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  • Diet Myths that Are Keeping You from Losing Weight

    Diet Myths That Are Keeping You From Losing WeightBy Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D., Nutrition Editor, EatingWell Magazine

    When it comes to dieting, who isn't looking to lose weight as quickly as possible? In our quest for a quick fix, we latch on to diet notions that may or may not be true (Can You Safely Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days?).

    Here are 3 diet myths that may be sabotaging your weight-loss efforts.

    Weight-Loss Myth: It doesn't matter what time you eat dinner.
    Truth: The early-bird special is good for your waistline and your overall health. According to a recent study in Cell Metabolism, mice that eat an early dinner and then fast for 16 hours are slimmer than those who eat the same amount of calories, but snack around the clock. Researchers suspect that the longer lapse between meals allows the body to process the food more efficiently. They noticed that even mice fed a high-fat diet gained less weight when they fasted for 16 hours than those who ate more frequently. What's more, people who eat late at night

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  • Fast, Produce-Packed Lemon Chicken Stir-Fry

    Fast, Produce-Packed Lemon Chicken Stir-FryBy Wendy Ruopp, Managing Editor of EatingWell

    With my new year's resolution to eat healthy fresh in my mind, I'm focusing this week on getting more vegetables into my diet. A light, bright, tasty meal that helps me pack in more produce is a fast chicken and vegetable stir-fry.

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    What I like about a stir-fry is how easy it makes putting a healthy meal together. This recipe has lots of vegetables and chicken breast providing lean protein for staying power--and it clocks in at just 225 calories. I just need to remember to start the brown rice first, so when the stir-fry's done so is a healthy whole grain to serve it over (and if I don't remember, I keep instant brown rice or couscous in the pantry as a quick-cooking option).

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    This Lemon Chicken Stir-Fry recipe is pretty popular on (491 "Likes"!). One of the 34 people who reviewed it recently wrote: "I love to

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  • 5 Refrigerator Mistakes You’re Probably Making

    5 Refrigerator Mistakes You're Probably MakingBy Hilary Meyer, Associate Food Editor, EatingWell Magazine

    My daily encounters with my refrigerator are brief at best. I can't remember the last time I spent more than a few seconds with it, which is funny since it's such a vital appliance. I guess you could say I take it for granted (as most of us do). It just sort of sits there, quietly keeping hundreds of dollars' worth of food from spoiling and making me sick.

    It's not a very demanding appliance, but it does have a few requirements that I know I've ignored from time to time. Probably something I shouldn't do, since on top of keeping my food from spoiling it's the most costly kitchen appliance to run, according to the Department of Energy. It's the second most expensive appliance to run in the entire home (it comes in behind the air conditioner).

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    In the interest of keeping my beloved refrigerator happy, I'm going to highlight a few common mistakes

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  • The Ultimate Satisfying Weight-Loss Soup

    The Ultimate Satisfying Weight-Loss SoupBy Wendy Ruopp, Managing Editor of EatingWell

    I think it's a happy coincidence that January is not only national soup month, but also the peak of people's efforts to lose weight. Research shows that soups can help you lose weight: in one study, published in the journal Physiology & Behavior, people consumed the fewest calories on days when they ate soup rather than the same ingredients in solid form. Soup has a high water content, which can help you feel full. Broth-based soups packed with veggies give you the biggest bang for your caloric buck. And, just like salad, soup is a good vehicle for vegetables (the fiber in vegetables also promotes feelings of fullness for few calories). And in a study published in Appetite, people who started lunch with vegetable soup ended up eating 20 percent less than those who skipped the soup.

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    5 Ingredients of a Get-Skinny Dinner

    In the January issue of EatingWell

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  • What Does 1,500 Calories a Day Look Like?

    What Does 1,500 Calories a Day Look Like?By Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D., Nutrition Editor, EatingWell Magazine

    Did you know that one-third of New Year's resolutions pertain to weight, diet and health? It's true. Unfortunately, the majority of us are successful for no more than one week. You're 10 times as likely to keep your healthy-eating resolutions, however, when you set an explicit goal--like, say, by following a meal plan.

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    Start your weight-loss resolution off on the right foot--and successfully lose weight--using this 1,500-calorie meal plan (a calorie level that most people will lose weight on). If you want to be even more precise, click here to find out how many calories you need to eat to lose weight.

    A Sample 1,500-Calorie Day of Meals:

    6 oz. nonfat plain Greek yogurt
    1 cup blueberries
    1 medium banana
    Calories = 289

    Don't like this breakfast idea? You can find more ideas for breakfasts under 350

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  • Top Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating This Year (But Aren’t)

    Top Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating This Year (But Aren't)By EatingWell Editors

    Trying to get the most nutritional bang for your buck out of each food you eat? "Superfoods" are foods that are far more plentiful in nutrients than they are in calories and that research has shown deliver health benefits. You're probably already eating a lot of everyday superfoods--like bananas, eggs and broccoli--and maybe even some exotic ones (acai, anyone?).

