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  • 5 no-cook dinners to beat the heat

    I could cook when it's hot, but why would I when I can just as easily make a no-cook dinner? These five recipes are excuse-proof for those of you burnt out on making dinner: they remove cooking from the equation altogether. Plus they can be made-in under 25 minutes-by anyone wielding nothing more than a sharp knife and a good attitude. There's nothing a hungry family has to wait around for: roll up an easy Creamy Avocado & White Bean Wrap and dinner is ready. Smoky Ham & Corn Salad and Chopped Greek Salad with Chicken take advantage of the summer-fresh vegetables that are falling over themselves to be part of your meals at this time of year. Toss the ingredients in a big bowl: done. By the end of the week, you won't have used the stove once.

    Here are a few of my favorite quick no-cook recipes:

    Mediterranean Tuna Antipasto Salad (recipe below): Packed with protein and fiber, this tuna and bean salad is ready in a flash. Serve with warm, crusty bread or pack it in a pita for a

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  • 4 healthy steak recipes to please your manly appetite

    After college I moved to San Francisco where my Texas-born, steak-loving friend Amy introduced me to the city's manly steakhouses. We may not have looked like we fit in-two young, single, wine-sipping women perched in the high-backed leather booths, surrounded by dark wood, ornate carpets and groups of men slugging back straight Scotch. But when the bone-in rib-eyes arrived, we could hold our own. I blush to think of the huge slabs of red meat I put away at each sitting.

    But age brings…if not wisdom, then a realization that there is not only virtue but enjoyment in moderation. Now I take a more sustainable approach to steak. Smaller portions of interesting cuts of beef-from pricy filet mignon to the humble cube steak-teamed with a variety of sauces, seasonings and plenty of vegetables, make steak a perfect addition to any healthy diet.

    I happen to love to grill. It's probably my favorite way to cook, and there's of course no better way to cook a steak than on the grill. Here

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  • 3 drinks that won't bust your diet

    If it fits through a straw, it can't contain very many calories, right?


    With the exception of water, I find it easy to forget that what I drink adds to my daily calorie tally-and maybe more so than you'd think. For example, a 5-ounce glass of wine has 125 calories and a 12-ounce beer 150 calories. That's enough to tip even a disciplined dieter over the top.

    But what I find downright disturbing is that some of my favorite summer cocktails are chock-full of calories, to the point that I could trade just one of them in for a meal. Yep, that's right, a meal.

    Here's how much "damage" your favorite summer sipper can do. (Plus, find more than 20 delicious lower-calorie summer drink recipes here.)

    Monkeylada = 228 caloriesMonkeylada = 228 calories

    A pina colada boasts about 403 calories. That's about as much as a hamburger (397 calories).

    Blueberry-Lime Margarita = 125 caloriesBlueberry-Lime Margarita = 125 calories

    A margarita contains 375 calories,

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  • Shuck this! Confessions of a sweet-corn addict

    I have a confession to make: I'm addicted to summer sweet corn. And living in Vermont, the season starts much too late and ends much earlier than I'd like. When corn season hits, I'm the first in line at my favorite corn farmer's stand at the farmers' market. I also stop at a farmstand on my way hom

  • Goodbye hot dogs, hello lobster

    When I was a kid, our 4th of July recipes were pretty straightforward-mostly burgers and hot dogs. But now that my parents have moved to coastal Maine, the typical 4th of July fare has gone out the window. Goodbye hot dogs, hello lobster. Lucky for lobster lovers like me, lobster is pretty inexpensive this year, and even if you don't live on the coast, you can still find it at well-stocked grocery stores.

    Here is my complete 4th of July menu with tips on how to shell a lobster:

    Stovetop Clambake (see recipe below): Lobsters, clams, mussels, potatoes and corn star in our stovetop clambake. Serve with flavor-packed sauces, like cocktail sauce or tartar sauce, and there won't be a need for the bowls of melted butter that so often turn otherwise virtuous seafood into a nutritional disaster.

    Backyard Coleslaw: Instead of a heavy creamy dressing, this refreshing coleslaw is dressed with a light caraway-flavored vinaigrette. The pretty crinkled leaves of Savoy cabbage have a

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  • Rhubarb 101: tips and recipes to master this sweet summer fruit

    Rhubarb Waffles with Rhubarb SauceRhubarb Waffles with Rhubarb SauceI first fell in love with rhubarb during a summer break from college. My mom had moved to a farm and I went to help her with her plans to grow and sell vegetables. One of my jobs was to harvest rhubarb and deliver it to the local market. I didn't so much "harvest" as "attack." Rhubarb is a beast of a plant-the leaves are enormous, it grows like crazy and you have to reach way into the giant leafy plants and get to the bottom of them, then hack their stalks off with a knife.

