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  • The New Ladies Night: 200 Miles of Relay Running with 12 Best Friends

    Ladies night and weekend getaways continue to be a way for women of all ages to bond and share memories. Given the demands on ladies from careers, families and more, it can be hard to get away.Team FAB is a group of 12 women who have completed 3 Ragnar Relays all across the country.

    Increasingly, many are turning to new types of lady night activities that incorporate fitness, travel and fun all in one. Take for example a Ragnar Relay Race . Ragnar Relay is the largest overnight team running event in the world. In 2012, more than 80,000 people will participate in the 15 scheduled races, each averaging about 200 miles and running over two days. Teams of twelve (and in some cases six) take turns running and then cheering on their teammates in vans.

    Ragnar Relay Series has grown from one race in Utah's Wasatch Back Valley in 2004 with a mere 200 runners to 15 races nine years later, including can't-miss runcation getaways in the Florida Keys, SoCal, and Las Vegas in November.

    Runners of all levels join this "slumber party with a bit of running" to enjoy

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  • The Low-Confusion High-Nutrition Diet for Long-Term Fat Loss

    By Jonathan Bailor, author of The Smarter Science of Slim, for

    This week it's high-fat. The week before that it was low-fat. The week before that it was low-carb. Dukan says it's high-protein. Campbell says protein causes cancer. Paleo notes that we ate protein and fat long before cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease were issues. What's a girl to do?Jonathan Bailor's science-backed approach to nutrition simply make sense.

    Let's start with four simple scientific statements and see where that gets us.

    Vitamins and Minerals are Essential - We must eat vitamins and minerals or we get sick. For example, if you don't eat enough vitamin C, you will get scurvy.

    Protein is Essential - We've all heard of essential amino acids. Amino acids are what our body turns protein into during digestion. Some amino acids are "essential" because if we do not eat them, we get sick.

    Fat is Essential - We've all heard of essential fatty acids. Fatty acids are what our body turns fat into during digestion. Some fatty acids are "essential" because if we do

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  • Women Can Race Dirty at the Pretty Muddy 5K

    Be part of the very first women-only Pretty Muddy 5K in Chicago this September.Your girls night out just got a whole lot muddier. And a whole lot more daylight. The Pretty Muddy women-only 5K is an obstacle/fun run created by two husbands who thought their wives needed a better outlet for all their work-life-family balance. Their wives, and millions like them, needed a new way to let loose, have fun, and forget about it all, even for an hour or so.

    Pretty Muddy will host its inaugural race in Chicago on September 15 and follow that with five more runs through November in Columbus, New York City, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami. The 3.1 mile course will be saturated in mud… meaning each pretty lady who crosses the finish line will be one big muddy mess. The course is also no ordinary 5K, as along the way runners will encounter a number of various obstacles that will push them physically and mentally… not to mention help them get even muddier.

    Pretty Muddy isn't just trying to do good for all the women out there looking for an endurance race all their own, they're

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  • Cutting Screen Time May Reduce Childhood Obesity

    By Len Saunders, MA, guest author for

    Setting even minimal rules for media use can cut a kid's screen time by three hours a day.Could technology be the number one cause in the rise of childhood obesity? Where 'children and play' were natural companions 25 years ago, it appears that 'children and technology' are becoming even closer companions. Technology has helped society with advancements in medicine, communication, and entertainment, but it may be responsible for the rise in childhood obesity. Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller agrees, "The amount of screen time our children have from such an early age is concerning particularly with the rate of childhood obesity in this country. Childhood obesity can lead to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and other major health issues. Limiting screen time allows for more family time, increased physical activity and an overall balance in lifestyle."

    Things have changed drastically over the last few decades. Television only had a handful of channels 25 years ago, now there are hundreds of

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  • Olympic Rower Mary Whipple Fuels with a Vegetarian Diet

    By Brandi Koskie for

    Mary Whipple is in London to defend these US Women's Rowing gold medals.Fueling an Olympic athlete is no small task. During the Beijing Olympics, news broke that Michael Phelps' diet averaged about 7,000 calories a day (the media exaggerated it to 12,000 calories a day). Even 7,000 calories isn't the norm for these athletes, but their daily consumption is certainly outside the bounds of mere mortals like the rest of us cheering from home.

    Tiny and mighty at 110 pounds, US Women's Rower Mary Whipple has to keep a close and conscious eye on her food in take. For races, she and the rowing team weigh-in only two hours before. They work closely with the Olympic sports dietitian team to make weight in a healthy way.

    She also works closely with the dietetic team to manage her vegetarian diet.

