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  • Buying Lunch at Chef Rocco's Food Truck Buys Lunch for a NYC Kid

    By Margaret Badore for

    When we learned last week that Chef Rocco DiSpirito had a Now Eat This food truck making its way around New York City, we knew that we had to try it for ourselves. When I arrived, I was surprised to see Chef Rocco himself taking orders and dishing out healthy meals. Despite the lunch crowd, Chef Rocco answered my questions between orders with good cheer. "I want to change how people eat, by showing them how good healthy food can taste," said Rocco.

    The truck offers a selection of dishes featured in Rocco's Now Eat This! cookbooks, all of which are less than 350 calories. I was told to come hungry, and I wasn't disappointed. I devoured the Mama's meatballs over kamut pasta. For dessert, Rocco offered up a gluten-free chocolate brownie cupcake, which is made with black beans. The kamut pasta didn't have the too-chewy texture that most whole wheat pastas are guilty of, while the cupcake was amazingly moist and fluffy for a gluten-free product. The

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  • Military Personnel Take Drastic Diet Steps to Make Weight

    By Carmen Staicer for

    Soldiers in the past year have been taking drastic steps to meet the military's weight standards. Soldiers have confessed to taking diet pills and laxatives, starving themselves, and even having liposuction done in order to meet what some see as impossible weight standards.

    "Liposuction saved my career - laxatives and starvation before a PFT sustains my career," an anonymous soldier said in Army Times. "I, for one, can attest that soldiers are using liposuction, laxatives and starvation to meet height and weight standards. I did, do and still do."

    Almost half of all uniformed men and women in the US Army do not meet the weight standards, according to a 2009 military fitness report, and those officers are then made to use tape measurements to determine body fat percentage. If the percentages are too high, the soldiers cannot earn promotions or hold leadership roles. A further failure to lose weight is grounds for job loss. More than 24,000

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  • Weight Watchers is Not an Ideal Diet for Diabetics

    By Descygna Webb for

    November is diabetes awareness month, and we want to help the 25 million Americans living with this disease make smarter choices to help manage and even reverse it. Those suffering from type 2 diabetes are in need of a healthy eating plan that can help them lose weight while managing their diabetes.

    While Weight Watchers is one of the most popular diet programs available (it's number one on our Best Diets of the Year list), it is not designed for diabetics. Weight Watchers has a nearly 50-year history, and the program embraces several principles of healthy living making it ideal for most people who want to lose weight in a sustainable way. However, because Weight Watchers is not for diabetics, if you truly want to participate in the program, it's advised that you seek advice from your physician for adaptations that can work for your dietary needs.

    One thing that can make Weight Watchers somewhat difficult to follow for those with type 2 diabetes

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  • The Future of the U.S. Military is Too Fat to Fight

    By Jason Knapfel

    There are many things that our nation worries about in regards to protecting our freedoms. According to a U.S. military group, there's a national security threat that many of us aren't even aware of.

    A group of retired military officers has targeted school lunches as a serious threat to U.S. security. School lunches have contributed to making our country's youth so obese that fewer of them can meet the physical fitness standards of our military. The result puts military recruitment efforts in serious jeopardy.

    "When over a quarter of young adults are too fat to fight, we need to take notice," says retired Navy Rear Admiral James Barnett Jr., a member of the officers group. He picked out the year 2030 as the year where national security is "absolutely dependent" on the reversal of child obesity rates.

    While all of the branches of the military are currently meeting recruiting calls, Barnett is worried that could change if the obesity trend isn't reversed.

    You may be

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  • Festive Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Dress Up Your Halloween Party

    By Carmen Staicer for

    Hosting a Halloween party this weekend? Even if you choose to offer alcoholic beverages, you will still need an assortment of non-alcoholic beverages on hand as well. You could always serve soda, water or juice, but then again you could spice up your party with some of these delicious, non-alcoholic beverages that won't ruin the diet, break the bank, or cause you to ponder, "Just what happened last night, anyway?"

    Pumpkin is a wonderful source of vitamin A and fiber, and mixing it into this Pumpkin Smoothie is a fantastically tasty way to enjoy the festive gourd. A terrific choice for a party, especially if it's still warm where you are, this drink tastes like pumpkin pie, but without the calories.

    Cascal is a fermented soda crafted with natural juices. Refreshingly light, bubbly and lower in calories, it is offered in five flavors - Crisp White, Fresh Tropical, Berry Cassis, Bright Citrus, and Ripe Rouge. If you are adventurous, you could mix

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  • One Fit Mom Says "Love Yourself Enough to Try"

    This is a personal narrative from Carmen Staicer, Chief Mom for, and Head Honcho at Mom to the Screaming Masses.

