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  • 5 Money-Saving Supermarket Tricks

    By Anna Davies, REDBOOK

    Dreaming up family dinners is always a challenge, but it gets even tougher when money's tight. Here, Teri Gault, coauthor of Shop Smart, Save More, offers tips to help you get the most bang for your grocery buck.

    1. Clip coupons.
    "There's an average of $350 in savings in the paper each week," says Gault. But don't stop there: Coupons are also available online at sites like and And be sure to ask the customer-service desk at your store if they have coupon booklets-bundles of coupons distributed to the store by food manufacturers. Also, call or e-mail the manufacturers of your favorite products to request coupons, suggests Gault.

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    2. Stack up your savings. Find out if your store has a double-coupon policy and when it's in effect. Then match your coupons to the store's advertised specials (found in the weekly circular). offers a service that does much of the

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  • 3 Things You Never Knew About Parenting

    By Marisa Cohen, REDBOOK

    Some parenting rules seem like no-brainers: Praise your kids. Teach siblings to be nice to one another. But what if these guidelines are actually doing more harm than good? For their new book, NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children, journalists Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman waded through decades of studies and talked to hundreds of researchers to find the facts about how children learn, what motivates them, and how parents can help them grow into happy, well-adjusted adults. Here, Bronson, a father of two, discusses some of the most startling discoveries.

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    1. It's better for sibs to squabble together than be peaceful apart. Siblings are going to fight-as much as 700 percent more with one another than with their friends, because they know their brother or sister will always be there, Bronson says. It can be torture to watch, he adds, but instead of constantly refereeing or separating kids, a parent's smartest move is to

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  • 4 ways to stand out at a job fair

    By Anna Davies, REDBOOK

    Career fairs used to be populated primarily with recent college grads eager to jump into the hiring pool. Not anymore. Now, potential hires of all ages and skill levels attend in the hope of creating a connection with a company that could eventually lead to a job, explains Jennifer Grasz, a spokesperson. Here, the need-to-know basics, plus how to stand out from the pack.

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    1. Find a fair. The newspaper, job sites such as or, and local colleges are good places to start. Fairs generally take place at hotels or community event spaces, and some are virtual, where applicants and employers meet online in a chat room. Fairs can be either general or industry-specific-be sure the one you attend is looking for hires with your skill set.

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    2. Do your homework. "There may be 25 companies represented, so before you go, decide on a few you're

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  • 5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Even Noticing

    By Anna Davies, REDBOOK

    In a perfect world, we'd eat only when we're hungry and stop at the first signs of feeling full. In reality? We shovel in lasagna while scrolling through status updates-then go back for seconds before we even know what we're doing. "Our surroundings affect how much we eat much more than you might think," says Brian Wansink, Ph.D., the director of the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. To eat smarter and slim down, you might not have to change your actual diet at all, he says: "The trick is to change your environment and habits so you'll automatically eat less." Sound too easy to work? It's not. Make these simple tweaks and you could see 10 pounds melt away by the new year.

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    1. Don't eat during 30 Rock. In one study, participants who ate in front of a TV inhaled 40 percent more potato chips than those seated at a table. Why? We're distracted by what we're watching, and the munching becomes automatic. Plus, "we

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  • By Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    "4-legged friends welcome!" the sign on the front of the little coffee shop cheerily proclaimed. How nice! I thought as I walked in. Immediately the mood in the homey little shop turned chilly as the barista hurried around the corner to ask me, "Can I help you?" in a way that meant anything but. At first I was confused, but it all became clear as she pointed at my chest and said, "Just so you know, we're not really equipped to handle those here. You'd be more comfortable at the Starbucks down the street." What was on my chest that was so shocking that I was being asked to leave before I could even spend any money? I was wearing my baby...a human baby that was less welcome than a dog.