    "Because I'm a vegetarian, I keep a fairly constant diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I don't keep a daily food journal but I do a self-check with my favorite app (Lose It!) on a weekly basis," Mary told us in an interview

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  • Beto Perez Leads Zumba to Become the World's Largest Fitness Brand

    By Danielle Lagow for

    Beto Perez danced his way into the world's largest fitness brand, Zumba.Ever wondered who in the world came up with the fitness program Zumba and how? That would be Alberto (Beto) Perez from Cali, Columbia in South America. Perez began his career as a fitness instructor, trainer and choreographer and has even choreographed for celebrities such as Shakira. Since bringing Zumba to the US, the brand has grown to be the world's largest fitness brand with workout DVDs, video games, clothing, and classes available in more than 125 countries.

    While still living in Columbia, Perez one day forgot his normal music for the aerobics class he was supposed to teach. Since he had no other option but to improvise, he whipped out the Latin music he had in his bag and began choreographing a dance workout routine on the spot. Everyone in the class loved it so much that it became a new tradition that would soon spread across the world.

    In 1999, Perez decided to bring Zumba to the United States. After selling all of his belongings he

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  • POM Wonderful Takes a Hit for Deceptive Health Claims in Their Advertising

    By Lacy J. Hansen for

    Ads like this landed POM Wonderful in a legal battle for deceptive claims.The pomegranate. It seems like this fruit is showing up in everything. From juice, smoothies, yogurt, and even soda, pomegranate has made a name for itself. Many flock to the fruit due to the supposed health benefits. However, one of the most recognized pomegranate-touting brands, POM Wonderful, found themselves in court regarding the health claims they made about their top-selling pomegranate juice.

    POM Wonderful produces several products, all containing pomegranate. The majority of their products are juices varying from simply pomegranate juice to a pomegranate tea. They also produce antioxidant capsules as a supplement. All of the products have the common thread of the pomegranate and the company's claims of health benefits from the red fruit. The court case was over the claims that the juices could treat, prevent, or reduce the risk of heart disease, prostate cancer and even erectile dysfunction.

    Chief Administrative Law Judge Michael

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  • Sip on a Lower Calorie Slurpee at 7-Eleven

    By Descygna Webb for

    Those who are fans of the sugary frozen drinks called Slurpees will be pleased to know that 7-Eleven will soon be offering a low-calorie version. The Slurpee is an iconic flavored frozen drink that has been a staple at 7-Eleven for many years. 7-Eleven is launching an entire campaign to introduce their new Slurpee Lite, a low-calorie and sugar-free version in a variety of flavors.New Slurpee Lite at 7-Eleven has half the calories.

    With so many people trying to cut calories or watch their sugar intake, this new line of Slurpees boasts 50 percent fewer calories than the regular Slurpee.

    The first flavor available will be the Slurpee Lite Fanta Sugar-Free Mango. This particular Slurpee was created by Fanta and uses Splenda to sweeten it instead of the high fructose corn syrup you find in the regular Slurpee. Not a total nutritional win though; Splenda is still a chemically derived artificial sweetener that most recently was linked with altering the microflora in our gut.

    One eight-ounce serving of

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  • Meat Glue Could Become the Next Pink Slime Controversy

    By Dana Shultz for

    The good news is, the disgusting phenomenon known as 'pink slime' came to the public's attention several weeks ago and is now being done away with, almost completely. But the bad news? We may have another case of suspicious meat product on our hands.Could there be glue in your steaks?

    Meat glue isn't like what it sounds. It isn't a thick, yellowy substance used to stick two hamburgers together. Rather, it's a white powder that's used to bond together small bits of meat to make smaller pieces look like a solid steak.

    The powder is made by "taking the clotting agents out of pigs' and cows' blood and using it to clot together chunks of meat." The result is a group of small bits of meat that could pass as a filet mignon.

    How it typically works is by taking small pieces of meat, sprinkling the white powder over it, and then wrapping it up to bind. It's then left to rest in the refrigerator for up to 12 hours before being unwrapped and then served as whatever cut of meat the chef

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  • True Tale of when Sports Bras Attack (and They Do!)

    By Jill Sandberg, a guest post for

    Let's face it, unless you're a lesbian couple from the '97 Lilithfaire, you're probably not wearing a sports bra as your go-to fashion statement. They are the chastity belt for the chesticles. An ugly necessity. sports bra

    A few have hooks and closures, but if you're wearing them correctly, none of that will matter after a hearty sweat from a good old workout (or a 90's female empowerment concert).

    The scene for me usually goes as follows: I come home from my run, take a few minutes to cool down, then head upstairs to shower. I peel off the drenched shirt and shorts. Since I have bought the proper size sports bra for running, it's taken my 36Ds to Hillary's Boys Don't Cry. Putting on a nice cool dry bra was one thing, getting off a wet, tight, hot my-body-is-starting-to-swell-from-the-pressure rubberband is another.

    I start with the cross and pull, taking each hand under a pit and pulling up. That doesn't work and I hit my funny bone. Not

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