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  • Ali Sweeney's Shortcut to Great Arms

    Here's something I've learned over the years as host of The Biggest Loser and on my own fitness journey: Our bodies are smart. If you do the same workout all the time, your muscles won't be challenged to get stronger and more toned. One fun way I mix things up is by incorporating weighted sticks into my exercise routine, using an ancient Filipino martial-arts technique called Escrima. It's a full-body workout that's especially great for arms. If you move quickly through the reps, it definitely counts as cardio, but you can also go slo-mo and tone your arms without breaking a sweat. I keep a pair of sticks in my dressing room on Days of Our Lives for when I'm wearing something sleeveless. Fast or slow, you can't zone out the way you can on a treadmill. I think that's why after even a 10-minute session, I don't just feel stronger--I'm more focused, and less stressed.

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    Try it! 3 easy toning moves

    You can order Escrima sticks from

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  • 7 Winter Workouts that WIll Actually Make You Want to Leave the House

    And once you do, you'll get to go back inside. We promise. By Jane Bianchi, REBDOOK.

    Sky ZoneIf being cooped us has made you beyond stir-crazy
    This will have you jumping for joy, literally. The first location of Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park opened in Las Vegas in 2004, and since then, more than 30 others have popped up across the country. Each franchise offers multiple trampolines, all of which are connected to form one giant springy surface. But not all the trampolines lie flat on the ground--some are set at angles, allowing you to basically bounce off the walls. Visitors can jump during a SkyRobics cardio class or 3D dodgeball game for optimal giddiness and a major leg-strengthening calorie-burn.

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    If you're always thinking yoga class could use some caffeine
    Doing one thing for an entire hour can get boring, which is why multipart classes are on the rise. At New York City's Om Factory, Yoga Fight Club fuses two disciplines--intensely physical

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  • Save This Advice! 11 Women Share What Keeps Their Marriages Strong

    Want to know what makes a marriage great? So did we! We asked hundreds of happy wives. (Hint: It doesn't always have to be work when you're in it with someone you love.) By Cathy Garrard, REDBOOK.

    The little things will always matter
    "Charlie makes the coffee and sets the timer every night. I put out his cup with a spoon and the sweetener every morning. The few times when it's not there, he knows I'm mad." - Dayna Steele, 54, Seabrook, TX, married 22 years

    Making fun of your husband is a bad sign

    "The golden rule in my marriage is to respect one another, and not just face to face, but also when the other isn't around. If you talk about your husband in a degrading way to your friends, complain about him in a group, or call him out in public for something that can be handled privately, it's indicative that you need to handle something bigger in private. Sure, having a good friend to vent to is helpful, but that's not the same as trash-talking your partner to anyone who

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  • 15 Brilliant Beauty Tips You Should Never Forget

    If skin docs and industry pros could sneak into your house, they might leave behind Post-its with these brilliant reminders. Just simple, easy tips--but honey, wait till you see what a difference they make… By Cara Litke Sullivan, REDBOOK.

    1. Go bare for a weekend
    If you're a mani and makeup kind of girl, once a month, give your skin and nails a two-day breather. It gives your skin a chance to recharge and rebalance, "and for nails, it helps prevent stains and peeling," says Tracylee, a celebrity manicurist for Sally Hansen, who's worked with Emma Stone.

    2. Clean out your makeup bag already!

    When makeup has expired, the color can change and go on blotchy--but worse than that, "it can harbor all sorts of bacteria that you don't want near your skin or eyes," says makeup artist Laura Geller, founder of Laura Geller Beauty. To play it safe, replace mascara and eyeliner every three months, toss creams and liquids after a year, and chuck powders after two years. "It'll help if you write

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  • How to Deciding to Run a Marathon Literally Saved My Life

    Julie Real, 31, a married mom of two young girls, never thought she'd be able to run 26 miles--but she also didn't believe she'd be able to lose more than 100 pounds. As told to Jane Bianchi, REDBOOK.

    "I started gaining weight when I was 25. I had taken a new job as an event planner and it required a lot of travel, which meant that I was eating way too much convenience food--Pop Tarts for breakfast; a beef, bean, and cheese burrito with chili-cheese fries and a chocolate shake at Del Taco for lunch; a snack of peanut M&Ms; and for dinner, a burger with potato wedges at my hotel. I was on the go and I didn't have a kitchen, so fast food was an easy choice. Plus, when you're alone in a place like Portugal and you don't speak the language or know your way around, fast food feels familiar and comforting.

