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  • Crispy Sweet Potato Fries that Rival French Fries

    Crispy Sweet Potato Fries that Rival French FriesBy Hilary Meyer, Associate Food Editor, EatingWell Magazine

    French fries are a near perfect food. It's hard to improve upon perfect, but when we're talking sweet potato fries, the old classic may have found its rival. They're a little sweet plus they offer plenty of vitamin A and beta carotene- something a French fry doesn't. But none of that matters if they're swimming in fat and calories--which is an unfortunate reality for most things fried. At a restaurant, a small order of deep-fried sweet potato fries can set you back 260 calories and 13 grams of fat.

    Luckily, making your own crispy sweet potato fries is easy to do in your oven, so you don't need a deep fryer. You'll save 122 calories and 11 grams of fat per serving when you "fry" them in your oven instead. Here are a few tips for making perfect crispy (!) sweet potato fries without burning:

    1. Cut All Fries the Same Size
    Whether you cut your fries into sticks or wedges, the pieces need to be the same size.

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  • Homemade Slice & Bake Cookies (Skip the Processed Refrigerator Tubes)

    Homemade Slice & Bake Cookies (Skip the Processed Refrigerator Tubes)By Stacy Fraser, Test Kitchen manager at EatingWell

    To me, cookies aren't just for special occasions; I can find a reason for a cookie (or two) anytime. Before I had children, my cookie jar was always stocked with a fresh, homemade batch. Fast-forward 10 years: my time is limited and my cookie jar often bare. Some might resort to packaged cookies or store-bought dough, but being a baker and health-conscious mom, I try to steer clear of processed treats in favor of homemade.

    That's why I love this speedy, vanilla-infused cookie dough that can be rolled into a log, stashed in the freezer and pulled out whenever I want to bake cookies (see recipe below). With a roll of this cookie dough in the freezer, I'm just 10 minutes away from a low-calorie, natural homemade treat. Plus, with this master recipe, you're not limited to just sugar cookies: you can transform the dough into four additional flavors (see related links for variations below the recipe). Stir in chocolate and mini

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  • How to Cook a Healthy Meatloaf

    How to Cook a Healthy MeatloafBy Stacy Fraser, Test Kitchen manager at EatingWell

    There's a new way to make a great meatloaf. Purists focus on the meat, de-emphasizing the importance of the other fillers like breadcrumbs, vegetables and seasonings, but we look at meatloaf as an opportunity to sneak in some extra ­vegetables and whole grains and play with different flavors to give this classic a regular place on a healthy dinner table. In just 30 minutes you can throw together a killer meatloaf that has a fraction of the calories and saturated fat of a traditional recipe. (Our Basic Meatloaf, for example, saves you 170 calories and 6 grams saturated fat per serving.) To get started, pick a flavor combo that you want to try and follow our how-to instructions (see recipe ideas below the how-to tips).

    Add VegetablesStep 1. Add Vegetables
    Add vegetables to meatloaf to improve the texture, boost nutrients and keep portions reasonable without many extra calories. Cook the vegetables first to reduce the liquid in the

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  • Frito Pie Made Healthier

    Frito Pie Made HealthierBy Matthew Thompson for EatingWell Magazine

    As a native of New England, I had never heard of Frito Pie until a Texas-born co-worker offered me some. And then…wow! As a fan of both salty, crunchy Fritos and spicy chili (my parents are from LA, so I'm not a total Yankee!), I couldn't get over this delicious dish.

    For those not in the know, Frito Pie is essentially super chili. Traditionally, it's made by pouring a delicious, spicy chili over a bed of Fritos and then topping with a slathering of cheese (or Cheese Whiz). Yum!

    But, as you might imagine, Frito Pie isn't exactly the world's healthiest meal. Fritos, while delicious, are packed with sodium (510 mg in a 3-ounce serving!) and saturated fat (4.5 g in a 3-ounce bag). Add to that the salt and fat in a serving of beef chili and globs of cheese on top and you've got a recipe for heart disease.

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    Hearty, Healthy Chili Recipes

    That's why I was so excited when the

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  • Better Than the $1 Menu: Superfoods that Ring in for 99 Cents or Less

    Better Than The $1 Menu: Superfoods That Ring In For 99 Cents Or LessBy Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D., EatingWell Magazine

    Every few months, it seems, there's hype about the latest, hottest superfood--chia seeds and acai berries spring to mind. But LOTS of foods, many of which are stocked in nearly every grocery store in America, are "superfoods"-foods brimming with various disease-fighting nutrients, usually without providing too many calories.

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    The added bonus to eating more of these easy-to-find super-healthy foods? They won't break the bank. These 12 healthy foods clock in at under a dollar per serving and deliver a lot more nutritional bang for your buck than the offerings you'd find on fast-food dollar menus.

