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  • Settle An Argument: Should You Have Cable in the Bedroom?

    By Perri O. Blumberg, REDBOOK

    Martha, 28, and Craig, 35, have been married for two years. Craig had wanted a TV in their bedroom for ages, but Martha was initially against it because she feared it would ruin the room's relaxing vibe. For Craig's birthday this year, she finally caved and bought him a nice TV with a DVD player for their bedroom. Now, they're arguing over whether they should add cable. Martha doesn't want to because she thinks that will make Craig glued to it all the time, while Craig thinks it's pointless to not get cable on their nice, new flatscreen. Should Martha cave more or should Craig take his cable time to the living room?

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    She says: "I got him the TV for his birthday (begrudgingly!) because I knew how much it meant to him. If we get cable on it, he'll be watching it all the time and it'll really disrupt our couple time and sleeping habits. This way, it's a compromise because we can watch DVDs together in bed,

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  • Mom Blogs Helped Me Through My Miscarriages

    By Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    Miscarrying a baby at 17 weeks isn't terribly common. When all your friends (and the 16-year-old at the mall) are seemingly pregnant or bouncing bubbly newborns, losing a wanted baby can make you feel alone in a world of Huggies commercials and stroller parks. Of course, not everyone had a new child or one on the way. To my grieving mind, I was like the kid on The Sixth Sense, except instead of seeing dead people, I saw pregnant ladies.

    In the ecstasy of new pregnancy, I'd eagerly signed up for a local group for expectant mothers. Together, we had morning sickness, tossed around baby names, and read up on which piece of fruit our baby resembled this week. And, of course, we had due dates within a month of each other. Until we didn't. When my husband and I found out our baby had suddenly stopped developing, the hospital sent us home to wait for "nature to take its course." My new friends could not relate; they treated me like I'd

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  • By Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    Letters taped to your door are rarely good. If it's not an ad for pizza or a message from UPS, it's a letter from your angry neighbors offering to fund a new lawn mower because your current one has been devoured by children's toys in the Serengeti of your front yard. (No? Just me?) So when I read the note taped to my door the other day, my stomach dropped: "A registered sex offender has moved into your neighborhood."

    The letter didn't include the exact address, but it did have lots of helpful and not-at-all scary tips like, "Advise your children not to play outside alone," and, "Tell children not to enter strangers' homes, even if they offer candy and puppies." Okay, I might be paraphrasing a bit, but you get the point. At the bottom was a website were I could go for more information.

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    Running back inside, I went to the site as quickly as my mouse could click. This might

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  • The Healthiest Apple Pie Recipe Ever (And It's Tasty, Too!)

    By Marissa Gold, REDBOOK

    Our November cover star Salma Hayek is really into healthy eating. She co-founded Cooler Cleanse, a nation-wide fresh juice and raw food delivery service, with her friend Eric Helms, and we're totally smitten-especially with the desserts. For those who just want a taste of the raw food lifestyle, this apple pie recipe is the ideal gateway. It has all of the flavor, creaminess, and deliciously crumble-y crust you're used to, but with all natural, unprocessed ingredients (and no sugar, flour, or dairy!). Helms' kitchen uses a dehydrator to process the apples, but you can saute or bake them, too. Try this recipe at home to see why we're such big fans:

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    Raw Apple Pie Recipe

    2 cups raw almonds
    8 dates, pitted
    1 ½ tbsp agave nectar
    Pinch sea salt

    Place all ingredients in a food processor and pulse until dough comes together. Do not over process. A little bit of

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  • The Parents' Guide to Decoding Whether it's Cold, Flu, or Allergies

    By Winnie Yu, REDBOOK

    Here are some quick tips to know whether your child has a cold, the flu, or simply allergies.

    It may be a cold if... your child is up and about, even if she has a runny nose, congestion, sneezing, a sore throat, and a cough. Symptoms tend to come on slowly and last no more than two weeks, says Sara Caldararo, M.D., an assistant professor of clinical pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, NY. If your child does have a fever, it's typically low-grade. Some kids may have mild aches, including headaches.

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    What to do: Make sure your child gets plenty of fluids and rest. Try a cool-mist humidifier to relieve congestion. Cold symptoms that last several weeks-especially if your child has a headache, a low-grade fever, and (for an older child) facial pain-may signal a sinus infection, which requires antibiotics.

