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  • By Perri O. Blumberg, REDBOOK

    Another sleeping dilemma this week, but this time around, no snooze bar button crisis is involved. Tammy, 45 and Mike, 45, have been happily married for 21 years. They both work full time and both start their jobs in the wee hours of the morning, waking before 4a.m., so they like to retire for the evening fairly early. During the night, Tammy likes to have a ceiling fan constantly running and will even open the window in the winter. Mike, who enjoys sharing the bed with his wife, simply prefers warmer temperatures for sleeping. He tries to use blankets and other means to stay warm overnight but just can't get a good night's sleep in the constant chill of their bedroom. As a result, he sometimes sleeps in the guest bedroom, which makes Tammy upset.

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    He says: "I don't mind a little chill in the air, but a freezing room simply shouldn't be an option. Snuggling up next to her doesn't work because that makes

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  • The 4 Best Apps to Keep the Whole Family Healthy

    By Kate Bongiovanni, REDBOOK

    Given that an estimated 15,000 health apps were introduced this year alone, it's nearly impossible to figure out which ones are worth downloading (after all, you've got Angry Birds to play). So we turned to the experts: These are the real must-haves.

    1. KidsDoc ($1.99)
    Doesn't it always seem like your kid gets sick when the doctor's office is closed? This app by the American Academy of Pediatrics lets you compare your child's symptoms to photos of ailments and helps you determine whether you should go to the ER, wait a day to call your pediatrician, or simply treat the problem yourself (the app provides reassuringly detailed instructions on exactly how to do so).

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    2. Lose It! (free)
    Enter your weight-loss goals and Lose It! determines the daily calorie budget you need to slim down. Plug in the foods you eat and the exercise you get each day and the app will calculate the calories you've

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  • Dear Whys Guy: "How Can We Stay Connected When He Travels?"

    By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK


    My husband travels a lot for work, and he is not a phone person. (Forget Skype.) How can we stay connected when he's gone for days at a time and just doesn't communicate well via phone?

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    Write him a love letter and secretly pack it in his suitcase so that he will carry your words and feelings with him wherever he may roam.


    I'm allowed to give thoughtful sensitive advice every now and then? I think it's a sweet idea and it will make him feel appreciated. Stop looking at me like that.

    Fine, FINE.

    I know what you people want me to say: "Why don't you take a few cheesecake pictures of yourself and stuff them in his gym bag next to his deodorant, that will get him sweating before he even starts to work out, and I bet you'll get a phone call as soon as he's done."

    Happy? Jeez, romance really is dead.


    Need help decoding odd male

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  • Mom Teaches Child to Beer Funnel: When Do Parents Cross the Line?

    By Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    Imagine my surprise when my 2-year-old son lifted his shirt and "nursed" his Glo Worm right in front of me. (Yes, they still make Glo Worms!) Once I overcame the strangeness of seeing its plastic face glowing each time it "got a drink", I figured this was probably a good thing. Obviously, my son had watched me nursing his new baby brother, and hopefully this means he'll grow up to view breast-feeding as normal and natural.

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    Children are natural mimics, after all. How else would we expect them to learn if not by example? But when do children participating in adult activities cross the line from precocious to obnoxious… or even dangerous?

    A Florida mom made national news recently when she posted a video (which has since been removed) of her teaching her preschooler how to "beer funnel" during a tailgate party. While the adults had beer and the kid received a Capri Sun, everyone got to

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  • Do You Step in When a Parent is Screaming at a Kid in Public?


    Everyone has watched in horror as some fed-up-to-here parent screams at her kids (or worse) in public. But what should you do?

    Tread very carefully, says Jed Baker, Ph.D., author of No More Meltdowns. Aggressively confronting an angry parent could make them even more furious-and make things worse for the child.

    So keep your tone positive: "A comment like, 'My child gets upset like that too. Any way I can help?' can direct a parent's attention away from the child," Baker says, and snap them out of an escalating pattern. If the parent is being physically violent, don't hesitate to call the police; it can be dangerous to everyone involved to do anything yourself.

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  • Dear Whys Guy: “Why Won’t He Make a Move?"

