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  • Can garlic ward off mosquitoes? 5 summer food mysteries solved

    Are these summer-food myths fact or fiction? Take our quiz to find out how food-smart you are and get delicious summer recipes!

  • Recipes for good health: 4 fresh Mediterranean dishes

    For years I've been eating the Mediterranean way, packing my diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, "good" oils like olive oil, whole grains, nuts and fish. In May I got to eat this way in an actual Mediterranean country-Tunisia!

    I enjoyed the delicious local cuisine, which includes couscous, lamb, grilled seafood and lots of fresh veggies. Many of the dishes are prepared with olive oil- a staple in Mediterranean cooking. On my travels I learned about the process of turning olives into olive oil and sampled several different oils. They were light and pungent, and I bought a can of my favorite olive oil to enjoy when I got home. I've used it in some of these delicious Mediterranean recipes. Try them and taste Tunisia for yourself!

    Roasted Eggplant & Feta Dip (see recipe below) - This roasted eggplant and feta dip gets a kick from a fresh chile pepper and cayenne pepper. Serve with toasted pita crisps or as a sandwich spread.

    Tunisian Spiced Lamb Chops & Chard -

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  • 4 refreshing ways to use watermelon

    I love biting into a wedge of sweet summer watermelon and letting the juice dribble down my chin. (I've been known to compete in seed-spitting contests with my friends, too.)

  • Power breakfasts to fuel your day

    Pouring milk over a bowl of a sugar-laden cereal may be a quick breakfast option, but it isn't satisfying, at least not to me. I know because for years that was my breakfast. By early afternoon the sugar jolt from the morning had worn off and I was tired and hungry. Then out came the bag of potato chips. These days my healthy breakfast recipes aren't heavy on the sugar. They're still fast, but are full of satisfying, healthy ingredients like fiber-rich fruits and vegetables and lean protein. My healthy breakfasts keep me going until lunch time, so that bag of chips can stay in the vending machine.

    Here are a few of my favorite breakfast recipes. They all take 15 minutes or less (except for the peanut energy bar which I make ahead for a grab-and-go option):

    Egg & Salmon Sandwich - Smoked salmon and egg whites on a toasted whole-wheat English muffin is the perfect power breakfast. For a more substantial meal, pair it with a piece of fruit or a glass of 100% juice.


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  • Eat ice cream, lose weight?

    To me, nothing says "it's summer" like ice cream-sundaes, sandwiches, even frozen yogurt. I have fond memories of summer vacation at the beach and riding bikes with my cousins to the nearby ice cream shop in the evenings. Back then I always ordered ice cream in a cone, but as I grew up I became an ice-cream-in-a-cup kind of girl. Why? I don't know-I probably thought it was less childish and more civilized. But I recently read that licking ice cream is more satisfying than eating with a spoon, so I'm going back to my childhood ways.

    "Flavor in ice cream is released when the fat-which carries the flavor-is warmed to at least body temperature," explains Kay McMath, a food technologist for New Zealand's Massey University, in an article in the August issue of EatingWell magazine. When you lick ice cream it coats the tongue and fully warms the frozen treat. A spoon, on the other hand, insulates the ice cream. And then there's the psychological aspect of savoring the treat more slowly:

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  • Beer-Barbecued Chicken and other light summer favorites

    I was being interviewed for a radio show the other day and the host asked me about summer comfort foods-what to grill, what to bring to a party and of course, what's for dessert. I immediately suggested one of my absolute top picks for summertime comfort food recipes: Beer-Barbecued Chicken (see recipe below). The EatingWell test kitchen developed this recipe as a healthier version of the famous beer can chicken. If you're not familiar with that method, you basically stick a chicken on top of an open can of beer and stand the whole thing up on your grill over indirect heat to yield a moist flavorful chicken. Someone who called into the show said it's also known as "beer-butt chicken." I think I'll go with that name from now on!

