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  • 8 Benefits of Physical Fitness for Children

    By Matt Johnson -

    Physical fitness should be a part of everyone's life and it should start with teaching our children at a young age. Most children grow up playing sports and being very active, but they do not recognize the importance of what they're doing. We start teaching them math, reading, and writing at an early age; why not make physical fitness a part of that essential knowledge base?

    Benefits of Physical Fitness for Children

    1. Reduces the risk of heart disease

    2. Helps prevent obesity

    3. Increases test scores and work ethic

    4. Lowers blood pressure

    5. Prevents future life-threatening injuries (Hips, Shoulders, Knees, Back)

    6. Improves self-esteem

    7. Improves sleep

    8. Improves life and over-all well being

    Recess and PE classes in school are an important part of that fitness education. Recess has been proven to increase classroom management, alertness, on-task behavior, and reduce fidgeting. How do you feel when you have been stuck in the office all

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  • 10 Ways to Reward Weight Loss Efforts Without Food

    By Carmen Staicer -

    If you are in the habit of rewarding yourself with food for a job well done, what do you do when those treats no longer fit your diet plans? When you are trying to lose weight, it goes against all you are working toward to celebrate that five pound weight loss with a big slab of cheesecake (unless you're prepared to hit the gym to burn those 500 calories!).

    As you work toward your weight loss goals, staying motivated can become very difficult. Often rewarding yourself is just the motivation you need. So here are 10 non-food rewards to celebrate your hard work.

    • Purchase a new exercise DVD
    • Try a new fitness class - if you are walking, try a spin or martial arts class. You have to think beyond your comfort zone!
    • A new outfit to set off your slimmer figure
    • New music for your MP3 player
    • Reward your hard working muscles with a massage
    • Get a mini makeover with a new hair color or new makeup
    • Start a savings account and set
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  • Care to Place a Wager on Your Weight Loss Goal?

    By Jason Knapfel -

    If you don't eat properly and don't exercise, you are gambling with your health. Now, you can quite literally gamble on your health, with the help of a dieting website called StickK.

    bet dietingbet dietingIt's referred to as "bet dieting," in which participants wager on a specific amount of pounds they want to lose. If they don't make their goal, they lose their money. Presumably, if you win, the reward is your weight loss. All weight loss is verified by a referee.

    The founders of the StickK bet dieting website claim an effective way to encourage people to lose weight is to get them to nominate a charity whose views they disagree with to receive money if they fail.

    "We chose some highly contentious issues, for instance global warming, abortion and gay marriage," says Jordan Goldberg, StickK co-founder.

    "The idea is you choose an organization whose views are contrary to your own as an added incentive to stay motivated to succeed."

    StickK involves your friends and

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  • 8 Ways to Get Real with Weight Loss

    By Kinsey Lowrey -

    It's not the occasional dessert or extra helpings that cause you to fail at your weight loss goal, it's the unrealistic expectations that you place on yourself that cause you to fail. All too often, people try the latest and not so greatest diet hoping to drop weight fast. Think of it like this, if all these diets work then why are there so many of them and why are the new ones evolving on a weekly basis?

    Our society is obsessed with finding the quick fix. We all want something that will make the pounds drop in a few weeks, which is unhealthy to say the least. To accomplish that, we try the "it" diet of the moment.

    Did you know that healthy weight loss (depending on how overweight you are) is about 1-2 pounds a week? Remember, you didn't gain the weight over night so don't expect to lose it that quickly either.

    Here are 8 tips to keep in mind for your realistic weight loss journey:

    • Know your body. A lot of us will never be a size 0 or 2, so
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  • 5 Ways to Save Your Diet after Memorial Day

    By Heather Ashare -

    You promised yourself you would eat just one hot dog, a couple bites of potato salad and a small slice of cherry pie during this Memorial Day picnic; but two hot dogs, one cheeseburger, four beers, and a half a pie later, you're left wondering how you'll ever undo the damage.

    Fear not! Indulging in a holiday food fest like Memorial Day doesn't mark the end of a diet, nor signify that you've thrown it all away, just be prepared to wake up the next morning right where you left off. Even though you've worked hard to fit into your bikini for the upcoming summer season, we have five sure ways to put you right back on track with your weight loss and beach plans.

    1) Do Not Starve Yourself: Don't allow yourself to fast the day after your Memorial Day binge. You risk sending your metabolism on a roller coaster ride and set yourself up for further binging. Instead, reduce the amount of calories and portions of food while increasing the frequency of meals.

