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  • SoulCycle, the now-famous workout where spinning meets spiritual enlightenment, has a ton of celebrity followers including Nicole Kidman and Brooke Shields. It's always difficult to get into one of Stacey's classes, but we were lucky enough to steal a few minutes with the popular instructor! Keep reading for some of the talented trainer's thoughts on the worlds of beauty and working out.

    Melissa Meyers: In terms of exercise, what is a nice complement to spinning?
    Stacey Griffith:
    Power walking and swimming.

    What do you like to wear when cycling?
    SG: I'm weird about what I wear to ride in. I usually wear Free City's SoulCycle bra and tank top. It is a little on the hot side, but I love to sweat!

    What do you eat for breakfast?
    SG: I am a big sucker for a bowl of cereal in the morning! I love granola, fruit and skim milk, but if I'm running behind I'll usually grab a low sugar-content protein bar. Cliff [bars] in any flavor are tasty and filling!

    What do you eat before and

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  • Summer Sips: Low Calorie Cocktails

    With the summer heat at an all-time high, why not cool off with some of these fruity cocktails? Margaritas and daiquiris are often loaded with sugar and unnecessary calories that leave you hungover or bloated, so we've searched for the best of the best low calorie, low sugar and low-carb drinks. Whether your poison is a mojito or sangria, one of these is sure to tantalize your taste buds!

    White Sangria

    adapted from

    Combine fresh fruit and chilled wine to create a lighter version of traditional sangria, perfect for a hot summer afternoon. whitesangria 1 small green pear or green apple
    1 small navel orange
    1 bottle cava, moscato d'Asti or other sparkling wine
    1 3/4 cups apple juice
    1 1/3 cups Cointreau
    1 cup club soda

    Slice fruit into thin bite-size pieces. Place in large pitcher. Pour in sparkling wine, apple juice and Cointreau. If possible, refrigerate an hour or two to draw out sweetness and floral aromas of fruit. Add club soda, and stir. Spoon some fruit pieces into

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  • You've probably seen sheer clothes everywhere from the runways to the racks of your favorite stores lately. And white separates, of course, are a total summer staple. These sexy and stylish looks are great for hot summer days, but there's always the problem of what to wear underneath. There are tons of options that claim to be invisible, but how do you know what works, fits, and is still cute? Here's our round-up of the best no-show underthings to sport under sheer summer clothes or fab white outfits.


    The Cosabella Nude Cami is fitted and provides the light support of a shelf bra. If you wear a bra underneath, the shelf acts as an extra boost. The no seam tank makes it perfect for wearing for under sheer tops. Our Founder Melissa wears these all summer long under her sheer white tops.

    If you need more support or have a fuller figure, this bra from Le Mystere works like a charm; Oprah even loves it!. Plus it has a hidden underwire for a seamless look.

    The Only Hearts racer

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  • Favorite Multitasking Products

    Admit it: We're all guilty of having too many products. It's hard to resist trying something new and before you know it, you have product overload. Summertime is a time for lightening up, so why not take the time to simplify your routine? Ideal for busy days out on the go, here are our picks for the best multitasking products guaranteed to keep you covered.

    Cut the medicine cabinet clutter with Dr. Bronner's Magic All-One soap, a great 18-in-one cleaning solution that works on body, hair, teeth, clothes, countertops… if you think it, it can clean it! The Dr. Bronner's website has helpful tips on how to best dilute the solution to fit your washing needs. Moderate with water for use as a detergent, or apply full-strength to fight tough grease stains. The popular soap line comes in an assortment of scents, leaving whatever they cleanse smelling light, fresh, and good as new.
    Buy Now, $4
    If you want to get the celebrity red-carpet look of glistening skin, O.N.E. olive oil is the trick.

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  • Exclusive Interview With Dita Von Teese

    PageDaily caught up with Dita Von Teese, burlesque star, actress, model, make-up enthusiast, spokesperson for Cointreau liqueur and now, perfumière. Read on to see what's new in the world of Dita.

    Caitlin Osborne
    : Your skin always looks so flawless; do you have a favorite sunscreen?
    Dita Von Teese: Lets see, I like the Dior, like Dior has one that I can't remember the name of it; but it's a make-up based product Dior makes.

    Buy Now, Dior Hydra Life Skin Tint SPF 20, $39
    Buy Now, UV Shield SPF 50, $56
    Buy Now, Extreme Wear Flawless Makeup SPF 25, $46
    Buy Now, Hydra Life Protective Fluid SPF 15, $52.55
    Buy Now, Hydra Life Protective Crème SPF 15, $56 >

    : How do you get the perfect red lips?
    DVT: Oh, you have to have patience. You have to have a lip-liner; I prefer MAC Beet, it's my favorite, and you have to have a really good lipstick. My favorite is DIOR Roulette Red or Dolce Vita Red.

