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  • Get Moving! Jogging Can Add Years to Your Life

    By Dana Shultz for

    Men and women can add years to their lives by jogging.Strap on your tennis shoes because there's new reason to hit the payment. A new study has shown that jogging, even in moderate amounts and at a less-than-challenging pace, can add years to your life. What more reason do you need to get out and run than that?

    This study out of Denmark, led by Peter Schnohr, chief cardiologist of the Copenhagen City Heart Study, studied the mortality rates of 1,116 male joggers and 762 female joggers, and then compared them to the mortality rates of a group of 20,000 non-joggers.

    The participants were asked questions concerning their activity levels, including how much time they spent jogging each week. Participants then rated their own perceptions of pace - with general measurements of slow, average and fast.

    What they found was that women who regularly jogged lived an average of 5.6 years longer than women who didn't. And men who jogged lived an average of 6.2 years longer than those who didn't. The results

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  • Can You Be Too Fit? Women with Anorexia Athletica Take Fitness Too Far

    Like diet, fitness requires moderation, too.

    By Dana Shultz for

    You've heard of anorexia, an eating disorder that leads a person to refuse to eat out of fear of gaining weight.

    But have you heard of Anorexia Athletica? It's another type of eating disorder that refers to an athlete or individual who exercises so often that it begins to interfere with their family life, job, relationships, and other important areas of life.

    Sufferers not only work out too often, but too much. They go well beyond the basic requirements for good health, spending long periods of time exercising, allowing it to become an obsessive activity that they have to do in order to feel in control. This often stems from an inaccurate perception of one's body and weight, and/or fear of gaining weight.

    Self worth is also tied to how well they perform physically, and emphasis usually rests on how lean the body is. Typical sufferers are athletes that have to maintain a small physical frame in order to perform well in their sport.

    While there

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  • Healthy Egg and Avocado Brunch Recipe for Easter

    Baking an egg in an avocado is a simple, nutritious breakfast.

    Story and image by Dana Shultz for

    Kids are sure to be scavenging for Easter eggs this weekend, which means they'll probably end up with baskets - and stomachs - full of Peeps, chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs and the like. But that doesn't mean you have to count the whole day a wash when it comes to their diet, or yours.

    As parents, one way we can make this a healthier Easter holiday is by serving our families a healthy breakfast or brunch before the day's activities commence. Instead of letting the little ones dig right into their jumbo bag of jelly jeans, sit them down for a nutritious, balanced meal.

    One of the best ways to fill kids up on something healthy is make it fun *and* pack it with protein. Thankfully, this dish meets both of these requirements.

    It's an egg in an avocado, and besides being incredibly simple in preparation, it's also surprisingly healthy. One egg provides close to 12 grams of protein and 113 mg of choline - an important nutrient for

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  • Hunger Games Star Jennifer Lawrence Should Be Praised for Health, Not Condemned

    Jennifer Lawrence looking fit as Katniss in The Hunger Games.

    By Dana Shultz for

    As a huge fan of the 'The Hunger Games' series, I feel a certain attachment not only to the characters in the book, but also the actors who played them on screen. So when criticism arose this week of Jennifer Lawrence being 'too big' to play Katniss in the movie, to say I was shocked is an understatement.

    While I haven't seen the movie yet, I have closely followed the news surrounding the movie and watched Lawrence as she's graced countless premiere parties looking absolutely stunning. My assessment of her body is that she looks nothing short of perfect and healthy. In fact, I loved that she went on record saying that she didn't drop a ton of weight for the film, and instead focused on exercise to prepare herself for the role.

    So comments suggesting that Lawrence has too much 'baby fat' or is too 'big-boned' to play Katniss are hard to swallow.

    In a harsh review of the film, Jeffrey Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere writes "Lawrence seems too big

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  • Adele Sets Stage for Health with Pilates and No More Cigarettes

    Expect a healthier looking Adele behind the mic at her next performance.

    By Lacy J. Hansen for

    Pop music superstar, Adele is attempting to drop two dress sizes come this summer.

    The 23-year-old singer made her mark on music history this year as she took home a record of six Grammy's. Not only did she clean up in the awards, she gave her first public performance since having throat surgery in the fall. The singer's voice blew the crowds away and many were so pleased to see Adele back on stage belting her tunes.

    Due to her vocal chord damage, Adele finally kicked her habit of smoking and has been a non-smoker since the surgery. After that major health hurdle was cleared, the singer has found herself with more energy. Quitting smoking was half the battle in getting healthier, something Adele has wanted to do. To tackle the remainder of the health battle, she's been working out with a personal trainer twice a week and attending Pilates classes.

    It's rumored that in addition to Pilates, Adele is also running to get fit and meet that dress

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  • Jennifer Lawrence's Intense Fitness Regimen for the Hunger Games

    Jennifer Lawrence looking fit as Katniss in The Hunger Games.