    Eventually I got good at harvesting and even thought it was fun to whack at my food. Along the way I fell in love with the stuff too. Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie, Rhubarb Waffles with Rhubarb Sauce and even Rhubarb-Date Chutney to serve over Cornish game hens are some of my favorite EatingWell recipes for rhubarb. (For more delicious seasonal recipes take a look at our newest book: EatingWell in Season: The Farmers' Market Cookbook.)

    If you decide to pick up some tangy rhubarb (which happens to be low in

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  • Is your diet draining your brain?

    It's the time of year when my friends and I are trying to get-or keep-a slim and sexy body, be it to rock my new bikini at the beach or a bridesmaid dress in my friend's wedding. We all go about it in a different way, though none of us thinks that dieting could fog our brains, even on the sunniest day. I prefer to tack a few more miles onto a run when I'm trying to slim down. (Get more exercise ideas and tips here.) But most of my friends find it easier to cut back on how many calories they're eating. Both methods will you get slim, but some diets may muddle your memory, according to new research reported by Rachael Moeller Gorman in EatingWell's June issue. (Read the full story here.)

    • In a new study from Tufts University, 19 overweight women followed either a "low-carbohydrate" or a "low-calorie" diet, based on American Dietetic Association guidelines, for three weeks. After the first week, people in the low-carbohydrate group, who were told to completely eliminate carbohydrates
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  • Fresh fruit desserts in 15 minutes

    My poor husband. He grew up in a family full of sweet tooths, a family who always ate dessert after dinner. I, on the other hand, was raised by a mother who always had a bag of Cheetos stashed in the corner cupboard and a father who is psyched when he can get a cheese plate for dessert when we go out to dinner.

    So when we first moved in together I was just plain confused when I'd watch him root around the cabinets looking for something sweet after dinner. Dessert? Every night? Really?

    I could only take his pitiful pillaging for so long. I decided it was time to whip up some healthy fruit desserts. Not only does he get a serving of fruit from his dessert, but they're all ready in 15 minutes or less, so I don't spend too much extra time in the kitchen. And I like them, too, so we both win! Here are some of his favorites:

    1. Citrus-Infused Strawberries (see recipe below): A touch of lemon juice and Grand Marnier add zippy citrus notes to fresh strawberries. Serve with a

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  • 5 perfect summer recipes

    I have about a billion delicious summer recipes floating around in my recipe box. For me, the perfect summer recipe is fast and, ideally, cooked or at the very least enjoyed outdoors. And out of my collection, I always find a few recipes that I like to repeat during the hot summer months.

    Here are a few of my favorite summer recipes (and yes, I'm starting with dessert first!):

    Melon & Apple Granita (see recipe below): This granita uses sweet ripe melon for flavor, apple juice instead of sugar and a touch of lime juice to perk up the flavors. Berries look beautiful on top; or if you can find fresh figs, add them. For a vibrant look, make with an orange-fleshed melon, such as cantaloupe, Charentais or orange honeydew.

    Smoky Ham & Corn Salad (click for recipe): Fresh corn, diced deli ham and crunchy croutons are tossed with a smoky, creamy tomato dressing in this light summer salad. Serve with a crisp glass of rosé and sliced melon.

    Garden Pizza (click for recipe): Bell

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  • The secret to juicy meats

    When I left San Francisco to move to Vermont I left behind my terrible sea-air-corroded grill on my fire escape. My first purchase in my new home was a shiny new grill. I was thrilled because grilling is my favorite way to cook. So of course I get into all of the holidays that are about grilling: Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th and Father's Day.

    This year we included six grill-roasting recipes in our May/June issue of EatingWell that are awesome. The idea of grill roasting is that you cook your food on the grill over indirect heat rather than over searing flames. Why do this? It allows you to cook big thick roasts or whole birds without scorching them on the outside and leaving them raw inside. It takes a little while, but you end up with perfectly cooked, juicy meat that has a touch of smoky grill flavor. Plus since you're cooking a big piece of meat it means you can serve a crowd-perfect for a party. It's a fabulous technique. If you do decide to do it, check out our 8 Tips

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