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  • Ask Melissa: No or Lo-Cal Refreshing Drinks

    I know how important it is for both my skin and body to stay hydrated during the summer, but I don't like the taste of plain water. Any tips on easy-to-drink beverages that won't pack on the pounds?

    It is certainly very important, especially in the summertime, to drink lots of water. I am not a huge fan of plain water as well, so I need to get creative to make sure I get the recommended daily amount (.5 oz multiplied by your body weight in pounds). Below are several options for refreshing, healthy, and great-tasting drinks that won't increase your waistline!

    My go-to drink is a cranberry and club soda. You can vary how sweet you want it by adjusting the amount of club soda (I like it with half of each). Try using Ocean Spray Light Cran-Rasberry Juice, which is lower in calories and tastes delicious. Cranberry juice is known to have various health benefits - it can help prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, and urinary tract infections.

    Buy Now, White Rock Club Soda (Pack of 12),

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  • Stephanie Hirsch: Her Art & Style

    Stephanie Hirsch is someone to admire - she is an entrepreneur, author, designer, and now contemporary artist. Spiritual and a dedicated mother of two, she shares with us her inspiration behind her work and lifestyle favorites.

    Melissa Meyers: You were a designer, author, and now an artist. Tell us how your past has influenced you.
    Stephanie Hirsch: Whichever medium I have used to express myself my goal has always been to inspire people. Being a fashion designer (especially a swimwear designer), I designed with the intention for a woman to put on one of my creations and feel confident and strong, while wearing barely anything. I wrote my book " Mother Nurture " to inspire moms around the world to go on their own journey with their child, to help guide them to be the best person they could be. Now through my artwork, I inspire people with my interpretations of different sayings or mantras through beading and embroidery.

    MM: Describe yourself as an artist.
    SH: I try to

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  • Our Favorite Summer Hair Care Products

    It's no secret that getting your hair to look great in the summer can be a big challenge. Sun, sand, salt, chlorine, and humidity take a toll on our hair, and that can lead to a less-than-desirable look. In order to get those gorgeous summer locks, we put these (and so many more) products to the test and did the lathering, rinsing, and repeating for you. We might even have the cleanest hair in New York City! Read on for our favorite picks for summer hair care, including the old stand-bys as well as the hottest new products available. Tip: It is important to switch off between at least two shampoos, conditioners, and styling products to get the best results.


    Pantene Pro-V Medium-Thick Hair Solutions Shampoo Pantene is known for being a great and affordable hair care brand. We love the classic clean scent, which is undeniably Pantene. This shampoo leaves you with silky soft and smooth hair.
    Buy Now, Pantene Pro-V Medium-Thick Hair Solutions Shampoo, $4.07

    Nexxus Aloe Rid Gentle

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  • Eat Real Food for Your Health

    If the low carb, no carb, high protein, low fat, and engineered nutrition crazes have successfully left you dizzy with confusion yet sluggish and still barely squeezing into your jeans, it is time to get back to basics with your nutrition. So where do you start?

    Proper and efficient digestion is of primary importance to any health regimen. Probiotics are your magic little helper when it comes to repairing damage that artificial additives and chemical laden foods cause to your digestive system. The positive benefits of proper probiotic supplementation are so clear that pharmaceutical companies are jumping on the bandwagon with "prescription strength" options. However, no doctor is needed for great results. Visit your local health food store for a refrigerated powder version of this miracle supplement!

    The next step is to replace manufactured food with real food. Seriously evaluate what you put in your mouth and make a vow that if you can't pronounce the ingredients, don't understand

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  • Summer BBQ Essentials

    Sipping cocktails, relaxing by the pool, firing up the grill… few things mean summer more than a barbecue. We've got an eclectic roundup, from cool tools to great plates, that will create a fantastic outdoor soirée. Be prepared to entertain with all the essentials for an unforgettable time!

    Rattan Globe String Lights
    A summer barbecue can begin mid-day and continue all through the night! Luckily, with Pottery Barn's Rattan Globe String Lights you can always keep the party going. These lantern-like lights create a magical mood and are the perfect decoration for any backyard party. Illuminate your night by adding these easy-to-use lights on a terrace, balcony, or in the trees.
    Buy Now, Rattan Globe String Lights, $29

    Chill Salad Bowl with Servers
    Crate and Barrel's
    Chill Salad Bowl with Servers is perfect for any summer festivity. Its bright orange and yellow colors suit the season while keeping your food fresh, even for your most fashionably late guests. This bowl combines a cooling

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  • Look Fab for The Fourth of July

    Dressing up for a holiday theme CAN be done tastefully - you can rock red, white and blue and celebrate Independence Day while still looking chic and keeping cool. This Fourth of July, try some of these pieces to look festive and totally on-trend.