    Six years ago, I had an 18-month-old baby. She was one year younger than her closest sibling, and followed four others. So, six total. My life was wrapped up in my kids and my life was chaotic. I began the journey into spectrum disorders and dealt with a metric ton of garbage in many aspects of my life that I don't wish on anyone. I was completely overwhelmed and had gotten into a *very* dangerous habit of consoling myself with food. Angry? Eat. Sad? Eat some more. Overwhelmed? Stuff my face. Happy? Fill my gut.

    I rewarded any and all small - or large - victories as if I were a dog - with food. It was not a pretty sight and I was not happy. So I decided that I'd start to try to lose weight, and I told absolutely no one. Not one person. Not even my spouse.


    This weekend I participated in an event called "Get Fit," sponsored by my city's recreation

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  • Which Type of Vegetarian Are You?

    By Maggie Badore for

    There are numerous reasons for wanting to cut down on your meat consumption. Various health professionals have argued that eating less meat has health benefits, while environmental scientists say that decreasing your meat consumption uses fewer natural resources and creates less pollution. Many people choose to forgo meat because they don't believe in harming animals for food, others do it as a protest against factory farms. There are also people for whom vegetarianism is rooted in their religion. Considering the many reasons why people become vegetarian, it's no surprise that there are many different levels of abstaining from meat and/or other animal products.

    As this month is Vegetarian Awareness Month, we wanted to share a summary of the different types of vegetarianism, from the most inclusive to least.


    The "flexitarian" concept is quite new. It refers to someone who leads a mostly vegetarian lifestyle, consuming mostly plants,

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  • The 100-Calorie Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

    By Carmen Staicer for

    One of the most anticipated parts of fall's return is all of the pumpkin recipes. And the leader of those may just be the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. Some people wait all year to order this immensely popular seasonal beverage. Like most of the things on the coffee shop menu, it sounds wonderful until you pop a peek of the nutrition info. If you're trying to manage your weight it might seem like a splurge not worth taking.

    The 16-ounce Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte, made with 2 percent milk, contains 380 calories, 13 grams of fat, and 49 grams of sugar (via That's a whopping serving of empty calories and sugar, not to mention fat, for a beverage. A beverage you're most likely consuming at, or for, breakfast.

    There is a way to indulge and not regret it. Make one, or some of these adjustments to whittle down that latter to just a 100-calorie treat.

    • Order a Tall to save 80 calories, or a Short, an option not posted on many
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  • Try a Pumpkin Patch Bootcamp Workout for Fall Cardio

    By Carmen Staicer - Chief Mom at

    In many parts of the country it's finally cooling off and that means it's time for one of the most enjoyable and traditional activities of the season - a visit to the pumpkin patch! While those trips can involve a lot of candy corn, pumpkin-flavored treats, and hot, sweetened beverages, they can also be the perfect environment for a serious workout.

    This year turn your visit in to an even more active adventure by organizing a pumpkin patch bootcamp. You'll have fun and get in a cardio workout while enjoying the pumpkin patch!

    It's also the perfect way to shake up your usual girls-day-out.

    Try these exercise recommendations and be sure to share with us any of your own.

    • Perform a kettlebell swing with a mid-sized pumpkin. Be sure to hold the pumpkin by a thicker stem with a good grip.
    • Build an obstacle course using pumpkins, hay bales, and fence rails. Run through the pumpkins, jump over the hay bales and crawl under the
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  • Your 8-Week Holiday Diet and Fitness Plan Stars Now

    By Kelly Turner for

    With fall upon us it can only mean one thing: the holidays are looming. If the thought of all those upcoming parties full of fatty foods and calorie-filled cocktails has you already drilling an extra notch in your belt, allow me a few minutes of your time and I promise to reduce your stress.
    Most people wait until after the holidays to worry about losing, but even if you are successful, you will only be taking off the extra weight you gained from your care-free attitude toward holiday season eating. Wouldn't it be wonderful if, just this once, your New Year's resolution had nothing to do with losing weight? How great would it feel to get through the entire season without guilt, remorse or shirt buttons that scream for mercy? Start now. It is easier to avoid holiday weight gain if you establish your healthy habits, exercise routine and nutrition plan before the holidays even hit. That way, your momentum and motivation can carry you through the

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