    It may be the flu if... your child is listless-and

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  • It's Complicated: "My Guy's a Mama's Boy"

    By Karen Karbo, REDBOOK

    Q: My husband is a wonderful person, but he's also a mama's boy. He can't make decisions without his mother, and whenever I have a different opinion from him and his family, he tends to side with them to protect their feelings. I feel rejected and that I'm not being given the respect I deserve from him. How do I resolve this? -R.T., 30, Maryville, MO

    A: Step One: Don't use the term mama's boy. It's derogatory and emasculating, and you'll never be able to resolve the situation or look at your husband with respect (not to mention lust) if you think of him in those terms. So, let's rechristen him as caring guy who loves his family but just hasn't gotten the message that the wife, and her wishes, come first.

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    Have you talked to your husband about this? And by "talked," I mean at a time when you're feeling happy and connected and not after he's just sided with Mom and you're mad enough to throw

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  • 3 Benefits to Your Guys' Favorite Sports Team Doing Badly

    By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK

    This was a rough sports weekend here in my home town of Philadelphia. Everything went all pear-shaped for the Phillies and the Eagles (although you could argue that the Eagles started the season pear-shaped and simply remained that way). I suddenly found myself without any real investment in the football season or the rest of the baseball playoffs... in early October. My first thought was, "It's going to be a long, parade-less winter," but then I made a personal inventory and discovered that there are lots of nice things about living in a city cloaked in professional athletic failure and embarrassment-especially for my wife, Karel.

    See if my list of perks applies to you and the dejected sports fan in your life.

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    1. More help around the house. During the playoffs it's easy to become a touch myopic and decide that your entire day revolves around watching the game. When someone asks, "What are you

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  • Is Trading Sex for Favors Ever Okay?


    A recent set of commercials from HOPE lingerie in Brazil covered the topic of dressing sexy to influence your husband's decision-making process. The commercials encouraged women to use their "charm" (sex appeal) to their advantage in their marriages. This idea brings up many interesting implications.

    We thought we'd take that idea further and ask this question: Is it okay to trade sex with your husband for favors? We recently polled our readers, and 68 percent said they've offered sex to their husbands (when not in the mood) in return for a good deed from him. The other 32 percent said it's wrong. Here are some of the responses we received:

    Why Not?

    1. "Sometimes I want sex and I want ice cream. Other times, I just really want the ice cream, and sex is a good incentive. Either way, we both win." -Danielle B., Kalamazoo, MI

    2. "I once lifted my s--- and asked, 'Do you ever want to see them again?' so he would vacuum for me. He said he'd do anything I

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  • 5 Fall Decor Tips from HGTV Design Star's Blanche Garcia

    By Lauren Oster, REDBOOK

    (Image: In which I attempt to take Blanche's advice with decor in my kitchen.)

    Something about autumn inspires otherwise-indifferent homemakers to take a swing at seasonal decorating. I'm convinced it's a magical time: When I was in college, even the guys down the hall with a hole cut in the side of their fridge for their keg tap managed to arrange a few gourds on their windowsill when October rolled around. More power to them, I say!

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    The trouble starts when enthusiasm becomes overkill-when a few candles on the mantel or colorful leaves on the dining room table turn into an army of creepy scarecrows in the yard and rooms which smell like a terrible fight between a pumpkin pie and a Christmas tree. So where's the balance? I turned to Blanche Garcia-HGTV Design Star contestant, principal/interior designer at B. Garcia Designs in New Jersey, and "green glam" design specialist-for answers (and some tough

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  • Renting a Dog: The Pros and Cons


    More and more businesses around the United States are offering animal-share plans to would-be pet owners who-because of travel schedules, busy lifestyles, or plain old fear of commitment-are simply unable to accommodate a full-time four-footed companion. While some people have praised the concept, it has also drawn heavy criticism, with many cities, including Boston, passing an ordinance that prohibits the renting of dogs.

    People who support the idea often cite incompatibilities between real pet ownership and their hectic lives, while those against advocate either dog fostering or living without if someone's lifestyle can't support a full commitment. REDBOOK readers debate: Is it ever okay to put a dog on a lease?

    Yes: Hooray to part-time pooches.

    1. "Indulge my passion for golden retrievers without upsetting my aging cat or incurring extra vet bills? Finally, I could be the one everyone stops on the street as they love up on my rented furry friend!"

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