    By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK


    I've been spending time with an old friend for the past three weeks. We've done stuff during the day, gone out to dinner, even had friends over for dinner. And we've spent two nights together, just holding each other. He constantly hugs me, kisses me, texts me, and calls me. But I've never shared a bed with a man and not had anything...happen. Is he interested in me, or is this a different kind of relationship?

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    "Two nights together just holding each other." Yes, I would say you are involved in a "different kind of relationship." Perhaps he has religious beliefs that prevent him from fornicating out of wedlock (like the ones I learned about last week while I was up watching Youthquake and puking-haven't missed an episode since). Perhaps he was maimed in a Garden Weasel accident and he's worried about showing you his misshapen manhood. Perhaps he, uh, is

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  • Who's Your Celebrity Pregnancy Buddy?

    By Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    "Ooh, when are you due?" I asked my pregnant friend. I hadn't seen her since she announced her pregnancy on Facebook, so I needed a full update on the crucial details.

    "About the same time as Beyonce," my friend answered, as if she and the singing diva planned their conceptions together. But I totally knew what she meant: In this day and age when every star's womb status qualifies as news, it's nearly impossible to avoid sharing pregnancy dates with someone famous. Heidi Klum shared my pregnancy dates for my last child. (I almost has Bethenny Frankel as my pregnancy buddy as well, but she had the audacity to deliver several weeks early, while I carried my kid to the due date.)

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    Not to brag, but Heidi was an amazing person to be pregnant "with". She possesses an excellent sense of style, so watching how she dressed her bump inspired me for how to dress mine (never mind that I started

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  • Happy to Be a Stay-At-Home Dad

    By Douglas Quenqua, REDBOOK

    Stay-at-home dads are forming groups all over the country. We spied on four of them-and learned a lot about men, kids, and love.

    There are support networks aplenty if you're a stay-at-home mom, but if you're a full-time dad, good luck gaining entry. "I know what an episiotomy is, but if you're a woman, you probably don't want to talk about it with me," says Shannon Carpenter, a dad in Kansas City, MO, who, like a growing number of American men, stays home to care for his two kids. Feeling a bit out of place at local mommy-and-me classes, Shannon and other fathers have banded together into what might be described as fraternities for 30-somethings: stay-at-home-dad groups. Some form after guys meet at their kids' school functions, others are born out of Facebook groups and Craigslist postings; most of them meet at least once a week, usually at a playground or one guy's home. And memberships are rising: There are about 150,000 stay-at-home dads

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  • The Great Mom Debate: Do You Let Your Children Attend Sleepovers?

    By Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    Sleepovers were a staple of my formative years. Sleeping-or not sleeping-at my friends' houses taught me how to make orange smoothies, sing karaoke, and 57 different ways to annoy sleeping people, which are all valued life skills I still use today. The world has changed since then, as more and more parents are saying 'no' to this traditional childhood rite-of-passage.

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    I have to admit that I'm one of these parents. Thanks to reports of child molestation, dubious morals, and lax parenting occurring during slumber parties, my husband and I have decided our children, ages 9, 7, 5, and 1, only get to party all night at our house. How 'uncool' of us! I've noticed that my kids rarely receive sleepover invites either. This convinces me that either our children are super-nerds (distinct possibilities, given their parentage) or other parents are saying 'no' to sleepovers as well (yeah, I'm going to go

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  • 4 Tricks to Put on Your Blush Perfectly

    By Cristina Mueller, REDBOOK

    Sure, you slap some on every morning. But if you apply it right, blush can make you look slimmer, younger, and glowier. Here's how.

    1. Find Your Prettiest Color

    The right blush shade gives you the same superfresh glow that you rolled out of bed with when you were 18. "It's the quintessential antiaging makeup," says celebrity makeup artist Molly Stern. "When your cheeks have healthy color, your complexion looks more radiant." Which shade will work magic on you? For olive skin, think warm-peach and copper-or bright, such as Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Cheekcolor in Pink Glow (shown, top), $22. If you're fair, your best bets are natural pinks ranging from pale to a rosy hue, like Mally Beauty Blush Single in Mally's Baby (shown, middle), $18. And plum, cognac, and berry tones-like Mary Kay Cream Blush in Cranberry (shown, bottom), $13-look gorgeous on dark skin. Whichever color you choose, make sure it's shimmer-free; you didn't have naturally

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