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    But what about the power-packed foods filled with good-for-you vitamins, minerals and disease-fighting phytochemicals you aren't eating? Rather than rattling off a laundry list of every fiber-rich, antioxidant-packed, vitamin-saturated food, EatingWell's food and nutrition experts focused on this list of the 7 healthiest foods you can add to your diet that you've likely missed the boat on eating, especially on a regular basis.

    1. Kale
    On top of delivering a raft of cancer-fighting antioxidants, kale is one of the vegetable world's top sources of

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  • How to Throw a Holiday Party for $25

    How To Throw A Holiday Party For $25By Hilary Meyer, Associate Food Editor, EatingWell Magazine

    I love hanging out with my friends, but I used to avoid throwing parties at my house mostly because I couldn't justify the expense. You have to buy food, booze and make your house look festive. And it all adds up pretty quickly. (Bah! Humbug!) But I can't expect to be invited anywhere if I can't (or don't) return the favor! So how can I have my fun and throw a party that doesn't bust my budget? I'm going to challenge myself to throw a party for only $25. Can it be done? With a little ingenuity, the answer is yes. Here's how:

    1. Dilute the Booze
    OK, so the most expensive part of throwing a party is buying alcohol. It can add up pretty quickly. Instead of serving your guests the cheapest wine or beer available, consider making a mixed drink. Preferably one that calls for just a little bit of booze mixed with other ingredients (not a martini, for example). A spiced wine punch with plenty of fruit or hot apple cider

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  • 9 Ways to Lose Weight on a Budget

    9 Ways to Lose Weight on a BudgetBy Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D., Associate Nutrition Editor, EatingWell Magazine

    Fad diets and the latest trendy fitness classes can be pricy. But you don't actually need to drop big bucks in order to lose weight. Try these 9 tricks to lose weight sensibly and save money at the same time.

    1. Plan to Cook at Home
    Instead of buying costly prepared meals, which often tend to be high in calories, cook your own at home. With a few good recipes and a shopping list, you can make your own delicious low-calorie meals. According to one study, planning out your meals for the whole day really does help you lose weight. High-fiber foods like beans and whole grains, cooked from scratch, will keep you full and are a cheaper, healthier alternative to not-so-lean proteins and more-processed grains.

    Must-Read: 7-Day Budget-Friendly Dinner Plan & Shopping List

    2. Take the Guesswork Out of Portion Control
    Some weight-loss programs work because they pre-portion meals for you. Studies

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  • 30-Minute Skinny Pork Chop Suey

    30-Minute Skinny Pork Chop SueyBy Wendy Ruopp, Managing Editor of EatingWell

    We're so busy at this time of year, between work and parties and shopping, that it's awfully tempting to pick up takeout on the way home and call dinner done. But for me, that just adds to the feeling that I'm not doing all I could to eat healthfully and joyfully, reducing stress and overprocessed food. Trying to keep the household budget under control is important right now too. (Can you tell I'm working up to renewing my New Year's resolutions?)

    Here's budget help: 7-Day Budget-Friendly Menu Plan & Shopping List
    Here's quick-dinner help: Barbecued Pork Sandwiches and More 20-Minute Dinner Recipes

    Once I've made myself pass up takeout from the local Chinese restaurant, though, I'm still in the mood for Chinese takeout. So I'll make a speedy stop at the store for pork tenderloin and bean sprouts to make this easy, fast and satisfying Pork Chop Suey (pictured above). It'll be ready in 30 minutes--it couldn't have been delivered

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  • 30-Minute Steak Dinner with Blue Cheese Sauce for $3.50

    30-Minute Steak Dinner with Blue Cheese Sauce for $3.50By Wendy Ruopp, Managing Editor of EatingWell

    Just in the last few months, two or three new artisanal steak restaurants have opened in town. I'm usually the last to know that something is trendy, catching on just as it goes from cool to cliché--but even I can notice that locally sourced steak is a hot food trend right now. A hot and expensive trend. Happily married as I am, thinking about going to a nice restaurant for a fancy steak dinner makes me wish I were still dating (it's not as much fun when you have to pay for both dinners: "Oh, I'm not that hungry--I'll just have a salad.")

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    It may not be as trendy to eat dinner at home, but the EatingWell Test Kitchen's revelatory new recipe for Seared Steak with Caramelized Onion & Blue Cheese Sauce makes it a whole lot cheaper than going out.

    18 More Healthy Steak Recipes to Try
    Blue Cheese Portobello Burgers and More Recipes with Blue Cheese

    There are a couple

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