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  • Allison Fishman Explains How to Cook Yourself Thin

    By Heather Ashare -

    If you're like the millions of women out there searching for healthier and lower calorie ways to create your favorite recipes, then look no further than Lifetime's new healthy cooking show Cook Yourself Thin. The three co-hosts, Harry Eastwood, Allison Fishman, and Candace Kumai, help you to give your favorite meals a delicious healthy makeover, whether or not you're on a diet.Allison Fishman, left, with Cook Yourself Thin co-hosts Harry Eastwood and Candace Kumai.Allison Fishman, left, with Cook Yourself Thin co-hosts Harry Eastwood and Candace Kumai.

    The series airs daily at 5 p.m. EST and features three cooking experts who use savvy cooking techniques to make indulgent dishes that will satisfy your appetite and conscience.

    In an interview with co-host Allison Fishman, we learn more about how the threesome has adapted the popular British series to suit its American audience. In the show you'll learn how to swap calorie-heavy ingredients for leaner and healthier additions. For instance, learn how to turn a traditional 1,300 calorie steak and potato dinner into a less than 400 calorie meal, or you'll learn how to skim

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  • Recipes for a Healthy Cinco de Mayo Celebration

    By Brandi Koskie -

    Cinco de Mayo, a holiday celebrated in Mexico honoring the defeat of the French military in 1862, is one of the first real celebrations of Spring. Do yourself a favor - don't sit back and watch everyone else have all the fun just because you're on a diet. Be sure to make healthier choices than babysitting the queso bowl or going for thirds on fried tacos and sopapillas.

    You can be a part of the fiesta and share some flavorful meals with your party guests with any of these recipes that are lower in calories, fat, and carbs for many Mexican food favorites.

    Low Carb Margarita
    Nothing complements chips and salsa better than an ice cold margarita. The empty calories in alcoholic beverages can quickly add up, so be doubly responsible this Cinco de Mayo. This margarita recipe uses fresh lime juice, orange extract and artificial sweetener to make a cocktail with 103 calories and 3 grams of carbs per drink.

    Margarita Chicken
    This is a sensational dish

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  • Top 8 Oblique Exercises to Tone Love Handles

    By Matt Johnson -

    When people are working toward a more fit stomach, they often focus on crunches and sit-ups and forget about the obliques. Crunches and sit-ups work the rectus abdominis, the upper abdominal muscles or "six pack abs", while not really isolating the oblique muscles. The obliques consist of the internal and external stomach muscles and are often referred to as "love handles." Rotation and lateral flexion of the spine are the primary duties, or movements, of the internal and external obliques. The tranversus abdominis, the inner most flat abdominal muscle, is similar to the obliques, but it is mainly used for posture, balance, and stability.

    Be very careful and use precise movements while working the obliques. Using too much weight and over-rotating can compromise the back, cause injuries and future back problems.

    These are the top oblique exercises, of which you can watch a video tutorial at, and I recommend performing two or threeRead More »from Top 8 Oblique Exercises to Tone Love Handles
  • User Post: 4 Dietary Supplements Worth Taking

    By Matt Johnson -

    Supplements seem to be all the rage amongst dieters and health enthusiasts. Although certain supplements can add to our lives, eating a balanced diet is the best way to attain all the vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Here are four beneficial supplements that may help you and your body.

    1. Fish Oil. Contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which has been proven to lower blood pressure and triglycerides, slows the development of plaque in the arteries, and reduces the risk of heart disease.

    2. Glucosamine. Ideal for those suffering from osteoarthritis (joint pain). For runners this can help help prevent future pain or joint problems.

    3. Glutamine. For weight lifters, glutamine can help maintain cell volume and hydration, helps to repair the muscles broken down when lifting, and helps with muscle aches. Glutamine has been proven to help cure ulcers and benefit the immune system.

    4. Green Tea. This popular supplement is known for

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  • User Post: 3 Ways to Practice Yoga on a Budget

    By Heather Ashare -

    In these hard economic times, most of us have been forced to reduce our spending. From not eating out as frequently to buying clothing only when there is a sale, those of us impacted continue to devise creative ways to keep money in our pockets.

    One aspect of lifestyle spending that some are not willing to give up are wellness activities like exercise and yoga. For devoted health enthusiasts, giving up their fitness routine is a last resort item they can't bare to eliminate from the budget. Exercise has been shown to promote physical and mental health and mind-body activities like yoga have been correlated with reduced stress levels.

    You don't have to back out of a yoga studio contract during these hard times. Here are three ways to practice yoga on a budget and consider before throwing in the yoga mat that will allow you to continue to practice and reap the benefits of yoga without breaking the bank.

    1. Yoga at home: There are so many yoga
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