    As for exercise, I never made it a priority or scheduled any time for it. Sure, I had a gym pass, but I never used it. And I owned an elliptical, but it became more of a closet than a

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  • 16 Health Secrets Olympians Know

    You'll never need to land a triple toe loop or steer a rocketing bobsled (we hope), but how to eat for energy, unkink your back, and smile away nerves? Those kinds of tips could come in handy, so we got them from 10 spectacular Winter Olympians. Thanks, ladies, and good luck out there. By Caitlin Moscatello, REDBOOK.

    Lindsey Vonn1. Power up with a parfait
    "Before a workout, I'll have Greek yogurt with almonds, blueberries, and pineapple. The yogurt has the perfect mix of protein and fat, the fruit provides carbs, and almonds add an energizing boost of omega-3 fats." -Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn, 29, who won the women's downhill at the 2010 Olympics

    2. Beat anxiety with RPMs
    "A few minutes of meditation gives me more clarity and focus, and it's as rejuvenating as caffeine. But it's so easy to skip it if I don't do it first thing. So I live by the RPM rule: Rise, pee, meditate. In that order."-Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler, 32

    3. Forgive yourself to turn around a mistake more quickly

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  • Eek! Why it Might Be Time to Step Away from the Kale

    By Lauren Le Vine, REDBOOK.

    For the past few years, kale has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the superfood world akin to Jennifer Lawrence's ascendency in Hollywood. Just when we'd resolved that this is the year we make healthy, nutritious green juices every morning; however, total buzzkill The New York Times published an essay in which writer Jennifer Berman says kale--with which she juiced every morning-was to blame for her hypothyroidism. Plus, thanks to all the fruit-and-vegetable-based juices she drank, she had five new cavities during a recent trip to the dentist.

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    Apparently, researchers have known about the deleterious effects of very high intakes of cruciferous vegetables like kale, cabbage, and turnips for years. And it's easier to slip into "very high intake" level than you think. "It's the dose that makes a poison," Teresa Fung, a nutrition professor at Harvard, told WBUR's CommonHealth blog. "Reasonable amounts shouldn't be a

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  • 3 Unboring, 20-Minute Treadmill Workouts

    They're making a comeback as tools to help you drop pounds fast--especially with these fun and super-effective routines. By Jane Bianchi, REDBOOK.

    Why the craze?

    After so many off-the-wall trends (Shake Weight, anyone?), classes like Equinox's new TreadZone are taking a back-to-basics approach. "Walking fast or jogging is one of the most natural and easy things for the human body to do," says Gregory Florez, a trainer, executive coach, and spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise. "And there's no better cardio workout." Interval training, which is the basis of all three of these routines, is proven to burn the most calories and get you in tip-top shape fast as can be.

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    Wait a second!

    Before you get started, reduce the likelihood of soreness (ow) and injury (more ow) by doing a few stretches before you really start moving. Florez recommends stretching both hamstrings for at least 30 seconds by standing with your feet hip-width

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  • 5 Caffeine Hacks that Wake You the Heck Up

    By Margarita Bertsos, REDBOOK.

    If you're sipping that morning mug of coffee or afternoon Diet Coke and, suddenly, it's doing absolutely nada for you, there's help! Here's how to give yourself a caffeine makeover and get your perk back.

    Down it faster. The rate at which you consume caffeine actually changes how it will affect you. Don't mess around in the a.m.: your first cup of coffee of the day should be sipped quickly, to spike caffeine levels enough to wake you up, according to researcher Frank Ritter, Ph.D., of the Applied Cognitive Science Lab at Penn State University.

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    Don't order a latte. Get this: A shot of espresso has 25 to 50 percent less caffeine than a cup of regular coffee, most likely because of coffee's longer brew time. See the difference at Starbucks--a Tall Latte (12 oz) has 75 mg caffeine; a Tall brewed Bold Pick of the Day coffee (12 oz) has 260 mg caffeine. Order accordingly!

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  • The 7-Step Anti-Aging Plan that Really Works

    You don't need to spend a fortune on pricey treatments and products to get younger-looking skin. Here are seven easy, effective ways to help turn back the clock. By Marissa Oliva, REDBOOK.

    Exfoliate for a glowing complexion
    It removes dead cells that build up and dull your complexion (not to mention, plug your pores). Plus, it helps your anti-aging ingredients penetrate more effectively. But no need to go overboard: twice a week will keep your skin clear and radiant. Try Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub ($7.49).

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    Use a hydrating face wash
    Choose one that cleanses and moisturizes with ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides. These soften the skin--as opposed to stripping it. We like CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser ($10.39).

    Apply products in the right order
    Put active ingredients like retinol or an antioxidant serum on first since they have a tough time penetrating through heavy moisturizer.

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