't necessarly have a green thumb, these oversized tin flowers will give her garden a bloomin' boost. $35 each, Uncommon Goods.

    2. Mom will love this delicious recipe journal from Rag & Bone Bindery. It come complete with spots to preserve her favorite yummy creations, photos and encourages sharing recipes with friends and family. $44.

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    3. Eric Jannsen's natural beech wood Totem votive set can be arranged in a variety of heights and configurations, so mom can get creative when setting the table. $26 for set (two sets shown), MoMA Design Store.

    4. If mom's entryway or bedside table needs a pop of groovy geometric color, look no futher than Jonathan Adler's 9" tall Carnaby Vase, $68.


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