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    Babywearing-the practice of carrying a baby, usually an infant but can be much older, in a sling or carrier attached to the front of the parent's body-has been practiced for centuries all over the world, but has just

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  • 4 Ways to Prepare Your Family for Large Crowds

    By Britt Reints, REDBOOK

    We had planned the itinerary of our year-long American road trip so that we'd be in the Washington, D.C. area over the 4th of July holiday, but we almost let warnings about crowds prevent us from experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Thankfully, we decided to do a little pre-planning and take our chances with the masses. The result was an Independence Day the four of us will never forget.

    Do you avoid taking your kids to fun events because of large crowds? These tips can help you navigate the crowds with ease and enjoy your family outing.

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    1. Have an emergency plan. Before heading into the city, we talked to the kids about what they should do if they got separated from us. In this particular case, that plan involved finding a police officer and giving their name, our names, and our phone numbers. Sometimes, the best plan is to designate a landmark where everyone will meet if someone gets

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  • Are Your Friends Making You Overspend?

    By Beth Kobliner, REDBOOK

    We all know what it's like to want what our friends have. We spend more than we want to or should-whether it's for a pair of peer-pressure-induced pumps for work or a flat-screen TV for the family. This keeping-up-with-Jane's-spending style is not necessarily something we do consciously, but it's almost always very costly.

    So why do we work so hard to keep up? It's actually in our nature. The pack, the herd, whatever you call it-we humans want to fit in. Research by Harvard University professor Nicholas Christakis has shown that friends affect everything from how much we smoke to how much we weigh. Likewise, when it comes to money, research shows that if we surround ourselves with big spenders, we're likely to spend more ourselves.

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    Everyone has a story. There's the couple who felt pressure to take pricey vacations with family even though they preferred to stay home. Or the multitudes of women

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  • 6 Diet Myths That Make You Fat

    By Nicole Yorio, REDBOOK

    Ask 10 people for weight-loss advice, and you'll get 10 different answers: Work out constantly. Set a large goal. Resign yourself to winter weight gain. "Most of us have been following certain rules for how to shed pounds our entire lives," says Nancy Snyderman, M.D., chief medical editor of NBC News and author of the book Diet Myths That Keep Us Fat. "But much of what we have been told about weight loss is actually false." Here, Snyderman weighs in on the diet myths it's time to ditch-and the surprising truths that will help you get and stay slim.

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    1. THE MYTH: The more you work out, the better. You already know that exercise is one of the best things you can do to maintain your weight and boost your overall health, but overdoing it can actually have the opposite effect. "Working out seven days a week can weaken our immune system, strain our joints, and tire us out," Snyderman says. "Your muscles need time to repair so

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  • By Anna Davies, REDBOOK

    Interested in a job "pitching products you love from the comfort of your own home"? "Keep in mind that the median income for direct sales is only around $2,500 a year," says career expert Tory Johnson. "To earn more, you'll likely have to work 40 to 50 hours per week." Once you're clear about your expectations, Johnson says, ask a prospective company these questions:

    1. Are you a member of the Direct Selling Association? The DSA ( is an association of companies that manufacture and distribute goods sold directly to consumers. "It ensures its members aren't misleading the public and prohibits pyramid schemes," explains Johnson.

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    2. How will I be compensated? "Some companies pay commission only on your sales, while others compensate you with commission on your sales, as well as the sales made by sellers whom you recruit," Johnson says. These sellers, known as your "downline," become your responsibility to

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  • By Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    Congratulations to the Beckhams in welcoming their baby girl, Harper Seven Beckham! Maybe it's because she just had a baby girl after having three boys, just like me (I'm such a trendsetter!), or because "Spice Up Your Life" was a large part of my formative years, or perhaps because she's married to super hottie David Beckham, but whatever the reason, I've been following Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham's fourth pregnancy fairly closely. I say "fairly" because there hasn't been much to follow, as Beckham is notoriously private about her pregnancies.

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    While she hasn't hidden in a box, Beckham has only been seen out and visibly pregnant a handful of times-the royal wedding being the most notable. And when she did appear, her outfits were never tight or body conscious like all of her pre-pregnancy wear. David Beckham, obviously not sharing the same compunctions as his wife, posted a picture

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