    By Kristina Kapaun for

    Jennifer Lawrence refused to follow Hollywood's hungry games for her role in Hunger Games.

    The actress who has been cast as the leading character, Katniss Everdeen, in the movie Hunger Games, refuses to diet and is comfortable appearing "a little chubby" on screen, according to Mail Online.

    She told Us magazine, "I'm miserable when I'm dieting, and I like the way I look." Aside from her refusal to diet, Lawrence did require going through plenty of physical training to prepare for the role.

    She worked closely with strength and conditioning coach Joe Horrigan.

    MTV news caught up with him recently and asked how he helped her train for the part. "She worked with me usually twice a day, and that could be a combination of work at the track, which included agility drills, sprint work and running work, and she also had to work with an archery coach three or four days a week, and in the evening we would do stationary bike work, a mix of anaerobic

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  • Toast Leap Day with a Leap Year Cocktail

    A Leap Year cocktail has 209 calories.
    If you feel like there are only a handful of holidays throughout the year that give you a reason to celebrate, then you aren't looking hard enough. There exists some silly holiday every single day. In fact, just last week was Pistachio Day and March 1 is Peanut Butter Lover's Day. Let's talk about this week though, as it's Leap Year tomorrow! Once every four years the calendar throws a bonus day our way and we feel that we are left with no other choice but to celebrate.

    If you plan on raising a glass on Leap Day, fill it with gin. In the book The Joy of Mixology, it says the cocktail was created on Leap Year in 1928 by a Savoy Hotel bartender, Harry Craddock. That recipe is now known as a Leap Year.

    2 oz gin
    1/2 oz sweet vermouth
    1/2 oz Grand Marnier orange liqueur
    1/4 oz lemon juice
    lemon twist for garnish

    Shake well in an iced shaker, pour in to a chilled glass, and serve with a lemon twist garnish.

    One of these little Leap Year cocktails has 209 calories, which is actually

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  • Dr. Oz Sparks Debate About Raspberry Ketone Supplements

    Dr. Oz says it takes 90 pounds of fresh raspberries to match a single dose of raspberry ketones.
    By Margaret Badore for

    Last week Dr. Oz sparked a major debate by endorsing raspberry ketone as a "miracle fat burner" to aid with weight loss. Weight loss expert Lisa Lynn appeared as a guest to discuss how raspberry ketones had helped her clients lose weight. Dr. Oz further illustrated how the diet supplement worked by placing air balloons meant to represent fat cells in liquid nitrogen causing the balloons to shrivel up.

    As the name suggests, raspberry ketone is a compound present in red raspberries and is on the USDA's list of ingredients that are generally recognized as safe. It gives the berries their aroma, but is naturally present in very low levels. As stated on the Dr. Oz Show, it would take 90 pounds of fresh berries to get the equivalent amount of ketone that's found in the supplement form. What the show didn't mention is that due to this natural scarcity, the raspberry ketone found in supplements is usually synthesized industrially.

    However, the

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  • Planning 30 Days of Meals at Whole Foods on a Poverty Budget

    Lisa Johnson's family shopped exclusively at Whole Foods for one month with $491.10.

    By Margaret Badore for

    Is it possible to feed a family of three healthy meals on a budget that's just above the poverty level? What if you only shopped at Whole Foods? It sounds nearly impossible, but food blogger Lisa Johnson took the challenge, buying all of her groceries at Whole Foods for under $500.00 for the month of January.

    The challenge was inspired when Johnson was browsing the USDA website. She came across four different budget levels, which are set based on the grocery bills from 8,000 different families from around the U.S. Her family fell into the "low" level, which made her wonder how much harder it would be to purchase all of her groceries on the "Thrifty" level, which is for families just above the poverty level.

    Lisa added the additional challenge of shopping only at Whole Foods, where she usually shopped for her family. "You can definitely spend a ton of money at Whole Foods if you want to, but you can eat there frugally as well," she says. To

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  • 6 Best Healthy Indianapolis Restaurants for Super Bowl Fans

    By Brooke Randolph for

    Indianapolis locals are pumped to be hosting the Super Bowl this year. It's been predicted that Indy could be one of the best Super Bowl Cities yet, and we agree. Part of what can make or break visiting a new city is being able to find delicious food options that are unique to that city. We have several scrumptious, unique, independent options that should not be forgotten (Scratch Truck, Yats, Bu Da Lounge, and Libertine to name a few), but below are my choices for the best healthy restaurants in Indianapolis.

    1. Cafe Patachou has actually become a local "chain" with several locations and variations across the city, including downtown, in the fabulous Indianapolis International airport, and my personal favorite at 49th and Pennsylvania. The menu gives plenty of options that include fresh, local, and organic ingredients, but if it feels overwhelming the omelet of the day or a broken yolk sandwich would be an excellent choice. The list of

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