    1. Lentils
    Cost Per Serving (1 cup): 15¢
    Why lentils are so good for you: Like beans, lentils are high in fiber and protein (8 grams and 9 grams per half cup, respectively), which makes them great for your heart. They have the edge over

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  • DIY Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries (and More Chocolate-Covered Treats)

    DIY Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries (and More Chocolate-Covered Treats)By Michelle Edelbaum, EatingWell Digital Editor

    If you want to melt hearts this Valentine's Day, dark chocolate-dipped strawberries are one of the most romantic foods to serve. They seem fancy and decadent, but they couldn't be easier to make. Just use your microwave to melt chocolate (no double boiler on the stovetop required!). Whip up a batch before dinner and they'll be ready by the time you hit dessert. (For a gift, let the treats cool, wrap in wax paper and place them in a pretty box.)

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    You can go beyond strawberries, too, of course, and use anything from fresh or dried fruits to nuts or pretzels. More good news: dark chocolate is full of flavanols, which promote heart health and may also help reduce inflammation. (Related: 4 Health Benefits of Chocolate (and Cons to Consider)

    Here's an easy 3-step method to make your own fancy dark chocolate-dipped strawberries or other chocolate-dipped treats this

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  • 6-Ingredient Fast & Skinny One-Pot Jambalaya

    6-Ingredient Fast & Skinny One-Pot JambalayaBy Wendy Ruopp, Managing Editor of EatingWell

    If you do a search for jambalaya recipes, you're going to find more to choose from than you know what to do with. There are lots of great Cajun cooks out there--and lots of jambalaya recipes full of personal expression and ingredient lists as long as your arm. (What Makes Cajun Food So Great? Top Chefs Share Their Secrets.)

    But say your intention is just to tip your hat (or dinner plate) in the direction of New Orleans during this Mardi Gras season, while still getting dinner on the table tonight in just 25 minutes. In that case, you'll want to make what the EatingWell Test Kitchen calls Express Shrimp & Sausage Jambalaya.

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    This recipe is the soul of brevity--just 6 ingredients!--yet those ingredients combine in one pot with soul-satisfying results. The traditional smoky and spicy complex flavors of the Cajun original come through from the andouille sausage (you just

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  • Buy This, Skip That: 7 Food Swaps that Cut $1,560 Off Your Grocery Bill

    Buy This, Skip That: 7 Food Swaps That Cut $1,560 Off Your Grocery BillBy Hilary Meyer, Associate Food Editor, EatingWell Magazine

    I want to (and need to) save money. But I don't want to change what I eat too much, so I've come up with a few easy food swaps that will save me $30 a week, which adds up to a savings of $1,560 a year.

    1. Swap Tofu for Meat
    Let's face it, meat is expensive. So why not try tofu instead? I know it sounds sort of ridiculous, but hear me out. Tofu can be marinated, grilled and sautéed--just like steak can. It has a real knack for sucking up flavors, so cooking it with something bold (like barbecue sauce, for example) can give your taste buds a real jolt without you feeling like you're missing out. Of course, you wouldn't swap tofu for meat every night, but using this swap once a week will save you some serious dough.
    Money Saved: $8.75

    Give It a Try: Tofu Parmigiana & 20 More Meat-Lovers Recipes with Tofu

    2. Use Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs Instead of Chicken Breasts
    Everybody loves chicken

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  • 11 Anti-Aging Drinks

    11 Anti-Aging DrinksBy Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D., Nutrition Editor, EatingWell Magazine

    Aging is inevitable. Sadly. And there are many variables involved in how long you live. But you can also add years to your life by making smarter food choices. Keep your mind razor-sharp and body finely honed with these 11 anti-aging drinks.

    1. Pink Grapefruit Juice for Smoother Skin
    Pink grapefruit gets its pink-red hue from lycopene, a carotenoid that'll keep your skin smooth according to a study published in the European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics. Researchers found that of the 20 individuals studied, those who had higher skin concentrations of lycopene had smoother skin. (Find more foods for beautiful skin here.)

    2. Alcohol to Ward Off Alzheimer's Disease
    Drinking alcohol--moderately, which is one glass a day for women and two daily for men--may ward off dementia and Alzheimer's disease. As we age, brain cells die, leading to gaps that slow nerve transmission within the

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  • Beer or Soda? Wings or Ribs? 5 Best Healthy Super Bowl Snack Picks

    Beer or Soda? Wings or Ribs? 5 Best Healthy Super Bowl Snack PicksBy the Editors of EatingWell

    For many of us, the fun of Super Bowl Sunday comes from watching the game, the commercials--and from enjoying 4+ hours of non-stop snacking! But not every football snack is an all-out calorie blitz. With the right game plan, you can indulge while keeping your tight end.

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    We looked at 10 of the top Super Bowl snacks and out them in a face-off to see which would win in terms of health. Here are our top 5 healthy picks for Super Bowl snacks.

    Chicken wings (3 = 150 cals.) VS. Baby back ribs (1 = 170 cals.)
    Winner: Wings!
    Post-Game Analysis: Not only do you get to eat more for a similar number
    of calories, wings are lower in sat. fat (2 g vs. 4 g).
    Extra Points: Skip the blue-cheese sauce for an even skinnier treat.

    Related: Buffalo Chicken Casserole & Buffalo Chicken Recipes

    Tortilla chips (1 oz. = 140 cals.) VS. Potato chips (1 oz. = 150 cals.)
    Winner: Tortilla

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