    Regardless of the name, our recipe makes the most juicy and succulent chicken. Our method doesn't involve a can so you can use a tasty micro brew instead of a less flavorful mass-produced beer. Yes, we can be a bit beer-snobby over here at EatingWell, but

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  • Guilt-free freezer pops

    While working on five new freezer-pop recipes in the EatingWell Test Kitchen, I was greeted by, "Mom, Mom, did you bring me another popsicle?" when I got home at the end of every day. My son Sawyer was our official under-5 taste-tester and he took his job seriously. Although his hands-down favorite was the Vanilla-Orange Freezer Pop, he gave high marks to all, except the coffee-flavored confection. Just one taste of the chocolaty Mocha Ice Pop and he declared, "This one's just for moms and dads." What Sawyer didn't know is that all the pops we developed are less than 90 calories each, so you can experience guilt-free pleasure when cooling off with one.

    In addition to all the healthy Frozen Dessert Recipes we already have, we developed delicious recipes for Banana Pudding Pops, Watermelon-Blueberry Ice Pops and Mocha Ice Pops. But my favorite of the five pops we made this summer? The chocolate-raspberry yogurt pop. (The little beauty is pictured below.) Raspberry, after all, is

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  • 4 ways to sneak in your exercise

    In the spring I have no problems getting in shape. The days are longer and it's warming up-both of which make it easier for me to ramp up my running routine outside. And those delicious spring veggies at the farmers' market motivate me to trade a few of my favorite comfort foods for a heaping plate of garden-fresh salad. (Get inspired with these delicious salad recipes.)

    But come summer I find it harder to motivate and stay in shape. The weather is hotter and more humid and so I'd rather skip my after-work exercise for a sunset sail on the lake or an easy potluck dinner and a few summery cocktails with friends.

    To stay in tip-top shape for the rest of the season, I add exercise to my day in unexpected ways:

    1. Use the "5 & 10" rule for escalators and elevators: I take the stairs if I only need to go up five floors or less or down 10 floors or less.
    2. Walk to errands less than a mile away. (You can bike too!)
    3. Do my own gardening and housecleaning-it burns calories and
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  • How much water do you really need?

    Drink water. Drink more water. Drink water before and after you exercise. Sure, I'd heard all of that advice a million times but somehow, when I did my first distance triathlon in the heat of the competition, I forgot all about what I'd read in EatingWell Magazine's article "Eat to Win" about what to eat and drink while you exercise. I mean, it was sweltering out there. It was a dry hot day on a sunny course. I was doing better than I ever expected. Felt great, in fact. So why stop at the water stops? Why let someone pass me?

    Then, as I started to get toward the end of the race, my body slowed down. My mind slowed down. I felt lethargic. I lost five places in the last mile. But after I crossed the finish line, the really weird things started to happen: I couldn't find my bike. Or my car. Or my friends. In fact, I couldn't remember much, to the point where I forgot that I had finished the race and went to start the bike leg again. Finally, a friend said, "You're dehydrated," a

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  • A blueberry muffin you'll go bonkers for

    One of my favorite summer activities is berry picking, particularly blueberry picking (best summer fruit EVER!). A local blueberry farm has live music two nights a week, so my friends and I go to picnic and pick berries. We're there for a few hours, and I always manage to pick way too many blueberries (even though I employ the "put-5-in-the-basket, put-handful-in-mouth" strategy).

    Since my husband has high blood pressure, we eat a lot of blueberries-find out how they might help blood pressure and heart health. We freeze a bunch more and I love cooking with blueberries too. Here are a few of my favorite summer blueberry recipes.

    Blueberry-Coconut-Macadamia Muffins (see recipe below): There are certain recipes that come out of the EatingWell Test Kitchen that the staff freaks out about. This is one of them. My co-workers would smell them baking from down the hall (mmm, coconut…) and rush the kitchen when they saw them on the counter.

    Blueberry Tart with Walnut Crust: This

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