    Buy Now, MAC lip liner in Beet, $16.25
    Buy Now, DIOR Rouge Dior Lip Color in Dolce Vita Red, $30

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  • Ask Melissa: Hair Straightening

    Ask Melissa: My hair is very wavy and has lots of blonde highlights. I love the sleek look of the Brazilian blow out but I'm concerned about the hazards involved in many of these straightening treatments. I wish I could try Japanese straightening, but I hear it is very damaging and can't be used on bleached hair. What do you suggest?

    Japanese hair straightening was very popular several years ago before Brazilian took over as the new rage for straight locks. Many people with color treated hair could not use the Japanese chemical as it was too damaging. The Brazilian treatment became so popular because it can be used on highlighted or weak hair sans the damage. Unfortunately, the treatment contains formaldehyde and has been proven hazardous to your health.

    I am so excited to have discovered the NEW Japanese hair straightening product called Cashmere Luminance by Milbon, a fantastic new smoothing solution that's both gentle and effective. It's best for those with naturally wavy or

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  • Celebrity Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder: Face Mapping

    For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has understood that uneven color and texture on the skin, patchiness, fine lines, and breakouts are indicators of deeper issues going on within your body. Our bodies are holistically connected through energy lines called meridians that run up and down the entire body. "Face mapping" is a technique that allows us to study the face and body for common "problem areas" that are actually reversible. It is a complex healing art, but here is a taste of how what we eat shows up on our faces - literally.

    A Lined Forehead:
    A lined forehead may indicate congestion by way of a blocked, toxin-filled colon and/or gallbladder. This usually means someone is consuming a lot of dairy or cooked animal or vegetable oils, or has a good diet, but is not cleansing as efficiently as he or should be to keep up with the toxicity that their diet is kicking up. To reverse this, add more fiber to your diet with the Glowing Green Smoothie, cut out or minimize dairy

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  • Beach Bag Essentials

    Every girl likes to be prepared and have everything she could possibly need in her bag at all times. This holds especially true in the summer when sun and sand are involved. A day at the beach requires a different but equally stocked bag. Here are this summer's best products to stash in your beach bag:

    The first thing you can't forget to put in your beach bag is of course, sunscreen. Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch is an affordable and reliable choice as it's lightweight but still offers significant protection. Plus, it isn't greasy so you can use it on your body and face. But those aren't the only places that need a little SPF. The delicate skin on your lips should always be protected. Kiehl's Lip Balm SPF 15 is a favorite of ours because it is available in various glossy colors. The sun can also damage hair if it isn't properly protected. Rene Furterer's Okara Protect Color Radiance Enhancing Spray helps protect color-treated hair from fading while nourishing with Vitamin E.


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  • One-Piece Wonders: Rompers and Jumpsuits

    Rompers and jumpsuits are the hottest thing in fashion right now, as they combine summer staples of dresses and shorts into one perfect outfit. Don't think you can pull one off? With an array of styles, patterns and colors, you'll definitely fall in love with one of our choices whatever your budget may be!


    The Bow-Waist Short Jumpsuit by Phillip Lim is definitely for a special occasion. With its wide shoulder straps and bow waistline, this jumpsuit focuses on making your legs look long and lean without giving too much away. The umber brown color even has a subtle glow to it.
    Buy Now, $475

    Diane von Furstenberg's Ballancia Romper combines the best of both worlds: fit and color. This silk romper has a stylish cowl-neck and belted waist, and comes in a bright neon coral color, which is the biggest craze this summer. Pair it with some neutral heels and earrings to really make it pop.
    Buy Now, $375
    Afraid of bright colors and patterns? This elegant black Stretch Silk-Satin Playsuit

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  • Summer Dry Skin Solutions

    Do you have dry skin? In the summer weather it's likely that your skin will become dryer. Characteristics of dry skin are extremely common and can be uncomfortable.

    Dry skin is usually thin and lacking in sebaceous glands, which leads to minimal natural moisture, lost elasticity (collagen), and wrinkles. Here are some ways to identify if you have dry skin:

    - Skin feels thinner than normal
    - Appears opaque
    - Easy to peel
    - Feels itchy
    - Easily breaks out in allergic reactions
    - Fine pores

    Below are my recommendations to help keep your skin moist under the best conditions:

    - Eat fresh fruit and vegetables daily
    - Drink six to eight glasses of water per day
    - Keep consistent in the use of cream, and moisturize twice a day
    - Wash your face with fresh water
    - Avoid excessive heat
    - Avoid excessive use of alcohol and caffeine, which have diuretic effects that cause skin cells to lose moisture and essential nutrients
    - Avoid washing your face in the direct spray of a hot

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