    Avoiding sunburns may be the No. 1 concern when hanging poolside or cooking up a barbecue with friends, but when it comes to your ensemble this weekend, the hotter, the better. makes a great asymmetric red dress ($445) that wraps, drapes, and flatters without clinging where it isn't wanted. Pair with gold jewelry and wedges to take the adaptable look from afternoon to after-hours. For a more casual, though no less versatile, take on the color, this Sparkle & Fade Paperbag Short ($48) from Urban Outfitters can be worn in an assortment of ways: We like tightening the belt for a skirt-like, waist-flattering effect, or tucking in a tank and leaving loose around the hips for a boyishly a-line look. Try J Brand's

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  • Ask Melissa: Greece Getaway

    Ask Melissa: I still have not made vacation plans for the summer but would like to take my family somewhere in Europe. What do you recommend?

    One of my favorite places to travel in Europe over the summer is Greece. I had my first taste of Greece and its incredible beauty while backpacking as a college graduate through Athens, Corfu, and Crete. Last summer, my family and I were graciously invited by our Greek friends to explore Athens and a few of the most breathtaking Cyclades islands in the world... Sifnos and Santorini.
    beach at arion

    Athens: We liked the modern Arion Resort & Spa hotel, which is 15 minutes from the airport, located in the Athens Riviera, and about 20 minutes from town. The hotel is one of three gorgeous Starwood Hotels and Resorts properties located in the same area. There are a few nice shops there, including one that sells designer bathing suits for women and men. Our spacious connecting rooms had incredible beach views. Although I did not get a chance to try out the services,

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  • Chic and Casual Summer Clothes

    Finding the right pieces for your best gorgeous + glam look is easy, but who says elegance is an evening-only affair? Equal parts comfy and chic, we've compiled a list of on-trend casual clothes for summer - mix and match for a variety of looks guaranteed to keep you looking cute long before cocktail hour.


    It's all about fit this summer… less of it! Stay lovely in tanks that are loose and frame-flattering, such as this nautical-striped silk top from Joie or SPLENDID's Cotton Mesh & Chambray Stripe Tank. Like any designer piece worth its price tag, beauty is in the details: Accenting the finer, delicate features of your body is both sexy and feminine. We're loving scoopnecks, the perfect style for highlighting your collarbone and elongating your neck. Try ecoSkin's Hydra Top, Two Color Rugby Stripe Scoopneck Top from SPLENDID, or Ralph Lauren's Modal-Cashmere Scoopneck Tee for a look that shows you off without showing too much. If your taste is more dramatic than demure, we

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  • Must-have Waterproof Make-up from Tarte at a Great Value

    Summer make-up should be a few things: easy to apply, natural-looking, portable, long-wearing and of course, beautiful. But a bargain, too? Now that's asking a lot. When we tried the tarte Glow Your Way to Gorgeous 8-piece waterproof essentials collection, packed with blush, bronzer, cream eye shadow, lip color, concealer, mascara and eyeliner, all shades we were OBSESSED with, the price seemed to good to be true. But, QVC is offering this cute set for less than $50!

    This collection comes in a glamorous purple make-up case that is the perfect size for the on-the-go gal to throw in her purse or weekend bag. It has almost every beauty product you need to pack for a summer vacation where you want to look effortlessly flawless and rock a beachy glow. All you need to bring is your favorite base-like foundation or tinted moisturizer.

    Every item in this collection is waterproof, which for mascara usually means that it's not only drying but also difficult to remove. This mascara works a lot

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  • Sun Protection Tips from Dr. Kenneth Mark

    With the recent FDA regulations, we wanted to offer some sunscreen tips for your consideration from board-certified cosmetic dermatologist and fellowship-trained Mohs skin cancer surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Mark. Dr. Mark is a credible expert with four prestigious practices, including two in the Hamptons (he is celebrating his 10th-year anniversary practicing in East Hampton and Southampton this summer), one in Aspen, and one in NYC. He is also a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at New York University.

    TIP 1: New FDA regulations on sunscreen
    o The main benefit of the new FDA regulations is that there will be increased knowledge and transparency to the consumer for the UVA protection in products and education of SPF designations, which only addressed UVB protection
    o Since SPF designation relates to UVB protection from getting a sunburn, these new regulations help consumers understand that it is actually the UVA rays which penetrate the skin deeper and cause harmful effects on

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